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What Is The Cost Of Golden Retriever Puppy

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Are Golden Retrievers Indoor Or Outdoor Dogs

Cost of Owning a Golden Retriever Puppy for 1 Month | How Much We Actually Spent on Josie

Golden Retrievers are indoor dogs and shouldnt stay outside for more than 6 hours at a time. They also need to be let in every now and then, so they dont get too lonely or bored! Golden Retriever family members can experience many problems if left out all the time- Mental health issues like anxiety, depression, aggression; Behavioral problems such as digging holes even while indoors , chewing on furniture

The Cost For Purebred Golden Retriever Puppies

Purebred golden retriever;puppies can definitely be pricey, especially when you choose to purchase from a reputable breeder.; On average, you can find golden retriever;companions for as low as $500. However, going for low-cost puppies could mean future health problems down the road. If you want a high-quality, purebred golden retriever;from a top-notch breeder, you may spend upwards of a few thousand dollars. Pups with champion bloodlines cost even more.

The Rarer The Color The More Expensive The Dog

Golden retrievers come in beautiful hues of gold. Naturally, the most popular golden retriever color is classic gold. Not dark gold, not light gold, but the standard bright, rich golden color.

Some retrievers, however, also come in shades of red, cream, and even black. But the red golden retrieverwhich is primarily bred for hunting would cost a staggering $3,000 as it is considered a rare breed.


The red golden retriever is slightly smaller in size and has a shorter outer coat compared to the standard golden retriever. It is also the more energetic and athletic retriever, So, if you want one for a family pet and not as a hunter, you need to ask yourself if you can handle a hyper dog that requires intensive exercise.

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Dog Health Insurance Cost

According to, the average cost of pet insurance in the US is around $492 per year. This rate may vary depending on these factors:;

  • The type of pet
  • The rates of the insurance company
  • The state you live in
  • The age of your dog
  • The amount you will pay before the insurance company begins to cover the cost of your pets medical bills
  • The type of insurance policy

To be on the optimistic side, you will only need to pay a few hundred dollars for medical checkups and common health issues if your dog does not have serious health problems.;

Heres an overview of what basic Golden Retriever medical costs might look like:

  • A full physical exam
  • Heartworm test

How To Find A Good Breeder And Avoid Puppy Mills

Golden retriever price

Ask questions, particularly about the health of your dog.

If a breeder wont provide you with important information, there may be a reason. Dont waste your time trying to figure what it is. It is better to hedge your bets than try to find a more transparent breeder.

Meet the breeder and your pups parents.

It is possible to visit the facility in person. Its great to do some internet research, but it wont tell if your pup is sleeping in a warm blanket in the breeders room, or an outdoor kennel that is open to the elements.

Get Reference.

Research is key when you try to find the right breeder. Now, you need to research breeders character.

Puppy mills are breeding programs that expose their dogs to dangerous conditions. These dogs are often malnourished and over-bred.

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How Much Do Golden Retrievers Cost From A Breeder

To make a knowledgeable puppy purchase, we need to understand two things: how breeders set their prices and how to spot an unethical breeder.

A handful of variables influence how much a breeder charges:

  • Litter size: Golden Retriever litters are usually 5-10 puppies. Pups from smaller litters generally cost more than pups with several siblings.
  • Show quality: Expect to pay a pretty penny for a Golden Retriever pup with champion show dog parents. On the flip side, minute details about a Goldens conformation and appearance can disqualify them from showing. You might get a deal for pups destined for backyard fetch and couch snuggles.;
  • Special features: If a breeders pups have a distinguishing characteristica specific coat color, for instance, or a blocky headtheir prices will reflect it.

Your jaw may hit the floor when you see what some breeders charge for their puppies. But remember that responsible breeding isnt cheap. One litter of puppies can cost a Golden Retriever breeder anywhere from $8,000-24,000!

Because ethical breeding requires such a massive financial investment, be wary of anyone charging bottom dollar for their Golden Retrievers. If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.

You mightve known that already, though. So what other red flags can you look for to weed out shady breeders?

Who Is It Not For

While the Golden Retriever is certainly a great dog to have, it is not suitable for everyone. Your lifestyle is a primary factor when deciding whether or not you can have this dog breed as your pet.

Golden Retrievers do not like to be left alone. If your lifestyle demands long hours of work and you cant give enough time to your dog, you are better off without having this dog breed.

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Cost Of Feeding A Golden Retriever

Dogs require a consistently healthy diet. If you buy a dog, youre taking on the responsibility of feeding it properly. A dog cant feed itself, so you are now responsible for providing this bare necessity for living.

Feeding a Golden can be costly when you are trying to maintain a healthy diet. This is not only because pet food is expensive, but also because Goldens love to eat. This love for food is partially because theyre such an active breed.;

Before bringing home your Golden, it would be good to take a tour of the grocers shop near you and make a note of the prices of high-quality dog food.

