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How Much Should I Pay For A Golden Retriever Puppy

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A Run Down Of Purchase Price


Have you ever walked down the beach and fallen in love with a puppy? Did you ask the owner where they got it, and how much it cost them? The most often asked question I get by e-mail is how much does a golden retriever puppy cost to purhase. Even more specifically, how much does a golden retriever puppy cost in California. In this article I will discuss how much a golden retriever can cost and why the variation in prices.

Community Coverage Vs Insurance

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The Cost Of Supplies For A Golden Retriever

Having the right supplies can make welcoming your new Golden Retriever into your home that much easier. After sorting through more than 250 items across the best seller lists on Amazon, Walmart and PetSmart, the initial cost of supplies is likely to fall anywhere between $215 and $855. On average, your first-year cost should be around the $450 mark for a large dog.

Supplies Prices
$95 $385 $215

Other equipment, such as a muzzle, clothing, play pens and fences are not included here. Rather, it accounts for essential supplies. To help save on some of these items, second-hand stores, local pet shops and popular websites might be worth considering.

Check our Dog Supplies Guide and get tips to choose the right items for you and your dog . Learn everything about costs, and find the best products available.If you are on a budget check our special selection and buy everything new for less than $200.

For example, here are 5 of my favorite products, offering excellent value at a low price. You will find non-slip stainless-steel bowls, a lovely dog collar with different color and size options, a strong dog leash with a comfortable handle, a soft dog bed, and a great dog toy set supporting a non-profit dog rescue. Click on each image to check the price on Amazon.

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Cost Of Veterinary Expenses

You can expect to pay for the vet each year so that your dog can remain up to date with their shots. An annual visit can also make sure your dog is healthy, but you may want to take your dog in more often if they get sick or have other problems.

A routine vet visit costs about $100 for a simple visit, but getting vaccinations and other treatments can increase the cost to $300 or so. The average cost for shots for your dog is $15 to $28, and a fecal exam costs $25 to $45.

Flea treatment can cost $16 to $30 for a flea comb and flea shampoo. You can also get a combination medication to treat fleas and ticks for $50 every three months. A three-month supply of heartworm medication costs about $45 to $60, while six months of medication costs $60 to $120. You can get pet insurance to help cover the cost of these vet expenses.

Cost Of A Golden Retriever From A Reputable Breeder $1000

golden retriever puppy

Buying from a reputable breeder is the safest and best way to purchase a Golden Retriever. The risks are the lowest, and most breeder websites are very clear on all the details.

At Farm Country Goldens, each of our Golden Retrievers is brought to you through the best breeding standards and comes with a 1-year hereditary health guarantee. We do genetic testing on all of the parents in our program to ensure our pups are as healthy and free of genetic issues as possible.

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The Golden Retriever’s Characteristics Are Described Here

The retriever is an enormous dog with an ivory-to-reddish silky coat that is easily recognizable. a dark nose is framed by its floppy ears and gentle eyes. Originally, this breed was developed to assist duck hunters in retrieving their prey from the water. These dogs have remained amiable and accepting of change to this day. Water and fetch are two of their favorite pastimes, which combine to make them the classic American canine.

In the mid-1800s, the breed was first established in Scotland as the hunting retriever. It was because of this that they immediately became a favorite with hunters and pet owners alike. Dogs of this type are now more popular as pets because of their gentle nature. They’re also well-suited to working as service dogs because of their calm demeanor. They are one of the nicest dog breeds to have around a growing family because of their kind demeanor.

Recurring Cost Of Owning A Golden Retriever

  • Food Costs

Golden Retrievers are mostly voracious eaters. Because of this, they tend to choke on big chunks of food and are very much prone to obesity so its up to you to control their eating habits.

There are some specific food bowls that are intended to do just that. But before buying one, you might want to try putting ice cubes on its bowl to somehow limit the amount of food they can gobble up at once.

Golden pups need to have a natural, limited ingredient diet since they are more prone to food allergies so stay away from food that contains grains, gluten or wheat. A high-quality 12-lb bag of dog food will cost around $36 and will last for two months.

If you have an adult Golden Retriever, a 30-lb bag will cost around $60. If it is not that active, the food will last around 1 ½ months. Otherwise, the food will last a month.

Also, if you want to have a shiny coat for your Golden, you must look for dog food that has fatty acid contents.

