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Golden Retriever Breeders San Diego

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Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale San Diego Puppy


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Browse thru Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale near San Diego, California, USA area listings on to find your perfect puppy. If you are unable to find your Golden Retriever puppy in our Puppy for Sale or Dog for Sale sections, please consider looking thru thousands of Golden Retriever Dogs for Adoption. Also, be sure to check the Golden Retriever Dog Breeder listings in our Dog Breeder Directory, which feature upcoming dog litter announcements and current puppies for sale for that dog breeder. And don’t forget the PuppySpin tool, which is another fun and fast way to search for Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale near San Diego, California, USA area and Golden Retriever Dogs for Adoption near San Diego, California, USA area. – also known as: Yellow Retriever

Golden Retriever Puppies In San Diego

Golden Retrievers are the ultimate outdoor dog. This gentle but outgoing breed loves to go on long walks, swim and play outside with the company of their owner. Luckily, San Diego is home to a number of dog-friendly beaches for pets to roam and meet some new friends.

San Diegos consistent weather makes it easy for dog-owners to expose their pets to the great outdoors while keeping them comfortable and not too hot. We encourage anyone in San Diego interested in our Golden Retrievers and Vizslas to stop by our California training ground or contact us to learn more.

Our California location allows us to work with each dog like other breeders cant. As soon as puppies are born, our team begins early socialization through Early Neurological Stimulation and the Rule of 7. These processes get puppies learning about the outside world faster than other methods, and we provide in-house training for our furry friends.

Available Puppies Please Click Here

Sierra Goldens is located in Roosevelt, UT. I am dedicated to preserving, breeding, and showing Golden Retrievers. I am a small hobby kennel striving to produce the highest quality animals for wonderful pet homes. I select the best Golden Retrievers from our lines and other reputable quality breeders around the country ensuring that the standards set by the AKC and the Golden Retriever Club of America are strictly adhered to.

Puppies are on a strict schedule for worming and vaccines to help further puppies life. We have the puppies examined at 8 weeks of age by our Veterinarian. We provide a healthy puppy letter from the vet. For us it’s important that we do our best to provide information to new puppies owners so that they can continue the steps to helping their puppy have a happy long life.

Health Warranty covers up to 12 months of the: hips & elbows heart and eyes.

All of my puppies are born in our home and spend the first 2 week being handled and socialized daily. At 3 weeks of age they are moved to the living room and are exposed to different noises, people, other dogs, cats and different surfaces to help them develop a well adjusted personality. Puppies come when they are called at about 4 weeks of age.

All of my breeding dogs have passed OFA standards for heart, hips, elbows and eyes and are accompanied by a health guarantee that covers these genetic defects.

Sonja 724-5289

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Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain

Primary Ingredients: Deboned Chicken, Chicken Meal, Peas, Pea Protein, Tapioca Starch, Menhaden Fish Meal

Blue Buffalo is one of the most popular dog food brands on the market, thanks to its high-quality ingredients and remarkable results. With a combination of healthy proteins, fruits, vegetables, and more, this dry dog food will encourage healthy muscle development in your Golden Retriever as well as strong teeth, a healthy heart, and improved skin and coat texture.

Customer Review: Bought this for my dog, Wilbur, and he loves it. Looking at the ingredients makes me feel that I have purchased a quality product for my guy.

Rating: 4.7/5

Puppyspots Goldendoodles For San Diego

Golden Retriever Puppies San Diego

Finding Goldendoodle breeders in San Diego isnt an easy task. We highly recommend checking out PuppySpot as your first move because youll never know what youd miss out on. PuppySpot is a trustworthy dog marketplace with many breeders throughout the United States. These Goldendoodle breeders are all strictly screened, so theres no need to worry. You can do your own research on each breeder while in the process. Your Goldendoodle puppy will be safely shipped to your home in no time.

