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Health Issues With Golden Retrievers

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Golden Retriever Health Issues And Problems

9 Most Common Health Problems In Golden Retrievers

Golden retriever puppies are adorable, lovable bundles of energy but do golden retrievers have a lot of health problems when they grow up? Fortunately, a good breeder can select for strong health genes, but golden retrievers are still susceptible to a few health conditions. Below, well discuss some of the golden retriever health problems and symptoms you should be aware of before committing to a puppy.

Cardio And Respiratory Conditions

Many large breed dogs, including Golden Retrievers, have problems with their heart, lungs, and circulatory system. One of the most common issues is a genetic disease called subvalvular aortic stenosis . This is a narrowing of the aorta that causes the heart to work harder than it normally would. The most common symptoms of SAS are weakness, lethargy, and difficulty breathing. Eventually, SAS can lead to death. Sometimes its difficult to tell if your Golden Retriever is lethargic because of a health issue or if hes just being lazy. If your dogs personality seems to have changed or hes more lethargic than usual, a vet visit will help put your mind at ease.

Golden Retriever Care And Grooming

The breed has a double coat comprised of a thicker, water-repellent top coat and a soft undercoat to keep the dog cool in warmer months and warm in cooler months.

The only downside of the Golden Retriever is shedding youll find white balls of fluff everywhere!

Because they tend to shed throughout the year but particularly around the change of the season, it is recommended that owners spend at least 10 minutes per week brushing their Golden Retriever.

Besides regular brushing, they dont need much grooming, other than a bath once per month.

What do Golden Retrievers owners claim for the most?

  • Dermatitis

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Recommendations For Your Golden Retriever

Cosequin DS Chewables Plus MSM by Nutramax

This supplement contains glucosamine and MSM and is effective in supporting mobility and joint health in dogs.

Doc Ackerman’s Epilepsy & Seizure Formula for Dogs and Cats

This is an effective herbal formula that contains nerve-calming and nourishing herbs such as chamomile, ginseng, passion flower, St.-John’s wort, valerian root, etc. It greatly helps dogs with epilepsy.

Furminator De-shedding Tool

Golden Retrievers have long double coats of an outer hair and an under coat. The thick coat may become matted unless groomed twice a week. Goldens shed throughout the year with increased shedding once or twice a year. This excellent tool helps to control shedding by removing the loose and dead undercoat hair, without damaging the topcoat. Highly recommended!


Joint Diseases In Golden Retrievers

Golden Retriever Health Issues

Golden Retrievers suffer from high rates of hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia.

The Orthopedic Foundation of America evaluated the hip X-rays of 148,000 Golden Retrievers and found 20% dysplastic. Over 42,000 elbow X-rays were evaluated and 11% were dysplastic. For comparison, Flat-Coated Retrievers have a 4% hip dysplasia rate and less than 1% elbow dysplasia rate.

Other common orthopedic health problems in Goldens include luxating patella and osteochondritis.

Goldens are prone to tearing or rupturing the cruciate ligament in their leg. Repairing it is an expensive surgery with a long recovery time.

Panosteitis can occur in young Golden Retrievers.

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The Canine Lifetime Health Project

Morris Animal Foundation, founded in 1948, is a public nonprofit organization that funds humane scientific studies to advance animal health. The Canine Lifetime Health Project was initiated by Morris Animal Foundation in 2012 as the first-of-its-kind database to register dog owners interested in participating in clinical research studies. The CLHP website registers dog owners and their dogs of all ages and breeds including mixed-breed dogs. The concept of the CLHP website as the gateway to a community of dog owners accessible for separate health studies is similar to that used for human clinical research by the Army of Women , where both women and men can register online to be eligible to participate in studies related to breast cancer. The Love/Avon Army of Women was started by the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation in 2008 and has since registered over 375 000 people of which various subsets have participated in at least 19 studies.

Golden Retriever Personality And Temperament

Golden Retrievers generally have a great temperamentthey are often friendly with children, other pets, and even strangers. They enjoy being the center of attention.

