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How Much Are Golden Retriever Puppies Worth

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What Is The Size Of A Full

How Much does a Golden Retriever cost? Complete Buyers Guide

Per the American Kennel Club Official Golden Retriever Breed Standards, a male Golden Retriever should weigh between 65 to 75 pounds, and a female Golden Retriever should weigh between 55 to 65 pounds.

Male Golden Retrievers will stand at 23 to 24 inches, while female Goldies are slightly shorter at 21.5 to 22.5 inches tall. As adults, Golden Retrievers will appear overall symmetrical and have a powerful body hidden beneath beautiful, golden fur.

How Old Do Golden Retrievers Have To Be Before They Can Do High Intensity Exercise

They benefit from lots of regular high intensity exercise when fully grown. Caution should be taken with Golden Retriever puppies though and you shouldnt force high intensity exercise on them until theyre 18 months old or you can damage their growing joints.

Initial Cost Of Golden Retrievers

Owning dogs is more common in certain parts of the globe than in others. A study in 2019 reports dog ownership in households at 26% in the UK, 39% in Australia, and 49% in the US. According to this study, almost half of American homes have a dog.

As weve already discussed, the country youre in has a large impact on the overall cost of a Golden Retriever. Lets look at the relative cost of buying a Golden in some of the worlds most populous countries:

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How Much Does A Golden Retriever Adoption Cost

A common question that dog owners ask is whether they should adopt or purchase a Golden Retriever. Adoption means you find a pet dog at a shelter. However, buying a dog generally means you are purchasing directly from the owner or breeder.

Adopting can often be cheaper than purchasing. Prices range from $250 to $500 for most adoptions, with shots and other fees possible.

The downside is that shelters and rescues may not have many dogs available. It is possible that there are not enough dogs available for your needs if you require a certain breed, age, gender or level in health.


You should also keep in mind that adoptable dogs may have certain health and behavior issues which could complicate your decision to make the dog your pet. If you adopt, you will lose complete information about the history of your pet that you would have if it was purchased from a breeder.

Breeder golden retrievers tend to be happier, healthier overall, but its not to imply that they are always 100% clean.

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Furthermore It Is Always Wise To Go Through Reputable Breeders Or Rescue Shelters You Trust

How a single glance from a golden retriever puppy cost me ...

The great news is that not all breeders cost an arm and a leg. If you really want to save some money but still find a healthy puppy, rescuing a dog is a wonderful option.

Of course, if you have your heart set on a puppy, you have a better chance of finding one through a breeder.

And while breeders usually do cost more than shelters, you still may be able to find some that are in your price range.

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How Much Is A Golden Retriever

As we covered above, the Golden Retriever price for you is going to depend on whether or not you go through a breeder for a show quality or companion puppy, or if you go through a rescue.

On average, a purebred Golden Retriever can cost from $500 to $3,000 when sold through a breeder.

Adoption fees for a Golden Retriever through a shelter are usually lower, around $50 to $300.

After that, the overall cost of a Golden Retriever is between $14,480 and $15,782.

And while this may seem like quite a bit of change to fork over for a pooch, most dog owners will agree that you cant put a price on the love of a dog.

Do you have a Golden? Tell us all about your lovable furball in the comments!

Read about the beautiful female Golden Retriever here!

How Much Are Golden Retriever Puppies

Golden retrievers are the #3 most popular breed in the United States, according to the AKC. They are smart, loyal dogs who make great companions. Maybe youre thinking about getting a golden retriever of your own. You might be wondering, how much are golden retriever puppies? Well, that answer varies. At Double B Golden Retrievers, we breed healthy, intelligent puppies from champion bloodlines which is why our puppies are $3,000. When it comes to adding a new family member, dont you want the best? Let us tell you more about why a Double B White Golden Retriever is worth the investment.

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The Cost For Purebred Golden Retriever Puppies

Purebred golden retriever puppies can definitely be pricey, especially when you choose to purchase from a reputable breeder. On average, you can find golden retriever companions for as low as $500. However, going for low-cost puppies could mean future health problems down the road. If you want a high-quality, purebred golden retriever from a top-notch breeder, you may spend upwards of a few thousand dollars. Pups with champion bloodlines cost even more.

Cost Of Veterinary Expenses

Cost of Owning a Golden Retriever Puppy for 1 Month | How Much We Actually Spent on Josie

You can expect to pay for the vet each year so that your dog can remain up to date with their shots. An annual visit can also make sure your dog is healthy, but you may want to take your dog in more often if they get sick or have other problems.

A routine vet visit costs about $100 for a simple visit, but getting vaccinations and other treatments can increase the cost to $300 or so. The average cost for shots for your dog is $15 to $28, and a fecal exam costs $25 to $45.

