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What Is The Average Price Of A Golden Retriever Puppy

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Golden Retriever Dog & Puppy Price In India

How Much does a Golden Retriever cost? Complete Buyers Guide

Golden retrievers are super popular, and they are for more than one reason. This dog breed is intelligent, social, pretty and simple to train.

If you are planning to bring home this intelligent pet, then you have landed on the right page. This breed of dogs was originally bred for hunting but today they can be a sniffer dog, rescue dog, a very lovable companion dog, a guide and also a therapy dog.

They are super friendly, patient, kind and charming. They are also known as the most amazing family dogs.

If you are planning to get one, we have listed down a few things that might help you in this process.

How much does golden retriever cost in India? Although the price of a Golden Retriever and its scheduled care will vary depending on the area, you can usually plan on spending anywhere from Rs. 10000 to Rs. 40000, with the average being around Rs. 30000, for the Golden Retriever itself, depending on the breeder or pet store.

Since Golden retrievers are super popular breed in India it always get sold at a premium price.

How Much Are Vet Expenses

Overall, the Golden Retriever is a healthy breed. This is an important thing to consider if youre taking into account the full Golden Retriever price. After all, vet bills arent cheap.

If your dog isnt spayed or neutered, you should definitely do that right away, unless you have plans for breeding. This costs anywhere from $250-$500.

The most common health issue for the Golden is cancer, according to the Golden Retriever Club of America. Other issues may include hip and elbow dysplasia, eye diseases and heart disease.

According to Embrace Pet Insurance, the most common serious issues for the Golden Retriever and the cost to treat them are:

  • Cancer $8,000-$15,000
  • Cataracts $1,500-$5,000
  • Ichthyosis $200-$1,000

Overall, however, for the average, healthy Golden Retriever in a normal year you can expect to pay a few hundred dollars for regular check-ups and occasional issues.

Average Price And Price Range Of Golden Retriever Puppies

The average price of a Golden Retriever is $1870. The price of Golden Retrievers typically ranges from $1500 to $2200. However, the price of a Golden Retriever puppy can be as low as $100 and as high as $6500.

We obtained the average price and the price range of Golden Retrievers by analyzing the prices of 2668 Golden Retriever puppies listed for sale from various sources.

Several factors determine the price of a Golden Retriever puppy. Some of these factors include:

  • The bloodline of a Golden Retriever puppy. Puppies from famous parents are generally more expensive.
  • Where the Golden Retriever puppy breeder is located in the United States .
  • The extra accessories that come with the Golden Retriever puppy, for example, microchip, travel crate, health certificate, etc.

    Use our Golden Retriever puppy price calculator to estimate how much you can expect to pay for a Golden Retriever puppy based on the combination of these factors.

    The table below shows the price ranges of Golden Retriever puppies and the number of puppies listed for sale at each price range.


  • Chestnut
  • The average price of a Any Color Golden Retriever is $1760. The price range of a Any Color Golden Retriever is from $1350 to $2000. We obtained this average price and price range by reviewing the prices of 1369 Any Color Golden Retriever puppies listed for sale by different breeders.

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    Buying From A Breeder

    The average cost of a golden retriever puppy from a quality breeder is between $1,000 and $3,500. When buying a golden retriever, like when buying just about anything else, you get what you pay for.

    For example, if you decide to go with the cheapest option available to you, you need to be aware that puppies from deceivingly inexpensive breeders likely havent gone through health check-ups or veterinarian procedures like deworming, microchipping, and vaccinations. All of these missing costs will end up being your responsibility once you bring the puppy home and will soon add to the initial cost of buying a puppy.

    On the other hand, breeders who charge more for their golden puppies will likely have a higher breeding standard. This means the puppys parents will be genetically tested for breed-specific health problems and be hip certified.

    If you want your golden retriever to live as long as possible, youll spend more money now on your initial investment and purchase a puppy from a reputable breeder.

