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Golden Retriever Rescue North West

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Golden Retriever Rescues In Virginia

AFiles – Golden Retriever Rescue

Foster Goldens For Grrnt

Foster homes for our rescued Golden Retrievers is something our group will always need. We do not have kennel space. All of our dogs are placed with loving families until they are adopted. The more foster homes we have, the more Goldens we can assist.

Fostering entails assuming responsibility for the care of a dog, as if it were your own, for the period of time it takes to find a permanent home. Many of these dogs have been abused, abandoned, or neglected. As a foster family you will be asked to provide your foster dog with quality dog food, toys, basic training, stability, and, most of all, love. The love you provide is a large part of the therapy the dog needs in order to adapt successfully to his or her new forever home.

Golden Retriever Rescue of North Texas covers all medical expenses for the foster dog. All vet visits must be pre-approved and the dog must be taken to a participating vet. In most cases, any medical issues will have been resolved before you receive the dog. Some foster families may assist with special needs dogs for example those recovering from heartworm treatment, hip dysplasia surgery, or other extensive medical conditions. This kind of care requires time and dedication to the dog so it isnt for everyone. However, it can be a very rewarding service and is worth considering if circumstances permit.

Golden Retriever Rescue Organizations : Golden Retriever Rescues By State

Congratulations on your decision to rescue a Golden Retriever!

This verified list of Golden Retriever Rescues is the most complete and up to date on the web . It has been compiled from multiple sources, including searching state by state. We have done our best to correctly list the service area and checked every link for accuracy and currency. In some cases we have noted changes for organizations that are listed as active on other websites. All links were active as of the date of publication.

If you dont find what you need under your state, try searching the list for nearby states, many organizations cover a territory that spans state lines. We have tried to list all rescues with territory overlapping each state even if they are headquartered in another state, but may have missed a few

If you havent decided on adopting from a rescue vs. a breeder, check out our article on Adopting a Golden Retriever, there is a special section on Golden Retriever Rescues.

Please be aware that some golden retriever rescue organizations will not place dogs outside their service territory. This can be due to the need for home visits, or because they already have a long waiting list. Dont forget you can get on the waiting list for many rescues at once.

We update this page as often as possible, new information is always welcome. If we left out an organization, you are starting a new rescue, or details are incorrect please Contact Us and let us know.

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Golden Retriever Rescues In Kansas

  • Kansas City Golden Retriever Rescue Rangers There does not seem to be a website specific to this organization, we are unable to confirm they are still active. Service Area: Kansas City, MO metro, surrounding Areas and Kansas City KS
  • Love A Golden Rescue Based in St. Louis, MO Service Area: Missouri, will rescue from the anywhere in the Midwest.

Golden Retriever Rescues In Mississippi

Rescue, Rehoming &  Fundraising  NORTH WEST GOLDEN RETRIEVER CLUB

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Rehoming Your Golden Retriever

There may come a time when, due to a change in circumstances, ill health or for many other reasons you find yourself in a situation where you consider re-homing your dog.

For many people, this is an extremely upsetting and often traumatic time.

Should you find yourself in this position, please contact us for a confidential, informal chat. We will help you explore all the options and help you make the right decision for your circumstances.

Please note, Our website is not to be used to advertise dogs on a private basis. We take great care to ensure that dogs we rehome are placed in the most suitable environment – something we have no control over in private arrangements.

It may well be that there are alternatives to rehoming that we can offer you. It may be that you simply need someone to talk to and to help you through a difficult time – we are here to help in any way we can.

Should the situation arise where you do need to rehome your Golden Retriever, we will arrange to bring him/her into the rescue where we will take care of him/her and ensure we find the perfect new home for your dog. All our adopters are closely checked and a great deal of effort is put in to finding the best possible home for each individual dog.

We DO NOT simply find someone who wants a dog, speak to them over the phone and ship the first avaialble dog to them!

Golden Retriever Rescue In Washington

Want to rescue a Golden Retriever in Washington?

Im not sure whos luckier your future Golden Retriever, or you!

Goldens are loyal, loving, fluffy balls of joy, but because theyre so popular, it can be hard to find an available Golden who needs to be rescued.