People go to discount stores, buy a 40-pound bag of cheap food. Even though the food meets the minimum quality requirements, it may not have enough protein or nutrients for your pet.

Roy Cruzen DVM

According to Roy Cruzen DVM, the number one reason for excessive shedding is a poor diet. Now you dont have to break your bank for your dogs food. Cruzen estimates that you can find quality food for $4 a pound.

Your Golden will eat around 2-4 cups of food a day, depending on their age, gender, and size. The cost of all that food depends on the quality of the food youre buying, but you can expect to spend about $2 per day on food.;

Dont forget that Goldens also love their treats, especially during training, and that too is an additional cost. The average bag of treats costs between $5 $10, and will typically last about a month or two with a moderate treat-feeding schedule.;

Can Golden Retrievers Be Left Alone For 8 Hours

How Much does a Golden Retriever cost? Complete Buyers Guide

It is OK to leave a Golden Retriever alone as long as hes cared for and not neglected. Leaving a young puppy for too long is cruel and hazardous as hell need pee breaks, exercise, stimulation, food, and water. An adult Golden Retriever can also be left alone, but he definitely cannot be abandoned for 8 hours!

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Does Going For A Golden Retriever Puppy At A Cheaper Price Mean That Is More Likely To Have Health Issues

This article will discuss the differences between expensive puppies VS low price puppies.Puppies make up a huge part of the billion-dollar pet industry. Still, not everyone who owns a puppy knows about or even cares for responsible breeding practices. The puppy owners and their puppies pay the price in the long run.

Puppies brought up by irresponsible breeders will more likely deal with health and temperamental issues in the end. You might be directly paying less for a puppy but in the long term, you end up paying much more.

Golden Retriever With Kids

When Golden retrievers originate from a strong bloodline and when raised correctly, they make the best adventuring companions, childrens best friends and a priced addition to a loving family. There is little to say about their negative side. Although they have a slight prey-drive, they are hardly dignified, and almost never introverted.

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Golden Retriever Price What Makes The Difference

But what is the difference between a lower cost Golden Retriever puppy from a breeder and a higher cost Golden Retriever puppy?

The difference is show quality.

Typically, puppies bred for show are going to be more expensive than puppies bred primarily for companionship.

But dont worry, you wont be sacrificing your puppys health if you choose a companion puppy over a show quality puppy.

In fact, sometimes the difference between a $3,000 show quality pup and a $500 companion pup is as small as the color of the coat.

With that in mind, lets go over the overall cost of a Golden Retriever puppy!

Onetime Costs In The First Year

Golden Retriever Labrador Puppies Price In Bangalore

The first year when you raise Golden will cost you about $600 to buy the necessary supplies. The most important things are stables, pantries, bowls, daily toiletries. Vaccination and health check are the responsibility of the seller, you do not need to worry about these costs.

If you have enough money, you should buy pet insurance, especially in the first year, when your puppy is young and new to the environment, it is easy for his or her to get sick. Insurance usually costs several hundred dollars a year depending on the type, but you will not have to worry about the cost of medical treatment for the puppy when something bad happens.

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The Cost Of A Golden Retriever A Summary In 7 Questions

1- How much is a Golden Retriever puppy?

On average a Golden Retriever puppy will cost $1,000 in the USA. Most puppies can be found between $700 and $2,000. The price will vary depending on the breeder and location as well as the dogs bloodline, color, and age among other things.

2 How much are dog supplies?

A new owner can expect an initial investment between $215 and $855 in supplies when welcoming a large dog. Every year, the cost to renew some of them should be between $95 and $385. Prices vary depending on location, stores, brands, and products quality.

3 Does a Golden Retriever need training and how much will it cost?

A Golden Retriever could be trained by an experienced dog owner and usually do not need professional training on top of that. But like any breed, the dog would still benefit from a few group classes for basic obedience which should cost between $150 and $200 on average.

4 What is the cost of preventive medical care for a Golden Retriever?

Preventive medical care should amount to around $425 to $795 for a Golden Retriever puppy during the first year and around $425 to $825 every adult year. This does not include spay or neuter and gastropexy procedures .

5 How much food does a Golden Retriever eat and how much will it cost?

6 How often should a Golden Retriever be professionally groomed and how much will it cost?

7 Are there any other expenses to expect?

How Much Is A Golden Puppy During The First Year

The average cost of raising a Golden Retriever for the first year falls within the $1,655 to $5,905 range, with an average cost of $3,270. Most of these expenses will happen early and will hardly be avoidable, as they are essential to the health and well-being of your Golden Retriever.

First YearCosts
With Spay/Neuter, Insurance, Dog Walking and Dog Boarding $69,830 $190,930 $127,415

Thank you for reading us! Stay tuned for more information about pet costs, product reviews and saving tips.

