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Dog Bed For Golden Retriever Puppy

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Provides A Safe Space

Golden Retriever Shocked by a Puppy occupying his bed!

A key feature of Golden Retrievers is that they require a safe space for survival. For instance, your pet may not be in the mood to play on a specific day. In such a case, the dog will look for a space where it feels protected and comfortable.

Typically, a dog bed can serve as an excellent safe space for your Golden Retriever. The pet can go to the mattress when it feels upset or in pain. Besides that, the bed can also be the dogs comfortable space when relaxed and excited.

This Golden Retriever Loves To Jump On The Bed

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Oakley the golden retriever has had more than 25 million views on the app Tik Tok.

Oakley the golden retriever lives in Westbrook with her owner, Andrey Martin.

The 8-month-old puppy likes jumping around and pouncing on the floor and Martins bed. One time, while doing this, Martin took out her phone and filmed the wild pup. She posted the video onto her Instagram page for Retriever Day. Soon after, the video started getting a lot of attention.

People were commenting on the video, saying this has to go viral!’

Those excited viewers were onto something.

A video of Oakley bustin a move has now gotten more than 27 million views on the popular app Tik Tok. Even pop star Justin Bieber shared the video.

Brindle Memory Foam Pet Bed

The Brindle BRLLCB22PB Memory Foam Pet Bed is a basic orthopedic memory foam bed. The 4-inch mattress features dual-type memory foam for full joint and body support, which is nice for Goldens that may need relief from hip pain. This bed comes with a zipper cover made with a soft velour fabric, which is also machine washable to remove stains and smells. The mattress pad is protected by an inner liner thats completely waterproof, so this bed may work for puppies and dogs being housebroken. However, theres a slight chemical smell from the foam pad, which may need to be aired out to remove it.

Another problem is that the foam mattress may not be thick enough for Golden Retrievers that need a lot of joint and hip support as they age, so its not the best bed for therapeutic use. The cover is nice but the zipper jams easily, and its a pain to unjam it without ripping the cover. If your Golden is young and youre looking for a basic memory foam bed, the Brindle Bed might work for you.

The problem with this bed is that its advertised as waterproof, but the inner liner is not waterproof and will not keep the memory foam safe. The outer cover is not durable enough for chewers, so this bed is not suitable for puppies or dogs with chewing habits. Another problem with the cover is with the cheap zipper, which stops working and jams around the corners too easily.

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Furhaven Ergonomic Contour & Plush Orthopedic

As your Golden Retriever ages, it needs an orthopedic bed such as Furhaven Ergonomic Contour & Plush Orthopedic made from premium quality material that will provide an excellent space for your furry buddy to nap easily. Moreover, the Furhaven Ergonomic Contour & Plush Orthopedic has a unique shape thats designed while keeping any dog requirements in mind. It also offers maximum comfort.

The Furhaven Ergonomic Contour & Plush Orthopedic is suitable for a dog retriever with joint and bone complications because the bed provides improved support to the spine as it rests. Therefore, the Golden Retriever will not toss or roll in bed to get the right and comfortable sleeping position.

If your Golden Retriever is tall and needs a comfortable bed that wont hurt his joints, you should consider getting him a Furhaven Ergonomic Contour & Plush Orthopedic. It will also allow his skin to breathe properly when the weather is hot


  • It comes with a soft and thin bed cover to enable the dogs skin to breathe during summer
  • Enhanced durability

K& h Products Cuddle Cube

Top 6 Best Dog Beds for Golden Retrievers

The cuddle cube is an ultra fluffy pillow style bed that allows your Golden to burrow and sink into the material. It features a neutral style fabric with ultra-soft fibers that encourage your dog to get comfortable. Its a simple design that you can machine wash and keep smelling fresh.

It has a layer of fabric designed to prevent the bed from sliding, and the eco-friendly material uses recycled bottles to create a lofty, supportive polyfill. It comes in two different colors to match your decor, and it has a full 12 inches of pillow loft designed to support even the most enthusiastic dog. It fits into corners and tight spaces well.

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Support Your Pets Health

The primary reason you require a bed for your Golden Retriever is that the product will support your dogs health. Typically, puppies cannot sleep on hard surfaces because of discomfort. This can cause them to suffer from lack of sleep and howl at night.

Besides that, lack of sleep can also lead to behavioral changes in your Golden Retriever. For instance, the pet may be agitated most of the day and bite you. Meanwhile, senior Golden Retrievers cannot sleep on hard surfaces because of sensitivity.

So a dog bed can support your pets health at all stages of its life by providing comfort and a good nights sleep. Besides that, the item also offers support to your dogs joints. This is why you must invest in an excellent bed for your Golden Retriever.

Getting your Golden Retriever dog bed is also an effective way to show the animal that it is a part of your family. It will also make the pet feel loved and safe at your home, especially when the environment is new for it.

Kennel Lightspeed Outdoors Self Inflating Retriever Dog Bed With Machine Washable Cover

Quite a huge considerations are put into the making of dog bed towards enhanced convenience, and a perfect example is the Kennel lightspeed outdoor self-inflating bed.