Flea treatment can cost $16 to $30 for a flea comb and flea shampoo. You can also get a combination medication to treat fleas and ticks for $50 every three months. A three-month supply of heartworm medication costs about $45 to $60, while six months of medication costs $60 to $120. You can get pet insurance to help cover the cost of these vet expenses.

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What Is The Price Of A Goldendoodle

Despite being a crossbred dog between the Golden Retriever and the Poodle, these dogs remain high in price because of the high demand. The cost of a Goldendoodle is going to range anywhere from $500 to $4000 depending on whether you buy or adopt.

The average price of a standard-sized Goldendoodle puppy from a reputable breeder is going to be roughly $2,100. If youre seeking a multicolored and toy-sized Goldendoodles then you can expect to pay a lot more money . In general, the smaller sized Goldendoodles that are teacup, toy, or micro sizes will cost a lot more money because they are considered more difficult to breed. However, it should be noted that teacup and toy-sized Goldendoodles are known to have significant health issues due to their small sizing.

How Much Does It Cost To Adopt A Goldendoodle

The price of a Goldendoodle is going to be a lot cheaper if you can adopt it. The cost of adopting a Goldendoodle will be around $300 to $500 in adoption fees, but you may have to get additional shots, neutering, or medications for your dog. However, due to the high demand, its difficult to find a reputable Goldendoodle adoption place.

If youre feeling lucky, you can try to find a Goldendoodle Rescue to see if they have any doodles that you adopt. In addition, you can also check your local humane society or shelter to see if they have any doodles that you can adopt. Sometimes an owner may decide to give up on their Goldendoodle because they bark, have high energy, or dont have a big enough living space. However, this is extremely rare and its difficult to adopt a Goldendoodle. In addition, if you adopt a Goldendoodle, chances are they arent going to be a puppy.

We also made a video on How Much Does a Goldendoodle Cost? Feel free to watch it below!

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What Is A Red Golden Retriever

May 9, 2021 By Colby

This post may contain affiliate links. We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post.

If you are looking for a golden retriever as a new pet, you are not alone. They are the fourth most popular dog breed in the United States .

Perhaps in your search for the perfect pup to adopt, you have come across the red golden retriever.

Often just called a red retriever, these are a natural variation within the golden retriever family, but with a striking dark red coat.

There are a few other things that set a red retriever dog apart from a more traditional golden retriever, such as size and coat, but when it comes to finding an intelligent, trainable, loyal, and friendly pet, a red-haired golden retriever is just as wonderful as the lighter golden retriever pups that you are probably more familiar with.

Read on for everything you need to know about these dark red golden retrievers.

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Factors Affecting The Price Of Puppies

How Much Does it Cost to Own a Dog? A Yearly &  Lifetime ...

Breeder Quality

Breeder quality is one of the most significant influences on puppy price. A responsible breeder will screen their dogs for health problems and only breed the healthiest. This means that they are more likely to breed healthy litters. This incurs extra costs for them which need to be covered by you. But it is definitely worth the additional expense as it means a happy and healthy pup.

If you choose to spend less on your pup by working with a poor-quality breeder, sure, youll save a few hundred dollars. But this could equate to thousands of dollars in the future on both vet and training bills. Not only are irresponsible breeders more likely to breed unhealthy pups, but they are also more likely to create unsocialized and behavior-challenged puppies. It is not worth the risk!


Some reputable breeders focus their efforts solely on breeding the crème of the crop. They will use award-winning dogs who produce the best-looking and retrieving specimens. Although it doesnt guarantee youll buy a winning pooch, it increases the chances massively. It also raises the price. But if you are looking to show your dog in the show or performance ring, this is something to consider.

Location & Time Of Year


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How Old Do Golden Retrievers Have To Be Before They Can Swim

They benefit from lots of regular high intensity exercise when fully grown. Caution should be taken with Golden Retriever puppies though and you shouldnt force high intensity exercise on them until theyre 18 months old or you can damage their growing joints. Is it True That Golden Retrievers Love to Swim?

Prices Of Miniature Golden Retriever Puppies That Have Been Checked By A Veterinarian

A responsible breeder will always invite a veterinarian to check the health of his or her puppy after these puppies are born. A responsible breeder will ensure that a veterinarian says that a puppy is in good health before the breeder puts the puppy up for sale.

Ensure that a puppy has been checked by a veterinarian before you consider buying the puppy.

The average price of a Miniature Golden Retriever puppy that has been examined by a veterinarian is $2190, while the average price of a Miniature Golden Retriever puppy that has not been examined by a veterinarian is $1780.

