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What Do Golden Retrievers Love

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Why Do People Say Golden Retrievers Are So Friendly

Why do Golden Retrievers LOVE to Cuddle?

What’s the most friendly dog? When I get asked this, I think of a Golden Retriever. I am a child of the 90s and when I think of golden retrievers, I think of the friendly Goldens from the movies Airbud, Homeward Bound, and also Comet from Full House.

Their reputation is earned through movies and in life. A friendly and intelligent breed, golden retrievers are one of the staple and popular breeds for guide dogs. They are so popular because people think of them as happy and easy going. I mean do I really need to ask? Why are Golden retrievers so awesome?;

Why Do Golden Retrievers Put Their Paw On You

Have you ever noticed the way your Golden Retriever looks at you when they put their paw on you?

Eyes filled with love and head tilted to one side? This is because when a Golden Retriever puts their paw on you, it means that they want to interact with you and it is a sign of their affection.

When you are sat watching TV or working, it is likely your Golden Retriever will put their paw on you in an attempt to draw your attention away from whatever it is you are trying to do, and instead move it to them!

If your Golden Retriever puts their paw on you to get your attention what a polite pup you have!

When a Golden Retriever wants to interact with you or desires your attention, it is also common for them to jump on you that way you have got to play right?!

Your Golden Retriever may be trying to get your attention by putting their paw on you because they are hungry or want something to eat. If it is near a mealtime, this may be the case.

Retrievers are known for their love of food and big appetite if your Retriever is begging for food, they can be trained out of this and taught to follow commands.

If your Golden Retriever has been a little naughty or told off for something, they could be putting their paw on you to ask for forgiveness adorable right?

Golden Retrievers are highly intelligent and can pick up on human emotions.

Forgive your Golden Retriever if they touch you with their paw to say sorry, because this is your dogs way of acknowledging their mistake.

Fact #: 3000 Golden Retrievers Are Participating In A Study To Help Increase Golden Retriever Health

The Morris Animal Foundation launched the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study in 2012.

Together with veterinarians and the participating golden retrievers and their owners, theyre collecting data about their health, environment, and behavior to find potential risk factors for cancer and other diseases.

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Do Goldendoodles Like To Cuddle Quality Relaxing Time Tips

For families and couples who want a dog that loves being cuddled, then you might want to consider the Goldendoodle.

A mixture of the beloved Golden Retriever and the intelligent Poodle, the Goldendoodle is an extremely friendly dog. Theyre also quite social and love bonding with their owners.

Whether youre a family that wants a dog who loves to cuddle or an elderly couple that desires a companion who is open to affection, the Goldendoodle might be the right choice for you.

Do Goldendoodles like to cuddle? Yes, Goldendoodles who are properly socialized love to cuddle. They are very open to affection and are more likely to follow you around the house. They dont like being alone for long hours, so you can be sure theyll want to cuddle with you when you return home.

Certain breeds of dogs are more affectionate than others and like to be touched. There are also ways in which you can get your Goldendoodle to cuddle with you.

There are many reasons why Goldendoodles are so popular, and their affectionate nature is just one of them. Raising them the right way from the time you bring them home is critical, however.

Youll learn everything from preparing your home for a puppy to using reward-based training methods to what it takes to keep their coat healthy and tangle free.

This isnt just another puppy-raising book.

Golden Retriever Characteristics That Make Them Perfect

Pin on I Love Golden Retriever

Its no secret: golden retrievers are practically perfect, so much so that you cant help but smile as soon as you see one. Chances are, because theyre smiling right back. Goldens are loyal, happy, fun-loving, caring and intelligent, and bring laughter and joy to anyone and everyone whether its their person or a random person happening by. Whats not to love?

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Golden Retrievers Are Natural People Pleasers

Golden Retrievers are natural people-pleasers and will do anything to make sure their owners are happy and proud of them. If Lassie had been a Golden, then Timmy never would have gotten stuck in that well, thats for sure! They are very much selfless dogs and, even in the face of danger, will go out of the way to protect their owners. The fun thing about the Golden Retriever breed is that you can train them to do almost anything! Because they do enjoy pleasing people so much, they tend to make excellent service dogs.

Goldens Are Super Friendly And Eager To Please

Golden retrievers are a super friendly breed. According the American Kennel Club, “They take a joyous and playful approach to life and maintain this puppyish behavior into adulthood. These energetic, powerful gun-dogs enjoy outdoor play. ” Large and lovable puppies, they love human companions and are an easy going dog that is eager to please their humans.;

Just like we here on Golden Retriever Love are dog people, golden retrievers are people dogs. To a lot of golden owners, they seemingly have an attitude of unconditional and infinite capacity to love. Dogs love their families and love almost everyone they meet.;

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Watch Out For Any Sign Of Uncomfortable Behaviors

Do not get carried away having fun that you forget to check up on your dog from time to time. You should pay close attention to your dog and check if itâs actually comfortable if itâs panting too hard, suddenly quiet, or angry. They may be under stress but just donât know how to say it to you.

