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Where To Get A German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix

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Whats The Price Of Golden Shepherd Puppies

Golden retriever German Shepard mixed

This breed isnt as well-known as other Golden Retriever hybrids , but it has steadily gained in popularity since its introduction to the world in 2009. A major factor in determining the cost of a Golden Shepherd puppy is the breeder standards for this friendly hybrid dog.

Breeding standards vary by breeder and may cost you a little more money upfront, but may ultimately save cash down the road in terms of the health and wellness of your puppy. Your new puppy may come from purebred parents registered with the American Kennel Club, which will up the price of your furry bundle of fun. Other breeders may offer a health certificate, first shots, and deworming, flea treatment, and socialization training until its time for you to pick up the newest member of your family. The cost of all those things is factored into your final price, so you can expect to pay roughly anywhere from $800 to $1,500 based on the breeder.

Meet The German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is a large dog breed that founded its inception in Germany in 1899.

Initially, they were bred to herd and guard sheep and are known to be very strong, intelligent, and easy to train. This is why, to this day, they are often used by the military and police as working dogs.

This well-muscled and agile canine weighs about 65 to 90 pounds and can reach 26 inches in height. A size that will be enough to take on any kind of job.

A Familys Favorite: Golden Shepherd Pets And Kids

Some dog breeds tend to be quite nervous when found around young ones. But, not the Golden Shepherd! This dog enjoys the commotion they bring with them and their company.

Got a childrens party you have to attend? Bring your Golden Shepherd, too!

The kids will love to spend time with your dog, and your dog will love being the center of attention. Hell take anything, even wearing the silly party hat!

Still, such behavior isnt something inborn in these dogs. It does take time and training to teach them how to behave around other people.

Much like the puppies, the kids need training, too! Teach your youngsters whats good and whats bad when interacting with your new Golden Shepherd.

Its for sure the dog wont react well if it is being pulled by the ears or the tail.

In general, the kids need to know that a sleeping dog as well as a dog thats in the middle of his meal shouldnt be bothered. Ever!

No pup, no matter how friendly and loving he is, should be left unsupervised with the children.

The same goes for interacting with pets. Smaller pets, cats, and other dogs can make great company if the Golden has been trained to tolerate them.

Training from an early age is crucial if you want your Goldie to be best buddies with Fluffy the cat and Speedy the hamster.

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Are Golden Shepherds Aggressive

Golden Shepherds can become aggressive under the right circumstances. All dogs can. A German Shepherd is extremely protective over those it considers to be its pack. Even a Golden Retriever will exhibit aggressive behavior if they believe that they, or someone they care about, is being threatened.

These qualities naturally exist in a Golden Shepherd, too.

The degree of aggression depends on each individual puppy. One may seem more aggressive than the other because it hasnt been trained properly or had to fight to protect its food when it was a puppy.

Training can help decrease aggression towards other dogs and strangers.

Fun Facts About German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix

Kovu � #germanshepards
  • The German shepherd is the second most popular dog breed in the United States, and the golden retriever is the third most popular.
  • The Designer Breed Registry first recognized the golden shepherd in 2009.
  • Both parent breeds are prone to hip dysplasia, so its especially important to keep your golden shepherd at a healthy weight to avoid putting too much stress on the joints.
  • Golden shepherds are the perfect dogs for agility training. With their combination of brains and energy, theyll love having an obstacle course to navigate.
  • Golden retrievers are bred hunting dogs, so the instinct to play fetch runs deep in them. Not so much in the German shepherd! However, if you teach your golden shepherd to fetch when theyre young, theyll be hooked for life.

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Caring For A German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix

This dog requires someone to be with them for most of the day due to separation anxiety. They are an active breed and need an active household. They do well with other dogs and they love children.

You should be prepared to exercise them for at least an hour every day.

They dont mind how they exercise and are happy to be your running pal or do agility classes with you. Everyday brushing is need and they will probably need to go to the groomers on a reasonably regular basis. Lets look closer at their care requirements.

How Much Exercise Does The German Shepherd Cross Golden Retriever Need


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If you choose to adopt a German shepherd cross Golden retriever, youll need lots of;time on your hands to exercise and play with them. Theyre very energetic dogs in general, and will easily become bored and frustrated without their daily jaunt.

Golden Shepherd’s adore playing fetch, frisbee, walks, jogging, running, hiking and swimming – basically, anything which requires physical activity, theyll be more than happy to join in with. For this reason, the German shepherd -;Golden retriever mix is best placed in a household with an outside play area. They wont be so happy in an apartment or house without a garden. Aim for 60-90 minutes of exercise per day.

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Golden Shepherds Are Family

The German Shepherd and the Golden Retriever are two of the most popular breeds in the U.S., due to their reputation as family dogs. The Golden Shepherd combines the best traits of those two well-loved breeds: the protectiveness of the German Shepherd and the devotion of the Golden Retriever. The lucky owners end up with a fiercely loyal, family-friendly dog that is willing and eager to join in on any adventure.