Golden Retrievers also love affection and being petted and will nudge you gently so that you continue to pet them.

It is very rare for a Golden Retriever to show any sign of aggression.

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Nutritional Tips For A Golden Retriever

Starting a Golden Retriever on a joint supplement early in life can help slow down or possibly prevent arthritis. Movoflex, Synovi Chews, Dasuquin, Cosequin, and Flexadin are some examples of joint supplements that have gone through clinical trials and are proven to be effective.

Another supplement to consider for a Golden Retriever is an omega-3 fatty acid supplement . This supplement helps to reduce inflammation in the joints, makes the coat more lustrous, and protects the skin barrier from allergens in the environment. Some good fish oil supplements are Nordic Naturals Omega-3 Pet, Vetoquinol Triglyceride Omega-3 Fatty Acids, and Nutramax Welactin Omega 3.

Possible Health Issues Of A Golden

What Common Health Problems Do Golden Retrievers Have
  • Elbow and hip dysplasia
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Seizures

Regular visits to the veterinarian will ensure you stay on top of anything that may come up, but chances are youll have a healthy dog for many years. Prepare to visit twice a year for regular check-ups, shots, and prevention medication. The vet will also be able to clip their nails and check their teeth.

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Golden Retrievers And Other Pets

Well-socialised Golden Retrievers are very easy-going, which usually means they can be great around other dogs and pets, too. Any introductions should be done carefully and following the right advice for your other pet, too.

Always supervise your dog with other pets, even if they have known them for a long time.

Contact Golden Meadows Retrievers To Add A Lovable Golden Retriever To Your Family

To start the process of reserving a golden retriever puppy of your own, contact Golden Meadows. Well make a match based on the puppys personality and the needs of your home, so youll be sure to get a good fit.

We comb through health records meticulously before we breed our dogs, so you can rest assured that your puppy will arrive happy, socialized and healthy. You can also opt for an older puppy with a great head start on training. Our dogs come with a minimum of a one-year health guarantee against genetic heart, hip and eye defects, which may be extendable by two years with the right home nutrition program.

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Aortic Stenosis And Heart Problems

Golden Retrievers are one of the most likely dog breeds to have aortic stenosis, which occurs when the hearts aortic valve narrows, forcing the body to work harder to pump blood through the valve. Aortic Stenosis can lead to extra stress on the heart and heart failure.

Signs & Symptoms:

  • Weakness

Prevention & Treatment:

Regular veterinary care, via physical examinations, blood work, and urinalysis, can catch aortic stenosis early on. Aortic stenosis can be treated with medication or, in severe cases, surgery.

What To Do If Your Golden Retriever Has Health Issues

The Most Common Golden Retriever Health Issues And Their Remedies ...

Just because many of the above health issues have no cure, doesnât mean that you canât be proactive about spotting and catching these diseases. Similar to humans, early intervention is always helpful when trying to maintain or care for a health issue.

If youâre bringing home your golden retriever from a breeder, the most important thing a prospective golden parent can do to be proactive about their dog’s health is to choose a puppy from a high-quality breeder.

âThe most conscientious and ethical breeders will test their breeding stock for common issues and use only the best dogs in their breeding programs,” says Dr. Myers. “Donât be afraid to ask for your puppyâs existing test results. The breeder should be able to show you test results regarding joint, eye, and heart issues from all the dogs in the puppy’s pedigree.”

Of course, health issues can happen at any time whether you adopted your pet or got it from a breeder. If youâre concerned about your golden retrieverâs health, you can talk to an experienced vet who can quickly answer any health concerns you may have.

âA healthy dog will have relatively regular patterns of eating, drinking, and going to the bathroom as well as a stable appetite and energy level,â says Dr. Myers. âAnything outside of that can indicate the problem that warrants further investigation.â

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Cardiovascular And Respiratory Disorders

Like other large breeds, Golden Retrievers are susceptible to a number of heart, lung, and circulation problems.