  • Hygiene and Grooming Costs

One thing that sets potential dog owners off is that Golden Retrievers have long coats and that they shed a lot. And this is not just a concern of those with allergies but also those who cant be bothered cleaning and disposing of dogs hair every time.

While others would make Golden Retrievers shedding their life problem, it only takes a few minutes of brushing of their coat to minimize this occurrence. This also makes a good bonding moment for you and your dog.

  • Illness and Disease Costs

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The Final Financial Word

As we now know how much itll cost for the first year of your dogs life, and every year of his adult life, and given that Retrievers on average live for around fourteen years, from the cradle to the grave, your boy should cost you forty thousand dollars. Its a small price to pay for a lifetime of affection and devotion.

Grooming My Golden Retriever

You Have Only 1000$, Can You Own A Golden Retriever?

Your pet needs grooming to assure that it is healthy and happy.

You can take them to a professional groomer, do this as often as needed or you could learn how to groom your Golden Retriever yourself. If you find properly brushing your dogs teeth difficult, then buy some extra supplies to make brushing from home easier.

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How Much Is A Puppy Vaccination

Dog owners should consider puppy vaccinations to assure they have a healthy dog. Getting your Golden retriever puppy the proper vaccinations can cost a few hundred pounds depending on where you go. Golden retriever vaccinations are generally more expensive than other breeds because Golden retrievers have the highest rates of cancer among all dogs, therefore insurance costs tend to be higher for Golden Retrievers as well.

Ongoing Golden Retriever Costs

You should expect to pay anywhere from $700 to $2,200 to buy a Golden Retriever. But, you may be wondering what contributes to the ongoing costs of owning a Golden Retriever?

Just like their price, there are many factors that can increase the cost of ownership.

A few expenses that many people do not realize they might encounter as a Golden Retriever owner include: licensing fees, boarding fees, microchipping, treats, heartworm preventatives, and flea and tick preventatives.

Training, feeding, grooming, veterinary care, supplies, and pet insurance make up the major costs.

In fact, each year you should expect to spend $2,500 on your Golden Retriever:

  • Veterinary Bills: $625
  • Grooming: $480
  • License: $15

Pet insurance is a product that some owners choose to buy because of the high cancer rates in Golden Retrievers. Coverage plans can be accident-only or accident plus illness. Comprehensive accident and illness coverage costs between $39 to $86 per month for Golden Retrievers.

This price may change with your dogâs age. It will be highest for older dogs.

Golden Retrievers are lower maintenance compared to some breeds like Poodles, but need more grooming than some breeds like Labrador Retrievers.

A Golden Retrieverâs coat can be medium to long in length, making it prone to tangling and forming matts. So, they will require daily brushing. Some owners choose to take their Golden to a groomer every six weeks to get the coat trimmed. On average, grooming may run to $480 per year.

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Can A Golden Retriever Make A Good Family Dog

This breed is fantastic around young ones. They are brilliant enough to distinguish the size and frailty of little ones and adults. Most of the time, they are soft and compassionate to the point of treating young ones as their own offspring. Their elegance, adaptability, sheer companionship and playfulness are among the many reasons they are listed 3rd on the list of the most popular 155 dog breeds effortlessly, they make the perfect family dog.

Are Golden Retriever Good Pets

How to Get a Dog in USA

Retrievers are not small dogs and can give you more work than some other pets however they are perfect dogs to have as a family pet. If you are often busy you may consider integrating dog walkers into your routine to make sure your Golden Retriever stays healthy and happy.

Golden Retrievers may need some obedience training as puppies but isnt always necessary anyway as puppies will not be aggressive but, may become stressed if they are left alone for long periods of time.

A puppy needs plenty of socialisation from other puppies to make sure they grow up healthy. The ease of owning a Golden Retriever puppy makes them considered a perfect dog to have in your home.

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Costs Of Owning A Golden Retriever


Golden Retrievers have an insatiable appetite and will eat everything in their bowl. You will spend between $100 and $250 per year on dry food. High-quality dry food will cost you between $200 and $400 per year, while wet dog food costs between $400 and $1000 per year.

Toys and Accessories

Of course, we need to calculate all the starting equipment, accessories, toys, etc. Therefore, you will also need to provide:

  • Crate $20-$00

Golden Retriever Price Everything You Need To Know

Retrievers cost can vary depending on the location and type of breeder you purchase it from. A Golden Retriever puppy is a very popular dog which is why you may expect to pay a higher initial price if youre looking to purchase one from reputable breeders. In some cases, purebred Golden Retrievers cost may be up to £2000. Also due to high demand if youre looking for a Golden retriever Puppy you may have to wait months before something comes up, however, there is always the option of putting yourself on waiting lists at different breeders this way when one does come up you will be notified immediately!