Is German Shepherd And Golden Retriever A Good Mix


The Golden Retriever and German Shepherd mix is a great hybrid because the dog features the best qualities of both.

Youre able to enjoy the fierce loyalty of a Golden Retriever and the protective instincts of a German Shepherd.

Both do bring their energy to the mix, so this hybrid is ideal for homeowners that have a sizable yard for them to run.

The mix is also great for children. Theyre protective over children in the home and love to play with them. The energy of your children may even match the energy of the mix.

Some pet owners may worry about the German Shepherds protective instincts getting in the way of the dogs ability to make friends with other dogs. This isnt the case. As long as you socialize your dog when its a puppy, a Golden Shepherd can get along with other dogs and people without any problems.

Since both dogs tend to shed a lot, you can expect the same with this breed. Theyre not ideal for those who suffer from pet allergies. Taking care of them is relatively easy, however. You just need to brush them at least once a week to get rid of excess hair.

As a whole, the Golden Shepherd is a friendly, protective, dog that brings the best qualities of its parents to your home.

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Appearance Of The Golden Retriever German Shepherd Mix

The Golden Shepherd is like an optical illusion, where some people see more of the Shepherd than the Golden and others the other way around. The two parental breeds are roughly similar in size and body shape, perhaps their most distinctive characteristic being their color and pattern. The parental breeds are similar in size and proportions, with minor differences between the width of the skull and the heaviness of the bone, the Golden Retriever being a more robust type than the German Shepherd Dog.

In fact, both breeds have a double layer to protect them from the elements. It is the color of the coat that is the greatest contrast. While the German Shepherd is most often black and beige, the Golden Retriever is golden.

Of course, puppies can inherit characteristics from either parent, which can lead to a stocky retriever, such as puppies with black and beige coats, or leaner dogs with golden coats. Then there are these ears. German Shepherds are naturally pricked, while Golden Retrievers are in free fall. Again, puppy ears will be anything but predictable. Fortunately, both breeds have long feathered flag tails, just like the Golden Shepherd.

Health Issues Of The Golden Retriever German Shepherd Mix

A German Sheepdog Retriever Mix lives an average of 10 to 14 years if properly cared for. Mixed breed dogs are generally healthier than their parent breeds, but this specific breed is more prone to certain health conditions than others. Most of these health problems occur as the dog ages.

This breed likes to be active and play, which can cause harmful impact and damage to their bones and joints. Receiving an average level of activity would prevent them from having these problems. Here are some other health hazards you should be aware of:

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Two Fantastic Temperaments: Golden Retriever + German Shepherd

You might be wondering what makes the Golden Shepherd such an amazing pooch? Well, its all thanks to his unique mixture of the brave German Shepherd and caring Golden Retriever.

The Social Butterfly: The Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever has a loving temperament. He is a docile, friendly and kind dog that will love to cling to his owners. Hes often considered the perfect family pet because of his well-mannered nature. Have you ever seen a non-cute, hostile Golden Retriever puppy? We think not.

The Proud Pooch: The German Shepherd

German Shepherd dogs are truly hard-working animals. When at home he can be loyal, kind and well-mannered towards his owners. On the job, he is a keen learner and will be watchful of his surroundings. The German Shepherds know how to balance work and play.

Rescuing A German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix

German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix

Many mix breed dogs come from rescue centers or animal shelters, and we would definitely encourage you to look into adopting an adult dog!

Adopting a Golden Shepherd can be a very fulfilling experience. One benefit is that you will be able to tell more about the temperament of the dog.

Another is that you will have given a forever home to a dog in need!

We have a list of rescue organizations with the potential to have your Golden Shepherd just waiting for you.

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A Golden Watchdog And Fantastic Work Abilities

Thanks to the amazing traits of the German Shepherd and Golden Retriever, their crossbreed can also excel in different jobs. They may love to play and have fun, but it doesnt stop them from being excellent watchdogs.

They are very protective of their person and will bark to alert you when strangers are approaching. Some, like the GSD, wont be very friendly with humans theyre unfamiliar with, at least not immediately.

Golden Retriever German Shepherd mixes are great to have around as fur buddies, and they can also be put up to a task. With appropriate training, they can be employed by the military and police, or even as hunting and guide dogs.

It means that if you give this dog a job, he wont let you down. After all, theyre very intelligent and relatively easy to train.

Just like other canines, its always better to train them using positive reinforcement. So, instead of punishing them for bad behaviors, you should focus more on rewarding your doggo for something that he did right with toys, praise, and of course, treats.

It Depends On Which Personality Shines Through This Can Actually Be A Very Friendly And Loving Dog If The Retriever

German shepherd golden retriever mix kopen. Both breeds are brilliant and eager to please their families. The Golden Retriever German Shepherd Mix is a mixed Dog Breed between the German Shepherd and the Golden Retriever. German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix Puppies For Sale.

