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Best Probiotic For Golden Retrievers

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Can Dogs Eat Greek Yogurt

Canine Coronavirus Recovery of our Golden Retriever Puppy

Yes. Greek yogurt is a healthy food for dogs who aren’t lactose intolerant.

Greek yogurt is great for gut health. When dogs take antibiotics, the antibiotics can kill off good bacteria in your dog’s gut. Greek yogurt has concentrated levels of good live cultures of bacteria which is good for their gut health also known as probiotic. It can also help fight yeast infections which is helpful for dogs that get ear or skin infections.

Overall plain Greek yogurt is a healthy treat and better than other types of yogurt.

Vetriscience Laboratories: The #2 Selling Dog Probiotic

VetriScience Laboratories Probiotic Everyday Dogs Bite-Sized Soft Chews is our number one recommendation for dogs requiring a daily probiotic as a part of their overall health regimen. Very cost effective, it averages $10.99 for 60 chews on Amazon making it the best value. The VetriScience probiotic chews alleviate gas, loose stool, bad breath, tear staining and yeast infections seen in the ears and skin. In fact, alleviating symptoms of extreme gas is this product’s greatest achievement, and owners are duly gratified. Given the many conditions this probiotic has helped with, we give it an A+ for all-around efficacy and value.

Ingredients: This chew contains 9 strains of bacteria at 286 million CFU/gram, including Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus coagulans, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium thermophilum, Bifidobacterium longum, Lactobacillus fermentum, Lactobacillus casei, Bifidobacterium bifidum, and Enterococcus faecium.

Given as treats, these chews are highly palatable and most dogs look forward to receiving them. When paired with limited ingredient diets, this probiotic demonstrates excellent results. Old dogs with acute skin conditions and yeast infections respond exceedingly well. If you feed your dog a raw diet, these chews are the best solution for the delivery of a commercial probiotic product, as powders are difficult to administer on raw chicken quarters, etc. For dogs that do not find these chews tempting, powder and capsule forms are also available.

Purina Pro Plan Savor Shredded Blend With Probiotics Adult Dry Dog Food

This brand is made with a high-quality protein, and contains probiotics for digestive and immune health. With real chicken as the first ingredient , vitamin A and linoleic acid for healthy skin and coat condition, Purina Pro Plan Savor is a high-quality dog food formula.


  • Well-known and reputable dog food brand
  • Delicious flavor for picky eaters
  • Helps to maintain a healthy weight
  • Scientifically tested by veterinarians, scientists and behaviorists
  • Honest and reliable information
  • Animal feeding tests using AAFCO procedures to ensure a well-balanced, high-quality dog food for adult dog maintenance.


  • None

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Eagle Pack Chicken And Pork Adult Large And Giant Breed

Primary Ingredients: Chicken Meal, Pork Meal, Ground Brown Rice, Oatmeal, Rice, Dehulled Barley

Eagle Packs dry food is exclusively for large to giant breed dogs, made with a blend of chicken and pork. Its combination of proteins and whole grains support your Golden Retrievers bone health and improve their digestion. The exclusive formula also increases energy levels!

Customer Review: It has everything they need and nothing they dont. We tried another brand, and it caused all kinds of allergic reactions. We went back to Eagle Pack, and all is right again. Great product!

Rating: 4.4/5

Finding The Best Probiotic Supplements

Healthy Breeds: 4

One probiotic reported to have better resistance to the conditions that occur during processing and after being eaten, is a bacterium called Pediococcus adidilacticic. There are others too, and these are likely to increase in number as more studies are carried out. Some probiotics have even been shown to survive during a period of antibiotic treatment, which is often when they are most needed.

A product that contains a wide variety of different strains of bacteria probably gives you the best chance of some reaching and colonising your dogs intestines where they can do some good.

Probiotic Digestive Health by Furever Friendz* claims to contain over 12 different strains of bacteria suited to dogs. And comes as a powder with a handy scoop and recommendations for quantities.

