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Best Size Dog Crate For Golden Retriever

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Why Dog Crates Are A Must

6 Best Dog Crates For Golden Retrievers In 2022

Do you hate it when you have to go away, leaving your pet alone for a couple hours?

Wont it be nice if you could take your pet along with you on all your travels? You can take your pets along with you whenever you travel, but it will involve the use of crates.

Cages, kennels or crates allow the owner to make a fanatical and safe space for pets which will be settled within the corner of a home or are often carried along.

It wont matter if you want to take your doggie out with you on a trip or wish to visit the nearby pet hospital for a regular checkup, dog crates will forever remain at your service!

With this crates, you will find it easy to:

  • Keep your furniture chew-free by disciplining a spoiled doggie
  • Prevent destruction habits in dogs
  • Limit the movement of your pooch by providing safe and peaceful space, when sick or injured
  • Save you from possible embarrassment on the visit of important guests
  • Create a personal space of its own where your pet can do whatsoever it wishes to because even dogs need privacy.

Finding The Right Size Crate

So you need the right sized dog crate. What size is your dog? Uhhhh.

The vast majority of breeds would be considered medium breed dogs. The problem is that a medium breed can be very different at each end of the spectrum. If youre like the majority of people, you could probably list the weight of your dog, or at least a weight range. But not a lot of people know their dogss height or length, which are arguably the more important measurements when it comes to picking the right kennel size for your pet. So your dog weighs 50 lbs? Well, is it a male basset hound or female boxer? Thats kind of an important distinction.

When youre looking for the correct sized crate, you might google the term medium sized dog crate. There would be a good chance that the correct choice would be less clear by the time you reached the end of the first page of results. Granted, there are some subjective considerations, but most experts agree that a kennel needs to be large enough for your dog to stand up and turn around, but really shouldnt be much larger than that for safety reasons. Aside from the added security that comes from Dakota 283s single-piece rotomolded construction and all-metal door, if youre ever in an accident, you dont want a lot of excess space in your kennel.

Hero Interior 35L x 18.5W x 27.75H

How To Crate Train An Adult Golden Retriever

You can also accustom a grown-up Golden Retriever to a cage by using the same techniques mentioned for puppies. Again, by taking the time to go through small incremental steps, from slowly introducing your dog to the crate, to spending small but increasing amounts of time in there and eventually they will learn to love it, and you can both enjoy the enormous benefits it offers. Key points are to avoid using force and let the dog be familiar, comfortable and associate the crate for his personal space where he can feel safe.

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Dog Crate Sizing Chart By Breed

There are probably dog breeds that are not listed below. If yours is one of the breeds not listed, find a breed closest to yours and go by your pets adult size. Also, keep in mind that these are rough guidelines and may not apply exactly to your dog. For instance, if you have a dog that weighs 20 pounds more than average, consider sizing up. You will see that some dog breeds show up on two of these lists. In that case, consider the exact breed , gender, and adult size of the dog to make a decision.

Extra Small Dog Crates

Typical dimensions of toy or extra small dog crates will include:

  • 18 x 12 x 14
  • 18.5 x 12.5 x 14.5
  • 19 x 12 x 15
  • 22 x 13 x 16

Small or Extra Small Dog Crates

24 dog crates are recommended for the following breeds or dogs weighing up to 25 pounds

  • Australian Terrier

Typical dimensions of small dog crates that you will find in stores include:

  • 24 x 18 x 19
  • 24 x 17 x 20
  • 24 x 18 x 21
  • 24.5 x 17.5 x 19.5
  • 24.5 x 18 x 19.5
  • 25 x 18.5 x 21

Measuring Your Dog For A Crate

What Size Crate For Golden Retriever Puppies and Adults

First, ask your Golden to sit and then take the measurement. Add four inches, and that is how long you want the crate to be so that they can stand up without hitting the ceiling.

Second, stand your dog up on all fours and measure from the base of their tail to the tip of their nose.

Again, to make a crate that is the perfect length for your Golden, you need to add 4 inches. That way, he can lay down without being cramped.

The width of the crate is always in proportion to the other measurements, so you dont need to worry about that.

So now you can get the right size crate for your adult Golden Retriever. But what about a crate for a puppy?

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How To Choose Best Dog Crate For Belgian Malinois

One way around this is to speak with an expert in their field who can give you tips on how to navigate the online marketplace so that you dont waste money on low-quality products. If you want a reliable source of information like this then you should visit different review sites like where other consumers have shared their honest feelings.

