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Top English Cream Golden Retriever Breeders

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How Mini Is Miniature

Eight English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies – first swim & jump!

The answer is not hard and fast, and it differs from breeder to breeder and even between litters. As they become more fine-tuned and purer, a clearer picture will more than likely emerge.

As it stands at the moment, their weight ranges between 20 lbs to 55 lbs , with a height of between 12 to 15 inches .

A fully grown Mini Golden Retriever is small, but it has plenty of love to give!

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Best English / Cream Breeders

cwag said:Welcome to the forum. I am glad you are starting your search here. There are a lot of scam breeders who use the term English Cream so be cautious and get help checking for health clearances. If you find a litter, post the sire and dam’s registered names and someone will help you look the clearances up, if you want. Have you read this?

At the moment I am mostly considering Alpine Goldens They list the parents for the current litter asChaynaya Rosa iz Sokolinogo

At the moment I am mostly considering Alpine Goldens They list the parents for the current litter asChaynaya Rosa iz Sokolinogo

You have just proven my point. Probably the worst offenders over the years.I suggest you read through these threads:

I am a novice at clearances. It looks like they don’t have the 4core clearances

JBands said:Im sorry but I am failing to see your point. Cream, English, yada yada they can call it whatever they want I just enjoy the lighter complected color. My main concern is the health and there is no threads that address this. Their website lists the dogs as having good certifications and details them so I was hoping someone with a bit more experience could shed light on the pedigree / health clearances

Best English Golden Retriever Breeders

June 16, 2022 by Andy Lam

Finding the best English Golden Retriever breeders in the United States can be challenging for many people because of the number of puppy mills. Fortunately, we researched for you because nothing beats having a Golden Retriever living by your side.

Golden Retriever puppies can add more love to your household with their unrelenting loyalty and quintessential puppy eyes. Thats why many people are gushing about the breed lately. Unfortunately, with increasing demand for Golden Retrievers comes a rise in unscrupulous breeders. But thanks to research, weve come up with a list of the best English Golden Retriever breeders in the United States.

Before scrolling down this list of English Golden Retriever breeders in the United States, we have other dog breed recommendations we think you might like: Best Australian Shepherd Breeders in the USAandBest Mini Goldendoodle Breeders in the USA!

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English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies

We are proud to announce that we are hoping for a new litter of English Cream Golden Retriever puppies in the Spring of 2021. These puppies will be born, raised, and trained with love inside our home in Medford, OR. We only have one litter per year, on average. So, if you are looking for an English Cream Golden Retriever in Oregon, California, Washington, or surrounding states, this is your chance to bring home a beautiful puppy with world-class pedigree. To reserve a puppy, please fill out our online Application Form as soon as possible.

How Much Are White Golden Retriever Puppies

30 best English Cream Golden Retrievers images on Pinterest

White Golden Retriever breeders might ask up to $2,500 for one puppy of champion bloodline, a strong pedigree, and perfect health.

Most reputable breeders will charge more not because they want more money, but because their dogs go through various tests and health check-ups before theyre handed to you.

The price can also be determined by the coat color. If the coat is light-colored, youll probably pay more than for a standard Golden Retriever.

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English Golden Retriever Puppies Raised With Care

Fourthly, our adults are very impressive, but people keep coming back for second and third puppies from us because of the way we raise our English Type Golden Retriever puppies and where and how our dogs live. Read our How We Raise Our Puppies page and the Our Home page for detailed information. See our page on Golden Retriever Puppies to see our future breeding plans along with availability.

Focused Puppy Training Program

And finally, we have a very popular training program for those wanting a start in training for their puppy. Over 90% of families getting puppies from us choose to get the training. See our Trained English Golden Retriever Puppiespage for details on our Focused Puppy Training Program.

You must see some of the many videos of our past puppies to appreciate what we do with these young puppies. You can find several of these videos on the Puppies page. Also, you can find many more videos on our Youtube channel.

Enjoy Your Visit!

Weve designed our website with two goals in mind. The first is to communicate information about our own English Golden Retrievers . Secondly, we designed our website to help those who are just starting a search for an English Golden Retriever puppy and want to learn more about the imported lines of Golden Retrievers. There are dozens of pages on our website with a wide variety of information.

Top 10 Best Golden Retriever Breeders In Iowa

Golden Retrievers are very friendly, loving, and often make great family pets. There are three types of Golden Retrievers English, Canadian and American with colors ranging from golden, lightly golden, and dark golden. To bring home the perfect Golden Retriever from a breeder, it is important to find a breeder who focuses on the health, longevity, and temperament of their dogs. The Golden Retriever puppies should also be well socialized before going to their forever home and be screened for genetic hereditary problems including hip and elbow problems.

If you are interested in buying a Golden Retriever puppy in Iowa, here are the top 10 most reputable Golden Retriever breeders.

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Origin Of Golden Retrievers

The first known Golden Retrievers came from Scotland in the mid-1800s. Baron Tweedmouth of Guisachan was one of the first breeders of this breed.

