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How To Stop My Golden Retriever From Itching

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Learn About Potential Causes Of Infection

Puppy Biting: How To Train Your Golden Retriever Puppy To Stop Biting

Ear infections are typically caused by a mixture of yeast and bacteria. These nasty pathogens love spaces that are warm, dark, and moist, making wet dog ears the perfect refuge. One common infection that arises from bacteria entering the ear canal is swimmers ear.

Ear infections can also arise when little critters, such as fleas and ear mites, inhabit your dogs ears. Your pups ear infections could also be caused by allergies or thyroid problems. Below Ill go over these issues in detail.

Reducing Exposure To Allergens

  • 1Limit your Golden Retrievers time outside. One way to treat CAD is to reduce exposure to environmental allergens. For some dogs, this will mean avoiding cut grass, or staying indoors during peak pollen season. When your Golden Retriever does need to go outside, wipe it down with a wet cloth afterwards to remove the pollen from its fur and skin. Keeping your Golden Retriever inside all the time may make it get antsy and hyper, though, so this method may not be practical for every dog. XResearch source
  • Pay special attention to wiping off your Golden Retrievers paws.XExpert Source
  • How Do Dogs Get Ichthyosis

    This disease is inherited and multiple puppies in a litter may have the disease. It has what is called a recessive mode of inheritance, which means that both parents must carry the gene for the puppies to show signs. The parents may have two disease genes or one normal gene and one diseased gene, so they look normal. If the puppies in the litter get one disease gene from each of their parents they will be affected with the scaling disease, which can be seen when you look at them. Alternatively, if they just get one diseased gene and one normal gene, they will look normal but will be at risk of passing the disease on if they have puppies in future.

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    Identify And Remove Potential Allergy Triggers

    We previously talked about potential environmental allergens and triggers that can cause skin irritation and itching in golden retrievers.

    To help alleviate itching and skin irritation, try identifying and removing potential environmental allergens and triggers .

    Identifying potential allergens goes along with monitoring your dog to see what may be causing their scratching. Do you notice your golden retriever scratches more after laying on the carpet? What about when it seems dusty inside? These could both be environmental triggers/allergens.

    There are quite a few different potential environmental allergens out there, and a lot of potential allergy triggers. Since it can be hard to know where to start, well list some of the common things you can do to reduce your dogs exposure to allergens and triggers.

    Limit Your Golden Retrievers Time Outside

    Outside allergens are just as big of a nuisance to dogs as they can be to us, humans. If you notice your golden retriever seems to be scratching or itching more when he or she comes back from being outside, you might need to limit outside time.

    Of course, since golden retrievers have so much energy, this isnt always practical. When your dog does need to go outside, brush off or wipe down his or her fur before coming back inside. This can help remove allergens from the skin and coat.

    Use Your Air Conditioner Inside When Its Hot

    Clean Your Golden Retrievers Bedding

    If it doesnt, you may need to try one of these solutions:

    Reasons Why Golden Retrievers Scratch So Much

    Why Is My Golden Retriever Scratching So Much?

    Golden retrievers have solidified their place as the fourth most popular dog breed in America, and its no secret as to why.

    These social, devoted, energetic dogs are touted as the perfect family dog, and their intelligence has even earned them some spots as working dogs. However, regardless of all their amazing qualities, golden retrievers are actually very prone to a variety of skin problems.

    As a golden retriever owner, youve probably seen some excessive scratching from your golden retriever . Maybe you didnt think much of it, or maybe it became a larger, more concerning issue.

    Either way, a dog who cant stop scratching is an undesirable situation all around. Seeing and listening to your dog scratch is likely just as uncomfortable and annoying for you as it is for them not only that, but no one wants to see their dog suffer especially from excessive scratching and its effects.

    So, why might your golden retriever be scratching so much? As it turns out, there are quite a few solid reasons. Lets explore them so you can find out whats bugging your golden, and help your furry best friend stop all that scratching.

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    What Is Contact Allergy

    Contact allergy is the least common type of allergy in dogs. It results from direct contact to allergens, such as pyrethrins found in flea collars, pesticides used on the lawn, grasses, materials such as wool or synthetics used in carpets or bedding, etc. Contact allergies can develop to practically anything and at any age.

    “…there will be skin irritation and itching at the points of contact…”

    If the dog is allergic to any of these substances, there will be skin irritation and itching at the points of contact, usually the feet and stomach. Removal of the allergen often solves the problem.

    Caution: The symptoms of allergies can be confused with other disorders, or occur concurrently with them. Therefore, do not attempt to diagnose your dog without veterinary professional assistance. Be prepared for your pet to receive a full diagnostic evaluation to rule out other causes of itching and skin problems. If an allergy is diagnosed, your whole family must follow your veterinarian’s advice very closely in order to successfully relieve your pet’s discomfort.

