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Golden Retriever Pros And Cons

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They Are Playful In Nature

Golden Retriever Pros And Cons | The Good AND The Bad!!

This retriever breed is energetic and can play with you and your kids for long hours. They enjoy playing with chew toys, fetch toys, plush toys, squeaky toys, etc.

Goldens enjoy outdoor games more than indoor games. Playtime sessions with fetch toys can be a good way to provide physical stimulation with fun. It is advisable to keep an eye on your Golden retriever when he/she is around your child. After all, it is one of the different types of retriever dog breeds and has some chasing instincts.

They Are Excellent Therapy Dogs

If you have ever looked into canines who become therapy dogs or guide dogs, Golden Retrievers are always at the top of the list. These dogs make great pets to hug, cuddle and give comfort . They are excellent companions for kids and adults who are ssufferingfrom stress or anxiety regardless of the reason.

Even if your Golden Retriever is not on the path to becoming a therapy dog, you can still enjoy all the love your puppy has to give!

Discover how to train your Golden Retriever by playing games: 21 games to play with your Golden that will make them smarter and better behaved!

Do You Still Want A Golden

We believe that it was important for you to know up front all the reasons that you might not want a Golden, so that you can make a well thought out decision that is best for your family and best for a prospective puppy. But we also know that a well-bred, well-trained Golden can be a joy for its lifetime and if this is the right breed for you, we are very happy to help you connect with reputable breeders. So lets get started!

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They Are Highly Intelligent

Smartness is another reason n why to get a Golden Retriever dog. Due to their high intelligence, they quickly learn new commands and behaviors.

According to Dr. Stanley Corens The Intelligent of Dogs book, the golden retriever is the fourth smartest dog breed for obedience and working intelligence. Dr. Stanley compiled the list in his book based on the dog breeds ability to learn new commands and behaviors.

Good With Kids And Pets

21 Golden Retriever Pros and Cons

The Golden Retriever is valued for its ability to get along with children, other pets, including cats and livestock. Its another hallmark of the breed and a big reason why they are often sought after by families as companions for the household.

Cocoa, the cat, is checking out Baileys dinner while hes eating. A lot of dog breeds would not tolerate this.

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They Are Happy And Friendly

This is the main reason which makes it the most popular dog breed. The fun-loving and affectionate nature of this breed makes it perfect for families. If you are looking for a dog companion for you and your family, GR can be the best choice.

Goldens are very sociable and they love to be loved. The extroverted nature of Goldens is what makes it easy for them to get along with anyone they meet. They get along well with families, kids, other dogs, and even strangers.

Their Character Is Balanced

Having a balanced temperament is something all dogs can achieve with the right experiences and training. However, the Golden Retriever is more predisposed than other dog breeds to have an even character. Perhaps the best proof of this is the fact they are one of the most common breeds used as assistance and therapy dogs for people with specific needs.

There are always exceptions, but the Golden Retriever is generally a docile dog. This helps with handling and coexistence in the home, but they are also very affectionate. Such affection is bidirectional, meaning they will also need to receive a lot of affection to maintain balance.

Remember that these indications are not only valid for purebred specimens. Adoption of Golden Retriever mixes will also likely result in even temperament. We recommend the adoption of older dogs, as too many adult animals are overlooked for puppies. An adult Golden Retriever is a safe bet for a happy and well-balanced companion.

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Spaying And Neutering Golden Retrievers

Spaying and neutering are the most common surgical procedures performed on dogs, including Golden Retrievers. Spaying and neutering are the best ways to slow down the population growth of our pets in order to ensure most pups have a safe place to call home. It can also prevent certain health conditions and decrease unwanted behavioral issues in your much-loved Golden.

Goldendoodles Are Excellent With Children

10 Golden Retriever Pros & Cons (New Owners Beware!)

Once trained, theyll always be on their best behavior around you and your children. Theyre gentle animals wholl make you fall for them again and again. You neednt be scared of your dog acting aggressively towards your children as they are usually very calm and politea trait inherited from poodles.

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Disadvantages Of Having A Golden Retriever

As you can see, while there are many pros to having a Golden Retriever in the family, there are also some cons. Fortunately, they are fewer than the advantages. Moreover, regardless of the dog breed you want to adopt, we need to stress that every dog is an individual with their own personality and behaviors. They are living beings with feelings and emotions, not automatons which we can manipulate to our will.

One practical issue related to almost every Golden Retriever is to do with their coat. Due to their long hair, the Golden Retriever will need more grooming than some dogs. Ideally, they should be brushed daily, but 2-3 times per week is a bare minimum. Without it, their coat can become damaged and they may even develop health issues due to bacterial growth. Also, they can shed a lot of hair in the home during molting season.

