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Where To Get A Golden Retriever

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How Can You Tell If A Golden Retriever Is Purebred

Golden Retriever Puppy First Week Home – Professional Dog Training Tips

A purebred dog is the result of meticulous breeding and documented registration. Paperwork and a proper pedigree are two of the most significant methods to tell if a golden retriever is purebred. The American Kennel Club is the countrys largest dog registration . Pedigrees certified by the American Kennel Club include the following:

General Golden Retriever Puppy Food

All puppies should be fed a puppy food that is specifically designed to meet their nutrition needs. Adult food wont give them enough nutrition at this age.

There is a general chart for golden retriever puppy feeding.

Puppy feeding chart for golden retriever

This is a general guideline for feeding your puppy. Its a good idea to ask the breeder what they were feeding the puppy. Do it gradually over a week. Start with a small amount of new food and add more as you go.

If your puppy starts to look thin, start at the low end of the range. It is better for your golden retriever puppy to be a little bit thin than a little bit large. Its a good idea to speak with your doctor about this.

There is a feeding chart on the back of each dog food bag. There are feeding charts from the article Best Puppy Food for Golden Retrievers.

Golden Retriever Size Height Growth And Weight By Age

Golden puppies grow quickly, reaching their adult height by 12 months and full body size by 1½ years. So based on these height and weight ranges, a healthy male adult stands 2324 inches tall and weighs 6575 pounds. A healthy female will be between 21½22½ inches in height and weigh between 5565 pounds.

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Golden Retriever Puppies: Everything You Need To Know

Apple pie, football, and golden retrievers? This golden dog is a popular addition to many American households. In fact, golden retrievers rank number 3 in the American Kennel Clubs popularity rankings. Not surprisingly, golden retriever puppies are often seen on many calendars, greeting cards, and posters as the ultimate symbol of canine cuteness.

As much as they are celebrated in the US, golden retrievers werent discovered there. In the mid-1800s, they were bred and raised by gamekeepers at an estate owned by Lord Tweedmouth in Scotland. Its said that he crossed his yellow retriever Tweed Water Spaniel , an Irish setter, and a bloodhound. This new golden retriever was trained to hunt in the great outdoors.

Golden retrievers are so renowned, two United States presidents owned them while in office. President Fords golden retriever was named Liberty, and President Reagans dog was Victory.

Welcome To The Golden Rescue Store

Golden Retriever

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If for any reason you experience any difficulty completing and or submitting the form, please do not hesitate to send us an email with your order to

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Warning Signs Of An Irresponsible Golden Retriever Breeder

Here are ten warning signs of an irresponsible breeder:

  • Theyre too salesy
  • They always have puppies available
  • They dont ask you questions
  • There is no contract
  • They have no references
  • They dont allow you to visit their premises or meet the parents or other dogs they own
  • They dont health clearances on their dogs
  • They dont participate in dog sports, shows or other activities
  • They prioritize other elements over health and temperament
  • They specialize in more than one breed
  • Where Is The Best Place To Get A Golden Retriever

    Now thats a truck load of cute!

    The decision to bring a dog into your family is one of the most life changing and important decisions you can ever make. It will have a major effect on your life for a decade or more.

    Hopefully youve already thoroughly researched whether a Golden Retriever is the right dog for youand just as importantly whether youre the right family for them!

    But having decided, choosing where to get one from is a tough and daunting decision with so many options available.

    Theres breeders, pet shops, rescue centers, classified ads in newspapers and pros and cons to each to consider. So where is the best place to get a Golden retriever?

    This article will take you through some of the important information related to each option so youre well-informed before making this all important decision.

    • A friend whos just had puppies
    • A rescue center
    • A pet store or a puppy mill

    Lets look at the pros and cons of each so you can make a better informed decision.

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    “Respect Training for Puppies” is a step by step guide to help you bring out the best in your pup so you can enjoy a calm and well-behaved dog, no matter what his age. Get your book today.

