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White Sand English Golden Retriever Puppies

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Golden Retriever Puppies Florida For Sale

White Golden Retriever Puppies

These are some of the famous names, rescue centers, and quality producers of golden retriever puppies.

  • Golden Retriever Rescue of Mid-Florida
  • Welcome to Paradise Golden Retrievers!
  • The Graceful Golden Retrievers of North Florida
  • White Sand English Golden Retrievers
  • Eagle Ridge Golden Retrievers
  • Golden Star Retrievers
  • Golden Retriever Breeders In California: The Bearden Pack

    This Golden Retriever Breeder is located in Beaumont, California. They are a small family-based breeder focusing on English Standard Golden Retrievers with champion pedigrees, imported from European countries. A lot of this Breeders dogs have gone on to excel at therapy and service work and have become Canine Good Citizens. Their dogs go through thorough health check-ups and are OFA and PennHIP certified. All of their puppies are raised indoors surrounded by family and have plenty of opportunities for socialization. Visit this breeders website if you are interested in their breeding program and their dogs.

    English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale In Sc

    Are you looking for “English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale In Sc”? We provide aggregated resultsfrommultiple sources and sort them by user interest.Some tips for finding matches for “English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale In Sc” include carefullycheckingthe title and description of the information provided. Make sure you are typing the”English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale In Sc” phrase correctly. You can also easily accessinformationabout “English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale In Sc” by clicking on the most relevant link below.

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    White Golden Retriever puppies are often referred to as English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies or Blonde Golden Retriever pups. We are a small conscientious holistic and homeopathic specialized breeder of top quality AKC Certified English Cream Golden Retrievers with an emphasis on Longevity.Our Golden Retriever puppies and their parents are being tended to 24/7 in our loving home and treated …

    English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale In Sc Coupons, Promo Codes 03-2022

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    White Golden And English Cream Golden Retriever Online Profiles

    Golden Meadows Retrievers will work to find you the right companion that suits your lifestyle and home. All of our puppies and adult dogs feature their own online profile that will tell you more about their personality and characteristics. If any of our pups catch your eye, be sure to fill out our Puppy Information Request Form to learn more.

    By contacting Golden Meadows Retrievers, you can give us the opportunity to learn a little more about you so that we have a better chance of pairing you with the right new family member. We want to find the best homes for our pups, so well match you to each litter based on temperament, activity level and pack placement. Reach out to Golden Meadows Retrievers to find your new furry friend today.

    Differences In English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies

    White Sand English Cream Golden Retriever puppies for sale ...

    In Uncategorized on at 4:36 pm

    I have received some questions about the difference between all of the English Cream Golden Retriever puppies available on the internet, particularly the difference in pricing. I think its worth addressing, so here goes

    I believe you are basically paying for 3 things in an English Cream Golden Retriever puppy: health, socialization, and breeding lines. I have addressed all of these extensively on our website , but I wanted to put a Readers Digest version here.

    First, health. If youve ever lost a Golden Retriever to cancer, its an experience you never want to repeat. Unfortunately, the Golden Retriever as a breed is riddled with cancer. According to a 1998 study, over 60% of Golden Retriever lost their lives to cancer. While organizations such as the Golden Retriever Foundation and the Golden Retriever Club of America are committed to promoting research to help reduce the terrible toll that cancer takes on our breed, it is a very serious concern for a potential buyer to consider.

    Lastly, you must consider the lines of your potential English Cream Golden Retriever puppy, and you must understand pedigree basics. Get familiar with the most respected kennels & lines . Get familiar with reading a pedigree and understanding the breeding of your potential puppy. Yes, champions DO make a difference. Yes, breeding DOES matter. Yes, you do need to understand this!!

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    Top 14 Golden Retriever Breeders In California State

    âThis post may contain affiliate links which means we receive a small commission at no cost to you when you make a purchase. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases, read our Disclosureâ

    When looking for Golden Retriever puppies for sale in California, it is important to keep the quality of the breeder in mind. You want to make sure that the breeders use healthy parents that have undergone testing for genetic health as well as health for eyes, heart, hips, and elbows. Golden Retrievers are prone to cancer, so a knowledgeable breeder is imperative. Consider looking into a breeder who uses English Golden Retrievers in their program. English lines have been shown to have up to a two-year longer lifespan than purely American lines. English Golden Retrievers are often lighter than standard American Goldens.

    Another aspect to consider when looking for a Golden Retriever puppy in California is if the parents have any Championship titles. This could be in conformation, obedience, agility, or even hunting. Depending on what you want to accomplish with your puppy, these aspects might be important to you. If you are wanting a purebred Golden Retriever, it is also advisable to get a puppy from an AKC registered breeder.

    Now that you know what to look for in a breeder, lets take a look at some of the top Golden Retriever breeders in California!

    White Sand English Golden Retriever Puppies Headland Al

    White Sand English Golden Retrievers are breeders who specialize in AKC English-type golden retrievers featuring cream-colored coats. They obtain their puppies from the best and most-respected lineages all over Europe.