This bed is no doubt a perfect and best outdoor bed for golden retrievers when it outdoor time.

Its flat bed shape also makes it a convenient bed in terms of mobility as it comes with a dimension of 42 x 32 x 2 when opened.

And it rolled-up size and weight are 32 x 6 and 3.6 lbs respectively. This 6-inch thick memory foam will help your dog to sleep properly.

The inflatable feature of this bed offer needs comfort compared to just having a flatbed on the wood floor. Likewise, the inflatable section of this bed come base with fleece cover which acts as an extra support cushion to extend the comfort derivable from the bed.

Aside from this bed being a machine washable one, it also comes with water-resistant features. Its inflatable feature also doesnt subject it to puncture as it is built to withstand rough surfaces. Likewise, its water-resistant feature also extends to its base, making it impossible to absorb liquid spillage from below.

Highlighted Features:

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How To Introduce Your Golden Retriever To A New Bed

There are a few strategies you can use to introduce your Golden Retriever to their new bed. You can encourage them by placing a favorite toy or blanket in the bed. You can reward them with a treat when they lay down. Training them by saying Go to their bed or Lay down with a treat can also help when you want them to lay down and be calm.

If your Golden Retriever is used to sleeping in your bed, transitioning them to the dog bed will give you more space as they can take up a lot of space. Placing the bed next to yours will help this transition go quicker. Being close to you will help them feel relaxed and calm, especially if they are close enough for you to reach down and give them comfort.

What Counts As The Best Dog Bed

Puppy Loves to lie in bed with a Golden Retriever

A dog bed is like a human bed, but slightly different. Like human beds, dog beds often have a foam mattress in the middle and a covering outer layer. Many top-quality dog beds have thick memory foam in the center that provides joints and muscle support to dogs while resting.

The thicker the foam, the better body support it will provide, and the longer itll last.

The outer layer of the best dog beds also typically has a removable fabric cover that is easy to clean. The cover must be durable and can be waterproof or tear-proof. Many of the best dog beds for Goldens in our list above have an outer layer that has all three features.

While the inner part of the bed is the most important, the outer layer also plays an important role. It keeps the bed clean and stops it from falling apart. The more durable and easier to clean the cover is, the longer your Golden will be able to use the bed without issues.

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Big Barker Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed Premium Choice

The Big Barker Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed is the ultimate luxury experience for your Golden Retriever. Its specifically designed to support large dogs, especially dogs like Retrievers that need moderate hip and joint support as they age. The 7-inch orthopedic foam mattress is bigger than most memory foam beds, so it can support big dogs that usually flatten smaller foam beds over time. On top of the mattress, this bed has a 4-inch foam headrest, which is great for dogs that like to have their heads elevated as they sleep. It also has a soft, plush microfiber cover thats machine washable, so you can wash it once as often as needed.

The biggest issue with the Big Barker bed is that its expensive even for a premium bed, which can be a deal-breaker if youre on a budget. Another issue is the lack of a waterproof liner to protect the memory foam, so this is not an ideal bed for dogs that may have accidents during the night. Otherwise, youre looking for the top of the line, premium memory foam dog bed, the Big Barker Pillow Top bed is a great choice.

  • Expensive even for a premium bed
  • No waterproof liner to protect the foam

Top 5 Best Dog Beds For Golden Retrievers

Looking for a new bed for your Golden Retriever?

Great! Youve come to the right place!

In this guide, youll learn:

  • The top dog beds to choose from
  • How to choose the right bed
  • Features to consider
  • And much more!

Below is a quick list of all our top products.

Keep scrolling to learn more about how to choose the best dog bed for your Golden Retriever.

Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed

  • Water-resistant
KOPEK High Grade Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

  • Anti-slip bottom
Laifug Orthopedic Memory Foam Extra Large Dog Bed

  • 3″ Pillow and 1.8″ Pillow
  • 100% Microfiber
  • 3″ Pillow and 1.8″ Pillow
  • 100% Microfiber

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

Our favorite is the Big Barker Orthopedic Bed because it is a USA-made premium dog bed that comes with an insane 10-year warranty.

Not only do they make all the beds in the US, but they also source US-based materials to manufacture it too.

The bed has multiple layers of comfort and high-density foam to provide maximum support and to no doubt will last at least 10 years.

This ensures great joint support which will later become very important as your dog becomes older.

If youre ready to step up your dogs comfort game, this is the bed is for you!

What’s In This Guide?

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Qualities Of A Good Dog’s Bed For Golden Retriever

Easy To Clean:An unwashed dog bed can get super smelly. It’s best to find a bed that is easy to clean either by wiping it or removing the outer shell. Larger dog beds can be put in the wash, but may not fit. Even if it does fit, majority of beds hold too much water to be put into the dryer. The last time I put my medium bed in the dryer, the dryer moved 2 feet from the wall and unplugged itself. So it’s best to find a bed where the outside can be taken off to be put in the wash.