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S Virtually Nonexistent But Surprisingly A Video Exists

A site that can only provide pictures of an 8 or 9-week-old puppy may be a scam.; Can they provide the pictures of the puppys parents or grandparents?; At the very least, they should be able to provide a picture of the puppys mother.

If they have no pictures of the puppy prior to 8 weeks old, that should send up a red flag.; Most good breeders will start photographing their puppies from birth onward.

Can they keep you up to date with pictures of the puppy as they grow?; Many scam sites will only have one or two pictures of a puppy that is 8 or 9 weeks old.; Ask to see newborn pictures.

Where did the video come from?; It is relatively easy to steal a video or ask a legitimate breeder to send you photos and videos.; Once the scammer has both in his possession, it is simple to add them online.

Ask for a new video of the puppy you are buying. Tell them that you want your name and their website written on a piece of paper in the video. Use this format:

Golden Retriever Puppy for .BREEDERS WEBSITE IS :

This is easy for a breeder to do but virtually impossible for a scammer.

How Much Does It Cost To Feed A Golden Retriever

How Much It Costs To Own A Golden Retriever Puppy For The First Year!

Some key factors to keep in mind from a financial point of view for buying a golden retriever and how much raising the puppy costs are divided into three main categories.

  • Food Expenses

Usually, the cost of the food for a golden retriever depends on the type of food you buy, the age of your dog, and how much activity your dog is habitual of. According to your budget, you can choose from both high quality and low-quality dry food for your golden retriever.

For a 30-pound bag each month or two, an excellent high-quality food bag can cost around $200-400 per year while a basic quality one would cost up to a maximum of $200 per year. Wet dog food is more expensive as it costs up to $400 $1,000 per year.

Some popular dog food brands are;

Whether your dog is strong, healthy, and active or lazy, sluggish, and not interested, your pups health holds the most say in it.

Usually, it has been recommended by experts always to buy or adopt a puppy who has had its medical tests done, got vaccines, and proper shots along with the paperwork.

Some vaccines that your dog must get are Coronavirus vaccine, Leptospirosis vaccine, Bordet Ella vaccine, Canine Influenza vaccine, Lyme disease vaccine Rabies vaccine, Distemper vaccine, Adenovirus vaccine.

Parvovirus vaccine, and Parainfluenza vaccines. Other than these, you should take your dog for regular checkups and deworming as well. These can total to about $500 to $600.

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How To Find A Reputable Breederand Avoid Puppy Mills

If youre unfamiliar with the term, puppy mills are breeding operations that subject their dogs to dangerous conditions. These dogs are often overbred, malnourished, and neglected.;

This probably goes without saying, but puppies from these facilities are at greater risk for health issues. Furthermore, purchasing from puppy mills keeps them in business. Its a lose-lose, for dogs and the humans who love them.

Thankfully, you dont have to be an expert to spot an unethical breeder. Heres what to do and why it matters:

  • Ask questions, especially about your pups health.;

The best breeders begin new litters medical care long before theyre born. As such, breeders should have proof of genetic testing and vet-certified health screenings for their stock and their pups.

If a breeder isnt forthcoming with crucial information, theres a reason. Dont stick around trying to figure out what it is, either. Youre better off hedging your bets and finding a more transparent breeder.

  • Meet the breeder, your pup, and your pups parents.;

Visiting in-person lets you scope out the facility. Internet research is great, but it wont tell you if your pup sleeps on a clean, warm blanket in the breeders guest roomor in an outdoor kennel, open to the elements.

You also need to see how the breeder and their family interact with their Golden Retrievers.;

Safety first, though! Bring a friend or two, and dont be afraid to reschedule to avoid going alone.

  • Get references.

Ask About Wellness Plans

Wellness plans are beginning to grow in popularity. These plans cover routine checkups, products you might need, and discounts for other pet related services. The reason why wellness plans are appealing is that they focus on prevention.;

The routine checkups and procedures covered in a wellness program will prevent more serious health issues and save you money in the long run. Wellness plans are different at each veterinary clinic, so be sure to ask your veterinarian about what wellness plans they have available.;

Wellness plans are usually less expensive than pet insurance, so if youre trying to be economically efficient but want some coverage for your pet, a wellness plan would be a good option.;

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Should You Buy A Goldendoodle Instead

After learning about the true cost of owning a Golden Retriever, you might be wondering if a Golden Retriever-Poodle mix is a better investment for you.

Goldendoodles offer the same intelligence and cheerful demeanor as purebred Goldens. The key difference is that their Poodle genes give them a low-shedding coat.

The adorable Goldendoodles

You can find Goldendoodles for sale for $500-2400. F1 Goldendoodles usually cost less since they still shed somewhat.

F1b Goldendoodles cost more, as they shed far less. They also have curlier hair, giving them the distinctive Goldendoodle look.

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