    Contributors: Catherine Barnette, DVM Ernest Ward, DVM

    Home Remedy For Dry & Itchy Skin On A Black Lab

    Many factors can contribute to dry and itchy skin on your black Lab. Some causes are environmental while others can be related to grooming. While uncomfortable, Labrador puppy itching can easily be treated from home and does not require a visit to the veterinarian unless the Labrador itchy skin continues following at-home treatments.

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    Why Is My Golden Retriever Pulling Out Tail Hair Health Facts

    Tom Thorpe Blog

    Is your Golden Retriever pulling out tail hair and you dont know why? There are several skin-related conditions that make your dog want to pull out his hair. It could be a skin disease, anxiety, flea bites, or an allergic reaction. However, its nothing to be worried about. Most of these problems have solutions to them. Some may require a trip to the vet, but some wont even need you to leave the house.

    In this article, Ill be sharing the possible reasons why your Golden Retriever is pulling out its tail hair. Ill also include how you can help your dog during this time.

    Why Is My Golden Retriever Pulling Out Tail Hair

    How to Train your Golden Retriever Puppy to Stop Biting

    The reason why your Golden Retriever could be pulling out their tail hair could be from flea bites, anxiety, skin disease, an allergic reaction, or that they could simply be bored. Together, well be exploring these different reasons. Later on, Ill also be sharing the possible things you could do to help your dog.

    Upon discovering the reasons why your Golden Retriever is pulling out their tail hair, treatment or actions are needed. As soon as you take action, you will be able to lessen the damage that they are doing to their bodies.

    Some of these treatments dont require you to leave your home. However, I suggest that you take them to the vet or a professional dog behaviorist . Going to these professionals will ensure that your Golden Retriever gets the help it needs. It may cost you some cash to get them treated, but it will make sure that your dog gets better.

    Here are the possible reasons why your Golden Retriever is pulling out their tail hair:

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    How To Get My Dog To Stop Scratching

    Try taking a closer look at the area your dog is scratching at. Remove any potential causes as soon as you can. If its an insect or parasite causing the itch, youll want to speak to your vet about antihistamines and preventative medicine.

    Otherwise, try to apply something cool to the affected area, or bathe your dog in cool water using a shampoo designed specifically for sensitive skin. Make an appointment with your daytime vet if the scratching continues or gets worse.

    Check To See If Its A Shampoo Issue

    Its possible that the shampoo youre using on your Golden Retriever is creating itching. This is more likely if it only itch when youve recently applied shampoo on it. In this scenario, switching shampoos would be beneficial.

    Its possible that some of the links in this article are affiliate links. The companies referenced in this post may pay Petdogowner a commission. This has no bearing on the price you pay, and we appreciate any assistance.

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    S To Solve Your Dogs Itching Problem

    Its important to remember that there are treatments available and preventative steps you can take for every single reason weve listed above your four-footer will likely be A-OK !

    There are three simple steps to take to resolve the problem:

  • Examine. Were not expecting lab coats and rubber gloves, but youll need to be thorough! Is it a single spot that is itchy or all over discomfort? Where is the itchiness focused?
  • Investigate. When did the scratching start? Has it been a gradual increase or sudden? Can you determine any changes that happened in your dogs day-to-day life or environment? And are there any other changes in behavior or symptoms that are unusual? Even if you dont think its related, make a note of it anyway.
  • Treat. Attempting to soothe symptoms yourself is fine for a few days, but please be cautious. There are many at-home remedies recommended online that are simply not effective some are even potentially harmful. If your pups itching doesnt start to go away within a few days, get your vets help.
  • Why Is My Golden Retriever Scratching So Much

    How Do Dogs Get Ticks?

    As a golden retriever owner, youve likely experienced at seen at least some scratching from your pup. Dogs can get itchy just like humans can, and it can be difficult and irritating in more ways than one to try and figure out just why your dog might be scratching.

    Why is my golden retriever scratching so much? Your golden retriever may be scratching so much because golden retrievers store a lot of heat and humidity right next to their skin due to their undercoats, which leads to itchy hot spots. Golden retrievers are also prone to skin allergies like atopic dermatitis.

    Youve got questions about why your golden retriever seems to be so itchy, and weve got answers! Well walk you through the big reasons why your golden retriever could be scratching and let you know ways to manage it so your pup can stay happier and scratch less.

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    Number Of Animals Affected

    In general, around 10% of all dogs, whatever their breed, are affected and there are many pedigree dogs that are predisposed to atopic dermatitis . Golden retrievers feature in most lists of predisposed breeds and there is evidence of a breed predisposition from Schick and Fadok and Jaeger et al .

    Susceptibility To Skin Allergies

    Atopic dermatitis is a heritable condition that some Golden Retrievers develop as an inflammatory reaction to things like tree pollens, grasses, ragweeds, dust, mold and insects such as fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. Food intolerances can also cause skin allergies and gastrointestinal disorders in Golden Retrievers.

