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Golden Retriever Lab Mix Rescue

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It Was Us We Let The Dogs Out

Riley the cute Golden Retriever Labrador mix rescue dog’s first year slideshow

Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers are at high risk in certain countries. These breeds live in horrid conditions and are cruelly tortured by meat farms. They are not simply food for the hungry they are considered a high-priced delicacy. We are determined to stop the cruelty and bring them to loving furever homes.RRLV works directly with international rescuers who vet and screen each dog. They receive temperment testing and medical care prior to traveling to the US. Our goal is to match each rescue with a foster or furever home prior to their travel. We need your help. Consider Adopting, Donating or Sponsoring. We are 100% volunteer-based and depend on your help to continue. Help us let the dogs out!

Goldador Size And Weight

Because the parent breeds of the Goldador are medium-to-large sized dogs, you can expect the Golden Retriever Lab mix to be the same. Goldadors can stand between 22-25 inches tall and weigh between 55-80+ pounds.

  • Gentle
  • Affectionate

Goldadors inherit these traits as well. They make excellent service dogs, therapy dogs, watchdogs, search and rescue dogs, and sniffing dogs.

Socialization Is Proven To Help

Studies into dog behavior have shown that socialization from a young age helps to prevent behavioral issues in older dogs. This includes aggression and fearfulness. So, you should train and socialize your black Goldador mix well from a young age to get the best of their temperament. You should also meet the parent dogs to see what traits your puppy may inherit. If its parents are friendly and keen to meet you, your puppy will often be similar!

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Golden Retriever Clubs In Indiana

Golden retriever clubs can be great both for hopeful golden retriever parents and current golden retriever parents.

If youre looking to adopt a golden, someone in the club may know of one that needs a new home, or be able to point you in the right direction.

It could be a long shot, but it may be worth it.

And then, once you finally do get your golden retriever, the golden retriever clubs can be of even more benefit to you.

You can participate in their events or sports, get advice and tips from golden retriever parents, as well as recommendations for services like vets, groomers, or doggy daycares.

Here are the two golden retriever clubs in Indiana:

Southern Indiana Golden Retriever Club

Location: Newburg

White River Golden Retriever Club

Location: Indianapolis


Black Lab Golden Retriever Mix Rescue

Golden Retriever Lab Mix Puppies For Adoption

As this mix becomes more popular, you may also be able to find puppies and older black Goldadors available for rescue. The Goldador is one of the most popular current designer breeds. So, you may even find rescue centers dedicated to them. However, many rescue centers for the parent breeds will often take mixed puppies.

Dogs from rescue centers will often have some basic training, and will be much cheaper than puppies from a reputable breeder. Speak to staff about your situation at home to make sure they can pair you with the best possible match. If you have kids or other pets, theyll be able to find you a Goldador that is super friendly. Or, if you dont have much experience with training, they can help you find a black Goldador that already knows basic obedience.

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Golden Retriever Rescues By State

  • More Golden Retriever Info:
  • Are you looking for a Golden Retriever rescue near you? Youve come to the right place. Well help you find the closest Golden Retriever rescues so you can adopt a Golden of your own. Or maybe youre trying to find a rescue to send a Golden Retriever to. Either way, these rescues are there for you. If your area doesnt have any Golden Retriever rescues, you may need to look at nearby states.

    Below, we break down all the Golden Retriever rescues in the US, state by state. Some states dont have any Golden Retriever rescues. Fortunately, some of the Golden Retriever rescues listed cover areas of more than one state.

    Are Golden Labs Hypoallergenic

    No, Golden Labs are not hypoallergenic. In fact, they tend to shed a lot, which means having one around is bad for anyone with dog hair allergies, and they can also be problematic for anyone who suffers from serious asthma.

    If you are looking for a hypoallergenic breed, it is better to consider a Labrador mixed with a poodle, a Labradoodle, or a golden retriever mixed with a poodle, a Goldendoodle. This is because poodles have a wiry low-shedding coat that they often pass along to their children.

    Poodles are just as intelligent and companionable as Labradors and Goldens, so when you mix them together, you tend to end up with a similarly loyal and intelligent pup.

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    Greater Dayton Labrador Retriever Rescue Mission:

    Our mission is to rescue and re-home purebred Labrador Retrievers and lab mixes 5 years or younger that have the look and temperament of a lab into loving and caring homes.

    Our goal is to help local shelters place a dog that has reached the time limit, take in the neglected and unwanted dog, and in some cases injured ones.

    Golden Retriever Lab Mix Appearance

    Goldador Dog Breed: The Golden Retriever and Labrador Mix

    The Goldador is a medium- to large-sized dog with an athletic build, broad head, pronounced eyebrows, strong jaw, and a water-resistant coat. They measure about 50 to 60 cm in height and weigh between 60 and 80 pounds.

    The coat of the golden retriever Lab mix may be short and dense like that of a Lab or long and wavy like that of a golden retriever. It can come in a range of colors, including yellow, gold, reddish-gold, cream, mahogany, and black.

