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Can Golden Retrievers Stay Home Alone

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What About Golden Retriever Puppies

Can Golden Retrievers Stay Alone at Home

Puppies are a totally different story.

Puppies are high maintenance. You have to get them out more often.

When it comes to puppies you need to establish and stick to a serious feeding and crate schedule. This is the only way for your to puppy to get the nutrition he needs to feed his growing body.

If you disregard your puppys crate schedule, then you will likely end up adding months to the crate training process.

Check out this video for more information on establishing a crate training schedule that will expedite your crate training success.

What About Potty Breaks While You Are Gone

If your dog can get to an appropriate bathroom place completely on his own, then this will not be a limiting factor.

On the other hand, if your dog requires you to let him out or back in, then you cannot leave him alone as long. You will have to visit your dog at least every 4 to 5 hours depending on his age.

Puppies will have to get out even more often than that.

What Shall You Do Before Leaving Your Yorkie Alone

Well, one thing that is in your advantage is that you know that you need to leave your Yorkie alone at home. So you can prepare for it in advance. But how?

What I do is go for a long morning walk with my Yorkshire terrier for about 20-30 minutes. I make sure that he is fresh and he is done with his potty business.

If I have some more time in the morning, I also play Frisbee or Go and Fetch with my dog for about 30 minutes as well.

This ensures that he gets tired and doesnt have a lot of energy left to cause destruction in the house. Also, if he is done with peeing and pooping, he cannot do that in the house.

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Pets Home Alone: What Do Dogs Do All Day

We all know the question that keeps many pet parents awake at night. What do dogs do when they are alone?

The answer to that question often depends on your dogs personality. Some dogs that do well alone will take a quality nap while they patiently wait for you to come back.

If your furball is a bit more mischievous, they might turn to some normally forbidden activities, like climbing on the off-limits sofa or jumping on the counter to snatch a yummy treat.

However, there are also dogs who are absolutely terrified of being left alone. Dogs who suffer from channel their fear and nervousness into destructive behavior, resulting in ruined valuables and stressed out pets.

Luckily, dog owners can now tell the difference thanks to the modern technology of Petcube, a pet camera that comes with two-way audio, night vision capabilities and high-resolution video footage. This can help you get an idea of how your dog is coping with your absence.

What Is Separation Anxiety In Dogs

Can Golden Retrievers Be Left Alone? Only If You Do This ...

When you are away from home your dog can exhibit extreme stress. This is what we call separation anxiety. The stress will disappear within minutes after you return home. According to Patricia McConnell, who wrote a book about it, the issue is like a panic attack and that we still dont know why this happens. The symptoms can be different from each dog, but there is a variety of symptoms known among all dogs.

Anyway, its easier to be managed at puppy dogs than older dogs, since older dogs have already been dealing with this issue for a long time already but puppies are still building their behaviors.

Before we start addressing the issue of Akita being left alone, we have to look at symptoms of separation anxiety first:

  • Anxious behavior: You will notice that whenever you change your clothes, go near the door or start to pick up your keys, that your dog will whine a lot, chew or destroy anything. Thats because of his tries to grab your attention through any possible way
  • Excess barking or howling or crying.
  • Destructive behavior.
  • Peeing in the house.
  • Trying to escape or open the door or jumping out of the window.

If your dog has some of the above symptoms then 90% he will be suffering from Separation Anxiety.

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Leaving Golden Retrievers Outside: Why And Why Not

If you know anything about golden retrievers, you likely know that theyre very active dogs. Golden retrievers are so active, in fact, that if they dont get at least an hour or so;of exercise per day, they can resort to destructive or undesirable behaviors.

Because golden retrievers are so active and need to expel energy on the daily, its great for them to be able to go outside. Not only that, but many golden retriever owners remark how much their dogs love the outdoors.

Golden retrievers often love long runs, hikes, swims, games of fetch, and just play in general. Where else is the perfect place to entertain a golden retriever if not outside?

In cases like these,;golden retrievers can be left outside for short periods of time, although its best for them to be supervised or checked in on while out there.;Golden retrievers probably shouldnt be left outside unsupervised for more than a few hours at a time.

;Why is that, though? We can break down some of the reasons.

Do Golden Retrievers Do Well Left Alone

So, weve established that Golden Retrievers can be left alone, but should they be left alone?;

Typically Golden Retrievers do very well left alone provided they are taught to do so and are provided necessary bathroom breaks during the day. A Golden Retrievers temperament, health, and age should be considered; however, a healthy, well-adjusted Golden Retriever should do fine if left alone for a few hours.

