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Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale Price

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How Much Does It Cost To Feed A Golden Retriever

golden retriever puppies for sale in low price

Some key factors to keep in mind from a financial point of view for buying a golden retriever and how much raising the puppy costs are divided into three main categories.

  • Food Expenses

Usually, the cost of the food for a golden retriever depends on the type of food you buy, the age of your dog, and how much activity your dog is habitual of. According to your budget, you can choose from both high quality and low-quality dry food for your golden retriever.

For a 30-pound bag each month or two, an excellent high-quality food bag can cost around $200-400 per year while a basic quality one would cost up to a maximum of $200 per year. Wet dog food is more expensive as it costs up to $400 $1,000 per year.

Some popular dog food brands are

Whether your dog is strong, healthy, and active or lazy, sluggish, and not interested, your pups health holds the most say in it.

Usually, it has been recommended by experts always to buy or adopt a puppy who has had its medical tests done, got vaccines, and proper shots along with the paperwork.

Some vaccines that your dog must get are Coronavirus vaccine, Leptospirosis vaccine, Bordet Ella vaccine, Canine Influenza vaccine, Lyme disease vaccine Rabies vaccine, Distemper vaccine, Adenovirus vaccine.

Parvovirus vaccine, and Parainfluenza vaccines. Other than these, you should take your dog for regular checkups and deworming as well. These can total to about $500 to $600.

Why Are Golden Puppies More Expensive Than Adult Golden Retrievers

Your Golden Retriever puppys first year with you will cost somewhere between $2100 to $3000.

An adult Golden, on the other hand, will run you $1500 to $2500 over the same period.

Why the difference? Golden puppies require obedience classes, frequent vet visits, and a seemingly endless stream of puppy pads and teething toys.

With older Golden Retrievers, much of that simply isnt a concern. Price aside, there are other pros and cons to consider.

Adult Golden dogs not only save you money upfront, but they also dont always require as much in the way of basic obedience and housetraining.

Any bad habits they do have, however, could be deeply ingrained and much harder to train out.

Conversely, you can mold a Golden Retriever puppys behavior to suit your family and lifestyle.

Youll just need to pay extra for the privilege. If you go with a Golden puppy, use these tips to help guide your decision:

Are There Other Costs With A Golden Retriever Puppy

Like any pet, dogs will result in recurring fees throughout their lifetime.

Aside from the initial Golden Retriever price paid to a breeder or shelter, you will also be responsible for monthly costs to keep him healthy and happy.

Recurring fees for raising a Golden Retriever include the cost of:

  • Toys, bedding, bowls, leashes, crates, and other supplies
  • Training, boarding, or dog sitting
  • Miscellaneous

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Golden Retriever Price Affected By Health

The best way to ensure your puppy and your wallet are happy is by staying on top of your Golden Retrievers health.

Ways to help prevent large vet bills include:

  • Keep up with your pups preventative care
  • Visit the vet for check ups
  • Get the proper vaccinations
  • Get early health screenings

So, what is a Golden Retriever most prone to when it comes to health risks? Prospective Golden owners should keep an eye out for:

  • Hip dysplasia

The American Kennel Club suggests the following health tests for Golden Retrievers:

  • Cardiac exam
  • Ophthalmologist evaluation

What Is The Cost Of A Golden Retriever Puppy

AKC Registered Golden Retriever Puppy For Sale Male Tommy Millersburg ...

If you plan on going through a breeder, keep in mind that Golden Retriever prices will vary depending on the breeder, your puppys parent breeds, and the quality of the puppy.

Golden Retriever puppies can be found for as little as $500 for a companion puppy to as much as $3,000 for a show quality puppy.

And, as we mentioned above, finding a Golden Retriever puppy at a shelter will be even less expensive.

In fact, most shelters offer Golden Retriever dogs with adoption fees for around $50 to $300.

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Cost Of Dog Accessories

Collar and Leash

At a minimum, you will need a good collar and dog leash so that you can take your dog on walks and out and about. A dog collar costs about $5 to $20, but you may need to buy a new one as your Golden Retriever grows. Meanwhile, a dog leash costs about $8 to $35, depending on the material and size.

Dog Crates

Another common accessory that comes with owning a Golden Retriever is a dog crate. Crates are great at helping to potty train your dog, as well as keeping them safe for short periods of time while you can not supervise them. Check out our article Best Dog Crates for Golden Retrievers to see our recommendations.


Coat care for your Golden is also important. Besides using quality shampoo, you may also want to make sure you use The Best Brushes on your dog. There are many types of brushes that all serve a different purpose.

Golden Retriever Health Care

  • $10$50 per month

You will need to purchase a string of vaccinations for rabies, parvo, and distemper shots when your dog is a puppy and will need to continue rabies and distemper every 3 years. Some shots are highly recommended but still optional, while the rabies shot is a legal requirement in the United States. You will also need to purchase a monthly flea and tick medication like Frontline to keep your dog free of parasites, especially if it spends a lot of time outside.

