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Best Kibble For Golden Retrievers

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Royal Canin Golden Retriever Puppy

Hungry Golden Retriever Puppy Wants More Kibble.

Primary Ingredients: Chicken By-Product Meal, Corn, Wheat Gluten, Chicken Fat, Wheat, Brewers Rice, Brown Rice

Supporting the needs of a growing Golden Retriever puppy is of utmost importance and will shape their health for the rest of their life. Royal Canin makes dry food tailored explicitly to particular breeds. Its Golden food variation uses chicken and brown rice ingredients to support digestive health, strong bones, and a healthy coat.

Customer Review: As a breeder of English Golden Retrievers, I am always looking for the ideal puppy kibble, and I have finally found it! Gorgeous coats, healthy body conditions, great activity levels- perfect puppies!

Rating: 4.8/5

Purina Pro Plan Puppy Shredded Blend Chicken & Rice Formula With Probiotics Dry Dog Food

Whether you want to give your golden some extra digestive support or youre already dealing with stomach upset, the guaranteed live probiotics in Purina Pro Plans puppy formula can be a lifesaver. Your dog will go crazy for the delicious chicken and rice flavors in this kibble, and youll love the health-conscious ingredients like antioxidants and omega-rich fish oil. Whats not to love?

Nutro Large Breed Senior

  • Contains one 30 lb. bag of NUTRO NATURAL CHOICE Large Breed…
  • Made with non-GMO ingredients no chicken by-product meal, corn,…
  • High quality protein source is the ingredient in the delicious…
  • Natural sources of glucosamine and chondroitin formulated to…

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Made with real Chicken and Chicken meal, this recipe, with the second highest protein content, is made with the large breed senior in mind so you can be sure that his bones and joints are in safe hands. Sweet potato and brown rice offer him healthy carbohydrates that will keep him sustained for longer, and blueberries and carrots will keep his aging immune system strong.

We love that this has the lowest calorie count per cup, which is ideal for those inactive Goldens who prefer to snuggle rather than play.

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How Much Should You Feed Your Golden Retriever Puppy

How much you feed your puppy depends on what your veterinarian says and what the label on the dog food says.

Its tough to make general statements like, feed your puppy one cup per day, because 1) all puppies are different, and 2) different foods have different caloric densities.

One cup of Brand X food may have 300 calories per cup, while Brand Y has 400 calories per cup.

And heres an example of why it depends on the individual puppy

When we first got our puppy, Oliver, we were feeding him what the package told us to feed him.

During a vet visit our veterinarian said he looked too small and lethargic for a puppy his age , and he recommended we feed him a little more.

So when deciding how much to feed your puppy, read the label on your food and talk to your veterinarian to see whats best for them.

As far as how often to feed your puppy, this same rule applies.

Most people feed their puppies three times per day, and then eventually transition to two times per day when theyre a little older.

At this point, theyre not growing as much, so they dont need to eat as frequently, plus it will usually help them poop less!

For us, we fed Oliver three times per day until he was a little over a year old.

Thats when we switched to adult dog food and changed to feeding him two times per day.

Holistic Select Senior Health

How Much Kibble To Feed Golden Retriever Puppy

Primary Ingredients: Chicken Meal, Chickpeas, Peas, Lentils, Dried Ground Potatoes, Chicken Fat, Dried Molasses Beet Pulp

Caring for a senior Golden Retriever requires a special diet tailored more to an aging dogs needs. This dry kibble from Holistic Select uses a blend of essential nutrients to support your older dogs joint health, bone strength, digestive system, immune system, skin, and coat.

Customer Review: My finicky Golden Retriever likes this food, and it is made from healthy ingredients.

Rating: 4.7/5

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What Food Is Best For A Golden Retriever Puppy

When feeding any puppy, make sure youre giving them puppy food! Kibble formulated for young dogs will have higher levels of protein, fat, and omega fatty acids to support their growing bodies and developing minds, which cannot be overlooked .