    Going through a breeder, however, isnt the only way you can welcome a golden into your home. This brings me to

    What Is A Similar Breed To Golden Retriever

    Recklessly: Average Price Of A Golden Retriever Puppy

    Similar breeds to a Golden Retriever may include the following:

    Labrador Retriever

    German Shepherd Dog

    Golden Doodle

    Golden retrievers are one of the most popular breeds in the world. They make great family pets and their extremely loyal to their handlers, particularly children. This breed is known for its sweet temperament with people as well as other animals.

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    Golden Retriever Puppy Cost

    Golden Retrievers, due to their popularity as loyal family dogs, fetch a premium price. The initial Golden puppy price depends on the following.

    • The reputation of the breeder
    • The lineage of the puppy
    • The quality of the puppy A show-quality puppy, can cost twice as much as pet quality.
    • The city from where you buy the Golden puppy
    • Kennel Club of India certification

    The average cost of a Golden Retriever in India is between 12,000 to 40,000.

    How Much Does A Goldendoodle Cost

    May 7, 2020 by Garrett

    For the last 15 to 20 years, Goldendoodles have been extremely popular due to their teddy-bear like appearance and extremely friendly temperament. In addition to their great looking appearance, the Goldendoodle also receives genetics that makes them hypoallergenic and nonshedding. This makes the Goldendoodle great for people who suffer from pet allergies and dont like dog fur around their house. Thus, they are the ideal family dog and the demand for Goldendoodles has been high which has significantly increase the price of a Goldendoodle. Weve examined over 20 different breeders from the Goldendoodle Association of North America throughout the United States to determine How much does a Goldendoodle cost?

    If youre thinking of getting a Goldendoodle, we highly recommend you read our Goldendoodle Guide and Goldendoodle Generations Guide so you can pick the right type of Goldendoodle .

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    The Average Golden Retriever Price When Going Through A Shelter

    Rescuing a Golden Retriever from a shelter has a number of advantages that far surpass the less expensive initial adoption fee.

    Rescuing a Golden Retriever has numerous benefits, and just one of them is price. Of course, even if you opt to go through a shelter to adopt your Golden Retriever dog, there is still going to be a fee.

    On average, the Golden Retriever price for going through a shelter is between $300 and $750. Again, this price can vary again depending on your region and the shelter you go through.

    But why might it cost this much to rescue a Golden Retriever? Most reputable shelters will charge a fee that covers the cost it took to care for the Golden Retriever while he was there. Fees will also likely include an initial vet exam, potential vaccination updates, and even behavioral testing and training to ensure your Golden Retriever is ready to go to his forever home.

    Of course, there are also hidden benefits and cost savings you can incur when going through a shelter to rescue your Golden.

    In fact, if you rescue a Golden Retriever that is over two years of age, youll likely be skipping the wild and sometimes costly puppyhood phase. Puppy vet visits can add up, as can those initial vet exams and training classes.

    Adult Golden Retrievers are also more likely to have been spayed or neutered, and they may even have already been microchipped by their previous family or owner!

    A Golden Retriever Is Worth Its Price

    Golden Retriever Dog Price in India 2022 (Monthly Expenses Included)

    So how much does a golden retriever cost? It depends on the breeder, the package it comes with, your needs, the color of the coat, and the dogs purpose in your life. But whether or not you got your pup at a bargain price, you would be investing money on it as long as its alive.


    Your golden retriever pet is no different from bringing a son or a daughter into this world. Your pets, like humans, need education , quality food, excellent treatment to maintain their physical, mental, and emotional health, and a home that is genuinely nurturing. And money plays a significant role in achieving all of these, so you have to be financially stable to want to take in a Golden Retriever.

    Golden Retrievers are the third most popular breed in the United States, because they are extremely trainable, very smart, loving, and have a great temperament. They are ideal as pet therapy for the lonely and stressed folks out there. Not to mention, they are adorable. Getting one, even if it means spending a lot, is truly a rewarding experience and you will be all the richer for it.