Reason #: Golden Retrievers Are Good With Kids

Golden Retriever and Rescue Cat Love Each Other To Bits

Golden retrievers are playful with kids of all ages, yet soft and gentle enough for small children.

They make great family pets because they seem to have a natural sense ofboundaries with children, which is both impressive and adorable.

For example, at Thanksgiving this past year my golden, Oliver, was playing wonderfully and gently with my 2-year-old nephew, but the very next day was wrestling and rough-housing with me.

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Are Golden Retrievers Good With Kids

The Golden Retrievers energetic, friendly, and loyal nature makes them the perfect companion for kids of all ages. They are patient and empathetic dogs and will generally not play too rough with children. Like with any dog breed, you must watch them with young children, but overall, they are among the best breeds for families. They love to be outside running and playing fetch and enjoy cuddling with their families.

Fact #: Golden Retrievers Live An Average Of 10

The average golden retriever lifespan is 10-12 years, which is about the same as other breeds of dogs their size.

For comparison, German shepherds live between 7-10 years, and labradors live between 10-12 years.

Smaller breeds typically live longer lives , while larger breeds typically live shorter lives .

Of course, these are just averages, and many dogs live longer or shorter lives than these ranges.

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Contact Golden Meadows Retrievers Today

If youre looking for a happy and healthy golden retriever from an AKC Breeder of Merit, Golden Meadows Retrievers is the place for you. We go above and beyond any other breeder on the market by providing ENS, or early neurological training, crate training and health testing to all our pups. Our puppies are guaranteed for up to three years against genetic health defects, and the first year after purchase is guaranteed under Calif. H & S codes.;

We train our golden retrievers to:

  • Come
  • Walk on a leash and use proper manners
  • Socialize

Why Do Goldendoodles Want To Sleep Beside People

Puppy Love

Goldendoodles want to sleep beside people primarily because they are social creatures. Their instincts allow them to feel secure and comfortable sleeping this way since they consider their person to be a pack member.

Dogs, including Goldendoodles, are pack animals. This means that they are evolutionarily compelled to live in social groups.

Since dogs are domesticated, they are primed to accept humans into their social structure and even look to us as the leaders of the pack.

Co-sleeping is a very natural urge, then, for such animals because in the wild it would be safer to sleep with your packmates than to not.

Co-sleeping with your Goldendoodle may also facilitate bonding.

They might want to do so because they feel close to you in addition to the fact that having you near helps them feel safe and secure.

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Reason #: Golden Retrievers Are Fearless

Like I said in the previous tip, goldens were bred to be hunting dogs.

You cant be fearful and be a hunting dog at the same time!

And that fearlessness still persists today.

Have you heard the story of Todd, the golden who saved his mom from a rattlesnake bite in Arizona?

He took a bite to the face while on a walk that could have easily been for his mother.

Reason #: Golden Retrievers Are Easy To Train

Because theyre so smart, theyre easy to train.

But its not just that theyre smart, theyre also people pleasers.

The combination of wanting to please you and being mentally capable of understanding what youre trying to communicate to them makes them some of the most trainable dogs.

And since theyre easy to train

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Theyre Always In The Action

One thing youll notice about golden retrievers is that they dont like to be left out of the action one little bit.

If youre at home doing something, the chances are that your dog wants to be doing it, too. Even if the thing that youre doing is trying to take a bathroom break, unfortunately.

Out and about, they want to get involved with everything thats going on, whether that means making a new dog pal or splashing their way through the muddiest puddles they can find.

Bonus Fault: You Will Probably Want More Than One

9 Signs that your Golden Retriever Loves You the Most!

Many owners of this breed find themselves wanting more than one. To many, owning a Golden Retriever has become an obsession, and you often see people owning 2, 3, 4 or more!

This breed is simply wonderful, and if you have the time, energy, patience and you can afford to have more than one, then why not?!! Not only do you get double the love and laughs, but your golden has a companion as well.

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Are Golden Retrievers Affectionate

Golden Retrievers are known to be gentle, friendly and affectionate dogs. Their intelligence and personality traits make them easily trainable hence why Golden Retrievers are often used as Guide-Dogs or search and rescue dogs.

Golden Retrievers often appear to be smiling and are typically very happy and content dogs when cared for properly. Retrievers tend to bond quickly with their owners owing to the friendly and affectionate nature.

Playful yet gentle: two characteristics that will undoubtedly contribute to Golden Retrievers popularity as a pet, particularly in homes where there are children. It is no surprise that one way a Golden Retriever shows their affection is playing with their owners.

