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Different Kinds Of Golden Retrievers

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More Interesting Tidbits About Goldens

3 Types of Golden Retrievers and How to Identify Them?
  • Goldens are considered the fourth smartest dogs they come behind the Border Collie, Poodle, and German Shepherd. They are also lovable goofballs.
  • When Golden Retrievers are around 7 to 8 years of age, their faces will start to gray.
  • Their wavy double coats help regulate their body temperature and protect their skin, so never shave a Golden!
  • Goldens get along beautifully with everyone and everything. They are sweet and loving dogs that make perfect dogs for families with children and all kinds of pets.
  • Golden Retrievers do not make good guard dogs. Those loving and affectionate personalities mean they will greet everyone with adoration and kisses.
  • About 62% of Goldens are overweight, which should come as no surprise given their love of eating.

Common Characteristics Of Golden Retrievers

Here are some of the key characteristics of the Golden Retriever breed and what to expect when sharing your life with a Golden.

Highly intelligentGolden Retrievers are known for their intelligence. Thats why they are used in a variety of roles including guide dogs for the blind, hearing dogs for the deaf, hunting, illegal-drug detection, and search and rescue operations.

AthleticGolden Retrievers are natural athletes, excelling in dog sports such as agility and competitive obedience. They are also natural and strong swimmers.

AdaptableIf you can give your Golden brisk walks daily, play fetch games, and take them for a good long run at least once a week, youll find they are adaptable to almost any lifestyle.

Extremely socialMost Golden Retrievers are extroverted and very social. They need and love human interaction. As a result, this is not a breed that does well left at home alone for long periods of time.

Loyal and gentle temperamentA hallmark of the breed, the temperament of the Golden Retriever is described as kindly, friendly, and confident. Most Golden Retrievers are easy-going and kid-friendly, making them popular for families. They have soft mouths, which means that even in play, they tend to be gentle and dont nip.

Friendly, eager-to-please demeanoursGolden Retrievers are bouncy dogs with warm, affectionate personalities they always seem to be smiling. Goldens are easy to love and easy to train. They live to please!

The 3 Breeds Of Golden Retriever

The first distinguishing factor is the breed. There are three different breeds of the Golden Retriever, namely the Canadian Golden Retriever, the American Golden Retriever, and the British Golden Retriever. The underlying differences between these varieties are almost negligible and mostly related to minor changes in appearance. The different breeds are not different from each other in terms of personality, health, temperament, and quality of life.

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Which Type Of Golden Retrievers Is Best For Me

The differences between the 3 different types of Golden Retrievers are very subtle, and predominantly affect appearance.

So, unless you really care about how your Golden Retriever looks, it wont really make a difference which type is best for you.

All types share the same loving personality. But, if you are planning to show your Golden Retriever, you will need to pay attention to the breed standards in your area.

Especially if you live somewhere where certain features or colors are considered undesirable or disqualifications.

Kennel Club Standards For Golden Retrievers

Golden Retriever

For a dog to participate in dog shows hosted by the American Kennel Club, they have to meet the clubs specific standards.

According to the guidelines, a Golden Retriever coat has to be a rich gold with various shadings. This rule automatically disqualifies Goldens with coats that are extremely light or extremely dark.

Golden Retrievers with coats that contain pure white, black, or copper coloring are not considered to be true Golden Retrievers and will not be allowed in shows . Cream coated Golden Retrievers are also not allowed, nor are red shaded coats. But the final decision on your dogs eligibility depends on the judge.

Cream-colored coats are permitted in the UK Kennel Club, showing circles, as cream Golden Retrievers are more prevalent in Europe. Red or mahogany colored coats are still not allowed.

Canada Kennel Club does not have as many restrictions on coat colors and accept dark or light gold coloring as long as its within range of medium gold.

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Two Presidents Enjoyed Golden Retrievers As Pets While In The White House

Both President Ford and President Reagan enjoyed Golden Retrievers while in office. President Reagan’s Golden Retriever, Victory, was one of six dogs the president owned. President Reagan also enjoyed a stable full of horses at his ranch.

President Ford had a Siamese cat and a mixed-breed dog in addition to Liberty the Golden Retriever and Liberty’s puppy, Misty.

Goldens are also popular as celebrity pets. Celebs who own Golden Retrievers include Miranda Lambert, Jimmy Fallon, Emma Stone, Adam Levine, and Oprah.

British Golden Retriever Breed

English Golden Retrievers enjoy the long, feathery coats which make it distinctive one of this breed of dog, yet in contrast to Canadian and American Golden Retrievers, English Golden Retrievers normally have cream-colored coats, according to The Kennel Club. These coats could be flat or curly, yet will often have lots of feathering. British Golden Retrievers are somewhat smaller than the other two types, with adult males measuring commonly 22 to 24 in tall, and females typically 20 to 22 inches tall.

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What Are The 3 Main Types Of Golden Retrievers

There are three different types of Golden Retrievers: American Golden Retrievers, British Golden Retrievers, or English Golden Retrievers, and Canadian Golden Retrievers.

However, before we begin discussing these different kinds of Golden Retrievers, let us first cover the history of the Golden Retriever.