We obtained this information from our detailed review of 96 Miniature Golden Retriever puppies that were examined by veterinarians that were listed for sale and 24 Miniature Golden Retriever puppies that have not been examined by veterinarians that were listed for sale.

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Golden Retriever Puppy Price

The average price of a Golden pup from a responsible breeder will cost between $900 and $1,300. If you are looking for a show-quality puppy or dog from a famous breeder, you can expect to spend several thousand dollars for your pooch.

Poor-quality breeders and puppy mills will charge lower prices. Since they tend to spend less on health checks than more reputable breeders, they can offer lower prices to lure in customers. But if you want a healthy Golden puppy, you should expect to pay a little bit more and work with a responsible breeder. Well go into more details shortly.

How Can You Cut Costs


Aside from getting your Golden Retriever from a reputable, responsible source, you can also help keep your wallet full by

  • utilizing a healthy diet
  • routine veterinary visits

to keep your Golden Retriever in shipshape condition.

This is due to the fact that medical costs for a sick Golden Retriever can be one of the pricier parts of owning him.

And while all dogs can be prone to inheritable health issues, it is important to pay attention to the health issues a Golden Retriever may be prone to, so you can keep an eye on them.

Some of the health issues a Golden Retriever can be susceptible to are

  • Osteosarcoma
  • thyroid issues
  • eye issues.

To keep a leg up on your Golden Retrievers health, you may opt to have him health tested. Some of the health tests recommended for a Golden Retriever as specified by the AKC are

  • hip and elbow evaluation
  • Ophthalmologist evaluation.

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How Much Does A Golden Retriever Puppy Cost

The cost of a Golden Retriever puppy can vary based on where you get them. They can cost you anywhere from $500 to $2,000 depending on where you get them from. If you are considering getting a Golden Retriever service dog, then you can expect to pay about $25,000. Of course, this is only if you or a member of your family need a service dog. They are fully trained to help people with disabilities be able to live their lives more safely.

There are other fees that come with adopting a puppy. If your Golden Retriever puppy is not spayed or neutered, then you should consider doing that right away. That can cost anywhere from $250 to $500. Although, there are some adoption agencies that will do it for free if you pay the adoption fee. You may also want to consider obedience training. This can not only help you teach your new puppy commands, but it will also allow them to socialize with other dogs. This can cost you anywhere from $50 to $200 depending on how long you do lessons and where they are done.

The Cost To Feed A Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are large and grow to be 65 lb. on average . They will need quite a lot of food and owners can expect to spend $155-$310/year for a puppy and $140-$450/year for an adult dog. In fact, a puppy will eat around 200 lb. of dry food during the first year and adult Golden Retrievers can be expected to consume about 290 lb. annually.

These cost estimations were made using prices of some of the most popular brands including Purina, Pedigree and Blue Buffalo.

Yearly Food Cost

This illustrates the price difference between budget-friendly and premium dog food.

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Golden Retriever Price Affected By Health

The best way to ensure your puppy and your wallet are happy is by staying on top of your Golden Retrievers health.

Ways to help prevent large vet bills include:

  • Keep up with your pups preventative care
  • Visit the vet for check ups
  • Get the proper vaccinations
  • Get early health screenings

So, what is a Golden Retriever most prone to when it comes to health risks? Prospective Golden owners should keep an eye out for:

The American Kennel Club suggests the following health tests for Golden Retrievers:

  • Cardiac exam
  • Ophthalmologist evaluation

The Average Golden Retriever Price When Buying Through A Breeder

How Much Is A Golden Retriever Puppy To Buy And Care For?

Golden Retriever puppies can cost between $500 to $3,500.

If you plan on buying your Golden Retriever from a breeder, the average cost is going to be between $500 to $3,500. However, this price can vary and be higher or lower depending on a few factors, as we mentioned above.

Along with considering the region from which you buy your puppy, your puppys pedigree, and the quality of breeder youre going through, youll also need to consider your puppys coat color and gender.

Cream Golden Retriever puppies tend to cost the most out of the four color variations available. Female Golden Retriever puppies are also going to be more expensive than their male littermates, as they are seen as potential competitors in the breeding world should owners opt to keep them intact and breed them in the future.

Not only are Golden Retrievers as some of the most expensive breeds to purchase through a breeder, but they can also be some of the most costly to keep due to their long list of health issues and special needs.

While this may not seem like it should tie into the initial Golden Retriever price when going through a breeder, it actually does.

Since the Golden Retriever price does vary so greatly between $500 and $3,500 for a purebred golden Retriever puppy, some well-meaning owners opt to go through less reputable sources in an effort to save some money up front.

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