Subvalvular aortic stenosis , a narrowing of the conduit that transports oxygenated blood from the heart to the body. This is one of the most prevalent and dangerous.

Aortic narrowing or partial blockage forces the heart to work harder than it should. It can result in significant consequences, including death.

If your pet exhibits symptoms of lethargy, weakness, or difficulty breathing. Consult your veterinarian right once to rule out SAS.

The Best Age To Neuter Golden Retriever Male

Considering that male golden retrievers are more aggressive than female ones, the best time to neuter them is as soon as they reach sexual maturity. Females, like males, can become sexually active early in life. They can also show signs of mate-seeking behavior. Whether it is a stray or a pet, it is wise to have neuter performed.

Theres no one answer to this question, as different golden retrievers will have different needs based on their individual personalities and lifestyles. However, some experts believe that neutering a golden retriever at 6 or 7 months old is generally the best time to do it.

This is because these dogs are still young and developing physically, but they have already reached the age when theyre likely to be more active and less anxious. Plus, by neutering a male golden retriever before his first season of breeding, you can help reduce the number of unwanted puppies produced in the future.

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What Common Health Problems Do Golden Retrievers Have

We already know that a golden is well-mannered, intelligent and loving with an easy-going temperament perfect for young children. They are easily trained, faithful and obedient, learn new things and pick up new commands quickly. They make a perfect pet for any family.

That being said, just like any member of your family, your golden retrievers health is an important issue to consider. Its been reported that Goldens tend to live to be about 10 to 13 years old. . . of course there are exceptions. Good health habits, monitoring, and routine vet visits will ensure that your pet is healthy, happy and pain-free for as long as possible!

If you have a golden retriever or are considering getting one, its important that you are aware of the following health and behavioral problems that are sometimes found in this amazing breed of dog.

NOTE:A lot of the issues mentioned in this post can be reduced and sometimes even eliminated by simply doing your homework and getting your golden from a reputable breeder

Golden Retriever Dog Breed Health Guide

Golden Retriever Skin Issues

MetLife Pet Insurance1 helps take the worry out of covering the cost of unexpected visits to the vet with your furry family members.

Our friendly representatives are here to help you get on the right track. Reach out via phone, email or chat and well get back to you ASAP!

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Life Expectancy: 10 – 12 yearsDog Breed Group: Sporting DogsWeight: 55 – 75 lbs.

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Common Golden Retriever Health Issues To Know About

Golden Retrievers are known for their intelligence and friendly demeanor.

The breed is a long-standing favorite in US households.

While generally healthy and hearty dogs, Goldens are susceptible to various health issues that, if allowed to progress, can cause severe suffering in the long run.

Common Golden Retriever health issues include cancer, von Willebrand Disease, bloat, hypothyroidism, cataracts, and hip and elbow dysplasia. In addition, Goldens are prone to various skin conditions, chest problems, and ear infections.

Using my experience as a veterinary doctor, Ive compiled the following list of common Golden Retriever health issues, their symptoms, how theyre diagnosed, and the best course of action.

Anxiety About Being Apart

Golden Retrievers are brave and devoted. Theyd leap at the chance to play with you, and theyre always up for meeting new people. And because leaving the house crushes their hearts, they express their anguish by barking.

Your golden retriever needs a lot of exercise and affection. As well as, dont get agitated or thrilled when you leave or return home.

This will exacerbate your dogs uneasiness. Instead, spread your joy throughout the day, listen to your dog. Reach out to them when they least expect it.

Every dog breed has its own set of health challenges. Also despite the issues listed above, Golden Retrievers provide us joy and comfort.

We must assist them in remaining healthy and happy. Do you want to adopt one as well? We recognize how much responsibility comes with having a dog.

Being by their side all of the time makes a big difference in developing a happy and healthy pup.

You wont have to worry about separation anxiety with Furbo! You can chat with your dog at any time to comfort him or her and ensure that everything is well.

Being absent does not preclude you from being available in an emergency. In fact, you can also give your dog their favorite goodies if they are obedient and considerate.

