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Do Golden Retrievers Shed More Than Labs

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The History Of The Labrador Retriever

Golden Retriever VS Labrador Retriever- Which Breed is Best For You

On the contrary, the Labrador Retriever hails from Newfoundland, Canada and was originally known as the Lesser Newfoundland.

The Lab is a descendant of the St. Johns Water Dog , which was itself a cross between the Newfoundland and a Native Water Dog.

Like the Goldens, Labs were originally used to retrieve fish from Canadian waters and they excelled at this role. This breed made it way to the United Kingdom in the 19th century thanks to their excellent hunting and retrieving skills.

The Earl of Malmesbury is credited with coining the name Labrador in an effort to differentiate these dogs from their Newfoundland heritage.

According to the American Kennel Club, the Labrador Retriever has been Americas most popular breed for 24 consecutive years the longest run for any breed in history.

Labradors are also the most successful guide dogs of all. The Guide Dogs of America report that their breed composition is 70 percent Labradors, 15 percent German Shepherds and 15 percent Golden Retrievers.

Labs are considered to be the best breed for this role because they are a friendly, loyal breed with an eager-to-please attitude. They are also the perfect size, easily trained and easily adaptable.

Now that you know where each breed came from, lets delve deeper into the Labrador Vs Golden Retriever debate.

Does Shaving A Golden Retriever Help With Shedding

No, it would be best if you never shave your Golden Retriever or any double-coated dog. It will damage their fur and can even cause skin problems.

Shaving means removing their protection against elements and their ability to adapt to weather changes. This can increase the risk of heat strokes and sunburn.

Do note that some professionals and owners do not encourage the use of de-shedding tools, like Furminators. They believe it will ruin the Goldens coat.

As an alternative, they recommend using a pin brush, along with an undercoat rake.

If you prefer de-shedding tools, we advise that you only use it on your Goldie once a week.

Its razor-sharp and abrasive.;It will remove painful mats and prevent tangles, but excessive use can also thin out your fidos coat and scratch her skin.

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Is A Golden Retriever Right For Me

This is really based on what your needs are. If you want an active dog that you can take out on the water, one that will remain gentle and loyal, this might very well be the right dog for you. Realistically, these dogs were bred to be active and to be with their humans all day so if you are willing to put in the time and effort to be with your dog most of the time, a Golden Retriever is right for you.

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Golden Retriever Vs Labrador: Training

Both Labs and Goldens are known to be very intelligent and eager to please their owners. This implies that training will be easy with either breed.

Therefore, you can expect housetraining, obedience training and other aspects of training to take a short time with these super smart dogs.

No matter whether you opt for a golden Retriever or a Labrador, obedience training is a must. This will help prevent your dog from;jumping up on people or unintentionally hurting children in their haste to greet friends.

It will also make it much easier to take your Lab or Golden on daily walks. Both breeds can be easily distracted by birds and other small animals due to their natural hunting instincts.

Keep in mind that not all Golden Retrievers or all Labradors will conform to their respective breed standards. Each dog is different and may show some atypical traits.

Is your dog driving you crazy? to solve all dog problems the kind and gentle way.

The Difference: Golden Retrievers Vs Labs

Do Golden Retrievers bark and shed less than Labrador ...

When comparing golden retrievers and labrador retrievers, you might not know the differences right off the bat. Its easy to see that goldens are long-haired dogs while labs have shorter coats, but what goes beyond that?

Both goldens and labs are amazing dogs and would make a perfect companion for any size family, but if youve ever wondered the difference between the two breeds, then take a look at this quick guide on these two popular dogs.

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Prevent And Treat Skin Diseases

Allergies, parasites, infections, and more can all plague your golden, so make sure vet checkups are regularly scheduled.

It will keep you “in the know” about what’s going on with your dog, and your vet can help you treat and prevent diseases that could cause hair follicles to become unhealthy.

Some afflictions cause dogs to scratch excessively, which causes hair loss, and can be treated with medicine from your vet.

Are Male Or Female Labs Better

This is based on your preferences and what you have available. Males tend to be slightly larger than females and you might not have the space for that. Males are also more aggressive and territorial by nature than females. You might also prefer a female simply because you already have female dogs or vice versa.

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Do Golden Retrievers Shed More Than Labs

Now that you know more about the whole shedding situation, lets go back to your dilemma

So you have finally decided to bring home just ONE dog.

And youre currently torn between adopting that sweet, charming Labrador and that playful, endearing Golden Retriever.

But you have ONE important condition before you decide which one to get:

You want a dog breed that wont require you to pick up piles and piles of hair several times a day.

Between the two, it may outright seem that Goldens shed more than Labs. After all, they have long hairs, so its easy to spot a trail or two or more of these golden-brown hairs on your furniture, carpeting, and so on. Right?

The answer is yes and no.