Ashley Gallagher, DVM, also reminds pet parents to look for the Association of American Feed Control Officials seal of nutritional adequacy when browsing puppy food labels. This proves that the product youre looking at has undergone significant trials and testing to ensure balanced, complete nutrition for your puppy. After all, they deserve nothing less. Gallagher also suggests buying puppy food meant for large breeds if youre raising a golden, as their larger bodies need extra sustenance to grow.

Is The Raw Diet Good For My Golden Retriever

According to The American Veterinary Medical Association, feeding the raw diet to Golden Retrievers is not recommended. They warn that feeding dogs any animal-source protein could cause illness because it has not gone through a process to remove harmful pathogens.

However, a raw diet can be healthy if you are willing to go through the extra cleaning processes of the meat.

Before starting a raw diet with your Golden, be sure to consult a veterinarian. Find one that is familiar with raw foods and can help with the proper handling of the foods.

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Natural Balance Lid Limited Ingredient Diets Grain

With salmon and fish meal as the first two ingredients in this dog food, this limited ingredient diet is low in allergens. The meat sources also provide a rich supply of omega fatty acids for healthy skin and coat.

There are no peas, legumes, lentils, corn, wheat, or soy in the formula, and its free of artificial ingredients.

This kibble uses potatoes and cassava as digestible sources of carbohydrates. It has a moderate level of fat to meet your poochs needs. With a balanced blend of vitamins and minerals to supplement the formula, this product supports whole-body health.

Dog owners report that feeding this product to their pets helps resolve red itchy skin and hot spots.

What Foods Are Bad For Golden Retrievers

Golden Retriever and Corgi Are Playful Best Friends

Chocolate especially dark chocolate is a massive no-no for all dogs, including golden retrievers. They also cant have macadamia nuts, avocado, onions, garlic, raisins, grapes, sultanas, or xylitol.

Some of these foods particularly onions, garlic, and grapes are even more toxic for your dog than any kind of chocolate.

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Eukanuba Senior Large Breed Dog Food

Eukanuba Senior Large Breed Dog Food is also recommended by our staff veterinarians. It is formulated to fuel your active Golden Retrievers daily activities with optimal levels of fat and carbohydrates. It also helps maintain their natural defenses with guaranteed antioxidant levels for older dogs.

Below is a feeding chart for Eukanuba Senior Large Breed dog food.

Eukanuba Senior Large Breed Feeding Chart

4 5/8- 6 Cups Per Day
110 lbs. 5 ½- 7 1/8 Cups Per Day

Eukanuba is like Royal Canin in that it provides precise amounts of food for your aging Golden Retriever. The range of amounts is based on the activity of your Golden for the day, either low, moderate, or high level of activity.

What Are The Differences Between Puppy Food & Adult Food

Since puppies are growing and adults are just maintaining their weight, they have different dietary needs.

According to AAFCO, puppy food should have at least 22.5% protein, compared to 18% protein for adult food.

And for fats, puppy food should have at least 8.5% fats, compared to 5.5% for adults.

As far as when to switch from puppy food to adult food, talk to your veterinarian.

Theyll likely recommend making the switch when theyre done growing at about one year old.

To see a list of other milestones your puppy will hit check out this timeline of Golden Retriever puppy milestones.

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When Should Golden Retrievers Switch From Puppy Food To Dog Food

Your vet is probably the best person to ask this question. However, just to shed some light on the topic, it should be at the 10 12-week life stage. To achieve desirable results, consider sticking to one brand of dog food and transition gradually. A sudden change in dog food can bring about adverse health effects like excess gas and diarrhea.

Health Concerns To Watch For

5 Best Dog Foods for Golden Retrievers

Diet and nutrition play huge roles in any animals well-being. Inadequate nutrition can contribute to serious health problems, while a healthy, well-rounded diet can boost the immune system and help prevent health issues. Certain signs will help you determine the state of your dogs health. Look for these indications of a healthy golden retriever:

  • A clean, shiny coat
  • Normal urine and bowel movements
  • Plenty of energy and a normal temperament

If any of these factors change, there may be health implications. For instance, if your normally friendly, energetic dog becomes lethargic and self-isolating, a health condition may be to blame. Drastic weight gain or loss can also indicate health issues. Here are some nutrition-related health concerns to watch out for:

If you provide a balanced diet and plenty of exercise, you can promote your dogs health. Keep in mind, a female adult golden retriever should weigh about 55 to 65 pounds, while a male should weigh about 65 to 75 pounds. Weight can vary between individuals, but weighing far too much or far too little can mean health problems. Remember, every dog is different. If you suspect any health problems, make an appointment with your veterinarian.

