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Dog Crate For Golden Retriever

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How Long Does It Take To Potty Train A Golden Retriever

6 Best Dog Crates For Golden Retrievers In 2022

It can take two weeks to several months to potty train your golden retriever puppy. Golden retrievers are large breeds, so they should pick up potty training quicker than small breeds. Puppies can usually hold their bladders for about one hour per their age in months (i.e. a two-month-old puppy can hold it for two

My Golden Retriever Doesnt Want To Get In What Can I Do

If your attempts of crate training him have failed. Or all of a sudden, he has changed his mind about climbing in, fear not Golden owner. Try adding another layer of comfort, either in the form of a bed or extra blankets and pillows. If comfort is not the issue, add an item of your worn clothing or a pillow from your bed. This will add your scent to his crate, and it should entice him in.

Our Top 4 Picks For Dog Crates For Golden Retrievers

OUR TOP PICK: Petmate Dog Crate

Product Description: If a classic dog crate is what you need, then you will like this Precision Pet dog crate. This is perfect for golden retrievers and other dogs similar to this breed or even larger. Plus, the dog crate structure is very precise which is perfect for dog crate training. This comes with many selections and different sizes and designed to withstand aggressive chewers.Furthermore, this is very reliable and it’s strong enough which is why this is your perfect crate. It features a 5 point lock system with 2 doors on each side for easy access and enhanced security. Plus, it has rounded corners to keep the crate snug-free.It very travels friendly and you can bring this everywhere. It also has a divider so you can place your puppy and also an adult dog here. The materials are rust-resistant, so expect longevity in this product. It can be used for playpens and also for kennels, and you can actually do whatever you want here. But don’t use this for cruel treatments.

Offer price: $$$


All in all, you will definitely love this dog crate. The brand has earned well-received remarks from its customers because the product is very high quality. Also, its very affordable to every dog owner put there. So, if you are looking for a dog crate consider this as your investment not just for a short time but a long time investment.


Travel friendly Very sturdy Very secure lock system


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What Size Crate For Golden Retriever Should I Buy

Its in the nature of the dogs to have a personal space where they will feel comfortable and safe. Golden Retrievers are no exception to this rule, and they will also search for and eventually find a spot in the house they will feel most comfortable. We call this special place a den, and every dog has one. Today, when we talk about the den, we usually refer to a crate. When properly used, a crate will be an excellent addition to your household. You can use it to crate train your Golden Retriever, but it will also be a special place your dog will go to rest and spend some time on its own. However, choosing the right crate for your dog can be a tricky business. One of the most common questions I see on forums is: What size crate for Golden Retriever should I buy?

Therefore, we will dive deeper into this subject and do our best to answer this question. By the end of this article, you will learn how to save your money buying the crate, measure your dog for a crate and how to determine a perfect crate size.

For More Containment And Air Travel: Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel

Dog Crate Golden Retriever

*At the time of publishing, the price was $90.

A wire crate doesnt work for every dog. Some dogs prefer a more enclosed space, or need more deterrence from attempting to escape. Some dog owners may prefer a much lighter weight, or added protection against accidents and wayward paws. And if youre planning to do any air or car travel with your dog, a wire crate wont work. Petmates Ultra Vari Kennel is a tough crate that will defeat most escapes and contain accidents. It also meets most airline requirements, and its easy to put together, shut securely, and move around.

Among the experienced dog handlers I spoke to for this guide , many recommended Vari Kennels by name. These crates metal-grated windows are tougher and more paw resistant than the oblong holes you typically find punched into the sides of plastic crates, and their door design stands up to a lot of pressure. The interior has a floor moat that should keep most accidents easy to clean up. The Ultra Vari Kennel has tie-down holes that allow for securing it in a planes pet-section backseat, or for looping through zip ties for more security. As noted above, however, no crate is really safe in a car, and a restraint harness like the Sleepypod Clickit Sport is the safer choice.

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How To Crate Train An Adult Golden Retriever

You can also accustom a grown-up Golden Retriever to a cage by using the same techniques mentioned for puppies. Again, by taking the time to go through small incremental steps, from slowly introducing your dog to the crate, to spending small but increasing amounts of time in there and eventually they will learn to love it, and you can both enjoy the enormous benefits it offers. Key points are to avoid using force and let the dog be familiar, comfortable and associate the crate for his personal space where he can feel safe.

What Should Be In A Puppy Crate

Your dogs cage should be a safe and comfortable environment for them, with soft bedding and interesting toys that arent choking hazards. These additions will create a room that your dog will like and feel safe in, resulting in a more successful crate training experience for both you and your pet. Food, water, collars, leashes, electrical cords, batteries, and anything else that could cause a choking hazard should all be avoided.

