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Why Choose Mn English Golden

6 Differences Between American vs. English Golden Retrievers


Welcome friends to our exquisite top quality English Cream Golden Retrievers with many World Championship bloodlines. We are professional breeders that focus on #1 excellent genetic health testings, exquisite temperaments, and highest quality pedigrees such as World Championship Moondust Masterpiece and three times winning Steadfast Angus. We raise our pups inside our home with us giving unconditional love and care 24/7 from the moment our pups are born. Our pups are breastfed until couple days before they go home at 8 weeks old. Our #1 goal is to only breed the BEST OF THE BEST with no genetic issues. Our goldens are health tested with CHIC #s and OFA Health Certificate numbers that are EXCELLENT/GOOD and all clear certificates proven to have no genetic issues.

Our English Goldens are the top 1% of all goldens retrievers tested to receive this highest rating of EXCELLENT/GOOD OFA Certificates. We also have English Goldens with all clear OFA Health Certificate numbers with CHIC numbers. We have ICT Clear puppies and COI. Classified as a working dog with purposes such as Service or Therapy work. We breed to better the breed. We focus on superior health of our puppies to give our families the perfect golden. For more information view health testings on

We are currently taking deposits for planned litters on AVAILABLE PUPS link.


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Do English Cream Goldens Shed

Yes, all types and variations of Golden Retrievers shed, and this is entirely normal for the breed. However, it is worth noting that because the English Cream Goldens often have a coat that is slightly thicker and shorter than the American Goldens, some owners claim they shed less overall. But hey, thats what lint rollers are for, right? Problem solved!

Other Names For White Golden Retrievers

You may have heard the names White Golden Retrievers, and English Cream Golden Retrievers used interchangeably. Thats because theyre different names for the same breed. Our English Cream Golden Retrievers have a beautiful white or cream-colored coat that make them stand out from other Golden Retrievers. While some Golden Retrievers may have a lighter coloring, English Cream Golden Retrievers are specifically bred to have a white coat but have the same features you love about Golden Retrievers.

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Brief History Of American Golden Retrievers

All Golden Retrievers, whether they are American, Canadian, or English, originated in Scotland in 1868 where they were used as superior hunting dogs by sportsmen. The first goldens were registered with the British Kennel Club in 1903. Back then, they were listed as flat-coat goldens. The breed didn’t become popular in the U.S. until the 1920s when anything British was cherished, including dog breeds. In 1932, the American Kennel Club officially recognized the breed.

Temperament Of English Cream Golden Retrievers

AKC Registered English Cream Golden Retriever For Sale Fredericksburg ...

These dogs are ideal for families with children because their character is one of their main advantages over other breeds.

  • Cream Golden Retrievers are intelligent and very friendly.
  • They are very balanced and calm dogs.
  • They are sensitive to people and can adapt to the personalities of all family members.
  • They are very friendly dogs with strangers. Even if they do not know visitors, they have an innate need to make new friends. No matter if they are people, other dogs, or even cats.
  • They are straightforward to train due to their remarkable intelligence. Besides, this dog also loves to please its human owners.
  • Due to their high intelligence, they need to be mentally challenged and tend to fall into routines.
  • They are dogs that love positive reinforcement and demonstrations of affection.
  • These dogs will be pleased if we prepare them with a daily physical exercise routine. They are also excellent swimmers.
  • They are lousy watch dogs because they love everyone, even strangers.
  • They are not aggressive dogs.
  • They are not shy or nervous dogs.

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The Truth About English Cream Golden Retrievers

Adrienne is a certified dog trainer and former veterinarian assistant who partners with some of the best veterinarians worldwide.

If you’re curious about English Cream Golden Retrievers, read on!


Everyone knows that Golden Retrievers are beautiful dogs blessed with long, shiny coats in some shade of goldand they have wonderful demeanors to boot.

If you’ve seen the “English Cream Golden Retriever” in magazines or ads, you may be wondering what it is and where you can get one. What makes them different from the average Golden Retriever that you see every day in America? Are they the same breed? Is the only difference the coat color? In this article we will take a look at some differences and learn the truth about English Cream Golden Retrievers.