Weighing anywhere from 50 to 90 pounds depending on the gender size and activity level the German shepherd usually eats 3 12 to 5 cups of food a day. The most significant distinction is that Golden Retriever loves everybody while German Shepherds are extra reserved. Their breed is eager to please companion.

Since these breeds have differing sizes temperaments and other basic features they provide an interesting look into the effects of cross-breeding. Depending on the other dog the German Shepherd is mixed with the result can influence temperament adaptability and a number of other characteristics. That is just a general amount range for this breed.

If you are unable to find your puppy in our puppy for sale or dog for sale sections please consider looking thru thousands of dogs for adoption. The German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix is commonly known as the Golden Shepherd and this is what we will refer to him as throughout this articleHe is an energetic fun and friendly pup who is insatiably loyal and intelligent. The German shepherd has become infamous for pilling up health problems such as hip dysplasia epilepsy and so on.

The Golden Shepherd is an active dog.

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Golden Retriever German Shepherd Mix Your Ultimate Guide

The Golden Retriever German Shepherd mix isnt a purebred dog, but a recently developed hybrid that has caught the attention of dog lovers around the world. Created as a cross between a German Shepherd and a Golden Retriever, this mix has the best traits of its parenting breeds.

Going by several names, the Golden Shepherd is a large, highly energetic dog with a soft side it is exceptionally affectionate and devoted to its owners. When not busy cuddling or licking you, the Golden Shepherd will be your exercise partner, always pushing you to go the extra mile.

This highly energetic and large dog needs a lot of exercise and is best suited for people with active lifestyles or families with children that can play with a dog all day long. Being highly intelligent, this cross is easy to train and a great choice for inexperienced and experienced owners alike.

Stay with me till the end of this article to find out if the Golden Shepherd is the right dog for you!

German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix In 2021

German Shepherd golden retriever mix, 2 Year Old, Abby | German Shepherd Training | Off Leash K9

According to a study, the German Shepherd is at number 2 and the Golden Retriever at number 3 on the list of the most popular dogs. It means that this mix between these two dogs is a breed of favorite breeds from all over the United States.

Below you will be able to obtain the best information about this beautiful mix and how are its care and temperament.

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What Is The Best Age To Train A Golden Shepherd Puppy

The best age to train a Golden Shepherd puppy is as soon as you bring them home. Once theyre weaned off of their mothers milk, the puppy is ready to learn about its new world.

That includes learning obedience commands, potty training, and even learning fun tricks.

Their young minds are eager to be shaped by your training.

German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix Rescue Organizations

Your local shelter or rescue groups are a great place to find this mixed breed dog. In fact, few people are breeding these mixes intentionally. That means it may be easier to find a Golden Shepherd in a shelter rather than from a breeder.

While there arent any breed rescues specifically for Golden Shepherds, you may find one through other breed rescues. A few groups you might try include:

  • German Shepherd Rescue of Northern California
  • Golden Retriever Rescue of Illinois
  • German Shepherd Rescue, Inc
  • Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue

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German Shepherd: Loyal And Tough

This breed is one of the most recognizable dogs in the world. Its the 2nd most popular in the US.

When Germany chose the German Shepherd as their official dog and Max Emil Friedrich von Stephanitz created a club to regulate standards, their popularity really boomed! This happened at the end of the 1800s.

Its no wonder breeders often use these dogs to create mixes, like the Golden Shepherd or the Siberian Shepherd.

They started out as sheepherders in Germany. Owners valued them more for their excellent work ethic versus their companionship. Fortunately, the German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix is appreciated for both of these reasons.

Today, German Shepherds are often used with police and the military. They are also known for having the strongest bite. Owners love them for their sharp looks, intelligence, and hard-working skills.

Golden Retriever & German Shepherd Mixes are no exception to this, and, like their parents, also make great workers.

Exercise & Living Conditions

German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix

The Golden Shepherd is a high energy dog who will need at least 60 minutes of exercise a day. If you want to tire him out this exercise needs to be intense and not just an hour walk. Being an intelligent dog, he will need a variety of exercise sessions or activities. This will help keep him physically stimulated. In the likely chance of him inheriting his Golden Retrievers love for water, he will also enjoy a dunk or two in the local lake, playing fetch and joining his master for a long jog in the forest.

Because he is so intelligent, he will need a variety of brain games to keep him mentally stimulated throughout the day. Training sessions are always great to keep him occupied. This helps him learn new tricks and putting them into a routine will help with obedience. Ball throwing machines or treat-filled puzzle toys are also another great way to keep his mind busy.

Because he is a large and sturdy, we recommend he having a home with access to a large yard. While he does enjoy an afternoon snooze, he enjoys spending a lot of his time in the fresh air. He is not suited to small homes or apartment living unless theres an exercise outlet. As long as he is socialized as a young pup, he should do well in a multi-pet household. Just make sure to give him his fair share of attention. He is also great with children. Because of his sturdy stature, he is better placed with older children whom he cannot knock over.

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