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    More traits and characteristics of Golden Retrievers

    If I was considering a Golden Retriever, I would be most concerned about…

  • High energy when young. Young Golden Retrievers romp and jump with vigor. They don’t mean any harm but things can go flying including people who are not steady on their feet. If you have toddlers, or if you or anyone who lives with you is infirm, consider adopting an adult Golden Retriever from a rescue group. Adults have a wonderfully settled temperament and you can specifically look for a calm one.
  • Shedding and doggy odor. Golden Retrievers are heavy shedders you need to be okay with this reality. You’ll find a lot of hair on your clothing and furniture. Golden Retrievers also have a noticeable doggy odor and produce a lot of dander. Not the breed for anyone with any type of allergies!
  • To help you train and care for your dog

    Questions To Ask About The Breeder Themselves

    A golden retriever got his paws on crayons and this is what happened

    Why did you choose to breed golden retrievers?

    You want a breeder that truly has a passion for the golden retriever breed.

    How long have you been breeding golden retrievers?

    At what age do you start to breed your dogs?

    Goldens must be two years old to receive final clearances on their hips and elbows, so if a breeder tells you they start to breed their dogs before two years old, watch out.

    Do you provide registration papers?

    They should provide AKC registration papers for you.

    Do you participate in any dog sport or activities?

    Most good breeders are involved in something other than just breeding.

    Their dogs participate in sports, shows, or are even therapy dogs.

    Is there a contract when I buy the puppy?

    There should be a contract that covers costs, refunds, responsibilities, etc.

    Do you require the puppies to get spayed/neutered?

    If they do, this will be in the contract.

    What happens in case something goes wrong?

    See if theres some sort of health guarantee as part of the contract.

    This is also a good time to feel them out and see if this has ever happened before.

    Do you have any references I can talk to?

    Good breeders will have previous happy customers.

    Are you a member of the Golden Retriever Club of America or any local golden retriever clubs?

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    Golden Retrievers That Need A Home Now

    How much exercise does a golden retriever need? The breed is part of the sporting group and was originally bred to retrieve ducks and fowls for hunters. They need daily exercise consisting of a walk, a game of fetch, or a trip to the beach. Ideally, they should have 60 minutes of intense exercise a day and a great way to achieve that is through …

    Getting To Know The Golden Retriever

    When you are searching for that perfect pooch to add to the mix, your future pups personality is only one part of the equation. There are several logistical pieces of the puzzle that you have to think about when you are looking for a dog, such as size, ease of training, health issues that are common to the breed, and your budget. For example, a dog can be the absolute best dog in the whole world, but if he weighs 250 pounds and you live in a small apartment, he might not be the best fit for your family. Likewise, you might find a pup that is perfect in every way, but you know you cant keep up with the extensive grooming and maintenance that the breed requires.

    Therefore, its always helpful to get to know the basics of any dog breed that you are considering adding to your family. Here are a few helpful stats about the friendly and devoted golden retriever:

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    What Questions Should You Ask A Breeder

  • 1Ask questions about your puppy, its parents, and the breeder’s operations. To get a sense of the trustworthiness of your breeder, your puppys health and personality, and what you can expect from the contract you have with your breeder, youll need to make sure youve gotten all the information you need through informed questions. For instance, you may want to ask for references, vaccine information, certifications for your puppys parents, health information on the rest of the litter, and information on your puppys veterinarian visits.XResearch source
  • Have the puppies been dewormed, spayed, and socialized? The answer to all three questions should be “yes.”
  • What guarantee do they provide along with the puppies? This refers to whether or not you will be compensated if the puppy falls ill.
  • Do they belong to a breed club? This way, you can speak to their club as you would a reference.
  • What have they been feeding the litter? It’ll be crucial that you keep the puppy on the same diet for a few days after it’s brought home.
  • Do they offer support to the new owners of their puppies? It’ll be helpful to know how much assistance your breeder offers with training and health concerns as the puppy grows up.
  • Choosing A Golden Retriever Breeder

    Adorable Golden Retriever Takes Himself For Walks At Downtown Chicago ...

    Finding a good breeder is the key to finding the right puppy. A good breeder will match you with the right puppy, and will without question have done all the health certifications necessary to screen out health problems as much as is possible. He or she is more interested in placing pups in the right homes than in making big bucks.

    Good breeders will welcome your questions about temperament, health clearances and what the dogs are like to live with and come right back at you with questions of their own about what youre looking for in a dog and what kind of life you can provide for him.

