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English Cream Golden Retriever Weight Chart

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English Cream Golden Retrievers Are Not Rare

English Cream Golden Retriever: A Complete Visual Guide To This Stunning Dog!

English Cream goldens are rather common across the world and are becoming more common in America.

Dont let fancy names like, Rare White European Golden Retrievers, or, Exquisite Platinum Imported Golden Retrievers make you think that they are more rare or valuable than they are .

If a breeder is selling you on the fact that their dogs are rare, run away.

If theyre talking about how their dogs are healthy family dogs with good temperaments, then youre probably on the right track.

As far as how popular each color is, we did a study and asked 600 golden retriever owners what color their dog is.

Heres what they said:

Gold: 51.6%

Light gold : 31.5%

Red: 16.8%

As you can see, light gold, or cream-colored, golden retrievers are the second-most common color after gold.

Eukanuba Senior Large Breed Dog Food

Eukanuba Senior Large Breed Dog Food is also recommended by our staff veterinarians. It is formulated to fuel your active Golden Retrievers daily activities with optimal levels of fat and carbohydrates. It also helps maintain their natural defenses with guaranteed antioxidant levels for older dogs.

Below is a feeding chart for Eukanuba Senior Large Breed dog food.

Eukanuba Senior Large Breed Feeding Chart

4 5/8- 6 Cups Per Day
110 lbs. 5 ½- 7 1/8 Cups Per Day

Eukanuba is like Royal Canin in that it provides precise amounts of food for your aging Golden Retriever. The range of amounts is based on the activity of your Golden for the day, either low, moderate, or high level of activity.

Purina Pro Plan Large Breed Adult Food

Purina Pro Plan Large Breed dog food is our first choice for Golden Retriever adults. This food is highly recommended by our staff veterinarians, and it contains ingredients that are highly nutritious with high protein for strengthening muscles.

Below is a feeding chart for Purina Pro Plan Large Breed.

Purina Pro Plan Large Breed Adult Feeding Chart

3 3 2/3 Cups Per Day
75-100 lbs. 3 2/3 4 Cups Per Day

This chart does not give an exact amount based on gender, age, activity level, or health conditions. Be sure to consult your veterinarian to get the exact amount for your Golden.

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What Is The Life Expectancy Of Golden Retrievers

If youre the proud owner of a Golden Retriever, you can expect your pup to hang around for a good while.

Although the average life expectancy of a Golden Retriever isnt as long as some of the smaller breeds. Typically, the Golden Retriever is expected to live anywhere from 10-12 years long!

Speaking of longhow long do golden retrievers grow? Golden Retriever males can be around 23 to 24 inches tall where females can reach around 21.5 to 22.5 inches tall.

Healthy Weight Management Tips For Your Golden

Golden Retriever Weight And Growth Chart All You Need To Know

TheGolden Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds in the U.S.Unfortunately, this awesome dog breed is prone to becoming obese. To make surethat your Golden stays healthy, fit and lives a long life, here are some tipson what you can do to prevent your Golden Retriever from becomingoverweight.

Ifyou were to ask your Golden if he wanted a treat, he would answer yes everysingle time! Without a doubt, the friendly Golden Retriever always enjoys hisfood. Today, obesity is one of the biggest problems most dog breeds face. Butlets start with the basics! Pet obesity is our fault as well. As pet parentswe often give in and spoil our dogs with plenty of treats and dinner tidbits.

GoldenRetrievers have it down to pat when it comes to begging! Yet all those tidbitsmay just be contributing to your Golden Retrievers weight gain! Andunfortunately for this dog breed in particular, theres a spectrum of healthissues that are directly caused or made worse by excessive weight gain orobesity. So what should you do if you feel that your Golden is a tad on theheavy side?

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English Cream Golden Retrievers Eat A Lot

Theyre not small dogs, and they certainly dont have small appetites.