All dogs need some exercise, and most are very social creatures; however, some dogs are more active and sociable than others. Golden Retrievers are one of those breeds.

While Golden Retrievers make great house dogs, there are a few things you can do to ensure your Golden Retriever adjust well to you being gone.

First, take your Golden Retriever out for a walk or play session before leaving. In this way, your Goldens gets a potty break in while getting energy out. Especially, be mindful of the last time your Golden Retriever ate a meal or drank some water.

For example, our Golden likes to relieve himself usually after eating, so taking him out afterward would make sense, especially if were leaving for a few hours.

Goldens are an active breed that enjoys being wherever its people are. But, unfortunately, that means that if your Golden is left alone all day long without any breaks or social interaction, it can develop separation anxiety.;

To remedy this, make sure you have someone come in to check on your Golden if you plan to be gone longer than four to six hours.

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Accompany Another Pet Dog

If a dog that is less prone to separation anxiety like a Golden Retriever or Labrador accompanies your Yorkie while hes alone, this can improve his situation.

Both these dogs can enjoy each others company and can share anxiety and stress. But if you get a Golden retriever from a rescue center, there are chances that your Yorkie and the large breed dog may not get along well.

Normally, two dogs belonging to different breeds get along better if they both were brought up together since puppyhood.

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What Could Go Wrong Leaving A Golden Retriever Alone

Can Labrador Retrievers be Left Alone at Home? | Separation Anxiety in Labrador Retrievers |

Well, these seem to be the obvious concerns that get people to ask the questions in the first place. I can think of a handful of potential disasters you could find returning home after a long day of work.

  • Destroyed furniture
  • Doggy-bathroom stops all over the house
  • Damaged shoes or other clothing

While you have probably already considered these potential problems, there are some other things that you may have overlooked.

For example, what if your dog struggles with versions of separation or isolation anxiety . Any kind of anxiety will likely lead to some destructive behavior while you are gone.

Another thing you should consider is if your dog is house trained.

A rescue dog from a local shelter may come with the benefit of being already potty-trained. This is a major upside if your lifestyle requires you to leave your dog at home alone for long periods of time.

There is so much to learn when it comes to your Golden Retriever. Make sure you check out my book on what I think is the sweetest breed in the world. I explain where the Golden Retriever comes from .

I also get into some of the dangerous health issues that face Golden Retrievers. Some of them are preventable if you know what to look for and catch them early enough.

There is also a chapter on how dogs think and how that changes the way we train our Golden Retrievers. I am sure that you will find new information that will help you and your best furry buddy.

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Encourage Your Dog To Eat

Most dogs wont want to eat much on their first day back from the clinic. This is to be expected and you shouldnt worry too much. However, it helps to cook your dog a hot meal rather than offer him dry dog food. This will likely make him feel like eating even though he may not have an appetite. If your dog only eats a little this is normal and his appetite will most likely go back to normal within a few days.;

Make sure to stick to non-greasy foods when making a meal for your dog and choose meat with lower fat such as turkey or chicken. This will be best for him if hes not able to get regular exercise to burn high calories while he recovers.

Causes For Separation Anxiety

Well, unfortunately, no one knows the causes. Its not clear why some dogs are prone to it more than others. General speaking, we can say that all dogs are prone to it but the percentage is different. For example, golden retrievers are highly prone to it which is contradicting to German Shepherds.

However, one of the most known causes is leaving your puppy suddenly. Many of us when they get their puppy, take a break from work to say with him during the first week or two to make him used to the new environment. Then suddenly, you decide to return to work after you make sure he is well potty-trained and return to find your house in a complete mess as if attacked by 100 dogs. Thats because your dog in this period got really attached to you like his mother and you suddenly left him which isnt fair. Thats why we say, you have to train him that you will not be around all the time even from young ages.

Another cause is changing the schedule, sudden accidents like the death of someone in your family, and anything unfamiliar.

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Things To Avoid If You Have To Leave Your Lab Alone For 8 Hours

There are some things that you should definitely not do if you are leaving your dog for a long period of time.

First, dont ever leave your dog locked in her crate for several hours. I believe that dogs do really well in crates. Dogs are, after all, den-dwellers. However, their dens never had doors.

So, when you leave, make sure that your dogs crate door is open so that she can come and go as she pleases.

What Happens If A Dog Is Left Alone For More Than 6 Hours

Can I keep a Golden Retriever all alone in the house?