    Their breeding program focuses on the health, structure, and temperament of the dogs. They raise the puppies in their home to ensure enough socialization before releasing them to their forever homes.

    All their dogs are health tested for heart, eyes, elbows, and hips. Recently, theyve started performing Ichthyosis and PRA-1 tests too.

    Their dogs also receive supplements daily. These include Vitamin C and E, coconut and salmon oil, and diatomaceous earth.

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    History Of The White Golden Retriever

    It is well known that the Golden breeds have roots in Europe and Scotland as far back as the late 1860s. Goldens were originally breed by a British Aristocrat, Lord Tweedmouth, who mixed a yellow-colored Retriever with a Tweed Water Spaniel. Today, the Tweed Water Spaniel breed is extinct, but they were previously known for being enthusiastic retrievers used for hunting and calm, loyal dogs in the home. Their descendants continue to hold these characteristics. Though this cross breeding is where the Golden Retriever originated, there are now various colors of Retrievers that stem from this common ancestor.

    White Golden Retrievers are the perfect dog for families and make the perfect family pet. Their calm temperament and sweet disposition mixed with their intelligence and loyal nature prove to be a combination that is easy to love.

    How Can I Keep Track Of Information On English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale In Sc

    Axil’s 6 week old white golden retriever puppies

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    Other Names For White Golden Retrievers

    You may have heard the names White Golden Retrievers, and English Cream Golden Retrievers used interchangeably. Thats because theyre different names for the same breed. Our English Cream Golden Retrievers have a beautiful white or cream-colored coat that make them stand out from other Golden Retrievers. While some Golden Retrievers may have a lighter coloring, English Cream Golden Retrievers are specifically bred to have a white coat but have the same features you love about Golden Retrievers.

    Golden Retriever Information: Temperament And Health

    • They need a lot of exercisea couple of walks a day at the very least. They love outdoor activities, especially swimming.
    • While active outdoors, they are also calm indoors, making them ideal family pets.
    • They are easy to train. They are people pleasers and are extremely intelligent.
    • They are one of the best dogs for kids.
    • They are even-tempered, well-behaved, and extremely faithful.
    • They are social animals. They can develop separation anxiety if left alone for long periods of time.
    • They shed profusely, especially in the fall and spring. You must regularly brush them .
    • They will need 3 meals a day as a puppy and 2 meals a day as an adult. Each meal should be around 1/3 to 1/2 of a cup of dry food.
    • Golden retrievers are prone to cancer, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, cataracts, and hypothyroidism.
    • Before you get a Golden Retriever, make sure you are aware of the above traits and the care that Golden Retrievers specifically need.


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    Best Golden Retriever Breeders In Georgia

    If youre a Georgian in the market for a new dog, the Golden Retriever is undoubtedly one of the best breeds to invest in. Its also one of the most popular dog breeds in the US, probably due to its unconditional love and unrelenting loyalty, and would be worth every penny.

    For you to get the healthiest and happiest of pups to bring home, you must take some time to research golden retriever breeders in Georgia. After all, not every dog breeder is to be trusted. However, some breeders care for their puppies and treat them like family.

    The question is, where do you find golden retriever puppies for sale in Georgia?

    But first, lets look at the qualities and traits that define every purebred golden retriever.

    Breeders & Puppy Costs

    White Sand English Cream Golden Retriever puppies for sale ...

    The English Cream Golden Retriever is a Golden Retriever that is bred to the KC breed standard. Although there are more American Golden Retrievers in America, a handful of breeders will breed English Cream Goldens to the British standard. A reputable breeder will import English Cream Golden Retrievers from the very best breeders in Europe, and strictly produce English Creams.

    They will be able to produce documentation to prove the lineage, and that they are English Cream Golden Retrievers. Not just very light golden American Golden Retrievers. There is usually an increased cost for English Cream Golden Retrievers, simply because it costs a lot to buy the very best examples from Europe and ship them over.

    The average price of an English Cream Golden Retriever falls somewhere between $1,500 and $3,500. The price will be dependent on your location, supply and demand, breeder reputation, and the pups lineage. Some English Cream Goldens can fetch tens of thousands of dollars from highly regarded breeders.

    Of course, budget is always an important consideration but never be tempted to work with a backstreet breeder. Its true that you get what you pay for. Reputable breeders care about the health of their pups, whereas puppy mills only care about profit. Health care is expensive, so they pump out as many puppies as they can without any concern for them or their mother.

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    Are Cream Golden Retrievers Still Golden Retrievers

    Yes. It’s incorrect to call a lighter-colored golden retriever by a different name. Sometimes, breeders change their name to trick buyers into thinking that these lighter-colored dogs are rare. Some breeders incorrectly call them “rare white European golden retrievers,””exquisite platinum imported golden retrievers,” or “English cream golden retrievers.” But, no matter what they are called, they are golden retrievers they are recognized as such by English and Canadian authorities.

    The Truth

    An “English cream golden retriever” is basically a golden retriever in a very pale shade of gold!

    White retriever puppy


    The Average Lifespan Of Healthy English Golden Retrievers According To Research Is 12 Years 3 Months They Have A Better Life Expectancy Than Theamerican Golden Retriever

    Factors that affect the lifespan of English Cream Golden retriever.