If you are looking for treats rather than a supplement to go on your dogs dinner, Zesty Paws include prebiotics in their probiotic snacks*.

These have fewer strains of bacteria but are a very popular choice. Your vet is ideally placed to recommend the best dog probiotic supplement available locally to you. And some vets now regularly recommend probiotics to some of their patients.

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Where Can You Buy The Best Dog Foods For Golden Retrievers

You can buy the best dog food for Golden Retrievers in various stores found in the United States. The stores can be online where the food is delivered to your place or have a physical location where you can visit and make your selection. The following stores sell the best dog food for Golden Retrievers:


Amarillo, Texas

Can Dogs Take Human Probiotics

Human probiotics arent harmful to dogs, but they may not help your pup. Why? Many of the bacteria strains in humans can differ from those in dogs, so its more beneficial to give your pup a dog-specific probiotic. But keep in mind that a human probiotic blend could have other ingredients that may be harmful to dogs so its wise to go with a doggy blend.

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Salmon Oil: Perhaps The Single Most Vital Supplement For Relieving Your Golden Retrievers Allergies

Salmon oil is a great source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Omega fatty acids are great for supporting a healthy immune system, keeping your dogs skin and coat healthy, promoting a healthy heart, and improving cognitive function. Salmon oil also helps your dogs skin go from itchy and irritated to soft and shiny.

Not all salmon oil is created equal. Look for an unrefined salmon oil product, preferably from Norway for its ultra-purity.

Are There Any Ingredients To Avoid

A day in the life with 10 Golden retriever puppies (puppy culture)

Its certainly true that not all ingredients are created equal. But, unless youre a nutritionist or a food scientist, it can be hard to determine whats what.

According to Dog Food Advisor, there may be some preservatives that could cause damage to your dog. They may be fine in the short run, but since youd be feeding them to your dog everyday for their whole life, the cumulative effect could be cause for concern.

Here are a few chemical preservatives you should try to avoid,

  • Butylated hydroxyanisole and Butylated hydroxytoluene : These compounds have been labeled carcinogenic by the World Health Organization.
  • Ethoxyquin: This is also used as a pesticide and a hardening agent in rubber. The FDA is investigating whether it causes liver and blood problems. And its already banned in Australia and the EU.
  • Propylene glycol: This is used to preserve the moisture content in some dog foods. Its already banned by the FDA for use in cat food, as it can cause Heinz body anemia.
  • Tertiary butylhydroquinone : Studies suggest that this preservative can cause stomach tumors in animals, as well as damage the DNA in cells.
  • Propyl gallate: This substance contains xenoestrogens which are linked to breast cancer in humans.

While its not 100 percent certain that these substances would cause significant harm to your dog, its better to be safe than sorry. There are plenty of foods that dont use these kinds of ingredients, so why not go with them?

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Pet Ultimates Probiotics For Dogs

Next up on our list of the top dog probiotics comes from Pet Ultimates. This supplement contains the highest quality live active cultures 22 different species, to be exact. A single scoop of this probiotic will provide your dog with 2 billion CFUs! Now thats pretty impressive! This product is all natural it doesnt contain any of the bad stuff that other probiotics contain, such as sugar, grain maltodextrins, or other additives that are not only difficult to digest, but can also have adverse effects on the health of your pup.


Pet Ultimates Probiotics for Dogs comes is a powder, which makes it easy to dispense. The powder has absolutely no tastes and you can easily mix it into your dogs food without him ever being the wiser. Whether you have a super picky West Highland White Terrier, a Mastiff, a Cocker Spaniel, or even a pure-bred mutt, you can be sure that your pooch will take this probiotic down without any issues.

This formula is custom made the 22 species of probiotics that it contains have been hand-selected to ensure ultimate health for your pup. It also contains enzymes that treat gassiness. Its highly effective users have reported that they have noticed a marked different in their dogs digestive health just a few days after they started giving them this probiotic for dogs.