Most dog owners are working parents. Our dogs need to be at home for more than 8 hours, sometimes longer. Is it even practical to own a dog when your responsibilities and time takes so much of a toll? Dog owners are like parents and we need to make the same kind of sacrifices and preparations that we take for children

Sometimes its important to have a pet sitter. Maybe we could ask the neighbour to help with looking after the dog when you are gone for the day or maybe just feed the dog and take it for a walk when you are away. If you cannot make arrangements for someone to take care of your dog when you are gone for a longer period of time, expect accidents. Its not the dogs mistake . Its yours.

Dogs are social creatures. They need to be around other dogs and humans to fulfil their emotional needs. Golden retrievers are working dogs. They need to be active and around humans. The more the better. When you deprive them of their socializing needs, they will tend to show signs of anxiety. Incessant barking is the beginning of the problem. If your neighbours complain about barking when you are not around, just take note. This is the beginning of the problem and its time to take measures of correction. Its not late yet and it will be sooner than you know. Dont be angry or frustrated when you find part of your furniture missing or your favourite pillow opened up and shredded.;

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Dont Make A Big Deal Out Of It

It might be difficult for you not to overdo your goodbyes and use that baby voice to tell your dog how much youre going to miss him before you are stepping out of the door. However, this behavior seems to be counterproductive.

The more you make a big deal out of the goodbyes and of your arrival after work, the more anxious and stressed your dog will be. This way you are only encouraging unwanted behavior.

Instead, reward your pup when hes calm and relaxed despite youre leaving.

How Long Can Golden Retriever Be Left Alone

When it becomes certain that you are going to go out, then the next question to ask yourself is how long to stay away from your pet. Before you do that, then the dog must be able to help itself in certain situations such that your help would not be needed most of the time.

If you can leave this pet loose for a long time roaming the house, or it is safe to leave your pet in such a small place without worries, then you do not have anything to worry about.

Another thing that can help in deciding to leave your pet iswhether the dog can relieve itself in the day. Furthermore, if the dog does notneed anybodys help for potty breaks, then the problem is minimized.

Furthermore, you need to consider whether the pet is goingto be bored during the day when she is all alone. If it is, then what mentalstimulation do you have in-ground to relieve your pet, especially the time youwere away from the house.

The dog needs water, you must arrange for that before you leave. Ensure that the animal has access to sufficient water and correct food and the food would be readily available when she needs it. The rations are very important; you must arrange their provisions.

What could happen when the temperature changes. You have tomake sure that you leave out of the event as soon as the weather changesotherwise things could become very difficult for the pet. Several other thingscould affect the Golden

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Use Brain Training For Dogs

90% of Dog owners train their dog using physical activities and forget about the mental health and well-being of their pet dog.

Mental stimulation is very important for your dog and it helps develop your dogs brain cells as well. Do you want your Yorkie to be 10-20 times Smarter, Intelligent and Obedient of what he is right now?

Brain Training For Dogs develops your Dogs Hidden Intelligence;and Eliminates any bad behavior using Interactive brain games which makes your dog think and grow his brain cells. You can get to know how this changed the destructive behavior of my friends pet dog Heidi. It comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee so definitely try this out.

Gradually Increase The Time You Leave Them Alone

I Left My Huskies Home Alone With Two Golden Retrievers..

;Once your dog starts getting used to you leaving them alone at the house for a while, lets say 30 minutes, you can start leaving them for longer and see how it goes.

Increase it by 10 minutes every time you leave them alone. You will be able to take it from 30 minutes to an hour within a week or two, and then by the time theyre 2 or 3 months old, you can go for up to 4 hours.;

Then, once they can be left alone for 4 hours or more and they are four months old or older, you can leave them for 4 to 6 hours alone. You can leave them for the full workday once theyre mature enough 18 months of age or older.

Tire Them Out before going outside

If you walk your dog in the evening, consider moving their walks to the morning instead. Taking your dog for a long walk or a run every morning is much better than in the evening. This way you can tire them out before you go to work. This way, they can go to sleep when you go to work and spend a couple of hours resting and not get too bored when youre away.;

If you dont really feel like going for a run in the morning, consider going for a bike ride with them running by your side. Cycling is easier and less intense for you than running, but they will still be running and get the same exercise as they normally do with you running.

Encourage them to sleep when you leave

Get an interactive Dog Monitor

A great way to make sure your dog doesnt get bored is to actually talk to them every now and then.

Get interactive toys

You can check its

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