In this article, youll see the main Golden Retriever rescue in Washington, as well as three other ways to find a Golden who needs your home.

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Golden Retriever Rescues In Nevada

Golden Retriever Clubs In Washington

Rescue group brings retrievers from Turkey to Florida

Not only can Golden Retriever Clubs help you potentially find a Golden Retriever, but when you get one, they can help you raise them.

For example, they might help with:

  • Socializing and exercising your Golden through their dog sports and other events
  • Getting advice from experienced Golden Retriever owners
  • Getting referrals for services like vets, groomers, and doggy daycares

Here are the two Golden Retriever clubs in Washington:

Evergreen Golden Retriever Club

Heres a list of everything you need for a Golden Retriever, and you can click here for a list of Golden Retriever rescues in every state.

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Be A Part Of The Solution Foster Donate Adopt

There are many ways you can help! Foster a golden to provide a chance for them to have a new life. If you cant foster, you can still care for a golden by making a donation for their foster care expenses. Think about giving a gift to our Woody Fund for Special Needs Dogs. Or shop on and we receive a donation with each purchase at no cost to you. Open your heart by adopting a dog especially a special needs or senior dog. Why wait? Take action today to make a difference!

2023 GRRMF Calendar Orders

Golden Retriever Rescue Groups


  • Territory Serviced: Gulf Coast of Mississippi, Alabama, & Florida Inland To: Montgomery & Birmingham, Alabama, Jackson, Mississippi and Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  • Tennessee Valley Golden Retriever Rescue in TN
  • Heartland Golden Retriever Rescue in TN
  • Southern Bayou Golden Retriever Rescue in FL
  • Territory Serviced: Alabama, Tennessee and Kentucky


  • (Located in Germantown, TN. Serving beyond West Tennessee and the Memphis Area into portions of Arkansas, Mississippi, and even Louisiana.


  • Territory serviced: Ventura County and southern Santa Barbara County, California


  • Territory Serviced: Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and Rhode Island



  • G.R.E.A.T. Rescue of NE FL, Inc. Territory Served: Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Tallahassee, Gainesville, Lake City and Fernandina Beach
  • Territory Served: Charlotte County as well as bordering communities along the Gulf Coast of Florida
  • Southern Bayou Golden Retriever Rescue

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Golden Retriever Rescues In Iowa

This Map Shows How Many Golden Retriever Dogs Are Posted In Each State

Golden Retriever Rescue Texas

Golden Retriever Rescue Information: The Golden Retriever is a gundog that loves the water. Originally bred for hunting, Goldens make wonderful family pets. Golden Retrievers are very sweet, patient, gentle, and excellent with children. Goldens are eager to please and respond very well to obedience training. Goldens make good watchdogs but are far too friendly with everyone, from strangers to other dogs, to be used as guard dogs. Goldens need human companionship. They can get into trouble if neglected. This breed is suitable for homes with yards, and needs plenty of brisk daily exercise.

Golden Retriever Trivia: Golden Retrievers excel in competitive obedience. Golden Retrievers are often used as therapy dogs. Golden Retrievers are descended from various English hunting dogs possibly including the bloodhound. Golden Retrievers can be trained as seeing eye dogs. Golden Retrievers are among the most popular family pets.

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Golden Retriever Rescues In Louisiana

  • Gulf South Golden Retriever Rescue Based out of New Orleans, LA. Service Area: Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida Panhandle
  • J & L Golden Retriever Rescue Located Mobile, AL Service Area: Gulf Coast of Mississippi, Alabama, & Florida Inland to Montgomery & Birmingham, Alabama, Jackson, Mississippi and Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  • Memphis Area Golden Retriever Rescue Located in Germantown, TN. Service area: Beyond West Tennessee and the Memphis Area into portions of Arkansas, Mississippi, and even Louisiana.

Golden Retriever Rescues In Washington

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Surrendering Your Precious Pet

There are times in our lives when making the best decision can be the most difficult. Please understand that here at Golden Retriever Rescue of Mid Florida we are dedicated to helping you through the process of surrendering your pet. We know this decision can be heartbreaking, but we will provide your golden with the best veterinary care, fosters to love them and a multiple step process for ensuring your golden gets the best home possible.

If you have decided to reach out to GRRMF, please .