What We Like About It:

Reasons to Complain

  • Some users have reported that it wasnt effective for their dogs

Fatty Acids And Additives

Goldies are fairly hairy, which means that you also have to look for fur-friendly ingredients. Fish fatty acids can do wonders for your babyâs skin and fur.

Go for food without a filler that contains no artificial flavors or additives. These should also be your criteria for snacks and treats.

In addition to ensuring that your Golden Retrieverâs food meets these requirements, you must also check whether it comes in a larger lump size. Large and deep-chested breeds have a high risk of bloating, which is exacerbated by eating too quickly or overeating at once â larger chunks mean that your dog will get the same food in smaller portion sizes.

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What Not To Feed Your Golden Retriever

A well-balanced diet is key for your dogs health. Dogs are carnivores, so they need meat in their diet. But this doesnt mean you should feed them anything you want. It is possible to overfeed your dog and cause dietary issues, so its important to know what not to feed them.

One of the most important parts of raising a dog is understanding what you should and shouldnt feed it. There are some foods that arent good for your dog, and there are some foods that are great for your dog. Its important to understand what those are, so you can make sure your dog is getting everything it needs.

Treats can be good for your dog, but not all treats are created equal. Some treats have ingredients that arent good for dogs at all, while others should be given sparingly.

Here are some food items you shouldnt feed your dog:

Bones Bones make up a large part of a healthy canine diet, but there are some types of bones you shouldnt feed your pup. These include cooked chicken bones which can splinter and cause injuries like peritonitis , cooked pork bones which can shatter, and beef bones which can cause choking or intestinal obstructions because the marrow isnt fully cooked out of them.

Raw eggs Raw eggs shouldnt be given to dogs because they may contain Salmonella bacteria, and the egg whites might also trigger an allergic reaction in some breeds like.

Grapes and Raisins: The toxic substance in grapes called cyanide can kill your dog if enough is consumed . Your dog may love the

What Are The Best Dog Foods For Picky Eater Golden Retrievers

Top 10 golden retriever vitamins for 2019

Feeding picky feeders is hectic and requires patience. The foods listed below are the best for picky eater Golden Retriever:

  • Nulo Freestyle Turkey & Sweet Potato Formula is low glycemic and richly flavored to tempt even the picky eaters, it is fortified with omega fatty acids, calcium, and phosphorus for coat health and strong bones. It is free from chicken hence safe for dogs with chicken intolerances
  • Beg & Barker Beef Food Topper is an excellent choice for picky eater Golden Retrievers as it is air-dried for maximum flavor. It has no grains and no fillers hence safe for your picky dog

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What Are The Common Medical Issues Faced By Golden Retrievers

There are several medical issues that Golden Retrievers face. These include: Lymphoma Glaucoma, Epilepsy, Hypothyroidism, Hip Dysplasia, Eye Problems, Heart health, Cancer, Cataracts, Numerous Skin Issues, Fleas and Ticks, Ear Infections, Allergies.

The most common of these, is cancer. This can be in the form of lymphoma, tumors or cancer of the blood. If your Golden Retriever is diagnosed with cancer, you will likely have to start them on chemotherapy treatments. So, it is important that you keep this in mind when choosing a supplement for them.

What Can Damage Gut Health

Okay, but how do you know if your Goldens gut is unhealthy? What would damage it, anyway? Sadly, there are tons of things in our world today that can damage your Golden Retrievers gut health. Antibiotics are a big one. Antibiotics can be life-saving, but they are indiscriminate killers. They will destroy good bacteria along with bad bacteria. Basically, if your dog has ever been on a round of antibiotics you can bet that his gut health is not in good shape.

Other things that can have a negative effect on gut health include vaccinations, preventatives for fleas ticks and heartworms, prescription drugs, chemicals, fragrances, long bouts of diarrhea or vomiting, poor diet, stress, herbicides, pesticides, cleaners, antibacterial anything, and so much more. We live in a world that can be very harmful to our dogs guts, and our guts too!