The Golden Retriever was originally bred in Scotland in the 19th century. Lord Tweedmouth started this procedure in his search for a retrieving breed that is not just good on land but also in water. To achieve this, the first Lord of Tweedmouth, Dudley Marjoribanks, crossed his yellow-colored , Tweed Water Spaniel with other retrievers.

As it came to be known, the Golden Retriever was born and over the course of 50 years, it was nearly known in Tweedmouth as the perfect hunting dog. The breed instinctively loved the water but to keep themselves warm, they also have a thick, downy double-coat. They were extremely obedient and had a sweet disposition.

Because of their popularity, the breed was shipped to America and Canada. There, they were evolved further, leading to cosmetic differences in the breed. Each country developed them to their liking. Thats how the British, American, and Canadian Golden Retrievers were born.

These dogs have been bred to emphasize certain characteristics. Within those classifications, you also have the show and field variations. Field canines are smaller than show dogs. They have less plumage as well and conformation to the breed standard.

Where Do Golden Retrievers Come From

Different Types of Golden Retriever Dog | Dog Breeds | That are popular Today !

The short story is Scotland, or more specifically, the Scottish Highlands. The long story is that Golden Retrievers had their origins in 1868 through Dudley Coutts Marjoribanks.

He came from a wealthy family and was the second son to a Scottish banker but was without a title. He developed a strong interest in dog breeding as a teenager.

The story goes that in 1865, Marjoribanks was walking with his son while in Brighton, England, and crossed paths with a cobbler. This cobbler had a golden-colored and wavy-coated retriever dog by the name of Nous.

The resulting puppies had the hunting instincts of both land and water dogs, and this is where the first Golden Retrievers made their appearance. The puppies were Crocus, Cowslip, and Primrose. In 1881, Marjoribanks received the title of Baron Tweedmouth.

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What Makes Them Different

Golden retrievers also come in white, light, cream, red, dark, and classic golden shades. Well look at the different types and what makes them so diverse, but well also see why theyre so similar, including the diseases that afflict all of them as one large breed.

The fun facts are courtesy of Bark Post and a BuzzFeed YouTube video.

Fun Fact: an 18-month-old golden retriever named Angel save his 11-year-old owner from a cougar attack in 2010

Slender Head Golden Retrievers

The head of these dogs are narrower compared to that of their block head counterparts. They are also often called wedge-shaped-headed Golden Retrievers. The size and shape of the head have something to do with the skulls structure. Their bones align in such a way that their head takes on a narrow shape instead of a square one. The fur of these Goldens are also shorter. Most of these belong to the Canadian and American types. It is very rare to see British slender heads.

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The History Of Golden Retrievers

As legend has it, Lord Tweedmouth of Scotland wanted to create a hunting dog that could retrieve shot down birds from both land and water.

His solution was to breed a wavy-coated retriever with a Tweed water spaniel, thus creating the first litter of golden retrievers in 1868.

Now although theyre common family dogs today, the fact that golden retrievers were originally bred for retrieving birds all day in the wilderness has left some lasting physical and personality traits that we see in them today.

  • They have lots of energy because they were bred to hunt all day
  • They are athletic because they were bred to swim in lakes and rivers and run through fields
  • They have a tendency to be mouthy because they were bred to hold birds in their mouths

So what does this have to do with the different types of golden retrievers?


Knowing where golden retrievers came from can help us understand where we are today.

So now lets dive into the supposed 8 types of golden retrievers and discover the truth about each one.

What Is A Black Goldador

Learn About the 6 Different Types of Retrievers

A Goldador, or Golden Labrador, is a mix of a purebred Golden Retriever to a purebredLabrador Retriever.

Depending on the genes contributed from the Labrador parent, some all-black puppies may result in a coat that is either a nice combination of both breeds or that closely resembles just one parent.

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They Have Webbed Toes

Remember, Golden Retrievers were bred as hunting dogs. Part of their job was retrieving birds from the water. This is why Goldens are commonly known to be strong swimmers.

Golden Retrievers actually have webbed feet that help them swim, acting almost like flippers10 . The toes on their paws are connected by thin webs of skin. This helps Goldens move through the water easily and efficiently.

Field Bred Golden Retrievers

Field golden retrievers embody what golden retrievers were originally bred to do: hunt.

Field bred goldens are on the smaller end of the spectrum as far as how big goldens get, theyre athletic, and theyre typically more driven than other styles of goldens.

Their coats are usually shorter and range from gold to red, and they have tons of energy.

They excel at hunting and agility, and make great family pets, as long as theyre trained properly and have a job to do.

They also may be rather mouthy, considering theyre bred to retrieve things with their mouth.

To be clear, field goldens are golden retrievers, theyre just a particular style of golden.

The opposite of field bred golden retrievers are conformation, or show golden retrievers

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How Long Do Golden Retrievers Live

On average, Golden Retrievers can live anywhere from 10-12 years. Like other dog breeds, a Goldens lifespan can be affected by many factors, including their overall health, living conditions, diet and exercise, and if they have any pre-existing conditions. Some Goldens who have a clean bill of health have even lived well beyond 12 years.