You should avoid the cheaper prices you may find from backyard breeders or puppy mills as poor breeding can lead to health issues meaning more money spent in the log run on costs like veterinary care.

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Golden Retriever Price: What Youll Really Pay

Any dog lover will tell you that pet parenthood is a serious financial commitment. Between vet visits, squeaky toys, and doggy snacks, your favorite four-legged moocher can get real expensive, real quick.

At some point in your canine search, youre bound to wonder: how much do Golden Retrievers really cost? Can I afford a Golden of my own?

A playful Golden Retriever puppy

Keep reading to find out the true price of a Golden Retriever!

Golden Retriever Price: How Much Do Golden Retrievers Cost

Golden Retriever Puppy Training Day 1

Due to their popularity , the Golden Retriever price can be quite high.

The average price of a Golden Retriever puppy falls between $500 to $2,000 from a breeder. If you want a high-quality pup it will get up to $3,000.

The price varies, so you may find that different breeders will state different prices.

Any Golden Retriever puppy thats less than $500 might seem like a good idea but look at the long run.

Cheap puppies may have health issues that would make you spend even more in the future.

For a popular dog like the Golden Retriever, the chances of this happening are higher. We recommend getting a breed from a reputable breeder, regardless of the price.

If you want to adopt, the price is lower, especially when youre adopting an adult Golden Retriever.

Shelters charge between $50 and $300 to adopt. For seniors and dogs with special needs, some shelters offer them free.

Adopting a Golden Retriever can be hard because these dogs live in shelters for a few days or weeks after they were brought in.

You might have to make a lot of inquiries before getting one. Alternatively, you can get a Golden Retriever mix, like a Goldendoodle. They can be found in shelters that rescue Goldens.

Golden Retrievers that were trained for services like guiding the blind or therapy are very expensive.

Because these dogs go through special training and get better care than a standard Golden Retriever, they can cost up to $25,000.

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Golden Retriever Price Small Dogs Vs Large Dogs

According to the American Kennel Club, the total lifetime cost of raising a dog depends on the dogs breed, age, and size.

In fact, studies show that smaller dogs may have a lower monthly cost but will incur the most money in the long run due to their longer lifespans.

Larger dogs may cost their owners more per month but will cost less than smaller breeds overall.

On average, the total lifetime cost of owning a dog is between $14,480 and $15,782.

The University of Veterinary Medicine found that the first year of owning a puppy is actually the most expensive for dog owners. Many pet parents spent $2,674 for the smaller breeds, with larger dog breeds costing closer to $3,536.

This is due to the fact that preparing for a puppy, buying his food, toys, bedding, and more, will all be included in the overall, upfront cost of purchasing or rescuing your puppy.

For a better idea of what you will need to prepare for a puppy, visit us here.

Golden Retriever Energy Level: Everything You Should Know

One of most common ones in the United States is the golden retriever. Many families throughout the world have found this dog to be a wonderful addition to their family. Since they have a strong sense of loyalty to their owners, they make excellent house pets and competition companions. Learn more about golden retriever by continuing to read.

Before getting into the detail have a look to the brief introduction to Golden Retriever community by proud dog parents. Subscribe the community now and avail the chance to get free gifts along with updated dog information. Subscription process is easy, just fill the form at bottom.

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Cost To Buy A Golden Retriever Puppy: The Purchase Price

As mentioned earlier, the price of the Golden Retriever varies greatly, more so than other dog breeds. On average, you can expect to pay around $500 to $1,800 or more. Take note though that if youre looking to buy a cheap golden retriever pup, you are most likely getting one from a backyard breeder without AKC documentation. Even if you bought it from a pet store, it doesnt mean that the breed youre buying is of great quality. Most pet stores get their animals from puppy mills and some even from illegal sources where animals are not treated properly.

On the other hand, golden retriever that came from excellent lineage, or those with special traits usually cost more. It will ranger around $1,000 to even $2,000 per pup. Its obviously more expensive but keep in mind that it also means the pup youre getting is healthy and raised properly. This means that it will be less expensive in terms of vet bills in the long run. If youre looking to acquire a pup from a champion lineage, then expect to pay more.

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