Yes, Golden Retrievers are notorious for copious shedding because they have fine and long golden hair. Side by side with a Lab, their pile of hair may be higher and will take up a bigger space than a Labs tiny little stack of hair.

But the thing is that Labradors shed, too! You just dont notice it as much.

This is why, no, Golden Retrievers dont exactly shed more than Labs but they do have longer hair falling out, so its easier to find.

So if you dont want to deal with a lot of vacuuming, these two dog breeds are not exactly your best bet. They rank high in the sweet pet department but if shedding is an issue with you, youll either have to live with it or leave it if youre dead-set on getting either one of these dogs.

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Labs Vs Goldens Health

Golden Retriever Vs Labrador Retriever – Which is Better? Dog vs Dog

All purebred breeds like the Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever can have inherited health problems. Here are a few you need to look out for.

Both dogs have high cancer risk, can suffer from obesity, have hip and elbow dysplasia, eye disease or ear infections. The cancer risk is higher in Goldens than Labs with over 60% of the dogs developing cancer during their lifetime. Labs are more prone to obesity than Goldens so its important that they get a lot of exercise and their weight is managed. Comparing the two dogs, Labs may be the healthier breed as much of their health problems can be avoided by testing.

Do you prefer a Golden to a Lab? Share your favourite breed with us on or , or in the comments section below.

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Labrador Retrievers Live Longer

The Golden Retriever and the Labrador are both healthy dogs.

Goldens have an average life expectancy of 10 to 12 years compared with a Labradors life expectancy of 10 to 14 years.

Both dogs are genetically predisposed to health issues that can be discovered with routine elbow and hip scoring and eye tests.

But Golden Retrievers and Labradors suffer from different diseases

Labrador Retriever Vs Golden Retriever: Price

If youre looking to save a few bucks, your best bet might be getting a Lab puppy.

Although there are many factors that affect the price of a puppy, the average price of a Lab puppy for sale is approximately $750.

On the contrary, the average price of a Golden Retriever puppy for sale from a reputable breeder is around $1500.

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Personality Traits: What Are Golden Retrievers And Labs Like

  • Intelligence & Disposition

Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers are both very intelligent dogs, who excel at a wide variety of jobs and roles, including service, police and search-and-rescue work.

But their gentle, affectionate nature and temperament also make them remarkable therapy dogs who can quickly relieve their owners anxiety, stress, and depression.

Both breeds are also occasionally used to monitor biological signs in their owners.

For instance, some are used to detect changes in blood sugar for diabetic owners. Once the dog appreciates the drop in blood sugar, he will alert his owner, who can then take the necessary steps.

Golden-Labrador mixes have even been employed in trials designed to determine if dogs can detect cancer in humans.

  • Training & Playing;

Because of their high intelligence, Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers are both very easy to train trying to draw distinctions between the two with regard to intelligence or trainability is an exercise in futility.

Even first-time dog owners should be able to teach either of these breeds basic obedience, and most are very capable of learning amusing tricks.

Most Labs and Goldens love learning dog commands and pleasing their owners, so theyll often approach training sessions with the same enthusiasm and vigor that they do for playtime.

Both breeds will bark at odd sounds or unfamiliar visitors, but they arent terribly suspicious, and generally make quick friends with anyone they meet.

  • Energy Level

Why And When Golden Retrievers Shed

Do Labs Shed? How Much & When? Your Guide on Labrador ...

Golden Retrievers are double-coated canines. They have a waterproof topcoat and a downy, soft undercoat. You may think its too much fur, but it helps them regulate their temperature.

Theyre moderate shedders all-year-round, but they shed more when the season changes during spring and fall to adapt to the changing climate. Their coat gets thinner for the summer, and they grow thicker fur for the winter.

For Golden Retriever puppies, theyll start to lose their puppy coat and grow into their adult hair at around six months of age.

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British Vs American Labrador And Golden Retriever Breeds

Not to be confusing but there are difference between what is known as the British and American standard bred Labs and Retrievers. The British Golden Retriever is slightly heavier and stockier than their American cousin, and have a broader skull and are more muscular. The British Goldie also tends to be slightly lighter in colour.

There are also differences between the British and American Lab. The American standard Lab is considered a Working Lab whilst the British is known as a Show Lab. Labs bred for show have become more common in the UK whilst Labs bred for hunting and field trials are known as American types of Labs.

Personality wise, the American Lab is more active and energetic than its British counterpart. British Labs also tend to be larger and have a calmer personality but both are equally friendly, playful and outgoing.

Losing The Golden Puppy Coat

When dogs, including Golden Retrievers, are puppies, they have a coat thats extra thick and padded. This is so that they are extra warm for the first 4 to 6 months after birth.

When puppies are around six months old, they will shed this puppy coat and develop their adult coat. You can expect to be dealing with more shedding, therefore, when your dog is around six months old.