    The Golden Retriever Club of America is a good place to start your search for a responsible breeder. Look for a breeder who abides by the club’s code of ethics, which does not permit the sale of puppies through brokers, auctions or commercial dealers such as pet stores. Breeders should sell puppies with a written contract guaranteeing they’ll take back the dog at any time during his life if you become unable to keep him, and with written documentation that both the puppy’s parents have had their hips, eyes, elbows and hearts examined and certified by the appropriate health organizations. Seek out a breeder whose dogs are active in agility, obedience and other sports that require athleticism and good health, and not just ribbons from the show ring.

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    More About This Breed

  • It’s no surprise that the Golden Retriever is one of the top ten most popular dogs in the U.S. It’s all good with the Golden: he’s highly intelligent, sociable, beautiful, and loyal.

    He’s also lively. The Golden is slow to mature and retains the silly, playful personality of a puppy until three to four years of age, which can be both delightful and annoying. Many keep their puppyish traits into old age.

    Originally bred for the physically demanding job of retrieving ducks and other fowl for hunters, the Golden needs daily exercise: a walk or jog, free time in the yard, a run at the beach or lake , or a game of fetch. And like other intelligent breeds who were bred to work, they need to have a job to do, such as retrieving the paper, waking up family members, or competing in dog sports. A tired Golden is a well-behaved Golden.

    As well as giving your Golden Retriever physical and mental exercise, you should also be prepared to include him in your family activities. The Golden Retriever is a family dog, and he needs to be with his “pack.” Don’t consider getting a Golden unless you’re willing to have him in the house with you, underfoot, every day.

    There’s one other potential drawback to the breed: He’s definitely not a watchdog. He might bark when strangers come around, but don’t count on it. Most likely, he’ll wag his tail and flash that characteristic Golden smile.

  • Golden Retriever Club Of America

    The Golden Retriever Club of America is a dedicated club that owns and breeds golden retrievers. The responsible members of this club protect the rights and interests of the gorgeous breed through their events and education.

    The organizers and members of this club truly understand that all prospective buyers want an active and healthy pet. Therefore, the pets they own and breed go through regular veterinary care. Since pets can be at risk of developing health concerns at any point in time, they ensure that they provide the best possible care to their golden retrievers at all times.

    GRCA Member Club Puppy Referral and GRCA Rescue Committee are the two quick ways to get in touch with the concerned authorities that can assist you in buying a golden retriever puppy. The club also accommodates various rescue groups in a number of cities from where you can get a puppy according to your lifestyle.

    GRCA always helps connect its customers with responsible breeders whose first priority is to ensure the overall well-being of the golden retriever. These breeders carefully research pedigrees, double-check health clearances, and raise puppies in their own homes. Hence, getting a puppy from them will turn out to be a safe and trouble-free experience.

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    Why Golden Retrievers Are The Best Family Dog

    If youve ever been blessed to have a dog as part of your life, then you know that theres something about a dog that makes you a better person. Choosing to add a dog to your family is a big decision, and if you have children, then there are even more factors to consider.

    Of course, you want to find a dog that is good with kids, but you most likely are also looking for a pup that will quickly become their best friend. Golden retrievers have enjoyed a long reputation as a great family pet, but what exactly is it about this breed that makes them such a good family dog?

    Adopting A Dog From A Golden Retriever Rescue Or Shelter

    9 Best Companion Dog Breeds for a Golden Retriever

    There are many great options available if you want to adopt a dog from an animal shelter or breed rescue organization. Here is how to get started.

    1. Use the Web

    Sites like and can have you searching for a Golden in your area in no time flat. The site allows you to be very specific in your requests or very general . AnimalShelter can help you find animal rescue groups in your area. Also some local newspapers have pets looking for homes sections you can review.

    Social media is another great way to find a dog. Post on your Facebook page that you are looking for a specific breed so that your entire community can be your eyes and ears.

    2. Reach Out to Local Experts

    Start talking with all the pet pros in your area about your desire for a Golden. That includes vets, dog walkers, and groomers. When someone has to make the tough decision to give up a dog, that person will often ask her own trusted network for recommendations.

    3. Talk to Breed Rescue

    Most people who love Goldens love all Goldens. Thats why breed clubs have rescue organizations devoted to taking care of homeless dogs. The Golden Retriever Club of Americas Rescue Network can help you find a dog that may be the perfect companion for your family. You can also search online for other Golden rescues in your area.

    4. Key Questions to Ask

    What is his energy level?

    How is he around other animals?

    How does he respond to shelter workers, visitors and children?

    What is his personality like?

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