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Best Collar Color For Golden Retriever

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What Should You Look For When Shopping For A Collar For Your Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever, 9 month old, Micky | Best Golden Retriever Training | Off Leash K9

Now that you know why your dog should have a collar, lets chat about the traits a good dog collar has. Goldens have long, thick coats. Their fur can break if it is rubbed too much by a collar that is too tight. While some folks swear by a rolled collar and say that a flat one will get tangled in their pets fur, others have no problem with these types of collars.

With that being said, the collar you select should be lightweight, as well as padded so that your pooch can freely play. You should aim to get a collar that is about 1½ inches in width and that is long enough so that no more than two of your fingers can snugly fit between your pets neck and the collar. Keep in mind that the average Golden neck size ranges from 18 to 22 inches. Additionally, the collar needs to be wide enough for added support and strength, since Golden Retrievers are very active dogs.

Since your Golden is a livewire dog, he will need a lightweight dog collar that will not inhibit his movements or tighten too much when he plays. Collars that come with a mouth collar may be too loose, and can easily slip off.

We dont recommend collars with large prongs or choke chain collars. Both of these types of collars could cause damage to your dogs windpipe. Additionally, Golden Retrievers are easy to train because they are so eager to please, making these types of collars unnecessary.

A Few Buying Tips For Dog Collars

When youre buying a collar for the first time, there are definitely a few things that you should look out for. One of them being the fact that you will not want to be getting the wrong size and so while you have a guideline to follow in this post. I recommend that you get hold of a tape measure and use it to measure your dogs neck size in inches. Once you got that then you can never go wrong.

Collars to avoid for puppies

Stay well away from all those other fancy collars such as choke collars and prong collars for new puppies. They can be more problems than its worth and you really should not be using anything like that on a newborn puppy.

Fasten up the right way

As you may expect there are many different ways of fastening up a collar that has been designed in different ways to do different things. Again, I would recommend keeping this simple and so going for something that is easy to get on and off quickly would be the best choice.

You will usually find that most flat or rolled collars either use a hook and ring or buckle and clip. Both are fine to use, so theres no problem in choosing either of the two.

Make sure you got the right fit

In the first point here I told you to measure your dogs neck and theres a reason for that. Collars are very simple but can easily be wrong in size. And the problem is that you can either have a collar that is too small which of course will be a huge problem.

Tips For Getting Your Golden Retriever Accustomed To Using A Harness

If you have always used a leash and collar for any dog, you might already know the problems you can face. Swapping to a harness can be a bit of an adjustment for your furry friend, but it can be one of the best changes you make. All you have to do is get your dog accustomed to the change.

  • The first thing you have to do is get your furry companion used to the harness. The easiest way to do this is to have your dog wear the harness around the house. That will give them a chance to get comfortable before taking a walk.
  • After they seem comfortable wearing their new harness, you can take them on a walk. This may not be much of a different experience if it is a back-clip harness. But a front-clip or head-halter style harness will take a lot more getting used to, be patient as they get used to the feeling.
  • For the best Golden Retriever harness, you need to ensure that the harness fits perfectly. Make sure to measure your dog and take a good look at the sizing guide of the product.
  • Make sure to get the right style of harness for your dogs personality.
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    What Colour Collar For A White Dog

    Just like black dogs, white dogs are very easy to shop for when it comes it collars. They fall into the neutral category for warm and cool colour temperatures meaning that they can wear both. As for colour value, white is the lightest possible colour, so look for any collar that is darker. This is pretty much any colour that is not white unless you are going for a monochromatic look .

    Pro Tip: As a dog with a white coat is a solid block colour, look for collars that have intricate patterns on them to make your dog look super stylish!

    What Colour Collar For My Dog

    bow tie dog collar

    We have rounded up a few of our favorite furry friends sporting their Hindquarters dog collars. To help you decide what colour dog collar is best for your best friend.

    We have a rainbow of colours for you and your pup to choose from so here is some help.

    Make a big splash with a red dog collar. We start by demonstrating how our red dog collars works for a range of sizes from small to Large dog collar size. Roll out the red carpet for Chip a handsome Dachshund in his red collar and lead set:

    We use a strong but soft cotton weave teamed with marine grade steel metalwork.

    The cotton weave is tough and durable and washable, but also gentle. Soft-to-the-touch with flex and ‘give’, the cotton weave has a slim profile and spreads with movement, making them good collars for busy and active dogs, large or small.