How Big Should The Dog Crate Be

When buying a crate for their pooch, dog owners mistakenly think that a bigger crate is better. It will not offer the secure, safe, and cozy feeling a Golden Retriever requires while occupying the crate. A bigger crate means that the Golden Retriever rattles around inside a large open space. They wont love being in this crate.

A crate should be big enough for your Golden Retriever to stand up easily without hitting its heads on the top, allowing it to move around comfortably. The crate should provide enough room for your pooch to lay down with its paws stretched. If the crate is any smaller, it would be uncomfortable for your Golden Retriever. However, it doesnt mean that it should very large. Now, if you are going to look out for the requirements that we just mentioned, youll need different dog crates for a puppy, an adolescent dog, and an adult Golden Retriever respectively. If you are raising a Golden Retriever puppy, this could get very expensive. However, well share a money-saving tip thatll be of great help.

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Furhaven Pet Bed For Dogs And Cats Quilted Sofa

  • DESIGNED FOR PETS: The classic bolstered sofa design promotes ultimate comfort and security, providing high-loft orthopedic cushion support as well as a super cozy nestling and burrowing space for dogs and cats.
  • SLEEP SURFACE: The pet sofa features brushed quilted fabric that is gentle on noses and paws for enhanced snuggling and burrowing comfort.
  • EASY ON JOINTS: The egg crate orthopedic foam base helps cushion pressure points and improve air circulation, while the fluff-filled bolster railings support the neck, back, hips, and joints both help to ease discomfort and encourage restful sleep.
  • PRODUCT DETAILS: Silver Gray Jumbo, 44 x 35 x 8 (4 Foam Sleep Surface: Approx.
  • AVAILABLE VARIANTS: The bed comes in Coffee, Wine Red, Toasted Brown, Navy, Silver Gray, and Iron Gray its also available in Small, Medium, Large, Jumbo, and Jumbo Plus.
  • EASY CARE: The removable dog bed cover is completely machine washable for your convenience for more specific washing instructions, please refer to the hang tag and/or seam label .
  • CUSTOMER ASSURANCE: The product comes with a 90-day limited coverage against material defects and may also qualify for our 60-day Worry-Free Program restrictions apply: purchases from unauthorized 3rd-party resellers may not be covered by Furhaven.
  • NOT SUITABLE for pets with excessive teething or destructive chewing behavior

What Size Dog Crate Do You Need Which Type Is Best

Crate training my golden retriever puppy

I then dispelled the myth of using a dog crate being cruelas long as you use it correctly!

I then followed up with advice on both when you should as well as when you should not use a crate, to be sure you only ever use it with your dogs best interests in mind and never in a selfish or cruel way.

The next step toward crate training your Golden Retriever is to buy a suitable crate before training them how to use it. This article aims to answer the question: What is the best crate for a Golden Retriever?, before I continue with a guide to crate training in my next article of the series.

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Do Golden Retrievers Get Attached To One Person

Most of the time, the Golden Retriever is going to love everyone in the home. They are a social dog that has a lot of love and loyalty to go around. Some Golden Retrievers are more likely to form this close bond with one person in the home more than others. They may just feel the most comfortable with that person.

What Is A Puppy Divider

Weve mentioned puppy dividers a few times, but unless youve used one in a crate, you probably dont know what were talking about. A crate divider is commonly called a “puppy divider” because it allows you to buy a crate that will fit your pup when hes full grown but comes with a divider that creates a temporarily smaller space within the crate to keep him safe and cozy while hes a puppy.

Crates that come with a divider often include the ability to move the divider into different positions to make the crate space larger as your dog grows.

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What To Put Into A Crate

  • You might want to consider putting up a comfortable dog bed inside the crate, that is not too bulky and made up of breathable and waterproof fabric
  • Always keep your dog hydrated in a crate by providing a special water dispenser bowl
  • In cases with minimal supervision, you may also want to put his favorite toys to cope up with anxiety and boredom. Snuggle toys with heartbeat are an excellent solution for puppies at night.

Best Dog Crate For Golden Retriever In 2022

How to Crate Train a Golden Retriever Puppy

Dog Crates can help with housetraining, keep your dog safe at home and in the car, and allow you to have a break from one another.

A dog crate limits access to the rest of the house when you cant supervise your Golden Retriever. This is especially helpful for curious young Golden pups who like to chew and can save your furniture as well as protecting them from harm.

A dog crate is a helpful tool that provides space for your Golden, gives you peace of mind when you are out of the house for an hour or two, and even comes in handy as a portable bedroom when traveling.

If youve got crate expectations, read on to find the best dog crate for your Golden Retriever.

For a detailed review and pros/cons of each of these dog crates, you can scroll down to the next section.