Below, you’ll find answers to these questions:

  • Are cream-colored Golden Retrievers still Golden Retrievers?
  • Are American Golden Retrievers genetically different from English ones?
  • How do English Golden Retrievers compare with American Golden Retrievers?
  • Do English Retrievers shed less?
  • Are cream or white-colored Golden Retrievers healthier than darker Goldens?
  • Are white Golden Retrievers rare?
  • What colors of Golden Retrievers are there?
  • How much do cream Golden Retrievers cost?
  • How to buy a white Golden Retriever puppy from a breeder?
  • Can cream-colored Goldens be officially recognized by the AKC?
  • What do different countries’ kennel clubs say about cream-colored retrievers?
  • English Cream Golden Retriever

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    Goldnote Golden Retrievers Wyebridge

    Our next spot on the list of the best Golden Retriever breeders in Ontario goes to Goldnote Golden Retrievers, located in Wyebridge, Ontario, Canada.

    Goldnote Golden Retrievers is a trustworthy breeding outfit with over twenty years of experience, and they specialize in producing high-quality English Golden Retrievers.

    Their puppies are raised in a home environment and given ample love, attention, socialization, and exercise.

    Their selective breeding program aims to produce puppies of sound temperament, robust health, and longevity.

    All of their breeding dogs and puppies are holistically raised on a natural raw diet, vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped, and have genetic health clearances.

    If you decide to purchase one of their Golden pups, youll receive CKC registration papers, a new puppy starter pack, and a genetic health guarantee.

    Check out their website for more info on currently available Golden retriever puppies for sale and future upcoming litters.

    Goldnote Golden Retrievers details


    About English Cream Golden Retrievers

    English Cream Golden Retriever: A Complete Visual Guide To This Stunning Dog!
    • Dog Group: Sporting meaning, they are especially trainable and good natured.
    • Size: 20-24 inches tall and 45-75 lbs so essentially a very large Teddy bear.
    • Lifespan: 12-13 of the best years of your life!
    • Energy Level: Active
    • Coat: Thick, silky, and luxurious.
    • Shedding: Moderately heavy. But thats what lint rollers are for anyway, right?
    • Hypoallergenic: Unfortunately, English Cream Goldens are not hypoallergenic.

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    History Of English Cream Golden Retrievers

    Lets start with a fun fact, English Cream Golden Retrievers are actually descended from the original Goldens, who came from Scotland in the 19th century.

    The original Goldens came to be as a result of cross-breeding between various different breeds over several generations.Over time, the 3 main subtypes emerged: American Golden Retrievers, Canadian Golden Retrievers, and British Golden Retrievers.

    In other words, all Golden Retriever subtypes , are members of the same family, or breed. The English Cream Goldens belong to the British Golden subtype. Oh, and we can thank years of selective breeding for that wonderful and uniquely white coat of theirs, too.

    Golden Retriever Information: Temperament And Health

    • They need a lot of exercisea couple of walks a day at the very least. They love outdoor activities, especially swimming.
    • While active outdoors, they are also calm indoors, making them ideal family pets.
    • They are easy to train. They are people pleasers and are extremely intelligent.
    • They are one of the best dogs for kids.
    • They are even-tempered, well-behaved, and extremely faithful.
    • They are social animals. They can develop separation anxiety if left alone for long periods of time.
    • They shed profusely, especially in the fall and spring. You must regularly brush them .
    • They will need 3 meals a day as a puppy and 2 meals a day as an adult. Each meal should be around 1/3 to 1/2 of a cup of dry food.
    • Golden retrievers are prone to cancer, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, cataracts, and hypothyroidism.
    • Before you get a Golden Retriever, make sure you are aware of the above traits and the care that Golden Retrievers specifically need.

    Golden Retrievers are good dogs for families with children due to their friendly temperament.


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    English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies Coat & Coat Care

    Retrievers are a double coated breed. The water-resistant, slightly wavy topcoat and the soft undercoat combine to keep them cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The undercoat sheds heavily in the fall and spring. English Creams have mild feathering on the back of their forelegs and heavier feathering on the front of their necks, back of their thighs, and on the bottom of their tails. Some owners trim the feathering, while others leave it long.