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    Factors That Impact The Cost Of A Golden Retriever


    An older Golden Retriever will cost less than a puppy.

    Unfortunately there is less of a demand for older dogs because they do not live as long as young puppies. Although you may not get to spend the same amount of time with an older Golden Retriever, they will surely fill all their years with you with lots of love and affection.

    Adopting an older dog is an ideal option for people who do not have the time or energy to raise a puppy and housebreak them.

    Coat Colors

    Despite their name Golden Retrievers can come in other colors and sizes beyond gold.

    These dogs can be various shades of gold, red, cream, or even black.

    Breeders capitalize on the rarity of the cream and black colored Golden Retrievers, so they often charge a premium price for these pups. These puppies often cost closer to $3,000 despite being exactly the same as any other Golden Retriever.

    Remember though if you plan on showing your Golden Retriever in competitions they must be golden to meet the breed standard.


    You can expect that male and female Golden Retrievers cost about the same.

    Females have a slightly different personality that is more desirable to some individuals. They tend to be calmer and more independent as opposed to their energetic and affectionate male counterparts.

    Most people choose male or female based on their personality rather than price.

    Lineage and Bloodlines

    As you can image these particular puppies have a very high price tag .

    Certification and Warranties


    The Benefits Of Bringing A Golden Retriever Home

    They are beautiful to look at!

    One of the easiest yet most persuading reasons regarding getting Golden Retriever pups home is that they are a treat for the eyes! With a cushioned coat, excellent brilliant tone and attractive form, Retrievers are all-out scene stealers!

    Notwithstanding, the most wonderful part of Golden Retrievers is their eyes. They have wonderful and puncturing earthy-colored eyes you just can’t turn away from. It is these eyes that help them make the famous “puppy dog face”. With eyes this way, it is difficult to deny them anything!

    It is not difficult to train a Retriever

    Golden Retrievers are viewed as one of the most intelligent dog breeds on the planet. With a significant degree of insight and inspiration for discovering some new information, it is really simple to train a Golden Retriever.

    Owing to their knack for curiosity and high intelligence, a Retriever would promptly get familiar with a variety of abilities.

    Be that as it may, make a point to commit an adequate amount of time for their normal training on the off chance that you need Retriever to parade its abilities and dazzle everybody.

    They go about as your own therapists!

    You wouldn’t actually have to counsel a therapist in the event that you have a Retriever with you during the difficult stretches. Golden Retrievers are known to be incredible therapy dogs.

    Golden Retrievers want to make you happy

    They are brave and loyal

    They will get you to work out!

    They love pleasing everyone they meet

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    Exercising My Golden Retriever

    Golden Retriever dogs need a lot of exercise.

    Golden Retrievers have a lot of energy and need to be exercised regularly. If you cannot cope with this then you should not get one, maybe consider getting another breed that has fewer needs for exercise or just hire someone who can take your retriever out on walks so they dont become destructive from being cooped up inside all day long.

    The Price Of A Golden Retriever

    Golden Retriever puppies price range. How much does a Golden cost?

    A golden retriever puppy can cost up to $3,500, depending on multiple factors, like the place you get it from, its age, and the dogs parents.

    One of the most important aspects when getting a dog, aside from making sure it will be a purebred, is to make sure that the pet is healthy and doesnt have any birth flaws. This means that if youre planning to go to an animal rescue center to get a dog, make sure you visit one that works with a veterinarians office or at least keeps background health records of the dogs.

    Usually, animal shelters have professional staff to take care of the animals, feed them and give them medication, but that doesnt mean that the pet cant have a birth flaw or an illness that cant be cured. Some pet rescue centers will offer free adoptions, while some will charge anywhere from $200 to $600.

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    Golden Retriever Price The Hidden Costs Some Owners Forget About

    As they age, Golden Retrievers can become more susceptible to certain health issues that can be costly to owners.