Another interesting aspect that we know is that the Golden Retriever was born from the crossing of two breeds. The two breeds were the Wavy Coated Retriever and the Tweed Water Spaniel, both extinct today. As a result of this crossbreeding, the first four puppies of traditional Golden Retrievers and English Cream Golden Retrievers were born.

The American line of Golden Retrievers first arrived from Canada. Although physical and genetic changes have occurred in the dog over the years, the original line remains intact. So when you hear American Golden Retriever or English Cream Golden Retriever, dont think they are two different breeds.

English Cream Golden Retrievers Eat A Lot

the strange truth about English Cream Golden Retrievers

Theyre not small dogs, and they certainly dont have small appetites.

Oliver eats about 5 cups of food per day and goes through a 30 lb bag of dog food every 24 days.

Golden retrievers love eating , but because of this its important to monitor how much they eat.

Theyre susceptible to obesity, which could lead to heart and joint issues .

We feed Oliver Royal Canins Adult Golden Retriever food , but whatever you decide to feed your golden, check out this article about grain-free and BEG diets.

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Whispering Acres Golden Retrievers Embro

Our final spot on the list of the most reputable breeders of Golden Retrievers in Ontario goes to Whispering Acres Golden Retrievers, based in Embro, Ontario.

Owned by the Sackrider family, Whispering Acres Golden Retrievers is a small but trustworthy breeding outfit with over fifty years of experience in breeding purebred American and English Golden Retrievers.

They are acknowledged members of the CKC, and they aim to produce only Goldies with perfect conformation, sweet dispositions, and overall great health and longevity.

Their puppies come in the entire range of shades of gold that the breed standard allows, from light cream to deep golden.

Their selective breeding program ensures that they only breed Golden Retrievers from pedigree bloodlines of great conformation and sweet temperament.

Their breeding dogs and puppies are OFA cleared for hip and elbow dysplasia, eye cataracts, and hereditary heart conditions.

All of their dogs are vet checked, vaccinated, microchipped, socialized, and dewormed properly.

Any puppy that is purchased comes with a two-year genetic health guarantee, CKC registration, and a four-generation pedigree.

If youre interested in owning a Golden Retriever from Whispering Acres, get in touch with them via the contact information listed below.

Whispering Acres Golden Retrievers details

Location: Embro, Ontario, Canada


Why Choose Mn English Golden


Welcome friends to our exquisite top quality English Cream Golden Retrievers with many World Championship bloodlines. We are professional breeders that focus on #1 excellent genetic health testings, exquisite temperaments, and highest quality pedigrees such as World Championship Moondust Masterpiece and three times winning Steadfast Angus. We raise our pups inside our home with us giving unconditional love and care 24/7 from the moment our pups are born. Our pups are breastfed until couple days before they go home at 8 weeks old. Our #1 goal is to only breed the BEST OF THE BEST with no genetic issues. Our goldens are health tested with CHIC #s and OFA Health Certificate numbers that are EXCELLENT/GOOD and all clear certificates proven to have no genetic issues.

Our English Goldens are the top 1% of all goldens retrievers tested to receive this highest rating of EXCELLENT/GOOD OFA Certificates. We also have English Goldens with all clear OFA Health Certificate numbers with CHIC numbers. We have ICT Clear puppies and COI. Classified as a working dog with purposes such as Service or Therapy work. We breed to better the breed. We focus on superior health of our puppies to give our families the perfect golden. For more information view health testings on

We are currently taking deposits for planned litters on AVAILABLE PUPS link.


Contact Us

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Are English Cream Golden Retrievers White

As we have already seen, English Cream Golden Retrievers have a much lighter coat than traditional Golden Retrievers.

Their coat color is paler than the solid gold of standard Golden Retrievers. Therefore, although people call them White Golden Retrievers, they are not pure white. Instead, their coat color ranges from a pale yellow to cream.

Are There Different Types Of Golden Retrievers

Best Breeders English Cream Golden Retrievers

To start this conversation off, its important to note that the Golden Retriever Club of America makes it clear that there is just one breed of golden retriever.

Yes, there are different styles , but theyre all one breed.

On the other hand, what some people call golden retrievers arent actually golden retrievers, like black golden retrievers and mini golden retrievers.

This post is going to look at what some people think are different types of golden retrievers and get down to the truth about each type.

These types are:

  • Black golden retrievers
  • Mini golden retrievers
  • But before we get into the different types and styles today, it will help to get a good understanding of where golden retrievers came from in the first place.

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    Whats The Difference Between A Mini Golden Retriever And A Goldendoodle

    Although the Mini Golden Retriever and the Goldendoodle share the same set of parents, they are not the same crossbreed.

    The two dogs have a lot in common in terms of temperament and their grooming and exercise needs.

    The main difference between these two is that a Mini Golden Retriever has more Golden Retriever genes, while Goldendoodles have more Poodle in them.