    Before adopting one of our English Cream Golden Retriever puppies for sale, keep in mind that this breed is moderate-high shedding. With a medium-long coat thats especially long around the ears you can expect dog hair to stick to clothing, furniture and a range of other surfaces. Because of the length of your dogs fur, youll need to brush your pup fairly often. Daily is ideal, with a minimum of three to four times a week.

    Are English Cream Goldens More Calm

    English Golden Retriever Puppies Illinois : AKC English Cream Golden ...

    When compared to other subtypes of Golden Retrievers, the main difference is simply the color of their coat, though some owners report them to be a little calmer than others, though in our experience, your individual puppys temperament will be the main factor in how calm your new golden retriever puppy will be.

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    Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale In Ontario

    First of all, its important to know just why you should go with a reputable breeder when there are obviously tons of Golden Retriever puppies for sale wherever you turn.

    Sure, its human nature to try and save a buck whenever you can, and we humans mostly do this with clothes, food, appliances, etc. But, one thing you certainly dont want to save money on is a quality pet.

    Its paramount to steer clear of any and all unreliable backyard breeders, puppy mills, and pet stores that dont take good care of their breeding stock.

    So, what constitutes a good Golden Retriever breeder, you ask?

    Reputable and reliable breeders uphold the highest breeding practices to ensure that their dogs are as healthy as possible from the get-go.

    A good breeder should exhibit the following traits:

    They give new owners expert advice and breed guidance before, during, and after the process of adoption.

    They sell only purebred dogs that are true to the breed standard, and perform regular health tests, vaccinations, dewormings, and microchipping.

    They provide potential new owners with the puppys pedigree background, and you get to meet your pups parents.

    They provide new owners with the dogs health background and with a health guarantee.

    They help match the owners with the right puppy for them, and will not sell a puppy before at least eight weeks of age.

    They are prepared to re-home the puppy if necessary.

    Glenbern Golden Retrievers Perth

    Our next pick is Glenbern Golden Retrievers, based in Perth, Ontario, Canada.

    Glenbern Golden Retrievers is a small but trustworthy breeder that was established back in 1992, and they produce top-quality, purebred English Golden Retrievers.

    Their breeding program utilizes plenty of early neurological stimulation, positive reinforcement techniques, and crate training while raising their puppies to ensure that they grow into happy and healthy young pups that are adaptable.

    Glenbern Golden Retrievers has been members in good standing with the Golden Retriever Club Of Canada and the Canadian Kennel Club for the past thirty years.

    All of their breeding dogs and puppies are fully DNA tested for breed-specific genetic health issues such as hip and elbow dysplasia, heart and eye disease, and they are also fully vaccinated, dewormed, and microchipped.

    Their puppies come with a two-year health guarantee, CKC registration, a non-breeding contract, and a lifetime of support from the breeder.

    If youre interested in owning one of Glenberns Golden Retrievers, check out their website for more information on available puppies and upcoming litters.

    Glenbern Golden Retrievers details

    Facebook: Glenbern Golden Retrievers

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    If Interested In A Future Summer Brook Golden Retriever Puppy

    If you are interested in a puppy from Summer Brook, see our How to Reserve a Puppy page, as well as our FAQ pages for more information. Also, see our page on How Our List Works for more information on how our waiting list works. If not interested in a Summer Brook puppy, you might enjoy our page on English Golden Retriever Breedersfor some interesting information on choosing another breeder.

    Puppy Questionnaire

    It has recently come to our attention that at least one person has sent us a questionnaire that we did not receive. We are always prompt to email people that send us questionnaires to let them know that we have received them. It is extremely rare that you wont get some kind of response from us within 24 hours.

    Therefore, please check with us if you dont receive a response from us as this likely is an indication that your questionnaire didnt go through.

    What To Look For When Getting An English Cream Golden Retriever Breeders Near Me

    the strange truth about English Cream Golden Retrievers

    Choosing Golden Retriever puppies can present you with an clever, loving, lifetime-very long companion. By very carefully picking out a respected breeder and finding your Pup cautiously, you are able to rest assured you have lots of good years to spend together with your new Canine.golden retriever breeders near me

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    Why A White Golden Retriever

    White Golden Retrievers love attention and will display their adoring personality to earn it. Golden Meadows Retrievers breeds White Golden puppies for their eye-catching appearance and desirable level of obedience. These puppies have all the lovable qualities of a Golden Retriever just with a lighter-color coat of hair.

