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How Much Money Is A Golden Retriever

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At What Age Is A Golden Retriever Full Grown

How Much does a Golden Retriever cost? Complete Buyers Guide

The golden retriever reaches full size by the time theyre 2 years old. On average, however, their maturity can vary tremendously based on diet and lifestyle. If a dog is fed a healthy diet of high quality animal proteins and fats while receiving plenty of exercise, then their growth cycle can be shortened often shortening to a full year or less..

Golden Retriever With Kids

When Golden retrievers originate from a strong bloodline and when raised correctly, they make the best adventuring companions, childrens best friends and a priced addition to a loving family. There is little to say about their negative side. Although they have a slight prey-drive, they are hardly dignified, and almost never introverted.

What Is The Overall Cost Of Owning A Golden Retriever

Determining the cost of everything broken down is hard to look at as a whole. There are many factors to consider when buying a dog, and a lot of things youll need to buy. With this in mind, remember that the cost for golden retrievers can vary from owner to owner.

Some owners may want to buy the entire store for their dog, while others only buy whats absolutely necessary. There are also different qualities for each item you buy and an expansive price range for each product. All of these factors will play into how much youll spend throughout the dogs lifetime.

Another factor that will contribute to your golden retrievers cost is how healthy they were when you bought them. If theyre healthy, you dont have to pay as many health bills or give them the most expensive brand of food.

If theyre not healthy, youll be paying hundreds of dollars in vet bills and will have to buy higher quality products to maintain their health. This is something you should keep in mind when deciding where you should buy your golden retriever.

Its estimated that a golden retriever will cost $14,480 to $15,782 over the span of their lifetime . According to the American Pet Products Association, the average annual cost of owning a dog is $1381. That breaks down to be about $115 per month.

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Factors Affecting The Price Of Puppies And Why Prices Vary For The Same Breed

Purebred or mixed. Usually, mixed-breeds are sold at a lower price than purebred dogs.

Bloodline and breeders reputation. If the parents are purebred show quality dogs from a reputable breeder, the price will be substantially higher. These breeders also tend to invest more money than others to take care of their breeding dogs and puppies.

Registration papers/pedigree. Some breeders are members of kennel clubs, the most famous being the American Kennel Club . They can also have their breeding dogs and puppies registered which would also add to their fees.

Health screenings and medical expenses. Serious breeders will have their breeding dogs and/or puppies evaluated/tested for different medical conditions. Moreover, some will take their puppies to the vet for an exam, deworming, vaccines, and/or microchip implantation prior to selling them. This drives the price higher but also reduces the risk to get an unhealthy dog.

Training and socialization. Some breeders sell their dogs after they are trained and socialized. It will increase the puppys price but generate savings as you most probably wont have to invest in more training and also gives a better chance to get a well-behaved dog.

Age. As most people want to get their puppy as young as possible, prices tend to be lower when the dog gets older. For example, on average a 6-month-old pup is likely to be less expensive than an 8-week-old one.

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Why Should You Adopt

Golden retriever price

Dog adoption and cat adoption saves lives. Adopt a dog or adopt a cat and youll have a friend for life.

What is the difference between adopting a dog, adopting a cat, adopting a kitten or adopting a puppy versus getting dogs for sale, cats for sale, puppies for sale or kittens for sale from a dog breeder or a cat breeder?

When someone is breeding puppies or breeding kittens, they are creating new dogs and cats who need homes. Some people are interested in a very specific breed of dog, cat, puppy or kitten and they think the only way to find that specific breed is to buy a dog for sale or buy a cat for sale from a puppy breeder or a kitten breeder. Yet animal shelters are filled with dogs and cats who must find homes.

So rather than buying a dog or puppy for sale from a dog breeder or buying a cat or kitten for sale from a cat breeder, we encourage people to adopt a dog, adopt a cat, adopt a puppy or adopt a kitten at their local animal shelter, SPCA, humane society or pet rescue group.


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Do They Require A Lot Of Grooming

Golden Retrievers are a very active breed. A bath and a blowout are necessary to keep the shedding under control and maintain healthy skin and coat. Regular grooming should be done every 4 6 weeks. Make it a habit to spend some quality time brushing your dog to keep the coat separated and divided which, in turn, will allow the skin to breathe.

The Cost Of Feeding A Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are active, larger dogs that love their food. You can say theyre part of the clean plate club because they most likely wont leave a crumb to spare.

Given the Goldens affinity for food, you should definitely take note of how much this will cost you before bringing a dog home.