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    So Why Is My Golden Retriever Whining

    There are many possible reasons for this behavior, and we will go through most of them.

    Whining for gaining attention

    Some dogs will whine when they want attention from their owners or other people in their proximity. Golden Retrievers are an energetic breed, and they will often seek to play with you, and if they dont get what they want, they will start to whine. Goldens will also whine if they want to receive a reward or play with a favorite toy, for example.

    Anxious whining

    If your Golden Retriever is whining only when you are about to leave the room or house and generally during your absence, then you have a case of separation anxiety syndrome. In this case, whining will usually be accompanied by one of the following behaviors before your departure:

    • Panting
    • Defecating or urinating inside the house
    • Depression

    Whining when in pain

    If your Golden Retriever whines frequently or the whining has started suddenly, you need to take him to the vet to see if some medical issue is causing it. Dogs, Goldens, in particular, are very good at hiding their pain. However, sometimes they will whine in response to a painful condition or injury.

    Excitement whining

    Golden Retriever will whine if he gets too excited about some event like going out for a walk or seeing guests coming into the house. This is a natural way for them to show their excitement and happiness.

    Whining to appease

    Whining during greetings

    Duration Of Welfare Impact

    Golden Retriever Dog Training Series – Episode 1st – “HOW TO STOP PLAY BITING”

    Signs of atopy can be seen in some individuals from the age of 2-3 months. More usually signs start between the ages of 6-18 months. It is unusual for signs to start after three years. Some dogs have seasonal problems but often dogs that had seasonal problems when younger will develop problems lasting all year round when they are older. Without treatment affected dogs will have the problem for life although the severity will usually wax and wane according to the amount of allergens they are exposed to at any given time, secondary infections, any exacerbating factors such as catching fleas and the weather, and the success of treatments.

    Treatment of atopic dermatitis is involved and lifelong. Drugs are used in most dogs and these are often required constantly.

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    What Is Flea Or Insect Bite Allergy And How Is It Treated

    Insect bite allergy is the exaggerated inflammatory response to the bite or sting of an insect. Arachnids such as spiders and ticks, and insects including fleas, blackflies, deerflies, horseflies, mosquitoes, ants, bees, hornets and wasps, can cause an allergic reaction in sensitive dogs.

    Flea saliva is by far the most common insect allergen in dogs, causing flea allergy dermatitis . Most dogs experience minor local irritation from flea bites. The FAD dog will react to a single bite with severe local itching. A dog with FAD will bite and scratch itself and may remove large amounts of hair, especially in the tail-base region. A secondary bacterial infection may develop in the areas of broken skin.

    “Because one flea can be a problem for a dog with FAD, strict flea control is essential.”

    Clean The Ears Every Time They Get Wet

    Every time your furry friend goes swimming or her ears get wet, youll need to clean them. Goldens typically love to swim, so this is something you may need to do frequently.

    WikiHow has provided us with four steps to effectively clean and dry your dogs ears after they get wet.

    In the case of swimming, its more about making sure that the insides of your dogs ears are dry.

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    When It First Started Scratching

    If it started doing it abruptly, its worth thinking about what else happened around the same time, because its possible that something triggered it.

    If it itches abruptly, its more likely to be due to an injury, anything stuck in its fur, something that makes it anxious, fleas, or allergies. So, it might be useful to think about what else changed around the same time it started doing it.

    Tip : Shampoo Your Carpets

    How to Clean a Golden Retrievers Ears and Prevent Ear Infections

    Carpets can trap a lot of dog hair, dander, dust, and smells deep down into the fires which vacuuming doesnt always pick up.

    I use a Bissell, ProHeat 2X Lift Off Pet Carpet Cleaner around three times per year, and for the shampoo, I like to use the Bissell professional pet carpet cleaner solution which does a great job at removing the smells in the carpet.

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    Does My Dog Have A Skin Infection

    Minor itching and rashes from skin allergies can lead to more serious problems that require veterinary care. Often, dogs with skin allergies excessively scratch, lick, and chew at the affected areas, which can cause skin infections and hot spots. These conditions require vet-prescribed antibiotics. Learn more about how to spot the signs of a skin infection and hot spots.

    Why Does My Golden Retriever Keep Itching

    Pet Dog Owner is reader-supported. When you buy via links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you.

    If your Golden Retriever has been itching itself a lot you might want to know why and what you can do about it.

    In this post, I will show you a number of reasons why it might be itching itself and what you can do about it.

    So, why does my Golden Retriever keep itching itself? Possible reasons are that it has allergies, fleas, it is a compulsive behavior, anxiety, something being stuck in its fur or it could have just been itchy at the time.

    There are actually a number of reasons why your Golden Retriever might be doing it and it could be due to a combination of them. However, there are a number of things you can do about it, depending on the most likely cause.

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