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Why Buy A Goldendoodles Puppy

If you want a friendly and loving companion by your side, then Goldendoodles dog breeds are a perfect choice. They are a mix of Poodle and Golden Retriever, so with a Goldendoodle, you get the best of both worlds.

Goldendoodles are highly intelligent dogs, which makes them a great choice for service companions. They are also very friendly and bond easily with children as well as other pets. Since they do not shed as much as other dogs, you can worry less about allergies and having to clean up after them. Here is some free advice for the new Goldendoodle owner.

Best Goldendoodle Breeders In San Diego

August 27, 2021 by Andy

Heres what you need about this Poodle mix if youre searching for Goldendoodle breeders in San Diego. This crossbreed has become incredibly popular in recent years due to combining the very best of both breeds. Golden Retrievers have a reputation for being wonderful family dogs, loyal and sweet. The Poodle cross produces a smart, good-looking, playful dog that incorporates the best of both the Poodle and the Golden Retriever. In addition, Goldendoodles, as with all crossbred dogs, have something called Hybrid Vigor.

Too much crossing within the dogs bloodlines. Branches of the family tree are too close together, which leads to inbreeding and can cause undesirable genetic defects. Crossing out dogs with other breeds such as the Poodle and Golden Retriever creates a stronger bloodline. Puppies resulting from these types of crosses are healthier, livelier, and genetically stronger than their in-bred predecessors. Goldendoodles are a great example of this Hybrid Vigor, bringing playfulness, intelligence, trainability, and a strong constitution to the mix.

Before scrolling down this list of Goldendoodle breeders in San Diego, check out these other recommendations:Best Goldendoodle Breeders in CaliforniaandBest Goldendoodle Breeders in the Bay Area.

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Goldendoodle Puppies For Sale In San Diego

If youre ready to bring a Goldendoodle into your home and family, weve got you covered. Weve researched the best Goldendoodle breeders in and around San Diego, California. Unfortunately, weve only listed reputable breeders here. We reject puppy mills and any broker or clearinghouse that sources puppies from puppy mills. Here, wed like to introduce you to breeders who care about the quality of the dog you receive as a buyer. Those who track the lineage of their puppies to hopefully one day be accepted by the American Kennel Club as a registered breed.

These are designer dog breeders that care deeply about the kind of companion canine you receive when you get a puppy from their breeding program. Goldendoodles come in several sizes and variations in coat and color, depending on the Poodle cross. In addition, there are standard, medium, mini, or toy. The breeders on our list cover the entire spectrum of Goldendoodle sizes and the most desirable coat colors. Here are the top Goldendoodle breeders in San Diego and the surrounding area.

Goldendoodle Product Recommendations:Best Dog Brush For a GoldendoodleandBest Grooming Tools For Goldendoodles.

Who Is The Best Human For A Golden Retriever

Shadalane Golden Retrievers – Summer 2012

Golden retrievers are a tried and true family dog. They love swimming , running, and playing in a big backyard. Theyre highly social, so a large and active family household works well for them. They also need plenty of affection and snuggles. Due to their hunting heritage, they love to play fetch! Looking to please you, theyre relatively easy to train.

Theyre great with children and seniors alike. Golden retrievers do best with plenty of companionship, and so despite their activity level, often do very well with retirees who can devote plenty of time to them.

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Golden Retriever Breeders In California: Sunrise Goldens

This Golden Retriever breeder is located in Southern California and is a member of the Golden Retriever Club of America and a Bred with H.E.A.R.T. member. According to their website, in their breeding, they adhere to the standards of the GRCA and all their dogs have proper health clearances . Visit this breeders website if you are interested in one of their puppies.

Royal Canin Golden Retriever Adult

Primary Ingredients: Brown Rice, Chicken By-Product Meal, Oat Groats, Brewers Rice, Wheat

Royal Canin specially formulated its dry food for the unique needs of Golden Retrievers. With a blend of natural flavors, it works to improve your Goldens coat, digestion, skin, and bone health. Its also highly recommended by many veterinarians!