Oliver eats about 5 cups of food per day and goes through a 30 lb bag of dog food every 24 days.

Golden retrievers love eating , but because of this its important to monitor how much they eat.

Theyre susceptible to obesity, which could lead to heart and joint issues .

We feed Oliver Royal Canins Adult Golden Retriever food , but whatever you decide to feed your golden, check out this article about grain-free and BEG diets.

Read this article to learn more about how much it costs to feed golden retrievers.

Whats A Healthy Weight For A Golden Retriever

A healthy weight for a Golden Retriever is around 75 lbs . Every dog is unique, and two dogs can come from the same parents and eat the same food but be of different sizes. Therefore when assessing if your dog is a healthy weight, you should consult a vet for accurate results.

There are some things you can do to figure out if your golden retriever is overweight. If you can feel and see an indentation at your dogs waist, its unlikely that the dog is overweight. You should also be able to feel the dogs ribs if you apply gentle pressure.

If you cant feel some ribs, your dog is likely overweight.

A dog is obese if it is 20% over average weight for the breed. So if the average weight for a golden retriever is 75 lbs , above 90 lbs would be considered obese for the breed.

However, some larger dogs may be healthy at a higher weight, but this will not be the case in most scenarios.

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Eukanuba Large Breed Puppy Food

Eukanuba Large Breed Puppy Food is also a great choice of puppy food for Golden Retrievers. This food contains high-quality ingredients and is made in the USA. It supports healthy brain development that increases the intelligence and trainability of your Golden Retriever. This food is highly recommended by our staff veterinarians as well.

Below is Eukanubas Large Breed Puppy feeding chart.

Eukanuba Large Breed Puppy Feeding Chart

Puppy Age
3 5/8 Cups Per Day

English Cream Golden Retrievers Are Smart

6 Differences Between American vs. English Golden Retrievers

According to canine psychologist, Dr. Stanley Coren, and his book, The Intelligence of Dogs, golden retrievers are the fourth smartest breed, behind Border Collies , Poodles , and German Shepherds .

This is great because theyre easy to train and intuitive.

However, because theyre so smart they can be mischievous, especially if theyre not mentally stimulated.

In fact #12 we talked about how to mentally stimulate them, which included lots of training and puzzle toys.

This leads us to our next fact

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Facts About English Cream Golden Retrievers You Probably Didnt Know

Want to know the truth about English Cream Golden Retrievers?

In this post, were breaking down 23 facts about these beautiful white golden retrievers and identifying which myths are true and which ones are not.

Now before we dive in, heres a quick overview of them:

English Cream Golden Retrievers are a style of Golden Retriever. All Golden Retrievers are the same breed, but this style has cream-colored coats, blocky heads, and stocky bodies. Theyre said to be calmer and healthier than other Goldens.

But are they actually calmer and healthier than their American counterparts?

Keep reading to find out!

What Is The Right Weight For A Golden Retriever

7 week Female 7 Week Male 5 lb 3lb 17 lb 17lb 9 lb 9lb
8 week Female 8 Week Male 5 lb 3lb 17 lb 17lb 10 lb 11lb
9 week Female 9 week Male 8 lb 7lb 17 lb 17lb 12 lb 13lb
10 week Female 10 week Male 10 lb 10lb 22 lb 22lb 15 lb 15lb
11 week Female 11 week Male 12 lb 12lb 25 lb 25lb 17 lb 17lb
3 month Female 3 month Male 16 lb 16lb 33 lb 34lb 22 lb 23lb
4 month Female 4 month Male 22 lb 25lb 44 lb 55lb 30 lb 33lb
5 month Female 5 month Male 25 lb 27lb 52 lb 67lb 40 lb 42lb
6 month Female 6 month Male 27 lb 29 61 lb 75lb 44 lb 52lb
7 month Female 7 month Male 31 lb 32lb 67 lb 75lb 45 lb 52lb
8 month Female 8 month Male 40 lb 40lb 67 lb 77lb 52 lb 61lb
9 month Female 9 month Male 44 lb 45lb 68 lb 77lb 52 lb 61lb
10 month Female 10 month Male 50 lb 50lb 68 lb 77lb 60 lb 63lb
11 month Female 11 month Male 52 lb 55lb 80 lb 77lb 65 lb 66lb
1 year Female 1 year Male 55 lb 65lb 90 lb 77lb 70 lb 68lb
2 year Female 2 year Male 55 lb 65lb 90 lb 80lb 70 lb 73lb