As with any dog, it is recommended that you serve them high-quality food. Heres how to tell if youre buying the good stuff.

How much a Golden Retriever eats depends on their gender, size and activity level. It generally ranges anywhere from 2 1/2 cups to 4 1/2 cups per day for an adult. Check with your vet to determine your dogs specific need.

On average, quality dog food is about $2-$3 per pound. Say you get a 30-pound bag for $55. Thats approximately 120 cups of dog food. If an adult Golden eats say 3 cups per day, that means the 30-pound bag would provide 40 days of food. So thats about a 30-pound bag for a little over a month at $55 each.

And you cant forget about treats. Giving a Golden a treat is great for training and for rewarding good behavior. Expect to budget an extra $10 a month for this.

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The Difference In Buying An Older Dog Versus A Puppy

Age is a large factor in the decision that youll make when purchasing your dog. Adult dogs do not need the work that goes into raising a puppy, but it could be more difficult for them to get used to new habits and abandon older ones.

Older dogs similar to humans tend to be more used to routines and set in habits of personality and behaviors.

Puppies take more effort and responsibility to correctly raise them, but its also highly rewarding! You and your family take the reins on shaping their personalities or tendencies, meaning you can raise a sweet, doting pup.

There are also tricks or fun things you can teach your dog, as well as home boundaries that can be necessary for certain home spaces. All these things are much easier to imprint on a puppy than an older dog.

A great program that you can check out to start training your dog is called Brain training for dogs by Adrienne Faracelli.Its a great course that I took to train my puppy and its something I still use up till now as you get full access to a professional trainer.

Or f youd like a little more info, then red the full review to see how it can help you too!

The Dreaded Veterinary Costs


Puppies are like toddlers, if theres a virus going around theyll pick it up, theyre always eating things that they shouldnt, which can and do make them sick, and then there are the vaccinations and the regular checkups that your puppy will need. All of which will probably set you back somewhere in the region of twelve hundred dollars. By the time your dog is just over a year old, you and your dogs vet will be on first-name terms.

And theres the question of neutering, which as well as helping to prevent any unwanted litters of puppies, can also significantly reduce the risk that your Retriever will develop either ovarian or testicular cancer. Its a one-off fee that usually costs anywhere between one hundred and four hundred dollars.

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What Is Bad About Golden Retrievers

It is important to remember that not all dogs of a certain breed are created equally, so its possible for you to fall into the myth that Golden Retrievers are always perfect. With that said, owners should be careful when considering getting any dog because they often fall victim to poor breeding practices they may be used in puppy mills or they might require high levels of grooming which can end up costing their owner too much money..

How Much Does Potty Training Cost

Weve already discussed the costs of potty training in a class setting, but there are other costs to consider as well. Before your puppy knows to go outside, youll need to consider puppy training pads which can cost between $15 to $50. These will help your puppy be able to go without ruining the carpet or making a huge mess. They also make puppy pads that are similar to grass to her teach your puppy that grass means go.

There are also puppy diapers to consider in order to help minimize accidents in your home. These cost anywhere from $8 to $20, and you can also get washable ones that can be reused. Until your puppy is fully potty trained you may want to consider keeping them in certain room or even a cage when you are out of the house, otherwise the hunt for a urine spot can take a while. Also, consider paying someone to come by and let them out during the day while youre working, especially when youre trying to get them used to going outside.

If you want some more information on potty training your Golden Retriever puppy, then check out our article for information on how long it takes and the best methods we recommend.

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Do Golden Retrievers Make Good House Dogs

Good question. I think, yes.Golden Retrievers were bred as working dogs that could withstand a variety of weather conditions and were often seen hunting during seasons with inclement weather, which means they are able to live outside in most climates well enough. They also have superior olfactory abilities which make them helpful in the home?detecting fires or intruders for instance?although through general socialization their protective sensitivities can be diminished too, so it may take some extra time and effort before theyre ready to protect the whole house.And lastly but importantly, Golden Retrievers have a strong affinity towards people due to their friendly disposition and love of being around people that were actually bred into their genes.

Golden Retriever Price Affected By Health

How Much Is A Golden Retriever Puppy? Best of Goldens ...

The best way to ensure your puppy and your wallet are happy is by staying on top of your Golden Retrievers health.