    Stand Out From The Crowd

    Snowy Pines doesnt disappear just because youve taken home your new family member. We believe that our relationship goes far beyond after adoption which is why were always available for questions or concerns, even weeks after youve taken home your puppy.

    We treat all of our white or English cream golden retrievers like our own from the minute theyre born to the second they leave. We love these English cream golden retriever puppies and like to be kept up-to-date with families who adopt and are always eager to walk them through everything before, during, and after the adoption process.

    We will educate you on essential tips and tricks when caring for your new English cream golden retrievers to help make the transition from our home to yours as seamless as possible, such as:

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    Walker Hollow Golden Retrievers

    The breeders at Walker Hollow Golden Retrievers are a large family that believes that their dogs should be treated like family. Their goal is to fill your home with the same love that has filled theirs through Golden Retrievers. They are in the country, so the dogs are well accustomed to other animals and have plenty of room to run and play. The puppies spend quality time playing with one another and the breeders grandchildren. The puppies come with a one-year health guarantee, registerable with AKC and ACA, and vaccines that are age-appropriate.

    Name of Owner

    Tidewater Golden Retrievers Guelph

    6 Differences Between American vs. English Golden Retrievers

    Our next pick is Tidewater Golden Retrievers, located in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

    Owned by Mary Barrett and Mark Edwards, Tidewater Golden Retrievers is a breeding outfit with a combined forty years of experience in breeding, raising, and training Golden Retrievers.

    Tidewater Golden Retrievers is a member of both the GRCA and the GRCC, and they have a meticulous breeding program that focuses on producing multipurpose Goldies of pedigree bloodlines with both good looks and sound temperament.

    Over the years, they have produced Goldies that have achieved some of the most coveted awards in both Canada and the United States such as Conformation Champion, Master Hunter, and even Grand Master Hunter.

    Their experience in training Golden Retrievers results in every new litter they produce being properly trained and well-balanced long before the puppies go to their new forever homes.

    All of their Goldies are fully health tested for hereditary health issues, and are vaccinated, dewormed, socialized, and microchipped for identification.

    Their puppies come with CKC registration, a health guarantee, and a lifetime of support from the breeders.

    They will also agree to take back any puppy theyve bred and find it a new home if necessary.

    If you want to find out more about Tidewater Golden Retrievers, check out their website listed below.

    Tidewater Golden Retrievers details


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    Best English Cream Golden Retriever Breeders

    April 29, 2021 by Andy Lam

    If youre searching for English Cream Golden Retriever breeders in the United States, then youve probably seen the beautiful friendships between an owner and a dog. One of the many things to love about dogs is how they come in various colors, shapes, sizes, coats, and personalities. Within each breed category, you can find even more diversity in what they look like. For example, the Golden Retriever. These dogs are most known for their gentle personality, bright coats, and high activity levels.

    Theyre popular among families and can accommodate a wide range of lifestyles. This breed can also come in different colors and styles. If youre considering adding a Golden Retriever to your family, its essential to know what theyre like, as well as the differences among the types of Golden Retrievers. Before you start researching the best breeder for your dog, lets learn about these gentle and light retrievers.

    Before scrolling down this list of English Cream Golden Retriever breeders, you might be interested in our other recommendations: Best Red Golden Retriever Breeders in the United StatesandBest English Golden Retriever Breeders in the United States.

    English Cream Golden Retrievers Shed A Lot

    Many people claim that English Creams shed less than other goldens, but all goldens shed a good bit.

    If shedding is a big issue for you, a golden retriever may not be your best bet.

    That being said, there are two things you can do to help with this:

  • Consider looking for a golden retriever that has more of the field build than the show build .
  • Regularly brush your golden.
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    Female English Cream Golden Retriever

    Mochi is a female English Cream Golden Retriever puppy from Ravens fourth litter.

    2-month-old female English Cream Golden Retriever, Mochi sitting happily on her besties lap.

    3-month-old female English Cream Golden, Mochi with something in her mouth. Yep, Goldens are mouthy dogs. You have to watch out that they dont swallow any unwanted items.

    10-month-old English Cream Golden Retriever, Mochi. Yep, Goldens can get into all kinds of mischief. Keep your eye on them.

    12-month-old female English Cream Golden, Mochi poses for a photo.

    English Cream Golden Retrievers As Pets

    AKC Registered English Cream Golden Retriever For Sale Fredericksburg ...

    The English creams are excellent pets and make amazing companions to people of all ages and families with small children.

    Affectionate, gentle, and fun-loving, these dogs get along with everyone and like to be involved in all family activities. They also get along with other pets and will enjoy having someone to keep them company while you arenât around.

    Please note, although they like children and are exceptionally gentle, English creams are large dogs. They can easily knock a small child in the heat of a play session accidentally. To avoid accidents of this sort, never leave young children unsupervised with your dog.

    Furthermore, show your children how to interact with your dog and play with him nicely. Explain why they should never pull your dogâs ears and tail, and supervise all playdates.

    No matter how socialized and well-behaved your dog and your kids are, they should never be left unsupervised.

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