Water resistant: If your dog vomits, pees, or poops in the bed or even just licks themselves, the bed will absorb all the liquid. If you can find one, it’s best to find a water resistant bed where there is a water resistant fabric layer so all those liquids don’t get absorbed into the filling of the bed. The last thing you want in your dog’s bed is a lingering odor or even worse mold.


Proper Size: Make sure you have the proper size for your dog. If your dog likes to stretch out or lay on their side, make sure the bed is large enough to accommodate that.


Materials and comfort: When picking out a bed we want the materials to be comfortable and wear well over time. Some beds act like pillows, flattening over time. We also want safe materials for our dogs. If your dog is rough with the bed look for Heavy duty nylon canvas farics.


Enchanted Home Library Sofa For Pets

Best Dog Beds for Golden Retrievers Top 4, Puppy

Luxurious, faux-leather, couch-style bed for distinguished doggos

About: If you want to hook up your golden retriever with a super fancy bed, the Enchanted Home Library Sofa is a fantastic option. Made to resemble an old-school library sofa, this faux leather dog bed is incredibly fashionable, while still providing the kind of comfort your canine deserves.


  • Hand-crafted bed features faux leather cover
  • Easy to clean simply wipe down with a damp rag
  • Includes storage pocket for toys
  • 2-inch-tall wooden legs raise the bed off the floor
  • Suitable for dogs weighing up to 90 pounds


  • Many owners report that it looks better than they expected
  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Storage pocket is very convenient


  • Neither washable nor waterproof

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Furhaven L Chaise Bed Best Bed For Adult Golden Retrievers

The Furhaven L Chaise Bed is one of the top models on the market for adult Golden Retrievers. A vital feature of this item is that it comes in various versions. For instance, you can get a model with orthopedic foam, cooling gel, polyester, or another material.

Besides that, the faux fur covering enables you to offer a highly soft surface to your pet. The best part of this bed is that it comes in various sizes and with an elevated surface that can act as a pillow. Not only that, but the one-side wall also offers high security and good back support.

However, the best thing about the bed is that it comes with a removable cover for easy cleaning. So you dont have to spend much time washing and drying the fabric. Besides that, the bed also comes with a 90-day guarantee, so you can purchase the item with high confidence.


  • Fur lining for high comfort


  • Not suitable for adults that exhibit teething behavior

Majestic Pet Sherpa Bagel Dog Bed Best Value

The Majestic Pet 78899561241 Sherpa Bagel Dog Bed is a great bed for your Golden without overspending on a premium brand bed. The bed is an oval-shaped bagel with the sides comfortably stuffed with polyester fill to give your dog something to lean against or curl up in. Inside the bed is an extra-thick 9-inch cushion, which is also lined with Sherpa material for extra comfort. The outer layer feels soft to the touch and its made with a durable cotton-polyester blend that wont rip after a week of use.

The best feature about this bed is that the entire thing is machine washable, which can get rid of any dog smells that may accumulate over time. The problem with the bed is with the Sherpa material that sheds a bit, especially after going through a full cycle in the washing machine. Another problem this bed has is the filling may bunch up after being washed, which is why we kept it out of our #1 spot on our list. Besides these two issues, we recommend the Majestic Pet bagel bed as the best dog bed for Golden Retrievers for the money.

  • Sherpa material may start to shed
  • Filling may bunch up after wash

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Bark Box Memory Foam Bed

Very affordable orthopedic dog bed available in several nifty colors

About: The Bark Box Memory Foam Dog Bed is a very affordable dog bed that doesnt skimp on comfort or owner convenience. Equipped with a 3-inch-thick memory gel foam core, this bed also comes with a removable, machine-washable cover and an anti-slip base to keep it in place.


  • The removable cover is both machine-washable and water-resistant
  • Memory foam core has a gel foam top layer to keep your Golden cool
  • Available in 5 sizes and 7 color patterns
  • Youll get a free dog toy with your purchase


  • Very affordable bed that provides great value
  • Gel foam can help keep your canine cool
  • Several owners found the bed to be quite stylish


  • The removable cover is not very durable
  • A few owners reported that the beds run small, so order accordingly

K& h Pet Products Heated Bed

Golden Retriever Shocked by a Kitten occupying his bed!

Heated pet bed thats suitable for indoor or outdoor use

About: The K& H Pet Products Heated Dog Bed gives you a great way to keep your pup warm at night, and it may also help reduce your dogs joint pain and stiffness. This heated dog bed is actually designed for outdoor use, but you could also use it inside.


  • Orthopedic foam base with fleece cover
  • Comes with an internal thermostat
  • Steel wrapped electrical cord for safety
  • Backed by a one-year warranty
  • Tested and certified by MET Labs to exceed USA/CA electrical safety standards


  • Provides an easy way to keep your pooch warm
  • Only uses about 60 watts of power
  • Temperature automatically adjusts
  • Not safe for dogs who chew
  • Wed prefer if the bed were a little thicker

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