So prepare for that and have nothing to worry about. Its all part of the natural puppy shedding cycle of all dogs.;

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Physical Traits: How Are Golden Retrievers And Labs Different

  • Appearance & Face;

The Golden Retriever and Labrador both have the same basic head and face shape, which seems to carry a perpetually friendly expression. Yet despite their similar appearances, you can learn to distinguish between the two pretty easily with practice.

Among other differences, Labs often have wider, blunter faces than Goldens do, and Goldens typically have smaller, narrower eyes than labs.

Labs also possess very prominent eyebrow ridges, while Goldens have rather subtle eyebrow ridges. Some people think that this makes Labs more expressive, but Golden Retrievers certainly make plenty of adorable facial expressions that are just as easy to note and decipher.

  • Golden Retriever vs Lab Size & Build

Both breeds have a relatively similar athletic build, although some individuals are heavier or thinner than others.

There is plenty of variation in size among both breeds, but most Labrador and Golden Retrievers are big dogs, who weigh between about 50 and 80 pounds or so.

Nevertheless, Labs are a bit larger than Goldens on average; exceptionally large or overweight individuals may approach 90 pounds or more in weight.

Both breeds reach similar heights, but the largest Labs may grow about 1 inch taller than the largest Goldens do.

  • Colors & Coats

Labrador Retrievers come in three color variations:black, chocolate and yellow. By contrast, golden labs are, well, gold.

  • Paws, Claws, Teeth & Ears

Golden Retriever Vs Labrador: Temperament

Do Golden Retrievers Shed

When it comes to behavior and temperament, Goldies and Labs share many traits in common. Both breeds are affectionate, loyal and eager to please.

They both love being around their owners and family and Golden Retrievers will often wear a smile when in the company of their owners or friends.

There are very minor personality differences between the Golden Retriever and the Labrador. Golden Retrievers are generally more sensitive than Labradors and might not ignore scolding or being shouted at by their masters as quickly as a Lab would.

Since Goldens and Labs are both working dogs, theyhave tons of energy and tend to be very active. Both Labs and Goldens enjoy swimming and will happily dive into the water for a retrieve. Their enthusiasm and high energy levels should be met with love and attention.

Neither breed tolerates being left alone for hours. Goldens will chew on your belongings if they are not given plenty of chew toys. On the other hand, Labs tend to develop separation anxiety and also have a chewing habit.

If either the Golden Retrievers or Labradors are left alone for extended periods of time, they can become destructive by chewing on their crate or your belongings and house. Therefore, keeping both breeds busy and mentally stimulated is of the utmost importance.

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Labradors Are More Popular

The Golden Retriever and Labrador are among the most popular dog breeds listed by the American Kennel Club.

Goldens are ranked the 3rd most popular breed and Labs are first.

The Golden Retrievers popularity sky rocketed to 3rd after the movie Air Bud.

Labrador Retrievers have been the most popular dog breed in America for over 20 years.

Both retrievers are loved for their gentle nature which is why they are used as therapy and working dogs.

Golden Retriever Vs Labrador: Health

Both Goldens and Labs are heavy dogs. Due to their bulkier bodies and heavier sizes, both breeds are prone to joint and hip problems.

When it comes to Golden Retriever Vs Labrador health comparison, however, the Lab probably has the upper hand. The high risk conditions in Labradors are often preventable through proper health screening.

Again, the Embark Dog DNA Test Kit will help you to find a health Lab puppy. With Goldens, this at-home DNA Test Kit will still help you find a healthy puppy so you can avoid the life-limiting risk of cancer.

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Who Is A Golden Retriever Best For

Realistically, Golden Retrievers are best for people who want a loving, kind, gentle dog. This breed is especially best for people who work structured hours, dont end up staying late at the office too often and can get home to give care to their pup.;

Families with children and existing pets like other dogs or cats would also do best with a Golden Retriever. Retired couples who are still active would do well to invest in this breed. Just make sure that you have it tested for any pre-existing genetic conditions.

Labrador Retrievers Do Not Need Regular Grooming

Do Labs Shed

When comparing a Golden Retriever vs Labrador the Golden is known to have significantly higher grooming requirements.

Due to their double coats, both dogs will need brushing but Goldens should be brushed daily and Labs every few days.

Regular brushing helps keep your dogs coat soft and removes dead fur. Golden Retrievers require more brushing to prevent any matting of their long coat.

However, the Labrador sheds just as much fur as a Golden.

This is especially true during late autumn and spring when their coats are preparing for either cooler or warmer temperatures.

Owners often trim the Golden Retrievers longer fur near the ears, neck, paws and tail. Labradors do not have any areas with longer sections of fur that require trimming.

Both breeds are similar with their teeth, nail and ear grooming requirements.

With both dogs, it is important to begin grooming from a young age so that they grow accustomed to it.

The Labrador Retriever is a lower maintenance breed when it comes to grooming.

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