Ways to help prevent large vet bills include:

  • Keep up with your pups preventative care
  • Visit the vet for check ups
  • Get the proper vaccinations
  • Get early health screenings

So, what is a Golden Retriever most prone to when it comes to health risks? Prospective Golden owners should keep an eye out for:

The American Kennel Club suggests the following health tests for Golden Retrievers:

  • Cardiac exam
  • Ophthalmologist evaluation

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How Much Is It To Adopt A Golden Retriever

Adopting a golden retriever costs significantly less than purchasing one from a breeder.

Its usually just $200-500, compared to a couple thousand.

And if you do decide to go this route, youre doing an amazing thing.

All goldens deserved to be loved and if you treat them right, odds are that youll end up with an amazing dog.

I mean, theyre still golden retrievers!

Check out this article to find golden retriever rescues in your area.

Another consideration when it comes to adopting a golden retriever is that if you adopt an adult golden, youll save a ton of money on various things only puppy owners have to pay for.

How Much Indoor Space Does A Dog Need

Dogs need space for themselves and each other. Indoor areas should be at least 50% of the size of the outdoor area. If there are more than one dog in a single indoor area, then it should be 75%. Dogs that are social with people or dogs can get bored indoors without sufficient outlets for their energy, but sometimes they are just not interested in running around with another dog on rainy days. Still, giving them an opportunity to do so when it is sunny out may make you both happy!Numerous studies have shown that while some breeds can tolerate smaller spaces better, all breeds will live best in outdoor environments if given the choice. Outdoor living means more exercise time which leads to stronger bones and joints as.

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Monthly Golden Retriever Cost

The most obvious regular cost for a Golden Retriever is the food.

Dog food prices vary quite a bit. I dont think you need to spend a gold coin to feed your dog. On the other hand, I dont think you should go in and buy the cheapest food on the shelf either.

You can find some dry dog foods that cost you $30 to $40 a month.

So, that brings the food budget to around $500 each year.

Golden Retriever Puppies Price

How Much It Costs To Own A Golden Retriever Puppy For The First Year!

The low cost of breeding is approximately $15,828. Nevertheless, many breeders discover that they spend close to $7,744 to breed and take care of a litter of healthy pups. For the people aiming to show quality litters, it will be more costly. As a matter of fact, breeders who are raising show quality puppies will most likely spend more than $24,000 eventually.

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Dog Health Insurance Cost

According to, the average cost of pet insurance in the US is around $492 per year. This rate may vary depending on these factors:

  • The type of pet
  • The rates of the insurance company
  • The state you live in
  • The age of your dog
  • The amount you will pay before the insurance company begins to cover the cost of your pets medical bills
  • The type of insurance policy

To be on the optimistic side, you will only need to pay a few hundred dollars for medical checkups and common health issues if your dog does not have serious health problems.

Heres an overview of what basic Golden Retriever medical costs might look like:

  • A full physical exam
  • Heartworm test

A Second Veterinarian Opinion On Golden Retrievers

We have also consulted with another licensed-veterinarian, Mendi Baryzk, DVM, to share her knowledge when it comes to the medical costs of a Golden Retriever.

Preventive care for the first year

Strongly Recommended
Cancer $1,200 annually $10,000+

While Golden Retrievers are endlessly happy and great family pets, they have one of the highest incidences of cancers compared to other dog breeds.

Mendi Baryzk, DVM Licensed Veterinarian

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How Much Do Purebred Golden Retrievers Cost For Breeders

On average, birthing and raising a litter of puppies can cost $15,800. Most breeders work through deals, wholesales, and many times, use the same bedding and toys for new litters. This can reduce the costs to about $7,700 to breed a litter of healthy puppies.

If the breeder is aiming for really high-quality litters for shows, the cost can climb a lot higher. Breeders who have show-quality puppies can spend around $24,000 on the whole.

Groom Your Dog At Home

How much will a golden retriever cost?

Grooming can cost up to $80 each appointment, so if you do it at home, it can save you a lot of money. Grooming can involve nail trimming, hair clipping, and washing. Many people trim their dogs nails at home, so it will be beneficial to learn how in order to save some extra cash every visit to the groomer.

Grooming your pet at home might also make the process easier because your pet will be more comfortable in his own home compared to how he feels at the vet. Some dogs get very nervous at the vet or groomer which makes grooming a negative experience for both the pet owner and the dog.

Furthermore, you can buy a trimming kit at just about any pet store or online. They are fairly easy to use and easy to do if you have another person helping. You can also purchase dog shampoo and conditioner to wash your dog at home.

If youre interested in learning how to trim your golden retrievers hair at home, you can watch the video below. The video is 15 minutes long but it provides an extensive review of how to trim your dogs hair:

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