    Red alert – Bella, a beautiful Frenchie, in her red cotton collar:

    Paint the town red with Nala, a Cockapoo, wearing her gorgeous curls and red collar:

    A bright red dog collar looks stunning against brown fur. Scout in his red dog collar and lead:

    Kheva shows us how it is done:

    The most distinctive feature of a Hindquarters collar is the buckle. We wanted a buckle that fastened simply and securely. Hindquarters dog collars are quick and easy to put on, a bit like fastening an old style airplane seat belt – hold the larger piece of metalwork still and slot the smaller piece through. The smaller piece of metalwork then locks securely in place.

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    Are English Golden Retrievers Calmer

    Yes, English golden retrievers are calmer than American golden retrievers, its rare to find a hyperactive English golden retriever or have high energy, they are more mature, also they are easier to train, but on the other hand, the American golden retriever usually has more energy and is very athletic.

    Do Dogs Prefer A Certain Color

    Dogs prefer using color information over brightness in their conscious choices. The belief that dogs are colorblind, in the sense that they see the world only in black and white and shades of gray, is a common misconception. In the figure below you can compare what a human being might see to what a dog might see.

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    Golden Retriever Pups From Reputable Sellers

    As Golden Retrievers are such a well-loved and sought after breed, many sellers farm or breed the puppies for sale under unacceptable conditions. Dogs that come out of these breeders are more likely to suffer from a myriad of health and behavioral issues or turn out to have pedigrees different to that which they were sold under. Even worse, various scams and fake listing schemes are rife in the puppy trade, and difficult for a buyer to detect before it is too late

    Pups4Saleâs mission is to ensure that each Golden Retriever puppy litter listed on our site has been verified to ensure that the practices involved are above board. As a dogs-only specialized marketplace, we want all our buyers to feel reassured that they can pick out the dog of their dreams from our listings and not have to worry about its origins.

    Collar Shopping Rule In Relation To Warm/cool Dog Coats

    Best Harnesses For Golden Retrievers

    After you have determined if your dogs coat is a warm or cool colour you can narrow down your search while shopping. The rule is to shop for collar colours that are opposite in colour bias to your dogs coat.

    So if your dogs coat is a warm colour, shop for cool coloured dog collars. For example: blues, greens and purples. If your dogs coat is a cool colour, shop for warm coloured dog collars. For example: reds, oranges and yellows.

    Even though reds, oranges and yellows are traditionally thought of as warm colours, remember that you can find cool versions of these colours. The same goes for traditional cool colours being purple, greens and blues, you can still find warm versions of these. This means you dont need to be limited to these specific colours for your dog, it is rather the tint or tone of the colour that you need to look out for.

    In the diagram below you can get a better idea of how a yellow or blue bias within a colour can make it a warm or cool colour temperature.

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    Types Of Golden Retriever Dog Collars

    When choosing a dog collar for your Golden Retriever, you should be picking from two types of collars, including rolled collars or flat collars. They will come with either a snap or buckle fastener. Lets explore the differences between these two collar types and fasteners.

    • Flat Collars: This type of collar is typically padded and provides more support for your active Golden. While some flat collars may get caught in the fur, others are specifically made for dogs with long coats and they will stay in place naturally.
    • Rolled Collars: Cut to be about 1½ inches wide, rolled collars are then rolled narrowly to create the collar. They are well suited for long-haired dogs, as they dont get easily tangled in the hair.
    • Buckle Fasteners: These fasteners look a lot like belt buckles and will stay on your Golden Retriever longer than other kinds of fasteners. They are also easy to adjust, making them comfy for longer wear.
    • Snap Fasteners: This fastener snaps together utilizing an eye and a plastic hook. They are better for puppies because they have less patience waiting for their owners to fasten the buckle.

    Golden Retrievers Colors And Your Clothes

    One thing you will not learn until its too late is that your furniture and your clothes will change color they will become whatever color your golden retriever is.

    Hair everywhere will be the new slogan for your house, and it will become a fact of life. I will discuss solutions for your pups shedding later, but I truly found out that wearing clothes that are some shades of gold and yellow really helpful as the hairs tend to just blend in.

    There is another approach to this wear really dark clothes so you can easily spot all the hair and remove it. Im not a fan of this approach because 1- Its really time consuming, and 2- you will never get rid of all the hair.

    This is why I always wear some shades of yellow, gold, white, and orange. I wear light clothes on purpose to hide the hairs I might have forgotten to remove, because I know they are there, and instead of fighting it, I just learned to do my best and live with the fact that I cant win against hair.

    You know what they say, if you cant fight the current, swim with it.