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What To Look For In A Golden Retriever Breeder

When looking for a Golden Retriever breeder, consider these factors:

  • A reputable breeder will take their breeding dogs to the vet for regular visits. If they do not, you shouldnt work with them.
  • You should look for a breeder who is willing to work with you after you get the dog. Then, you can ask questions about the dog or dog care.
  • Its important to look for a breeder with experience. Consider how many litters they have each year and how they breed their dogs.
  • Make sure you know the health history of the parents and their close relatives. That way, you can get a healthy dog.
  • Great breeders screen for common genetic diseases, like hip and elbow dysplasia.
  • If you dont want your dog to breed or participate in a competition, look for a breeder who wont ask for your dog to do those things.

The right Golden Retriever breeder depends on you as a person, but any good breeder should be able to answer any questions. If you dont feel 100 percent confident in a breeder, theyre not the right fit.

Initial Cost Of Golden Retriever Ownership

golden retriever puppies for sale in low price

In purchasing, the Golden Retriever price isnt the only factor to consider. In order to maintain the puppy, dog owners must set aside money for their essential needs.

Here is a summary of all the initial items you need to purchase on top of the Golden Retriever price:

For an overview of your puppys first expenses, heres a list of all the basic products I discussed above and their estimated price:

Type of Expense
Total Initial Cost $605 $2,445

As evident in the figures above, owning a Golden Retriever puppy comes with a number of expenses. The initial Golden Retriever costs for maintenance will range between $605 and $2,445.

You should already have all of the items listed above when you bring your new dog home. Check nearby pet stores for discounts and coupons if you want to reduce your expenses.

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Additional Costs To Consider

Not all dog owners will need these services, but they can be costly if you need them regularly. If you think youll need them, go ahead and budget for them and add the costs to the total figures.

Dog Walking

Golden Retrievers are active and sporting dogs, so they need to be exercised for at least an hour every day. Not all families can commit to this every day. Either through work commitments or because of an unexpected injury yourself. This means youll need to hire a dog walker to keep your Golden exercised and healthy.

Dog walkers will charge, on average, $20 for a group walk lasting 30 minutes. Longer or one-to-one walks cost more. Some owners find that they are better off going to doggy daycare instead. This will typically cost around $25, and it can be a great way to keep your dog healthy and socialized.


The best asset of a Golden Retrievers appearance is its golden coat, and it can take a fair bit of work to keep it looking pretty. For this reason, some owners prefer to send their pooch to a professional groomer every few months. This is more likely to be a must rather than a want if you have a show dog.

Grooming costs depend on the groomers experience, the dog breed, the level of service you need, and your pups behavior. If your dog doesnt enjoy grooming, it will cost more because it takes longer, and there is more risk for the groomer. Typically, the cost of grooming a Golden will cost around $70.


Why Are Golden Retriever Puppies So Expensive

Because they are excellent pets, loving, loyal, and obedient alongside being cheerful and always at your service and your side through thick and thin, they are great emotional support too.

Who wouldnt want some extra love? Especially when its unconditional?

Apart from these qualities, they are amongst the most popular dog breeds and is an eye-candy too, hence explaining their price, and they are worth every penny because you get paid with double the affection later.

On average, you should expect a beautiful, healthy golden retriever puppy to cost from about $500-$2,000. The prices depend on where you get it from.

If its from a famous breeder, for sure, the cost for a golden retriever puppy would be far more than what you could buy at a local shelter where you have to pay the adoption fees and later on cover the dogs expenses.

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Major Benefits Of Bringing A Golden Retriever Home :

While you look for the best Golden for sale in India, it is important to know why the breed is beloved by people around the world. Here are some of the most important benefits of bringing home an adorable Golden Retriever:

They Are Beautiful Creatures!

Arguably the simplest and the biggest reason why Golden Retrievers are adored around the world is that they are beautiful to look at! With their silky-smooth coats and adorable looks, it doesnt take much to fall in love with a Golden Retriever at first sight. The breed is known for its beady brown eyes that add to its innocent appearance. If you bring a Golden Retriever home, make sure you are ready for all the attention you would get from your neighbours!

They Possess Undying Loyalty

Along with being adorable to look at, Golden Retrievers are extremely loyal to their owners. Once they get comfortable around you and realize that you would be taking care of them for the rest of their lives, they would shower you with immense love and care. Whether you are returning home after a long days work or even after being out for a few minutes shopping, your Golden Retriever would always be excited to see you! Goldens are the kind of dogs that do not miss a single chance of showing their owners how much they love them. Irrespective of the puppy you choose in your quest for the right Golden for sale in India, you can be sure of the fact that you would be bringing home an immensely lovable member!