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Purina Pro Plan With Probiotics Shredded Blend High Protein

Purina Pro Plan with Probiotics Shredded Blend High Protein

  • Shredded blend chicken and rice
  • Contains probiotics, veggies, and fruit
  • Free from artificial ingredients
  • Soybean meal

It is made of a high protein and a shredded blend of chicken and rice formula, the first ingredient of the purina pro plan is real high protein chicken, and followed by vitamin A,omega-6, natural prebiotic fibers are present to promote digestive health and to nourish the skin and coat.

Optimal levels of protein and fats help your dog to maintain an ideal body condition.

While hard kibbles are combined with tender, more likely your dogs will love the taste and texture.

A Word About Reviews And Ratings Online

Dog Shows Off His Favorite Probiotic #shorts

Reviews and ratings online are something else you should be weary of when buying supplements for your pet. It is important that you read through them all carefully before making a final decision on the supplement in question, especially if it has a high rating or too many reviews claiming how great it is.

This could mean there are not enough negative reviews out there because they were left by people who had issues with the product and did not want to post their review. Always take this into consideration as well!

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Keeping Canine Cultures Alive And Well With Probiotics

It is important to remember that probiotics are living organisms. Because they have evolved to live inside your dogs digestive system, they may die when forced to inhabit a jar or box sitting in your cupboard.

If you want your dog to benefit from probiotics, youll have to keep them alive.

To some extent, good manufacturers help you accomplish this. They may package the substance in small, single-dose amounts, which prevents you from having to repeatedly expose the bacteria to oxygen, as you would with a large container of the material.

Oxygen will kill these bacteria, as your dogs gut is an anaerobic, or oxygen-free, environment.

Other manufacturers encapsulate their probiotics in some type ofshell, which protects the bacteria from our oxygen-rich atmosphere. Additionally, these shells can also help protect the bacteria from the harsh acids in your pets stomach, enabling them to remain viable and intact until they reach the intestines, where they typically set up shop.

High temperatures can also cause the bacteria to die at a rapid rate. Anything above about 100 degrees can cause trouble, so just try to keep your pets probiotics in a cool, dry place. Some products are designed to be refrigerated, but we didnt include any of these on our list.

You should also consult the product label, which should provide some information about the number of bacteria present in the product .

To review, when purchasing dog probiotics, be sure to:

Choosing The Correct Calorie Count For Golden Retrievers

The average adult Golden Retriever will require approximately 1300-1600 calories per day. Highly active dogs usually require a slightly higher calorie count and those that are less active a decreased amount. Spayed or neutered dogs also tend to require a lower calorie count that those that are entire or intact. The Pet Nutrition Alliance calorie calculator is an excellent guide but remember to consult your veterinarian for more detailed nutritional information. The dogs weight and appetite will also serve as helpful guides in determining correct portion sizes.

The best dog foods for Golden Retrievers are nutritionally balanced to support optimal canine wellness.

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Best Budget: Nusentia Probiotic Miracle Supplement

If youre shopping around for a budget-friendly pet probiotic, keep an eye on quality but skip individual packaging. Nusentia Probiotic Miracle Powder is our top pick for an affordable probiotic for dogs.

This powder formula is actually safe for use in both dogs and cats, which offers additional savings and convenience to multi-pet households. Its also shelf-stable, so you dont have to clear room in the fridge or worry about it spoiling in the pantry. There are 6 strains of probiotics in this formula, and each scoop will deliver about 1 billion CFU. This may not be as many CFU per dose as some other products, but the results indicate that this product is still highly effective.

Each container holds up to 360 servings, depending on the size of your pet. For dogs under 50 pounds, give 1 scoop. Dogs over 50 pounds get 2 scoops. This means that each jar of Nusentia Probiotic Miracle Powder will last anywhere from 6 months to a year, on average.

For less than $50 a year, your pet can experience relief from tummy troubles, gas, and other digestive distress. And while this may be a cheap probiotic powder for dogs, the product is made in the United States with no Chinese-sourced ingredients. The quality and quantity of Nusentia Probiotic Miracle Powder combine to make this a great choice for an affordable probiotic for pets.

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