Health Needs Of A Golden Retriever

6 âTypesâ? Of Golden Retrievers You Didnât Know About

The health of your golden retriever is essential as they suffer from a multitude of afflictions. There is a longitudinal cohort study of golden retrievers being conducted on the subject of health.

Their health is particularly important when breeders only select from a restricted gene pool to create lighter colors.

This shouldnt scare you away as retrievers are generally healthy, but theyre prone to certain conditions that you should know about.

Not all of them will have the following diseases, but when buying, you should ask the breeder for health clearances of the puppys parents. This proves that the dog has been tested and cleared of these health conditions.

Some of the things to look for are hip dysplasia, elbow, dysplasia, and hypothyroidism, among others. According to DogTime, this is what some of the conditions entail.

Hip Dysplasia: this is a heritable condition where the thighbones dont fit properly into the hip joint. Its painful and can make them lame on their rear legs. As they age, arthritis develops, and sometimes the only way to find out is to have an x-ray screening. If they do suffer from this, they should not be bred.

Elbow Dysplasia: another heritable condition with large canines, its caused by different growth rates in the three bones of the elbow. It, too, can be painful and cause lameness.

Fun Fact: a golden retriever named Augie holds the record for holding the most tennis balls in its mouth

Sourced: Pet Helpful |

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How To Take Care Of A Golden Retriever

Because of their frequent need for exercise and grooming, golden retrievers require a large amount of work and effort to maintain. It is a good idea to ensure that theres a constant human presence in the house to keep the dog company and take care of its needs. If the dog begins to show early signs of health problems such as dysplasia, then you should take it to a veterinarian as soon as possible.

What Makes Golden Retrievers The Same

In general, golden retrievers have similar characteristics and temperament, and even similar health needs. They have more in common than they are different. They are:

  • Lovers of the outdoors, especially swimming
  • Calm indoors, which makes for an excellent family pet
  • Easy to train and easy-going
  • Sensitive and independent thinking
  • Even-tempered, well-behaved, and very faithful
  • Social animals that can develop separation anxiety if left alone for too long

Fun Fact: golden retrievers have been known to take care of other animals, including cats

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Are They The Same Breed

Interestingly, even with all the differences in color, coat, and build these dogs are all still Golden Retrievers. There are things that are predictable between them as well. It doesnt matter if the Golden is English, Canadian, American, light golden, or dark golden they all have similar temperaments, health problems, history, and exercise needs.

Across the board, you can expect a Golden retriever to be devoted, intelligent, and friendly. Goldens are hard-working dogs that love to have a job. They also, demand to be a part of the family activities and thrive when they are included.

It doesnt matter if you have a red golden or a white golden they will thrive best on a species-appropriate raw diet, plenty of exercise outside, and lots of love and snuggles.

How Many Types Of Golden Retrievers Are There

Types and Colors of Golden Retrievers â Golden Retriever ...

Weve briefly mentioned that most people recognize 3 types of Golden Retriever. These are:

  • American type
  • Canadian type
  • English type.

Although all types of Golden Retrievers descend from those first developed in 19th Century Scotland, there are now some subtle differences between them.

The differences between these 3 types of Golden Retrievers are mainly to do with appearance. They are quite subtle, so it can be hard to distinguish them if you dont know what to look for!

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What Are The Different Types Of Golden Retrievers

Owing to the benefits of Golden Retrievers, the breeders from different places started importing the yellow and furry puppies of Golden Retrievers. However, due to the environmental condition and climate, the original puppies started showing remarkable deviations. Thus, these deviations were distinct when the breeders crossbreed the Golden Retrievers with other local dog breeds.

Moreover, the different types of Golden Retrievers based on the place of origin are:

English Or British Golden Retrievers

English or British Goldens have feathery and long coats characteristic of this breed. They can have wavy or flat coat with lots of feathering as well as prominent ruff around the neck. Unlike the Canadian and American breeding standards, cream is allowed as a coat color in the English breed standard.

These Golden Retrievers are also heavier with a more solid built than the Canadian and American types. Their features are also broader with big dark and round eyes located at the same level as their ears. They also have a wider muzzle.

They also look a bit smaller compared to the Canadian variety although the difference is not that much. The color of their coat is the main difference between the American and British types. However, everything else is the same from their behavior to temperaments.

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Do Black Golden Retrievers Exist

There is a great deal of controversy surrounding this question.

Some die-hard breed enthusiasts take the stance that the genetic makeup of a purebred Golden Retriever does not permit the possibility of a black puppy, ever.

However, many others believe there is such a thing as an all-black Golden Retriever, and they are purebred Golden Retrievers through and through.

Its thought that the addition of Flat-Coated Retrievers to the bloodline way back when the Golden Retriever breed was being developed accounts for the occasional Golden born solid black.

A black Golden Retriever possesses the same temperament, physical build, and health concerns as any other Golden Retriever they just happen to be solid black in color.

Crossbreeding a Golden to another breed can also result in black pups, but these dogs are obviously not purebred Golden Retrievers. They nonetheless can be amazing, beautiful pets!

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