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    Do You Have Allergies Or Asthma

    Goldadors tend to shed a lot. This unfortunately makes them a problematic dog for anyone with dog hair allergies because their hair is almost impossible to avoid. If anyone in your home has an allergy, they will not cope well with a Goldador.

    Their excessive shedding can also exacerbate asthma. While regular brushing can help manage this, they are best avoided for children with asthma or anyone with very severe asthma.

    Other Ways To Rescue A Golden Retriever

    If As Good As Gold doesnt have a golden retriever for you, and if the rescues in nearby states dont have any dogs available or theyre too far away, dont lose hope.

    Here are two other options:

    Option #1 is to join your local golden retriever Facebook groups.

    Sometimes golden retriever owners will need to rehome their golden, but not want to give them up to an organization.

    They might post in these local Facebook groups and try to find a new loving home for their dog themselves.

    Of course, theres your opportunity to step in and offer your home.

    Option #2 to find a golden in need of a new home is to join your local golden retriever club

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    Do You Have An Active Lifestyle

    Goldadors have lots of energy and need lots of exercise, or a minimum of an hour of physical activity each day. On top of that, these dogs will thrive when they have an active lifestyle that involves things such as hiking and swimming on the weekends.

    Does that align with your lifestyle? Do you like to keep active in your free time, or are you more of a couch potato?

    Are Black Lab Golden Retriever Mixes Healthy

    Chocolate Lab And Golden Retriever Mix Information

    A black Lab Golden Retriever mix will usually be as healthy as its parents. So, its important that you choose your breeder carefully. Mixed breed puppies like this are vulnerable to the same health issues as their parent breeds. Common problems to look out for include:

    • Cancer
    • Hip dysplasia
    • Eye issues, such as Progressive Retinal Atrophy and cataracts
    • Ear infections
    • Centronuclear Myopathy
    • Exercise Induced Collapse

    Health tests are available for a large number of these issues. So, make sure your breeder is able to show you clear health certificates for both the Golden Retriever and the black Lab parent.

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    Feeding A Golden Lab Mix

    The ideal diet for a Labrador and golden retriever mix is one that contains lots of proteins, fat, wholesome carbs, and essential vitamins and minerals. You should find high-quality food for large breed dogs and feed your mix two evenly-spaced meals per day and avoid free-feeding.

    Please note, Goldadors have enormous appetites and will eat everything that is offered to them, which puts them at risk of obesity. Hence, dont overfeed your dog, and dont give him table scraps if you want to keep them at an ideal weight.

    How Do You Train A Goldador

    Goldadors are highly intelligent, so they will usually learn a new command after only seeing it a few times. They are also eager to please, so they do especially well with positive reinforcement training.

    Positive reinforcement training means you reward the dog when they display the behavior that you are looking for, in turn teaching them that good things tend to happen when they give a particular response to that command.

    It is best to avoid punishment when training any dog, as they often find it confusing and therefore dont learn what it is that they shouldnt be doing. For example, if you punish your dog when they pee in the house, rather than learning not to pee inside, they might just learn not to pee when you are around and start finding secret places in the house to do their business.

    Punishment can also be especially problematic for Goldadors as they tend to be very sensitive. They can develop negative behavioral traits such as aggression when exposed to harsh punishment.

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    What Is A Black Lab Golden Retriever Mix

    Its as easy as its name sounds! This dog is simply a puppy with one Golden Retriever parent and one black Labrador Retriever parent.

    Since the genes for a black dog coat are dominant, many breeders hope that they will get black Goldador puppies when they breed with a black Labrador parent. But, first generation mixes like this are quite unpredictable. So, theres no real way of knowing exactly what traits puppies will inherit until they arrive. This applies to everything from a dogs appearance and general temperament, to their health and specific care needs. Which is why its so important to choose a reputable breeder that only breeds from the healthiest parent dogs.

    Masks And Bandanas Now Available

    Goldador – Golden Retriever Labrador Retriever Mix
    Looking for ways to donate while also getting something you need for yourself? You are in luck because we are now offering handmade face masks for a $10.00 donation. As a bonus, our volunteers also made matching mask and dog bandana sets for a donation of $15 – so you and your pup can go on walks in style!

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    Help Us Win Free Dog Food

    Please go to this website , sign in and vote for GDLRR , so we can win free dog food for our hungry rescued labs!

    It only takes a second and it is my understanding that you can do it once daily! Thank you so much for your continued support of our rescue efforts! God Bless and Happy Holidays,from all of us at GDLRR, Renee

    Where Do You Live

    Goldadors are pretty big dogs, and they also have a lot of energy. This means they dont generally do well in apartments, and you should only really consider keeping them in an apartment if you will be able to take them out multiple times a day. For example, guide dogs can live in an apartment with their charge, but they are also out and about with their owners most of the day.

    Goldadors do best if they have a bit of outdoor space to call their own where they can blow off steam if they cant get out to the park.