    Unfortunately, most owners dont think about the hidden costs of raising a dog, and tend to look at the Golden Retriever prices that seem most obvious. These would include the above costs like supplies, food and treats, grooming, and basic medical care.

    However, with every dog there are hidden expenses that most owners dont consider initially. These costs are predominantly due to unforeseen medical complications, which, for the Golden Retriever, can be quite costly.

    The best way to budget for health complications in your Golden Retriever price is to be aware of what Golden Retrievers can be most susceptible to.

    Common Golden Retriever Health Issues:

    The Average Cost To Treat Some Of The Above Ailments In A Golden Retriever:

    • Hip Dysplasia $1,700 to $4,500
    • Elbow Dysplasia $1,500 to $4,000
    • Cancers $1,000 t0 $10,000 +
    • Subvalvular Aortic Stenosis $3,100 to $6,050
    • Luxating Patella $1,500 to $3,000 Per Knee

    When you decide to commit to raising a dog, that dog is relying on you for everything from his daily meals to his lifetime care. Health costs are often some of the most expensive when it comes to Golden Retriever price, which is why many experts recommend investing in pet health insurance.

    On average, pet health insurance for a Golden Retriever can cost owners between $120 and $1,200 a year or $10 to $120 a month.

    How Long Do Golden Retriever Live

    A healthy Golden Retriever should live for around 12-13 years. Retrievers do not usually suffer from hereditary diseases and their life expectancy is long, however, there are some health problems to be aware of such as hip dysplasia which can cause pain in the hips or legs for your Golden retriever.

    Also, they may suffer from elbow or shoulder arthritis due to the way Golden Retrievers use and support their weight. Retrievers may develop cancer which can be either skin or lymphatic, these diseases generally done effect a Golden retriever as a puppy. This is most common with older dogs but it is still worth knowing about as early detection of the disease helps to improve chances of recovery. They can also develop Lyme disease so make sure to get regular health tests for your puppy.

    While they are a generally healthy breed you should make sure to take your puppy for early health screenings and check the dogs history. being sure you have a healthy pup will help minimise the cost of insurance too. In a lot of cases, you should expect to pay more in the long term if you take the cheaper option in the initial Golden Retrievers cost.

    In the unfortunate event you may need pet insurance you may want to consider purchasing our dog insurance here

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    How Much Is A Golden Retriever

    As we covered above, the Golden Retriever price for you is going to depend on whether or not you go through a breeder for a show quality or companion puppy, or if you go through a rescue.

    On average, a purebred Golden Retriever can cost from $500 to $3,000 when sold through a breeder.

    Adoption fees for a Golden Retriever through a shelter are usually lower, around $50 to $300.

    After that, the overall cost of a Golden Retriever is between $14,480 and $15,782.

    And while this may seem like quite a bit of change to fork over for a pooch, most dog owners will agree that you cant put a price on the love of a dog.

    Do you have a Golden? Tell us all about your lovable furball in the comments!

    Read about the beautiful female Golden Retriever here!

    Community Coverage Vs Insurance

    Golden Retriever Dog Price In India 2022 ( Monthly Expenses Included )

    Eusoh: Better than Pet Insurance for Complete Health CoverageEusoh is a community-based pet insurance alternative in which members share the cost of their veterinary expenses. You get reimbursed for your pets medical, wellness, illness, routine care expenses but never pay more than $65/month .

    For complete health coverage at a low cost, Eusoh is the best option. On average, members save around 50% when compared to traditional pet insurance. I love the idea of not having to worry about being able to afford medical care for my furry companion. Dogs are family, after all!

    There is no premium, so you dont overpay for care in your monthly contributions. Any unused contributions are rolled over entirely as a credit. You can easily know in advance what will be reimbursed and by how much , and you can submit expenses easily from your smartphone. You can choose the veterinarian or healthcare provider you want and are covered for a wider range of services. You can get advice from other Eusoh members.

    Read our article titled a veterinarian explains medical costs for a dog to learn more and get tips to save on vet expenses.

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