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    Why Are There So Many Goldendoodle Colors

    There are three standard Golden Retriever Colors that the American Kennel Club officially recognizes: Dark Golden, Golden, and Light Golden. On the other hand, the AKC recognizes seven different types of Poodle colors: Apricot, Blue, Silver, Grey, Brown, Cream, and Cafe-au-lait. Mixing the Golden Retriever and Poodle colors leads to several possible different types of Goldendoodle coat colors.

    Despite not being recognized by the AKC, there are also several parti two-colored Poodles and Golden Retrievers that can be passed on to Goldendoodle generations. In addition, there are unique colored dogs such as black Golden Retrievers and white-colored Poodles. The variation of Goldendoodle coat colors is virtually infinite.

    We created a video for you on all the different types of Goldendoodle colors. Watch it below!

    How Much Do Cream Golden Retrievers Cost

    10 Of The Best Collars For Golden Retrievers

    Golden retrieversno matter their colorcost anywhere between $500 to $2,500, depending on the location, the reputation of the breeder, and whether the puppy descends from champion lines.


    If you adopt a golden retriever puppy with no health clearances or lineage documents, expect to pay around $500 or less. Anything above this range is a rip-off.

    Pet Store

    Depending on how reputable the pet store is and how well the puppy has been bred, the price can range anywhere from $500 to $1000.


    The cost of a healthy puppy from a reputable breeder will set you back $1,500 to $2,500. Dogs descending from champion blood lines will be on the higher end of this price spectrum.


    It is a huge red flag when a breeder tries to advertise their golden retriever puppies as white,cream, or rare. A reputable breeder will not advertise color, but rather health and bloodline.

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    Why Is My Golden Retrievers Nose Changing Color

    Some golden retrievers experience what is called depigmentation, or loss of pigment, on the nose with age. Your Senior Golden Retrievers Nose change of color is often harmless and is likely caused by things like weather, genetics, or simply growing old. Rarely, it can be caused by allergies or an infection or in some extreme cases can be caused by a more serious issue such as Cancer.

    In most cases, this change is temporary. If the change is accompanied by other symptoms that indicate a health problem, call up your vet and check if you should bring in your pup to find out the root cause.

    Choosing The Right Material

    Ok, its time to get more granular. Once you have determined the type of collar that would work best for your dog, you can look at what the collar is made of. Most dog collar types come in a variety of different materials, each with unique benefits and drawbacks.

    To help you understand the differences between the materials used in dog collars, here are some of the pros and cons of each.

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    The 3 Different Colors Of Golden Retrievers

    Despite what you may be reading on the internet, there are not 5 colors of Golden Retrievers on the Internet.

    So, how many colors of Golden Retrievers are there? Golden Retrievers exist only in shades of Gold. There are three officially recognized colors of Golden Retrievers recognized by the American Kennel Club: Golden, Light Golden, and Dark Golden.

    Other colors of Golden Retrievers are merely lighter or darker shades of the officially recognized colors. This makes more sense than colors of Golden Retrievers.

    Still, the American Kennel Club officially recognizes only three colors of the Golden Retriever, and I tend to agree with them on this. However, their restrictions tend to ease up a bit as the dog gets older and start getting white, gray, and dark batches in places like around their eyes.


    • Code: 093

    The standard Golden Retriever is the fur color that gave the dog its name in the first place. Its a nice shade of Gold that has become so recognizable that people think of the Golden Retriever whenever they think of beautiful dog coats.

    The Golden Golden Retriever is one of the three recognized colors of the golden retriever by the American Kennel Club.

    Dark Golden

    • Code: 080

    Dark Golden Retrievers have been gaining popularity lately as dog breeders started to focus more on them. Sometimes they also refer to certain shades of dark golden retrievers as red or Mahogany golden retrievers.

    Light Golden

    • Code: 119

    What about the Red Golden Retriever?

    Is One Collar Better Than The Other

    Golden Retriever and Labrador – which is best for you? | Retriever Planet

    Not really as they pretty much do the same job. There is not a huge difference between the 2 as they look almost exactly the same and they both usually come with a leash that hooks onto it.

    You may find that some parents or even vets sometimes recommend 1 to be safe than the other for your dog. But in my personal experience, I have never noticed any difference in performance with either.

    And to be completely honest, its really hard to keep up with the number of different collars and names that there are out there. I mean there is pinch collars, martingales, prong collars, choke chains and much more.

    You could either play catch up or just use a simple collar that works and if need be buy something different if it does do the job for you. One collar that I recently did a review was an electronic collar for dog training.

    After testing it, I can say that they are not as bad as they are made out to be. And it really did work like a treat in helping me to train my golden retriever.

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