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Blue Buffalo Wilderness Duck Recipe Grain

Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Deboned Duck, 2. Chicken Meal, 3. Peas, 4. Pea Protein, 5. Chicken Fat

A wilderness-focused diet is the best choice for retrievers with sensitive stomachs and a high craving for a natural diet. With Blue Buffalos Wilderness Duck Dry Food, that diet can be executed perfectly. The dog food incorporates a variety of all-natural and wholesome ingredients such as meat, fruits, and vegetables that provide lots of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, omega fats, and other micronutrients necessary for a dogs health.

More than that, the dog food is also focused on high-digestibility and features a grain-free recipe. It uses real deboned duck meat as the primary protein source, which is both easily digestible and filled with nutrients. And with its Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, the dog food will also help nourish your retrievers skin and make their fur shinier.

Popular guides on my blog:

The Macronutrient Breakdown For Your Golden Retriever

Have you ever been on a diet?

If so, you know that counting the calories doesnt matter as much as the source does. The calories in your food comes from three vital macronutrientscarbs, proteins, and fats.

Your dog needs them all in adequate quantities to thrive.

However, you need to know that macros need to be adjusted keeping in mind the dogs height, age, level of activity, etc.

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Nutrition Recommendations For Goldens

AAFCO, the regulatory organization that establishes regulations for pet food and animal feed places the greatest emphasis on protein. They suggest that puppies maintain a diet of at least 22% protein, while older dogs need a diet of at least 18% protein. AAFCO also suggests a diet that contains around 8% fat for puppies and 5% for adult dogs.

These figures are treated as a benchmark, and most quality pet food manufacturers exceed these figures. Beyond fat and protein, there are some other important ingredients to look for when shopping for dog food.

Hills Science Diet Dry Dog Food Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin Recipes

golden retriever was SUPER confused when only given 2 pieces of kibble

Ingredients:Chicken, Brewers Rice, Chicken Meal, Yellow Peas, Cracked Pearled Barley, Whole Grain Sorghum, Egg Product, Chicken Fat, Soybean Oil, Brown Rice, Dried Beet Pulp, Chicken Liver Flavor, Lactic Acid, Pork Liver Flavor, Potassium Chloride, Flaxseed, Iodized Salt, vitamins , Niacin Supplement, Thiamine Mononitrate, Vitamin A Supplement, Calcium Pantothenate, Riboflavin Supplement, Biotin, Vitamin B12 Supplement, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Folic Acid, Vitamin D3 Supplement), Choline Chloride, Taurine, Carrots, Cranberries, Green Peas, minerals , Mixed Tocopherols for freshness, Oat Fiber, Natural Flavors, Beta-Carotene, Apples, Broccoli.

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Nutro Wholesome Essentials Large

  • Type of Product: Natural Dry Dog Food
  • Life Stage: Large Breed Adult
  • Best for: Overall Pick for Best Dog Food
  • AAFCO Statement: formulated to meet the nutritional level established by AAFCO Dog food nutrient profile for maintenance

Nutro wholesome essentials feature deboned lamb as the first ingredient. The protein-rich kibble provides support for your dogs lean muscle mass. With 12% crude fat, the energy content is appropriate to fuel an active golden retriever without adding extra pounds.

This food includes omega fatty acid supplements for healthy skin and coat. It also has ingredients to provide natural sources of glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health.

Whole grains and prebiotic fiber allow for easy digestibility in this kibble. The ingredients are free from corn, wheat, soy, or by-products for natural, clean food.

Owners report that their dogs love the flavor and have healthy skin and soft, shiny hair with this food.