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    Golden Retriever Mix Breed Rescues

    All-Breed RescuesGolden Retriever Mixes RescuesFrom the GRCA-NRC listALABAMAJ& L Golden Retriever Rescue See this GRCA web page for information = GRCAALASKAGolden Retriever Rescue of North Texas –

    How did you find out they take mixes? That’s a good list to have on hand, maybe we can get it to be a sticky in the rescue forum.

    SMOOCH at the Bridge.GR Mix Breed needs a Home

    How Much Time Do You Have

    4/11/18 Sheldon #0667 Mixed Breed Mix Golden Retriever ...

    Goldadors are companion dogs at heart. They give a lot of love, and they also need a lot of companionship. Because they develop such strong bonds with their owners, they can develop depression and anxiety if they are left alone for extended periods on a regular basis.

    If you need to leave them alone for a day once in a while when traveling, your Goldador will probably be OK, as will your house. However, if you leave them alone at home several times a week while you are at work, they are likely to develop stress and anxiety over time. This can manifest in annoying and destructive behaviors like chewing, scratching, and digging.

    As a general rule, dont get a Goldador if you will regularly need to leave them alone for more than six hours a day.

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    Will A Black Labrador Golden Retriever Mix Always Be Black

    Although the genes for a black coat are dominant, theres no guarantee that a Goldador with a black Lab parent will be black too. Black Labradors can still carry and pass on recessive genes for the Labs other coat colors . However, a puppy must receive two recessive genes to have a non-black coat color. So, it is much less likely that your puppies will have golden or chocolate coats if they have a black Lab parent.

    If your heart is set on a black Goldador puppy, let your breeder know. They may be able to give you first pick of the litter to ensure you get the shade you want.

    Can Goldadors Be Left Alone

    Goldadors are highly companionable dogs that want to be part of their family. They like to be in the thick of things, and so they are happiest when there is someone around to keep them company, even if they arent actually doing anything together.

    For this reason, it is not advisable to leave Goldadors alone for extended periods of time. A well-trained Goldador wont cause too much destruction if you have to leave them at home for a day in an emergency.

    However, if they find themselves alone on a regular basis, for example for 10 hours a day while everyone is at work, they will often develop depression and anxiety, which usually manifests as destructive chewing, scratching, and digging.

    These dogs do best in households where there is someone around most of the time. If you need to be out, having someone pop in and just spend half an hour or so with your dog can make a big difference.

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    What Does A Golden Retriever Lab Mix Look Like

    There is no telling whether a Goldador will take more after their Labrador retriever or golden retriever parent. However, it is more likely that they will have the squarer face of a Lab rather than the slightly longer face of a Golden.

    Goldadors also tend to have lean and athletic yet sturdy bodies. Floppy ears and brown eyes are also consistent characteristics.

    You can generally expect a Goldador to be golden in color, as the breed is usually achieved by mixing a golden retriever with a yellow Lab.

    Golden Retrievers That Need A Home Now

    3 Male Golden Retriever/Black Lab-Mix Puppies

    By Andrea Powell

    There are hundreds of benefits to owning a dog. If you are looking to add to your fur family, consider adopting a dog. You will save the life of that dog and allow another to come into the shelter to be saved.

    Golden retrievers are well-mannered, loyal companions that love to play. They love meeting new people, and their enthusiasm is contagious. Goldens make great family dogs and hiking partners.

    Check out all 25 golden retrievers looking for their forever homes and share with a friend.

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    Golden Retriever Labrador Mix Health Problems

    While mixed-breed dogs are generally healthier than their purebred counterparts, the Goldador is still prone to certain health problems that affect Goldens and Labradors.

    The most common health problems seen in this mix are:

    • Hip dysplasia
    • Diabetes
    • Progressive retinal atrophy

    The best way to avoid these issues from arising is to get your Goldador puppy from a reputable breeder. Make sure to check if both parents have clearances from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals for hips, elbows, heart, and thyroid. Additionally, ask the breeder to show you clearances from the Canine Eye Registry Foundation showing that the dogs eyes are healthy and normal.

    This mix has an average life span of 10 to 15 years, so dont get one if you arent ready for a long-term commitment.

    Golden Retriever Lab Mix Grooming & Care

    Although they have thick double coats, Golden Lab mixes are only moderate shedders, so they wont completely fill your house with loose hair. However, regular grooming is still necessary, and you should brush your mix three times a week with a curry brush. Your mix will shed more during the shedding season, during which time youll have to brush them every day.

    When it comes to bathing, do it once every two months or as needed to keep your Goldadors coat clean and shiny. For bathing, use only dog-approved shampoos that wont dry up or irritate your dogs skin. Furthermore, be sure to rinse your dog any time he goes swimming to prevent skin infections.

    The rest of a Goldadors grooming needs consist of fairly basic care and include regular teeth brushing, nail clipping, and ear cleaning. The Goldador can be prone to ear infections due to its large, floppy ears, so make sure to check and clean their ears weekly. If youre ever in doubt, take your dog to a vet who can show you how to safely clean your dogs ears at home.

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