As you can see in the Golden Retriever Growth Chart above, a Golden Retrievers size can vary a great deal. Part of the reason their weight can fluctuate is due to gender, age, genetic background, and health.

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What Does A 3

At three months old, a Golden Retriever usually weighs about 22 pounds. Like most breeds, Golden Retrievers grow very quickly in the first few months. They go from only weighing a few pounds to weighing much more. After all, they have to reach their adult weight and hit puberty in only a year or so.

This age is the first time a puppys size may indicate how big they are as adults. Previously, the dogs were affected mainly by where they were in their uterus. Puppies with better positions got more nutrients and were therefore larger. However, genetics takes over after birth, and the puppies all begin growing at their own rate.

When the puppies reach 3 months old, they have been growing independently for long enough to make some guesses about their adult size. Before then, any guesses are really just that guesses.

Golden Retriever Weight And Growth Chart All You Need To Know

English Cream Golden Retriever Weight

Golden retrievers are one of the most popular dogs worldwide, yet many people dont know a lot of things about their golden retriever weight and growth chart, which is really important when you own a dog especially a breed like a golden retriever, because just from the Weight And Growth you can tell how healthy he is and what best nutrition for him and many other things related to his health, but how are you going to know whether your puppy is on track or not ? And What are the growth stages for a golden retriever? Is golden retriever weight female different than golden retriever weight male?

Luckily in this article, we are going to cover everything you need to know about your puppys growth stages to monitor your Golden Retrievers growth and development.

Why is it Important To Monitor Golden Retriever Puppy Growth and Development?

Monitoring golden retriever puppies is an important task to do, based on data, you can tell the health of your puppy and what kind of nutrition you should give him, and if he is sick or not.

In the first year, all puppies go to similar stages and Each stage has different growth milestones and behaviors to look out for, and the puppy will need different types of care.

Here are growth stages of your golden retriever

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Second Stage Of Golden Retriever Puppy Growth And Development: Socialization

In this period which lasts from about three to twelve-week-old, puppies need to start socializing beyond their mother at this age, they should interact with people and with other animals, so they get used to it and find it easier when they get older, they also should get familiar with some solid foods as their mothers milk dries up.

Besides, at this age, they are full of energy, so they will be playful and running around, and they will learn important habits, such as inhibited biting, which is biting to play rather than hurt, and according to dog growth chart in this period golden puppies start to mimic their mothers, and they are likely to leave the sleeping area to relieve themselves. Also, during this period puppies start developing new emotions like fear, so if you noticed your dog acting weird, dont worry, it is just a phase that will pass. And for dog Growth Chart, it wont change from the last stage.

Purina Pro Plan Bright Mind

Purina Pro Plan Bright Mind is our top choice for Golden Retriever senior dog food. It is formulated with botanical oils to increase alertness and mental sharpness in dogs ages 7 and older. Our staff veterinarians recommend this dog food for your aging Golden Retriever.

Below is a feeding chart for Purina Pro Plan Bright Mind.

Purina Pro Plan Bright Might Feeding Chart

2 ¾ 3 ½ Cups Per Day
Over 100 lbs. 3 ½ Cups Per Day plus ¼ cup for each 10 lbs. over 100 lbs.

This chart is not built for your individual dog. It is best to consult your veterinarian for the right amount of food that will provide your Golden with a healthy lifestyle in the senior years.