Orijen Six Fish Formula

  • ORIJEN Six Fish dog food delivers a diet rich and varied in…
  • With 85% quality animal ingredients, ORIJEN nourishes dogs…
  • Using fresh and raw animal ingredients, including meat, organs,…
  • Our Fresh Regional Ingredients are supplied by people we know and…

If you click the link above and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

This premium recipe is packed full of high-quality protein sources and ingredients, so much so that only 2 added supplements, zinc and copper, are added to the mix, because everything he needs is already in there. The first 9 ingredients are fish and fish meals, so this recipe is unparalleled when it comes to high-quality protein that is also full of omega fatty acids which are fantastic for the Goldens coat.

This recipe is grain free, and it is processed at a low temperature which means that it is nutrient-rich. This biologically appropriate diet is super tasty, and most Golden Retrievers can thrive on this recipe.

We love that this premium recipe is made with 6 fishes, so not only does this provide him with the highest protein content and plenty of omega fatty acids for his coat, but it also provides his body with enough energy to keep him sustained throughout the day.

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Nutrition For The Outside

One of the most visible components of your dog is its fur.

Youve probably noticed that a nice, shiny coat gets a lot of attention from dog lovers! Nutrition plays a vital role in this area.

A large percentage of the protein your puppy takes in goes towards maintaining the coat. Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids are also essential for healthy skin and fur.

Other Health Issues For Goldens

Best Dog Food for Golden Retrievers (5 Top Choices)

Goldens arent pre-disposed to many health problems that are related to diet. Most common problems youll encounter, such as hypothyroidism, eye disorders, lymphoma, and skin problems are often caught in your yearly visit with your vet. Make sure to keep up with your annual visit as well as ask any questions you have about their health. If you notice odd behavior or new habits, bring them up! These are the best keys to ensuring your vet has everything they need to keep your pet healthy!

Nearly any large breed is prone to hip and elbow dysplasia, and enthusiastic eaters are prone to obesity which can cause complications such as diabetes. These may never be an issue, but ensure they live longer and healthier lives by watching their weight. A healthy weight will reduce their chances of developing obesity-related complications as well as putting less pressure on their joints to minimize pain from dysplasia. Considering a dog joint supplement can also be a good idea.

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How To Choose The Best Food For Your Golden Retriever

When deciding on what kind of dog food, diet, or how much to feed your Golden Retriever, it should always be based on their age, size, activity level or metabolism, and health.

Goldens are medium- to large-sized dogs that require a high-protein diet to build and support their muscles.

Puppies will need at least 22% of it, while adults should have a minimum of 18%.

Fat, in the form of calories, are also essential as theyre your dogs concentrated source of energy at least 8% for pups and 5% for adults.

Unlike small breeds, Golden Retrievers will require a calorie-controlled diet. Excess calories can make Goldies grow faster or make them overweight, leading to bone and joint problems. So lower calcium and phosphorus levels are best.

Some say that the ideal consumption for Goldens should be more than 30% protein, less than 20% carbs, and at least 15% fat content. But keep in mind that there is NO one-size-fits-all kind of diet.

You will have to consider choosing a dog food, or recipe explicitly made for puppies, adults, and older Golden Retrievers. Expect that youll have to change it up accordingly, while also thinking of your pets needs or preferences.

When Should You Change From Puppy To Adult To Senior Food

  • Puppies When you bring your golden puppy home, use the same food as they offer their litters until your pup reaches 2 months. At this point, you may transition to a different kibble slowly over several weeks.
  • At 2 months, golden puppies generally need about 1 ½ cups of high-quality food each day. Divide the kibble into 3-4 meals at first to provide a consistent energy source for your growing pooch.
  • As your puppy grows, you will need to increase his portions as outlined on your dog food package. However, by the time he reaches six months, you should taper down to 2 daily meals.
  • Adults The best time to transition to adult food is between about 11 months and 1 year of age because the body is done growing. At this stage, your pup doesnt need the energy density found in puppy food. You just need to make sure to provide quality protein from wholesome sources. However, if your golden is pregnant or nursing a litter, you should choose a specific diet.
  • Seniors Metabolic needs change as your furbaby gets older and becomes less active. Make the switch to senior dog food around 7 years of age.
  • Just remember, any time you make a dog food change, check with your veterinarian first. Then, make a slow transition to let your pups digestive system adjust to the different ingredients.

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