    White Golden Retrievers and English Cream Golden Retrievers are interchangeable names for the same breed.

    English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale In California Usa Page 1 is your source for finding an ideal English Cream Golden Retriever Puppy for Sale in California, USA area. Browse thru our ID Verified puppy for sale listings to find your perfect puppy in your area.

    Sort by:

    Adorable pure white English Cream Golden Retriever puppies born April 30th. 2 males available. Puppies dewormed and Vaccinated. Vet checked, and well socialized. Crate trained….

    Date listed: 06/16/2022


    Tags: English cream Golden Retriever White Golden Retriever

    Alpha is the best pup for any loving family and breeding program. Alpha is friendly and well socialized. He is fully vaccinated and has been dewormed multiple times. Vet check…

    Date listed: 08/02/2022


    Tags: Puppy Golden Retriever English Cream Golden Retriever breeding puppy


    Date listed: 07/30/2022

    Gorgeous English Cream Golden Retrievers now available. Puppies go home AKC registered, micro-chipped, current on all vaccinations and wormings, well socialized and loved, Vet…

    Date listed: 07/30/2022


    AKC English Cream Golden Puppies ready to go home

    Date listed: 07/13/2022

    I have 2 beautiful AKC English Cream Golden Retriever puppies ready to go home! Both are females and super well socialized. They have been raised on our family horse ranch, in…

    Date listed: 07/13/2022


    English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies

    Date listed: 05/24/2022

    Date listed: 05/24/2022


    AKC Golden Retriever Puppies NOT ENGLISH CREME


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    Breeders & Puppy Costs

    The English Cream Golden Retriever is a Golden Retriever that is bred to the KC breed standard. Although there are more American Golden Retrievers in America, a handful of breeders will breed English Cream Goldens to the British standard. A reputable breeder will import English Cream Golden Retrievers from the very best breeders in Europe, and strictly produce English Creams.

    They will be able to produce documentation to prove the lineage, and that they are English Cream Golden Retrievers. Not just very light golden American Golden Retrievers. There is usually an increased cost for English Cream Golden Retrievers, simply because it costs a lot to buy the very best examples from Europe and ship them over.

    The average price of an English Cream Golden Retriever falls somewhere between $1,500 and $3,500. The price will be dependent on your location, supply and demand, breeder reputation, and the pups lineage. Some English Cream Goldens can fetch tens of thousands of dollars from highly regarded breeders.

    Of course, budget is always an important consideration but never be tempted to work with a backstreet breeder. Its true that you get what you pay for. Reputable breeders care about the health of their pups, whereas puppy mills only care about profit. Health care is expensive, so they pump out as many puppies as they can without any concern for them or their mother.

    A Brief History On English Cream Golden Retrievers

    AKC English Cream Golden Retriever For Sale Fredericksburg, OH Female ...

    Golden retrievers may sound like a single breed, but theyre split into two subtypes: American and English. American goldens and English goldens descended from English lines when imported from Canada, but the breed evolved and developed differently in America and Europe.

    For example, English cream golden retrievers have a lighter, more white coat, a broader head, a stockier build, and a longer lifespan than their American counterparts. American golden retrievers are also more energetic and excitable than English cream golden retrievers.

    But when did the golden retriever divide into American and English? You can trace it back to the late 1800s, after the labrador retriever was brought to Europe and began its import to the United States. Todays English cream golden retrievers are descendants of the gun dogs bred by Lord Tweedmouth in Scotland.

    In 1868, Lord Tweedmouth mated a yellow wavy-coated retriever named Nous with a Tweed Water spaniel named Belle. Lord Tweedmouths goal was to produce a more robust dog than any other retriever that would be gentle and trainable.

    In 1903, English cream golden retrievers were accepted for registration by The Kennel Club, but under the name Flat Coats: Golden. A few years later in 1911, they were officially recognized as part of the Retriever family and then were given its full name: the Golden Retriever.

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