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What Is The Best Age To Spay/neuter A Golden Retriever

You can spay puppies as early as 8 weeks old, but any time before they reach sexual maturity is preferred, which is around one year old.

This will prevent undesirable behaviors such as marking, territorial behavior, or a fixation with toys. All of which are hard to correct when they manifest.

For breeds that are predisposed to hip dysplasia, vets recommend spaying around the 6-month mark.

English Cream Golden Retrievers Are Popular

English Cream Golden Retrievers: Breed Information, Color Controversy & More

According to the AKC, golden retrievers are the 4th most popular breed in America, behind Labradors, French Bulldogs, and German shepherds.

This is great because theyre such good dogs and everybody deserves to have one.

Another plus is that its rare to see golden retrievers in the pound because theyre usually adopted right away.

But its also bad because irresponsible breeders have tried to jump on the bandwagon and make some money breeding them without worrying about health and temperament history.

If you do decide to get a golden retriever from a breeder, make sure to do your research before you choose one.

You can watch this YouTube video about the ugly truth about Golden Retrievers for more on irresponsible breeders.

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English Cream Golden Retriever Size Height And Weight

English Cream Golden Retrievers are a medium to large-sized breed when fully grown.

A female English Cream Golden Retriever ranges in height between 20-22 inches.

Males range between 22-24 inches in height.

The English Cream Golden Retriever weight falls between 55-75 pounds, depending on male or female breeds.

You can also expect the English retriever to have a larger and blockier head than the American Golden Retriever breeds.

How Much Does Your English Golden Weigh


7 Months

puppydogs said:If anyone has the English/British/European/Canadian type golden, how much does yours weigh? I read they may be heavier/blockier than American lines.I just weighed my baby at 9 months and she is 64 lbs! I feed about 2.5 cups of Fromm Surf& Turf or Chicken a la veg with chicken breast or salmon on top.No real problems feeling the ribs, thinking of cutting down a bit but concerned if puppies need extra nutrition in puppyhood. When are they considered not a puppy anymore and full grown?

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English Cream Retrievers Are Not One

Depending on your personality, English Cream Golden Retrievers not being a one-person dog may be a positive or a negative fact for you.

A dog, such as this, that is heavily dependent on its owner and family may struggle to function when they are separated.

If you have a household with children or other pets, the English Cream Golden Retriever is perfect for you. These dogs are incredibly social, patient, and loving to people and other family pets. They also get on well with small children and are even friendly with strangers you approve of.

To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to aweb browser thatsupports HTML5 video

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How Much To Feed Your Golden Retriever

How Much Do Golden Retrievers Weigh?

June 3, 2019 by Karen Summers

This page has guidelines and a chart with information on how much to feed a Golden Retriever. There is also info on how to keep your puppy and your adult at his or her optimum weight. Scroll down to find growth charts to make sure your puppy is growing at the proper rate and is within the right weight range for his age. If you are looking for information on what to feed, go to How to Choose a Dog Food.

Puppies Grow Too Fast BEFORE They Grow Fat

Most American dogs are overweight and many American large breed puppies are growing too fast, subjecting them to skeletal and joint problems, some of which may not actually show up until later in life.

Unlike with human children, a puppy that is overfed will grow too fast before they grow too fat. Ive seen examples of this many times with two puppies from the same litter raised in different homes. A good example is where a smaller puppy at 10 weeks was overfed and his growth was compared to a puppy that was correctly fed.

Control the Growth of Your Puppy

If you have a puppy that doesnt have especially large parents and he/she is growing into what you think is going to be a large dog, consider that you may be feeding your puppy too much . The growth of your puppy needs to be controlled.

You Should Be Able to Feel Ribs But Not See Them

Dont underfeed your dog either. You should be able to lightly feel your dogs ribs. A dog shouldnt be so thin that you can see his/her ribs, even when your dog is wet.

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