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Stomach Bloating And Gdv

The most pathetic information about this sickness is not many owners know about it. The stomach of the dog is a sensitive organ, and it may get dilated due to gas, food or fluids. It gets enlarged to such a level where the stomach shall stop the blood circulation too. This may lead to severe complications. The dogs stomach walls may get ruptured. At times, the stomach may also turn upside down due to gas.

If a Golden Retriever is suffering from gastric dilatation-volvulus, it increases the internal pressure in the stomach. It leads to many complications like

  • The blood from the abdomen does not reach the heart
  • At the same time, the blood flow does not reach the stomach lining too
  • The stomach wall can tear
  • The lungs shall get compressed causing the dog not to breathe properly
  • This leads to the body of the dog getting dried, and there shall be no ventilation inside. It causes death.

    There are only a few reasons that cause GDV. Suppose you happen to leave your dog to mingle with others which has the same condition. If your dog is older, it may become prone to such sicknesses.

    But the major problem is due to overfeeding. If you feed your dog with an excessive meal, it shall get into this complication. You may easily notice if your dog has such a condition. There are a few signs that the dog might show and you must decipher it with the help of a vet.

  • It can be due to Environmental influence
  • Of course, it is genetically inherited too
  • Ear Infections In Golden Retrievers

    Common Health Problems of Golden Retrievers

    As Golden Retrievers have floppy ears, they tend to be more predisposed to getting ear infections. Its important to regularly check their ears and clean them when necessary with an appropriate, dog-friendly solution. If you spot any discharge from the ear or if it seems hot, red or itchy, go to the vets as soon as possible.

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    Caring For Your Senior Golden Retriever

    1.Age-specific Diet

    An adult Golden Retriever may not eat the same type of food what a puppy eats. Hence an old Golden Retriever needs its specific diet to stay more active and healthy. The state of metabolic activity changes as the dog ages and it is important to discuss the diet pattern with your Vet to understand which diet is suitable for your dog.

    Ensure that your dogs food is fresh and unprocessed. Add essential supplements such as fish oil and other essential ones to support bone, joint, heart and brain health

    2.Do not forget Exercise

    Even though your Golden Retriever has grown older, it does not mean you should not exercise your Golden. Even older Goldens need exercise which is known asAge suitable exercise. Sedentary life worsens some health problems hence your Golden should be given moderate walks, swimming and other forms of exercises suitable for its age and health.

    Take your dog for a long walk, let him explore new smells. Thus exercising provides both physical and mental stimulation which is beneficial to the overall health of your senior Golden.

    3.Regular Vet checkups

    4.Lots of love

    Express immense love towards your senior Golden which makes him immensely happy. Give your senior Golden some beach trips, couch cuddlings, massages, belly rubbings and lovely walks.

    We would Love to hear from You. Ask your Questions and Share your views in comments

    Should You Own A Golden

    Golden Retrievers are wonderful, right? Well then, of course everyone should have one. Actually no they arent suitable for every family. Its important to consider some key qualities of a golden before deciding to own one. For some people, these qualities are features. For others, they are bugs. Either way, it is vital that you examine your own lifestyle, needs and wants to see if a golden is right for you. And, conversely, you need to evaluate if you can meet the needs of a golden retriever. If you can, we can attest to the fact that owning a golden is one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have! They are addicting and people seldom have just one in their lifetimes. Once you have a golden, youre usually hooked for life.

    Here are a few things to consider:


    Goldens are medium to large sized animals. The standard size for males range from 23 24 inches at the shoulder and weigh proportionally from 65-75 pounds. Females stand around 21.5 22.5 inches and weigh 55-65 pounds. They normally possess extremely active tails making clean sweeps of coffee and end tables. Quite simply they need room. Uncluttered houses are a must!


    Velcro Dog


    You may have visions of letting your dog play fetch in an open field or running free on the beach. As a sporting dog they are easily distracted by birds, animals or moving objects they must be kept leashed when being exercised outside of a fenced yard to keep them from running off.




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