Customer Review: Our current 9-year-old Golden is flourishing on the Golden Royal Canin: her nose has returned to coal black, her gas is greatly reduced. She is a much happier dog.

Rating: 4.6/5

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What Is The Right Amount To Feed My Dog

Most dog foods come with specific volumes listed on the side. Check the food that youre using to find out how often you should be feeding your pup at different ages and stages of their life, too.

Overfeeding your pet can lead to a variety of health concerns. When you first begin using a new dog food, its a good idea to check in with your vet to determine whether your dog could benefit from a customized feeding plan.

Welcome To Charlemagne Golden Retrievers

Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale

Thank you for visiting Charlemagne Golden Retrievers. We are located in San Diego County in Southern California. Our love of Goldens began with our first rescue dogs in the 80s named Fergie and Aspen. Their beauty, temperament and need to please filled our hearts. With their passing we have been introduced to a higher level of Goldens and have entered into the Dog Show world. Our first Champion, Fiona, has blessed us with beautiful puppies and a few of them carrying on in the show circuit. All of our dogs receive their Canine Good Citizenship Title and compete in Confirmation, Rally and Obedience. We are members in good standing of the Golden Retriever Club of America. All of our breedings include OFA health certificates on both parents We hope you enjoy our site and our family. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our breeding. Barbara Campbell

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What Kind Of Dogs Are Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale In San Diego Ca

Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States. They make great therapy dogs, and they’re also good at dog sports and simply love outdoor adventures. These darling Golden Retriever puppies in San Diego CA are easy to train and get along with everyone, making them a popular choice for just about any dog owner.

How do you screen breeders of San Diego Golden Retrievers for sale?

This is a major reason why people looking for new puppies in their lives come to California Puppies. To achieve our goal of assembling the best national network of breeders and businesses, we vigorously vet all applicants. So much so that about 90% of applicants dont make it into our exclusive network.

What if the puppy I want lives in another state?

While you probably can find a Golden Retriever near you, theres no need to be disappointed if you cant. You can still get the puppy you want no matter what state they live in! Most of the members in our coast-to-coast network can arrange for you to pick up your new furry friend at any major airport in the lower 48 states.

Why is California Puppies different from other places with Golden Retrievers for sale in San Diego CA?

How does California Puppies work?

Do San Diego Golden Retriever puppies for sale make good family pets?

What is a puppy mill?

Where do Golden Retrievers come from?

Iams Proactive Health Large Breed

Primary Ingredients: Chicken, Ground Whole Grain Barley, Ground Whole Grain Corn

IAMS has been a leading brand in the dog food industry for yearsand for a good reason. They produce high-quality dog food for your Golden Retriever at an affordable price. Veterinarians recommend IAMS Proactive Health because it uses ingredients like animal protein and antioxidant-rich veggies to nourish your dog and meet their complete health needs.

Customer Review: I have two larger breeds, and this has been really good for them and cheaper than what I have fed before. Highly recommend it. Good for maintaining a decent weight too.

Rating: 4.7/5

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An Exception To The Rule During This Covid

Occasionally, a reputable breeder may breed a dog or a bitch prior to 2 with OFA Hip/Elbow preliminary certificates. All that means is that the animal was not 24 months of age when the test was performed . In that case they will have the preliminary reports from the Orthopedic Foundation For Animals for hips and elbows which is graded personally by Dr Keller who is the head of OFA. These reports are extremely reliable with regards to OFA Grades of Fair, Good and Excellent and given the high cost associated with X-rays and exposure to radiation, we have no issue with using preliminary OFA findings of at least a Fair, Good or Excellent.

Therefore, request copies of the OFA hip, elbow, heart and eye clearances for the sire and dam of any litter or puppy that is offered for sale. A reputable Golden Retriever breeder will be able to produce the OFA certificates or reports from a board certified radiologist, board certified cardiologist and a board certified ophthalmologist.