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Correct Bad Behavior In The Crate

Lastly, one of the most important things for you to do when crate training is to differentiate bad behavior from acceptable behavior. Things to watch out for are:

  • Chewing on the crate. This behavior can seriously harm your dog and cause injuries that can leave their teeth, gums, and nose raw and bloodied. You can curb this behavior by remaining present with them when they are enclosed in the crate so that you can catch the behavior in real-time and correct it as it occurs.
  • If this is not an option for you, dont worry you are not out of options. Instead, you can purchase bitter apple spray or something similar.
  • Pawing at the gate. This behavior is often coupled with chewing, and inevitably turns into your dog pulling at the metal bars. This is also dangerous because their toes can become stuck. Stop this behavior as soon as possible with corrections, and protect your dogs toes and feet by covering the bottom of the bars the most likely area for their paws to get stuck. You can make sure this is covered by purchasing a bed with tall sides to block the small gaps between the bottom of the crate and the waste pan.
  • Your dog is also less likely to chew on the wiring if you envelop the crate with a cover. This will darken the space and make them feel cozier and more at home. They wont be able to see through the wiring, rather, straight to the covering fabric, so theyll have less reason to try and rip through the bars.
  • Parrot Behaviors: Your Quaker Parrots Health

    Crate training my golden retriever puppy

    In addition, puppies that are 23 months old will have a very limited bladder capacity. They will need frequent outings to go to the bathroom in the great outdoors: If a very young puppy is left in a crate for an extended period of time, it may go to the bathroom inside the crate out of necessity. This will make the rest of crate training ineffective, so ensure the puppy is taken outside at regular intervals. Some puppies will need to go outside in the middle of the night!

    Dogs should not be placed in crates for extended periods of time. If the dog owner is gone from the house for long durations, the dog should be placed in a puppy pen with puppy training pads instead of a crate.

    A happy, well trained Golden Retriever puppy. Fully housebroken by 13 weeks of age.

    Leah Lefler, 2011

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    How Long Do You Plan To Crate Your Dog

    Before buying a crate, the first question that you should ask yourself is whether you plan to crate your dog only while he or she is a puppy , or if you intend to use the crate for most of your dogs life. The answer to this question will influence your ideal crate size.

    Some reasons why many pet parents continue to use a crate throughout their dogs lives are to:

  • Provide their dog with a safe, familiar place
  • Avoid problems and mischief that can occur while their dog is left at home unattended
  • Make traveling and outings, including visits to the vet or groomer, stress-free
  • If you plan to use a crate only while your dog is a puppy, then you need a crate that will fit your puppy for the first 2-3 months of its life.

    What Size Crate Does A Golden Retriever Need

    Tom Thorpe Buying Guides

    Golden Retrievers are considered a medium-sized dog breed. If ever you are wondering what size crate does a golden retriever needs, the short answer is 42 inches. but is it really what golden retrievers need? Actually, even if I gave the exact measurement, it is more complicated than you think. The is just the safest possible answer. Obviously, you will need a crate size that is appropriate to your dogs size.

    That said, if you are on a hunt of finding the right crate and ideal size for your golden retriever, I have something for you to offer. This article will examine what sized crate does a golden retriever need that has an adequate size and also reviews some of the best crates for your furry friend.


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    What Is A Puppy Divider

    Weve mentioned puppy dividers a few times, but unless youve used one in a crate, you probably dont know what were talking about. A crate divider is commonly called a puppy divider because it allows you to buy a crate that will fit your pup when hes full grown but comes with a divider that creates a temporarily smaller space within the crate to keep him safe and cozy while hes a puppy.

    Crates that come with a divider often include the ability to move the divider into different positions to make the crate space larger as your dog grows.

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    Different Types Of Dog Crates For Golden Retrievers

    How To Crate Train Your Golden Retriever Puppy (Step By Step) â Golden ...

    There are plenty of different kinds of cages out thereand the type you need may depend on your circumstances and individual needs.

    Wire dog crates often look a lot like cages, but they may be one of the most humane choices available. Unlike some other types, which use tiny slots of holes, wire crates use bars made from metal sheets or thick wire that provide plenty of ventilation and air-flow. Owners who live in hotter climates tend to use wire crates more frequently.

    Wire cages also frequently come with dividers as well so that you can section off certain areas until your Golden Retriever gets bigger. The one disadvantage that many owners find with metal cages is the smarter dogs may be able to escape if they try hard enough.