    • Obesity is linked to decreased life expectancy in retrievers. This is caused by a poor diet. A new Research conducted by Banfield Pet Hospital found out that an overweight dog has a shorter lifespan. The study indicates that obesity reduces the lifespan of a dog by 2 1/2 years.
    • Cancer [Retrievers suffer four types of cancer which start at age 6 and the risk picks at 10 years. Four types, osteosarcoma, lymphoma, hemangiosarcoma, and mast cell tumors and that the risk for cancer begins to rise when the dogs are six years old. The risk peaks at ages 10 to 12.

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    Signs Of An Irresponsible Golden Retriever Breeder

    These are ten tips that can save you from looters and irresponsible dog sellers. Mostly, the quality breeders are good to go for puppy selling. On the other hand, there are many backyard breeders who work only for making money. Following are warning signs to stay away from such breeders:

  • They focus more on sales instead of the proper information and guidance to the buyers. Their main pet words in conversation are rare the best pick of the litter etc.
  • Irresponsible breeders have the availability of puppies all the time. It is a sign that they are over breeding.
  • Such breeders will not ask you questions. It shows that they dont care about their pups.
  • No contract
  • They will not allow you to visit the parents
  • No health clearances certificate of their dogs
  • Non-participation in dog sports, shows, or activities
  • They focus on irrelevant elements over the health and temperament of their puppies
  • Specialized in more than one breed
  • Golden Retriever Puppies Florida

    Grace and Axil’s 5 week old white, english cream golden retriever puppies.

    Golden Retriever Puppies Florida for sale is a rising search term on the internet. Also, Golden Retriever Puppies are getting high fame in the United States. Due to gentleness, looks, temperament, and personality, these are some of the favorite dog breeds in America. You can get retriever puppies in Florida easily. However, the quality of the puppy matter over the easy availability.

    We have researched a lot and found some of the amazing and top-quality dog providers in Florida. They are reputed breeders/suppliers and have a variety of retriever puppies. One can easily get a golden retriever from them.

    Quick Overview

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    Official Breed Standards For The Golden Retriever Breed

    If its your first time owning a golden retriever, you may not be familiar with the strict standards, such as traits, mannerisms, and qualities that purebred golden retrievers must possess.

    Of course, most golden retriever dog owners adopt their dogs as pets, not working dogs. Therefore, some of these standards by AKC may not be relevant.

    The breeding standards that relate to pet purebred golden retrievers include:

    • General appearance: Strong, symmetrical, energetic, alert, and confident.
    • Color: Deep, shiny golden color of various shades. No black, brown, or white.
    • Weight: 65 to 75 pounds for males and 55 to 65 pounds for female golden retrievers.
    • Coat: Thick and water-resistant with a substantial undercoat.
    • Eyes: Smart and kindly, preferably medium brown to dark brown.
    • Temperament: Amiable, dependable, and trustworthy with no timidity or aggression.

    Golden Retriever Puppies Florida Best Places To Purchase


    24 September, 2020

    Tips And Tricks

    As a pet lover, you must have heard the name Golden Retriever once. This breed is native to the UK and is a cross between different species, such as the Spaniels, Setters, or Newfoundland.

    Thanks to its attractive appearance and easy-to-teach personality, the Golden Retriever has become one of the most chosen species. In Florida, this breed is quite popular with many people.

    Are you in Florida and want to buy one but do not know any address? Well, then immediately refer to the top store selling Florida Golden Puppies through the article below.

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    Are Cream Or White

    The color of the coat has nothing to do with a dog’s health. But ancestry could possibly have an effect on health.

    • There is at least a little evidence that, on average, English bloodlines are healthier.
    • A 1998 study found that 61.8 percent of American goldens died from cancers, such as hemangiosarcoma, lymphosarcoma, mast-cell tumors, and osteosarcoma, whereas a 2004 British Kennel Club Purebred Dog Health Survey for Golden Retrievers found that only 38.8 percent of goldens from English bloodlines were affected by cancer.
    • Research also found that goldens from English bloodlines had an average lifespan of 12 years and 3 months whereas American goldens lived for an average of 10 years and 8 months.
    • This data does not necessarily mean that an English retriever is immune from cancer and will die only at a ripe old age.
    • There is plenty of anecdotal evidence of English retrievers dying from cancer and living shorter lives than expected.
    • The health of your dog will depend on good breeding lines not on whether it is English or American, cream-colored or toffee-colored.
    • The secret to health and longevity is ultimately a combination of nature and nurturegood genes plus optimal care by responsible owners.

    White golden retriever puppy


    Brief History Of American Golden Retrievers

    White Sand Golden Retriever puppies for Sale, English ...

    All golden retrievers, whether they are American, Canadian, or English, originated in Scotland in 1868 where they were used as superior hunting dogs by sportsmen. The first goldens were registered with the British Kennel Club in 1903. Back then, they were listed as flat-coat goldens. The breed didn’t become popular in the U.S. until the 1920s when anything British was cherished, including dog breeds. In 1932, the American Kennel Club officially recognized the breed.

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