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Golden Retriever Puppy Stuffed Animal

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Golden Retriever Puppies in a Pile of Stuffed Animals

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History Of Golden Retrievers

The most important name in the early history of the Golden Retriever is Dudley Marjoribanks, the first Lord Tweedmouth, who developed the breed in the Scottish Highlands during the reign of Victoria. For the 50 years between 1840 and 1890, Tweedmouth kept scrupulous records of breedings effected to create an ideal gundog for use at his Guisachan estate in the Highlands, Inverness-shire, Scotland. Tweedmouth wanted a dog suited to the rainy climate and rugged terrain of the area, so he crossed his Yellow Retriever with a breed that is now extinct, the Tweed Water Spaniel. Irish Setter and Bloodhound were also added to the mix.

Through several generations of clever breeding, an admiring historian wrote, Tweedmouth created a consistent line of exceptional working retrievers. With a little more refinement after Tweedmouths time, the Golden Retriever came forth as an enduring gift to dogkind from a hunt-happy aristocrat.

The Golden was first seen at a British dog show in 1908, and good specimens of the breed began arriving in America, by way of Canada, at about the same time. Sport hunters appreciated the breeds utility, show fanciers were enthralled by their beauty and dash, and all were impressed by the Goldens sweet, sensible temperament.

The Golden was popular from the beginning of its American history, but the breeds popularity really took off in the 1970s, the era of President Gerald Ford and his beautiful Golden named Liberty.

Golden Retriever Popularity

The Root Of The Behavior

Golden Retrievers have a debated origin story. Regardless of the true version, the breed began in England and Scotland during the mid-1800s. They were first used as gun dogs since they had a useful ability to retrieve fowl unharmed. As a general rule, Golden Retrievers are extremely patient and gentle, which makes them great companions and family dogs. However, just because the breed tends to be gentle, a bad breeding, improper socialization, and insufficient training can cause your dog to become aggressive or defensive, just like any other dog breed. Since their origins as bird retrievers, most Golden Retrievers still enjoy soft toys. Perhaps its because of their origin as retrievers, but most also tend to be very gentle with their toys, even plush toys. They enjoy the feel of soft, cushy, and sometimes squeaky toys in their mouth because it may satisfy their predisposition toward carrying fowl undamaged.

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The Cuteness Is Simply Too Much To Handle

World, meet Barley, aka your newest obsession. Known as , he’s a 1-and-a-half-year-old Golden Retriever who lives in Amsterdam with his owners, Zita and Marc, and his faithful sidekick, a stuffed Golden Retriever toy named Fluffy. Barley and Fluffy are inseparable and I mean that wholeheartedly. They go on walks together, take naps together, get bathed together, and yes, Barley even has his mini-me secured in his mouth as he goes potty outside.

“They chill together the entire day it’s the sweetest thing,” his owner, Zita, told POPSUGAR. “Every single time the human comes home, Barley picks up Fluffy and brings him over as a welcome-home present. Whenever he hears a loud noise or if the vacuum cleaner appears, he picks up Fluffy for comfort.” I mean, does it get much more adorable and pure than that?!

Fluffy, a toy purchased at Ikea, was bigger than Barley when he arrived home as a puppy, and the two have “really grown up together,” Zita said. “We even need to bring Fluffy with us when we visit our friends’ houses, in the car, on holidays,” his owner explained, adding that the plush stuffed animal has traveled to the Netherlands, France, Belgium, and Germany with Barley so far. When Zita and Marc tie the knot in September, Barley will be the ring bearer, so you better believe Fluffy will also be in on the wedding action!

Reviews Of The Best Golden Retriever Plush

Sandi the 12 Inch Stuffed Golden Retriever Puppy by Douglas

Whether you are looking for a cute golden retriever plush toy for yourself, as a gift for your dog-loving friend, or a toy for your golden, Ive got you covered. Keep on reading to find in-depth reviews of the five softest and cuddliest golden retriever stuffed toys.

Made from soft and snuggly plush material, the Adventure Planet 12 Heirloom Floppy Golden Retriever is a great choice if you are looking for a plush toy for your golden to play and cuddle with. Due to its size and design, this adorable stuffed toy is ideal for both puppies and adult golden retrievers. Its also great as a gift for a golden-loving friend!

Key Features:

  • Not stiff flexible
  • Very soft

Made to be hugged or gently picked up and carried around by a dog, this super cute stuffed toy looks like a real white golden retriever. Although its designed in a sitting position, this stuffed golden retriever isnt stiff at all and is very poseable.


  • Made from soft yet durable materials that can withstand daily use
  • Can be a cute gift and a toy for a golden retriever
  • Very well made and looks like a real golden puppy


  • Its packaged in a plastic bag and can be a bit flattened upon arrival

Overall, this realistic-looking golden retriever plush can be a great toy for puppies or adult golden retrievers or a cute gift for children or dog lovers.

Key Features:

  • Measuring 13 x 5 x 12 inches
  • Durable polyester fill
  • Realistic expression



Key Features:

  • Measuring 7.09 x 3.15 x 3.94 inches
  • Interior beans

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Golden Retriever Refuses To Let Stuffed Dog Steal Her Thunder In Hilarious Video

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Sadie the golden retriever has a love/hate relationship with her stuffed animal. They sleep and play together, but just watch what happens when that stuffed dog gets more attention than Sadie does!

There can be only one good girl in this scenario.

Stuffed Golden Retriever Cute Toys Your Dog Will Love

Does your gentle golden retriever love to play with plush toys? If your pooch likes to cuddle, snuggle, and carry soft toys in their mouth, you cant go wrong by getting them the best golden retriever plush. Alternatively, maybe you just enjoy buying cute golden retriever toys for your own collection. Either way, there are many adorable plush golden retrievers for you to choose from!

While there are many other soft toys you can choose for you or your golden, why not get a plush version of your dog? Not only will your pooch look extremely cute while playing with their lookalike toy, but theyll be fun to watch, too!

Whether you are looking for a cute stuffed golden retriever toy for your pooch or as a gift for a friend, Ive got you covered! Keep on reading to find out the five best golden retriever plush toys for dogs, children, and adults alike.


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Golden Retriever Stuffed Animal

Do Golden Retrievers Like Stuffed Animals

Golden Retriever Attacks Stuffed Animal

Originally bred to retrieve shot waterfowl such as ducks and upland birds, golden retrievers are used to carry things gently in their mouths. This is probably why most golden retrievers like stuffed toys and can be seen carrying and playing with plush toys.

Goldens have soft mouths that give them the ability to play with their toys, even stuffed toys, gently without damaging them.

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Other Solutions And Considerations

If your dog can handle soft toys without ruining them, itsalso a good idea to keep them clean. By washing your dogs toys when theybecome too dirty, you also keep them from harboring a great deal of harmfulbacteria. You can wash stuffed animals in the washing machine if you use alaundry bag or a knotted pillowcase. Using hot water will help eliminate germs,but it will also probably melt off any glue on the toy . Thatharmful bacteria can lead to infections and other illnesses. Not only for yourdog, but also for your other family members if they handle the toy too.

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