    For a kennel that wont let your pup pull a disappearing act, a plastic crate is a good option. Some owners refer to plastic crates as pet carriers since they allow for easy transportation of your Golden Retriever. If you plan to travel by airplane or car, plastic crates often work to your advantage since they provide your Retriever with more security.

    If youre looking for a more stylish choice, a wooden dog crate may be exactly what you need. While wire and plastic cages may work both indoors and outdoors, wooden crates are almost always made for inside the home. They also tend to be heavier so many owners choose not to use them as travel kennels.

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    Tips To Keep Your Golden Retriever Puppy In A Crate Overnight

  • If your puppy has learned the lessons above, its easy for you to keep him in the crate at night. First of all, you have to tire him out before going inside the crate for sleep you may play with him, walk him and let him go outside to relieve himself before this ordeal, then place the crate next to your bed where he accustomed to sleeping, interact with the dog until he falls asleep, it may take hours or days to get this phase right, but everything is worth it. Be Patient, and dont get mad at him.
  • As a rule, a tired two-month-old puppy can sleep for four hours. If he wakes up in the middle of the night demanding to be released to go potty, let him do it to a place where he is allowed to relieve himself however, try to avoid playing in the middle of this process and go back straight in returning him in the crate. If he starts whining again, give him your palm, and gently talk to him until he falls asleep again.
  • It will take two or three nights to make him get used to this ultimately. In a week or two, try to leave the crate somewhere else in your apartment.
  • Choosing The Right Crate For Your Golden Retriever Isnt Easy

    There are several things you must consider when choosing a crate for your Golden Retriever. The most important thing to consider is the size of the crate. If it is too small or too large, itll be of no use. Therefore, you must get the size right.

    Other things you must consider include the style, the materials the crate is made from, where the dog crate will fit into the house, and how. All these things play a part in your decision to purchase a crate for your Golden Retriever.

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    What Size Of Crate For A Golden Retriever

    Golden Retrievers will grow to be just over 20 inches in height and weigh between 60 and 75 pounds as adults. When selecting a crate for your Golden Retriever, make sure it is large enough to accommodate the dogs size.

    For the average size Golden Retriever we recommend a 42 crate. However, use the tips below to adjust for your dog.

    Amazon Basics Double Door Crate

    Golden Retriever puppy Bella uses her crate to fend off dog Boomer

    The Amazon Basics Double Door Crate is available in a variety of sizes and you can purchase it with or without a dividing panel. The divider is great if you have a Golden Retriever puppy, as it is useful for housetraining. Moreover, you can change the size of the crate as your Golden Retriever grows, essentially making it a crate for life.

    The epoxy coating finish of this dog crate make it fade, rush, and corrosion-resistant while the wire is made of steel. The Amazon Basics Double Door Crate isnt as heavy duty as many other wire crates available in the market so it would be better for calmer Golden Retrievers and those that arent prone to aggression and chewing. The composite tray is easy to clean and durable. Moreover, it wont rust, warp, stain, corrode or retain your poochs odors.

    Portability and convenience are the Amazon Basics crates biggest strength. It collapses into a small package and comes with a removable handle, making it easy to carry around. There is also a one-slide bolt latch in place to ensure that your Golden Retriever stays safe. Moreover, the two doors provide easy and quick access to your porch if necessary.

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    Golden Retriever Size Guide

    Generally, golden retrievers become full adults at the age of 10 months. While a puppy doesnt require much room at an early age, offering a crate to the adult golden retriever is helpful. You should buy a dog crate following the size of the full size of the dog.

    So the maximum height of an adult golden retriever can be 24 inches, while a female dog can reach up to 22 inches. Apart from it, male golden retrievers are slightly more weighty than females. Keep these numbers in mind as these will come in handy while shopping for the best dog crate for a golden retriever.

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    What Kind Of Crate Is Best For A Golden Retriever

    For Golden Retrievers, wire crates are frequently the best solution. Theyre big, easy to clean, breathable, and your dog will love them. Wire containers allow them to look out of the crate and know their family is still with them, but plastic crates do not.

    What size should I buy for my Golden Retriever?

    Extra-large dog crates are required for Golden Retrievers, which is another reason why wire crates are frequently the best option. Crates with dividers enable you to crate train your puppy while also allowing you to open the box as they grow. Crates that are extra-large are usually 42 to 48 inches long.

    How long does crate training take?

    In most circumstances, crate training a puppy is significantly easier than crate training an adult dog. Crate training a puppy should only take a few days, but crate training an adult dog can take weeks, especially if the crate has been connected with negative feelings in the past.

    Why should you crate train your dog?

    When your dog is in their den, crate training will make them feel protected and secure. It will also keep you from engaging in harmful activity around the house, which is a good thing.

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