When out on walks, you may find that your Retriever often doubles back on themselves simply to check that you are still there and are okay.

Retrievers are incredibly devoted to their families and this is a key sign of their affection.

Lots of Retriever owners will describe in detail just how unaware of their own size golden retrievers can be, especially when it comes to sharing affection with their owner.

Despite being on the larger side, dont be surprised if your retriever considers themselves small enough to fling their entire weight into your arms or onto your lap as a way of showing affection!

What Do Golden Retrievers Do For Fun

You know dogs love to play! At least mine wont stop playing fetch or running around the house like crazy. But did you know that different breeds enjoy different activities and have fun in different ways??? Well, its true!;

Even wonder what your pup loves to do for fun?; Golden retrievers are a medium dog breed with tons of productive energy when its channeled correctly. Finding things your golden retriever likes to do for fun can help deter them from unacceptable behavior and bad habits.;;

Bred for water sports, golden retrievers love spending time outdoors! Their coats provide protection from wet and cold environments and make them an excellent companion for exploring and hunting.; Often times, golden retrievers are selected for outdoor sport competitions for their ability to perform and follow commands with excellence.

Not only do they love to spend time in nature, but they also excel in channeling their energy into training and specialized work.; Golden retrievers serve well as service dogs for the blind and disabled and are frequently selected and trained as search and rescue dogs or contraband detectives.;

Aside from outdoor sporting and specialized training, golden retrievers also love spending time playing with their owners.; These pups are very family oriented and loyal to their pack, so enjoying a game of fetch or some friendly tug of war with their people is at the top of their list for fun.;

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What Makes Golden Retrievers So Amazingly Loyal And Friendly

Golden Retrievers have many wonderful qualities, but the most outstanding seems to be their loyalty and friendliness. The breed is known as one of the most hardworking because they were bred to work closely with hunters.

The qualities bred into Goldens make them extraordinarily patient and intelligent, as they were intended to be a hunters right hand. These qualities make them very patient with children and very receptive to obedience and skill training. The Golden Retriever breed is one of the most intelligent dog breeds and is very easy to train. This makes it effortless to create strong bonds between the dog, owner, and family.

Why Are Golden Retrievers So Loyal And Friendly

Do you love dogs?? Check out the story of how I finally ...

May 15, 2021

Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds in America: theyre intelligent, loyal, and friendly making them an appealing family pet! When we think of Golden Retrievers, what might come to mind are popular movies such as Air Bud or Homeward Bound. The main character is friendly, charismatic, and loyal enough to not give up until making it back home to his family. This begs the question, is the Golden Retriever breed really this loyal and friendly? This answer is a resounding yes!

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Do Golden Retrievers Love Their Owners Heres The Truth

Tom Thorpe Blog

Golden Retrievers are known to be affectionate and friendly. But the question is this: do Golden Retrievers love their owners? The key here is knowing some signs that your dog actually loves and adores you. While any Goldie will love to play with everyone, there would be some things that they will only do to the people they love.

They Are A Great Family Dog

Since Goldens are so smart, they are very adept at comprehending situations and their environment .

Their ability to comprehend and adapt to their environment means they are also great at getting along with other pets. With enough socialization, this trustworthy dog fit well in multi-pet households and is happy to share with other dogs and animals. ;

Their sweet temperament makes them a gentle dog that is great with children.;

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Reason #: Golden Retrievers Are Great Workers

Golden retrievers were originally bred to be hunting dogs.

They still do work hunting in the field, but they also excel as therapy dogs, service dogs, and search and rescue dogs.

Their sweet temperament, loving personalities, the fact that theyre trainable, and their great sense of smell help them in these jobs.

Ive already mentioned the LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs, but there were also several goldens that helped find people in the wreckage of 9/11.

Arent these dogs amazing?

What Physical Features Make Golden Retrievers Good Beach And Water

Which Toy Does My Golden Retriever Love the Most

Golden Retrievers are a unique kind of dog. They possess highly fascinating and sometimes strange body features. Some of these features are the reason why they love being around the beach and water bodies. These features include;

  • They have webbed feet like birds. This helps its mobility in water.
  • They have a water repellent coat and an undercoat that acts as an insulation agent against water.
  • They have a great sense of smell, which helps them swim without any fear of danger. Goldens could sense danger at least 40 minutes before it happens.

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Their Sense Of Smell Is Impeccable

Golden Retrievers are amazing dogs who are;intelligent, enthusiastic and playful. This breed of a dog has a keen sense of smell as well. Although less relevant as a household pet, this unique talent explains why you often see Golden Retrievers;at the airport, border crossings and seaports, where they help in tracking down fugitives, or cracking drug trafficking etc.

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