Your Own Personal Therapists

Golden Retriever Price When Buying From A Breeder

AKC Registered Golden Retriever Puppy For Sale Female Abbey Millersbur ...

The average cost of a golden retriever puppy from a quality breeder is between $1,000 and $3,500. When buying a golden retriever, like when buying just about anything else, you get what you pay for.

For example, if you decide to go with the cheapest option available to you, you need to be aware that puppies from deceivingly inexpensive breeders likely havent gone through health check-ups or veterinarian procedures like deworming, microchipping, and vaccinations. All of these missing costs will end up being your responsibility once you bring the puppy home and will soon add to the initial cost of buying a puppy.

On the other hand, breeders who charge more for their golden puppies will likely have a higher breeding standard. This means the puppys parents will be genetically tested for breed-specific health problems and be hip certified.

If you want your golden retriever to live as long as possible, youll spend more money now on your initial investment and purchase a puppy from a reputable breeder.

Going through a breeder, however, isnt the only way you can welcome a golden into your home. This brings me to

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Is It Expensive To Own A Golden Retriever

An owner may spend anywhere between $19,000 to $30,000 on their Golden Retriever during its lifetime.

Each year you should expect to spend $2,500 on your Golden Retriever.

During the puppyâs first year owners will likely spend over $3,000, this does not include the fee to buy a Golden Retriever. First year costs are higher because of training and the amount of supplies you need.

Many owners struggle with their Golden Retriever puppy being mouthy. This means that it likes to chew on things it should not. So, many people seek professional help to resolve this.

Also, Golden Retrievers are notorious for being like Velcro. They like to stay by your side at all times. For some owners, this may be exactly what they are looking for. For other owners, they do not want this and seek help.

Golden Retrievers will require excellent veterinary care in order to live long and healthy lives.

They are prone to many health conditions such as: allergies, chronic recurrent ear infections, hypothyroidism, epilepsy, hip dysplasia and arthritis.

Purdue University performed a study on cancer prevalence in Golden Retrievers. It was determined that 61% of Golden Retrievers die due to cancer.

Goldens will likely require surgery and chemotherapy to manage cancer and prolong survival time. Owners need to know this prior to adopting. Cancer treatment is not cheap, it can be between $8,000 to $15,000.

Pet Insurance For Golden Retrievers

  • $10$30 per month

You can expect to pay between $10 and $30 for pet insurance for your Golden Retriever, depending on how early you get it. The insurance will be cheaper when the dog is still a puppy, so thats the best time to get it. Many people dont see the importance of pet insurance, but if your dog gets into an accident or comes down with a serious illness, the out-of-pocket expenses can be prohibitive and prevent your dog from getting the treatment it needs. When you need it, you will be glad you have it.

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Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale

Please be aware that these puppies are only available to approved depositors!

In order to be eligible to adopt one of our Golden Retriever puppies, you will need to complete and submit an Adoption Application. Once you have submitted an application and it has been approved and youve placed your deposit you will then be eligible to place your name in the picking order for any available litter or you may place your name on the pick list of a future litter.

The Average Golden Retriever Price When Going Through A Shelter

golden retriever puppies for sale in low price

Rescuing a Golden Retriever from a shelter has a number of advantages that far surpass the less expensive initial adoption fee.

Rescuing a Golden Retriever has numerous benefits, and just one of them is price. Of course, even if you opt to go through a shelter to adopt your Golden Retriever dog, there is still going to be a fee.

On average, the Golden Retriever price for going through a shelter is between $300 and $750. Again, this price can vary again depending on your region and the shelter you go through.

But why might it cost this much to rescue a Golden Retriever? Most reputable shelters will charge a fee that covers the cost it took to care for the Golden Retriever while he was there. Fees will also likely include an initial vet exam, potential vaccination updates, and even behavioral testing and training to ensure your Golden Retriever is ready to go to his forever home.

Of course, there are also hidden benefits and cost savings you can incur when going through a shelter to rescue your Golden.

In fact, if you rescue a Golden Retriever that is over two years of age, youll likely be skipping the wild and sometimes costly puppyhood phase. Puppy vet visits can add up, as can those initial vet exams and training classes.

Adult Golden Retrievers are also more likely to have been spayed or neutered, and they may even have already been microchipped by their previous family or owner!

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About The Mini Golden Retriever

A miniature Golden Retriever is not the result of selecting all the runts in multiple litters to breed. The mini Golden Retriever is the result of a cross between Cocker Spaniels and Golden Retrievers to produce a dog that will be 20 to 24 inches tall and weigh 20 to 50 pounds. Sometimes breeders add the miniature Poodle to the cross and others use Poodles exclusively. The result is a hybrid that often has a finer coat than a purebred Golden and may have other personality quirks.

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