As we have highlighted that a Golden Retriever is an affectionate dog, we should bear in mind this can be a disadvantage for some people. If you are a family which either isn’t very affectionate or not around very much, then a Golden Retriever isn’t for you. This dog needs affection, attention and sufficient cognitive stimulation. However, we should point out that all dogs need these things, so maybe you should reconsider being a dog guardian in general if you are unable to provide them.

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Pros And Cons Of The Breed


Limited grooming needs CompanionshipBeauty

Temperament — friendly, reliable and trustworthy. Quarrelsomeness or hostility towards other dogs or people in normal situations, or an unwarranted show of timidity or nervousness, is not in keeping with Golden Retriever character. Such actions should be penalized according to their significance.

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When To Spay And Neuter Golden Retrievers

In recent years there have been newer recommendations put out for large breed dogs, including Golden Retrievers, on when to spay and neuter. Now it is recommended that you wait until your Golden is at least 18 months old before spaying or neutering them.

The reason to wait until your Golden is at least 18 months old prior to spaying or neutering is to ensure they have a chance to fully go through their version of puberty. A recent study suggests this can decrease the risks of bone and joint abnormalities as your Golden grows.

The information from this study came from the on-going Golden Retriever Lifetime Study, supported by the Morris Animal Foundation. If you are interested in contributing to the research helping to understand the development of cancer and other health conditions in Golden Retrievers, you can voluntarily participate in this study with your dog.

Up until recently, it was recommended that dogs be spayed and neutered before they are able to reproduce. For female dogs, this means before they go into their first heat cycle.

In addition to preventing your dog from getting pregnant, another reason it was highly recommended to spay before their first heat cycle was to prevent mammary cancer. Studies have shown that spaying your dog prior to their first heat cycle can drastically decrease the risk of them developing mammary cancer later in life.

Golden Retrievers Can Get Lonely

Golden Retriever Pros And Cons

As we have seen above, Golden Retrievers are incredibly social animals. While this makes them one of the best breeds for families and kids, there is a downside to this personality trait it is not uncommon for Golden Retrievers to suffer from loneliness and seperation anxiety- even when you are just at work! Thats why they are great dogs for an active household where there is always someone around!

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The Pros And Cons Of Golden Retrievers

The Golden Retriever. While it’s debatable if all blondes have more fun, this uber-popular blonde breed makes a strong case. Seriously, Golden Retrievers tend to live each day as if they have just discovered a swimming pool full of tennis balls and bacon. And while that sunny disposition is appealing, there are pros and cons to consider before bringing one of these blondies into your home.


  • Sweet, calm, and probably nicer than your grandma. That happy-go-lucky image is not an empty stereotype. This breed is ridiculously good-natured.
  • Smart and easy to train. Their size, speed, agility, and intelligence make them a fun animal to train. Not only for tricks like slow-dancing with you to Adele, but also service-specific skills for limited-ability companions.
  • Loves large families and small kids. This breed loves being part of a family, inside the house and near the rest of the “pack.”
  • A perfect pet sibling. Golden Retrievers adapt well to other pets with a more-the-merrier mentality.
  • Eternal puppy. This breed loves to romp and play and is especially energetic for the first 3-4 years of life.
  • Not barky. Or bitey. But totally dreamy.


Pros And Cons Of Golden Retriever Traits

Golden Retrievers, like any other breed of dog, have common or typical traits that are seen in most dogs of that breed. These could either be good or bad things, and will help you to be able to get an idea of what you should expect when you bring a Golden Retriever home for the first time.

Even though not all Golden Retrievers will display all of these traits, knowing the pros and cons of Golden Retrievers is a great step in deciding whether or not they are going to be the right breed for you.

Here are some of the pros and most common traits that Golden Retrievers have:

  • Calm, sweet, and happy demeanor
  • Friendly with people of any age
  • Tends not to bark or bite unprovoked
  • Smart and easy to train

Here are some of the cons of Golden Retrievers that you might not like:

  • They are very hairy and can shed a lot
  • They are large
  • Have a lot of energy
  • Need companionship

If youre interested in learning about more of the Golden Retrievers pros and cons, keep reading. There are so many more things that go into considering whether or not to adopt a dog, and you should be aware of everything before you make your final choice.

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Background Of Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers orfondly called as Goldies dont have a solid origin. But for the past years,its believed that these sweethearts are descendants of Russian circus dogs.However, according to the AKC, Goldies are Scottish gundogs bred to becompanions for fieldwork. They can retrieve fowls and other items that theirmasters hunt outdoors.