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Best Budget Crate: Petmate Provalu Dog Crate

Best Budget

If you are on a budget go with the PetmateProValu Dog Crate. However, as of the writing of this article you would only save about $5 when purchasing this over the MidWest Homes Crate, so be sure to check prices.

As stated above, this crate is almost the same as the MidWest Homes crate, but it uses thinner wire. The wire is still adequate, so going with this crate is still a great option, but if you have the money, an upgrade is worth the small fee.

Key Features:

  • Slide bolt latches for safety
  • Folds Flat
  • Comes with divider panels for a puppy
  • Removable plastic tray

How To Measure Your Dog For Crate Size

A lot of the crate size guides that you will see show recommendations based on the weight of a dog. However, when selecting the proper crate for your dog, the size matters more that the weight. Your dog should have a crate 6 longer than the length of his body and 6 higher than his shoulder height for maximum comfort. The best way to measure this dog is with a simple tape measure.

The two measurements that are important are height and length of your dog.

How to measure the height of your dog

Have your dog sit on the floor and face upward. Use your tape measure to find the distance from the floor to the tip of the highest point on your pets head. This could be the forehead, nose or ears, depending on the dog.

To be even more confident that your measurement is right, you can also measure your dog standing. Measure from the top of the head to the ground, just like you did when sitting. Take whichever of the two measurements is higher.

When you have this height, add three to six inches to make sure that you are leaving enough room for your dog to be comfortable. You can think of this height as the minimum, but you should not be concerned if the crate is slightly taller. If you are on the border between two sizes, go with the larger one.

How to measure the length of your dog

Measuring length of your dog for a crate is both a measurement and a calculation. Measure your pet from the tip of the note to the base of the tail .

Tips for measuring your dog for a crate

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What Size Crate For My Golden Retriever

Although several online guides will suggest a 36 crate is sufficient for a Golden Retriever, our experience has found that for most adult dogs, this is insufficient. We recommend you explore a 42 inches crate as the best size for most adult Golden Retrievers.

This gives sufficient room for both male and female adults. Though females may be okay in a 36, its probably best to go with the larger of the two.

There is an argument for getting smaller crates for Golden Retriever puppies so it doesnt overwhelm them. In our experience, this can work but your dog will probably become attached to their home and wont be happy giving it up when the eventual replacement comes along.

Weve had great success with a large crate on puppies. Some crates also include dividers which means you can shrink down the size of the crate and expand as your dog grows.

If you want to measure your Golden Retriever to check against the manufacturers specification you should:

  • From the tip of the nose to the base of tail, measure your Golden Retriever with a measuring tape while theyre standing and take note of the result in inches. This will be the crate length.
  • Measure them from the floor to the top of the head while theyre in a sitting up position. Again, not the results down in inches. This will be the crate height.
  • Add a few extra inches to the length and height this gives a little extra wiggle room.

How To Measure An Adult Dog For A Crate

Best quality adult Golden Retriever | Saurabh Dog Kennel | Contact – 9140752208, 9369347740

So, lets talk about measurements for a fully-grown dog.

If she is an adult, you will need to measure her length and height. Measuring the width of your dog is not necessary, as once you have the right height and length, the width will be proportional.

To make things easier for you, you can have your dog stand against a wall . This way, you can mark the measurements and get out the measuring tape after. To make the marks, be sure to use something that rubs off after, like chalk.

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Types Of Dog Crates And Which One To Choose For Your Golden

There are many types of dog crates that you can get for your Golden. They come in different sizes and shapes to accommodate your specific needs.

Dog crates are often used to house train puppies or as an alternative form of pet containment. They can also be used in the home as a safe area for your Golden Retriever while youre out and about. So lets know more about the types of dog crates.

What Size Of Crate For A Golden Retriever Puppy

Most dog owners will bring home a puppy rather than a full-grown dog. To avoid buying multiple crates, look for ones that come with dividers so you can expand the crate as the dog grows. If you put a puppy in a large crate, there is a possibility that misbehavior, such as peeing or pooping in the crate, will occur because youve provided the puppy with the extra room to do their business.

Do your best to figure out how big your puppy will be by getting the measurements of its mother and father. For a female puppy, focus on the size of the mother and for a male, the father. Use the measurements of the parents to purchase an adult crate for your puppy. Again, make sure it has dividers that can temporarily make the crate smaller.

It is best to know the height and length of the puppys parents to help you select the size of crate your puppy will need however, if you only know their weight, that will be okay. Use this table to help you figure out the size of the crate you might need based on the weight of the parent:

Parents Weight
48-inch crate

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