Take A Look At Our Retrievers Available For Adoption

Golden Retriever Shocked by a Puppy occupying his bed!

Each week we accept additional retrievers into our program who then receive their veterinary checkups and are moved to foster homes for evaluation and to complete any medical treatment they may need before being adopted. Click on the dogs name below for a close up view and please check back often for updates.


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Rescue Rehoming & Fundraising

We are aligned to the registered charity The Rescue Trust of North West Golden Retriever Club

The Rescue Trust provides a dedicated service for the rescue and re-homing of Goldens, so if for any reason you need to re-home your Golden Retriever, with our support the trust will do its utmost to find your dog a loving home.

For rescue and rehoming, please contact Pat Blackburn on 01248 370477, email or send a message via the rescue and rehoming form on the Rescue Trust website.

Also on the website youll find details of The Trusts fund raising as well as support and advice for those looking to rescue or rehome a Golden Retriever.

Why Istanbulwhy Cairowhy Mexicothe Answer Isbecause We Can

Some people have asked us what the situation is in Egypt as it relates to dog rescue and how and why Golden Rescue got involved. We thought the best way to describe the Egypt dilemma is to give you a first-hand account of the journey to Cairo that we, Jane Riddell and Viive Tamm, Golden Rescue board members, took so…

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Information Regarding The Cdc Ban On The Importation Of International Dogs

The CDC issued a blanket decision to suspend the importation of dogs from 113 countries, due to an alleged risk of rabies. While we understand the need for stricter rules and regulations when it comes to importing dogs We do believe an all-encompassing total dog ban, including dogs from reputable rescue organizations, is an

Golden Retriever Rescues In Tennessee


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How To Adopt From Grrnt

Please review our FAQs before proceeding to determine if you are eligible to adopt. GRRNT only adopts to families in the Dallas / Fort Worth area . If you live outside of DFW, please do an internet search for Golden Retriever rescue groups in your area. Or, check with your local shelters. Because we do not always know a dogs history, GRRNT only adopts to families whose children are 5 and up.

The GRRNT adoption process can seem a bit confusing sometimes. Weve written up this step-by-step guide to help you understand what is going on and to help navigate through the process.

Adoption Fees: $425 age 0-12 months old $375 age 1 to 7 years old $200 age 8 and older

Step 1: Complete our onlineadoption application.

  • Applications expire 4 months from the date submitted. If it has been longer than 4 months since you submitted your application, please submit a new application.
  • If your application has expired you must submit a new one in order to be approved. For assistance resubmitting your application please email:

Step 2: Typically within 5-10 days, you will receive an email indicating that your application is:

  • Pending while we complete the vet check. We may also reach out to ask for additional information. Be sure to check your junk/spam.
  • Approved if your vet check is satisfactory. A home visit will be done if you are selected for a dog after attending a meet and greet.
  • Regretfully Not Approved and the email will explain the reason.
  • Golden Retriever Rescues In Massachusetts

    • Golden Huggs Rescue Not Specific to Goldens. Service Area: New England and parts of eastern New York
    • Golden Retriever Senior Rescue Sanctuary Located in Massachusetts they help senior golden retrievers from Coast to Coast. They collaborate with DVGRR and HBGRR.
    • Legacy Rescue Located in Arlington, MA Goldens and Doodles. Service Area: Adopt dogs to families in the New England states, Rescue Goldens Worldwide.
    • North East All Retriever Rescue Webpage no longer works but appears active via facebook. Service Area: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut Windham, New London and Tolland Counties, Maine York and Cumberland Counties, Southeast New Hampshire Monadack, Merrimack Valley and Sea Coast Counties
    • Yankee Golden Retriever Rescue, Inc Located in Hudson, MA Service Area: Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and Rhode Island

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    Ygrr Rescue Partner Rescuing Dogs From Ukraine

    ROLDA is right next to Ukraine We recently worked with ROLDA to bring some dogs to YGRR. The ROLDA Dog Rescue Team is working tirelessly right now to help Ukrainian pets. Situated so close to the border, ROLDA is in a unique position to co-ordinate and conduct multiple missions to find and rescue pets. This

    Golden Retriever Rescues In Kentucky

    Colorado Gives Day: Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies

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