Golden Retrievers aredocumented for as early as 1835. They were discussed in detail on the recordbooks of gamekeepers at the Guisachan estate of Lord Tweedmouth. This islocated in Inverness-Shire, Scotland.

Back in 1952, therecords were publicized to provide factual information about the breed. Overthe years, Golden Retrievers were domesticated, trained to be working dogs, andgroomed for competitions.


Under idealconditions, Golden Retrievers can live for up to 12 years. They reach themiddle age by 5 and the geriatric or senior age by 10. However, since its alarge dog, its more prone to various health problems that may impact itslifespan.


Take note that Goldiesare large canines, often growing at the height of 2 feet tall. They are alsoheavy at around 55 to 75 pounds upon adult age.

**Breed characteristics

**Preferred environment

As sporting andathletic dogs, Golden Retrievers arent advised to be kept on a smallapartment. If you want to thrive with this breed, you need a large yard whereit can romp and burn its energy. Also, they shouldnt be left alone for long asGoldies are notorious for separation anxiety.

Get The Facts Not Hearsay

Miniature Golden Retriever: Pros And Cons Of Owning One

Social media has created faker experts than any medium ever developed. People offer advice on everything from child psychology to three-bean salad, and a lot of it is bunk.

You may have already posed the question to your Facebook pals about neutering your golden, and if so, you probably got a wide range of opinions that may or may not be rooted in facts.

The number one source for any questions regarding your golden retriever or any pet, for that matter is your veterinarian. He or she has the training and the information to provide you with dependable advice.

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The Pros And Cons Of Neutering A Golden Retriever

That adorable golden retriever puppy bounding across the backyard has already stolen the familys hearts. You promised yourself you would give him the best care possible and would do all the right things, including neutering him.

After all, thats what veterinarians, the ASPCA, celebrities, and the lady you bought him from said to do. It sounds like a no-brainer, but hold on. There are some things you should consider before making that phone call.

What are the pros and cons of neutering a golden retriever? The pros and cons of neutering a golden retriever are:


  • Eliminates the risk of testicular cancer
  • Reduces the risk of non-cancerous prostate disorders
  • Reduces the risk of perianal fistulas


  • Increases risk of bone cancer
  • Increases the risk of cardiac hemangiosarcoma
  • Increases the risk of progressive geriatric cognitive impairment
  • Increases the risk of obesity
  • Increases the risk of prostate cancer
  • Increases the risk of orthopedic disorders
  • Increases the risk of adverse reactions to vaccinations

Now, you may look at those lists and think, Wow. There are three times as many reasons to not neuter than to neuter, but dont go by the number of items on each list go by what is most likely to occur with your golden retriever.

Our primary focus will be on neutering male goldens, but we will include some information on spaying females, which has its own set of pros and cons.

Golden Retrievers Need A Lot Of Exercise

Goldens were bred as hunting dogs, which means they had to have a lot of energy to retrieve gunned down birds out in the field all day.

And those energy levels havent decreased just because theyre not working in the fields as much.

Goldens need one to two hours of exercise per day.

Most people recommend only getting a golden if you have a fenced in yard.

If not, expect to make lots of trips to parks and fields where your golden can run around and get their energy out.

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They Are Pretty Healthy Dogs

Of course, individual dogs lucks are different and just because a breed is healthy doesnt mean you wont need to make a trip to the vet but this is good news if you want about as simple as they get in terms of health concerns.

There are a few pre-disposed conditions shown below but you should have a long and healthy relationship with your Golden Retriever.

More Cons Of Owning Golden Retrievers

21 Golden Retriever Pros and Cons

They are prone to some health problems

Hip displaysia is common among golden retrievers. It is the distinct difficulty in standing up after lying down. They are also prone to some heart, eye, and hearing problems. Therefore, they need to be taken to the veterinarian for at least once a year to check if everything is okay. Also, these health problems are very much common with senior Golden Retrievers. Without a doubt, they need more surveillance and more trips to the vet clinic. A once a month checkup is good.

They have a distinctive body odor

Golden Retrievers are just like the other dogs which have their own unique smell.

They chew almost everything

Golden Retrievers were bred to retrieve, so it is in their nature to chew almost every single thing that interests them. If they arent meticulously trained to be behave towards the things in the house, then expect your slippers, pillows, sheets, and almost everything to be bitten and misplaced here, there, and everywhere.

They arent good watchdogs

They cant be trusted to watch over the night or to repel strangers. Why? They treat every human being as a long-lost friend. Clearly, they arent aggressive.

They are notorious diggers

Again, it is in their nature to retrieve, so if they get bored when there is nothing to do, expect that they will do tons of digging anywhere. If you have a lawn or a garden, be prepared to walk in there someday and see a patch or two.

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