Golden Retriever Breeders In California: Charlemagne Goldens

Puppies for sale san diego goldendoodle puppies golden retriever poodle

If you are looking for Golden Retriever Breeders in California, you could check out Charlemagne Goldens. They are based in Carlsbad in San Diego County. As they say on their website, they fell in love with Goldens about four decades ago and are still passionate about the breed. They are a member of the Golden Retriever Club of America and breed to the standards accepted by the club. All of their dogs are OFA certified. Each dog receives Canine Good Citizenship title and many excel at Obedience, Rally and other activities.

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What Does Our Dog Breeding Family Ranch Do

At San Diego Goldendoodle, we try to help you find the perfect companion in a Goldendoodle. We also, adopt, train as well as provide a boarding facility for your friend


Our dog breeders have over 30 years of experience in working with dogs, training them as home pets as well as service dogs. Here are some tips to train your Goldendoodle.


We know that it can be difficult to leave your pet with someone else. Our 5-star accommodation facilities ensure your pet gets the best treatment, with hygiene, TV, AC and heating all taken care of

Getting a pet and companion can be one of the best decisions of ones life. We understand that and know what you are looking for. We help to train and take care of Goldendoodles so that they become the smart and playful companions you are looking for

We also help you to take care of your pet should you need a place for them to stay when you are away. We ensure that your pet continues to get all the care and affection that it needs


We help to improve the health as well as the temperament of the dogs to make them the ideal pet and service companion. There may be a waitlist for adopting from us

Service Dogs

Our Goldendoodles are trained and smart to fulfil all types of service dog requirements and responsibilities

Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale Near San Diego California Usa Page 1 is your source for finding an ideal Golden Retriever Puppy for Sale near San Diego, California, USA area. Browse thru our ID Verified puppy for sale listings to find your perfect puppy in your area.

Akc registered golden retriever puppies

Date listed: 11/06/2021

  • Distance:

    Aprox. 8.5 mi from San Diego

Golden retriever puppiesApollo/Rhea litterBorn 10/16/2021Ready 12/11/2021Girls: 4 Boys: 2Mom and dad are akc registered and embark genetic tested. Parents on site….

Date listed: 11/06/2021

Golden Retriever Puppies Champion Lines

Date listed: 11/13/2021

  • Distance:

    Aprox. 31.0 mi from San Diego

Golden Retriever Puppies champion lines English Creme Mom and Dad on site. Please call 760-803-9544 for more information. Males and females available. Will be ready to pick up on…

Date listed: 11/13/2021

In Pennsylvania’s rolling country side, only five minutes from Maryland state line, these pups have been played with since birth so are well adapted and socialized. They love…

Date listed: 08/24/2021

  • Distance:

    Aprox. 57.7 mi from San Diego

Gorgeous golden retriever puppies, they are well adapted and socialized . They are ready to bring their love into your family. Colors range from light…

Date listed: 11/10/2021


Tags: Golden retriever puppies Male Female Golden California

Beautiful well bred Golden Retrievers females

Date listed: 10/22/2021

Date listed: 10/22/2021

  • Aprox. 71.4 mi from San Diego

AKC Male Puppy


Date listed: 11/13/2021



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Golden Retriever Puppies: Everything You Need To Know

Apple pie, football, and golden retrievers? This golden dog is a popular addition to many American households. In fact, golden retrievers rank number 3 in the American Kennel Clubs popularity rankings. Not surprisingly, golden retriever puppies are often seen on many calendars, greeting cards, and posters as the ultimate symbol of canine cuteness.

As much as they are celebrated in the US, golden retrievers werent discovered there. In the mid-1800s, they were bred and raised by gamekeepers at an estate owned by Lord Tweedmouth in Scotland. Its said that he crossed his yellow retriever Tweed Water Spaniel , an Irish setter, and a bloodhound. This new golden retriever was trained to hunt in the great outdoors.

Golden retrievers are so renowned, two United States presidents owned them while in office. President Fords golden retriever was named Liberty, and President Reagans dog was Victory.

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