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What Is The Price Of Golden Retriever Puppy

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Golden Retriever Puppies Interesting Facts

Cost of Owning a Golden Retriever Puppy for 1 Month | How Much We Actually Spent on Josie
  • Goldens, in 1908, was first exhibited as Flat Coats in an event at the famous Crystal Palace in England.
  • They are the most popular dog in the United States, thanks to shows like Full House and Air Bud movies.
  • Post 9/11 in America, a Golden named Bretagne was pressed into the rescue effort. Later, Bretagne did his bit also during Hurricane Katrina and Rita.
  • Charlie, a Golden Retriever, has clocked 113.1 decibels for the worlds loudest bark.
  • Another Golden, Augie, held five regulation tennis balls in his mouth to claim the record the most number of balls in the mouth.
  • Due to their excellent sensing abilities, Golden Retrievers are widely used in SAR operations and also in bomb detection events.
  • Especially, these dogs are mainly pressed into services assisting the physically and visually challenged persons. Known for their excellent physical and mental strength, Golden Retrievers are the preferred assistant dogs after Labrador Retriever.
  • Former American Presidents Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford had Goldens while serving their term.

Understanding The Golden Retriever Cost In India

When we are on the lookout to buy a Golden Retriever in India. Most of us stop at the initial cost of a Golden puppy and miss to account for recurring expenses. Remember, Golden Retrievers are large dogs that grow rapidly. The larger the dog, the more expensive it is.

A full-grown adult Golden Retriever can weigh as much as 35 kgs and needs up to 2200 calories per day. You also need to account for their foreign origins. These dogs are not like the;native Indian dog breeds;that can thrive on homemade food and live happily in our hot and humid climate. Hence, understanding the total cost of ownership for a Golden Retriever will help you plan your budget before buying a puppy.

What Are The Different Colors Of Golden Retrievers

The three different golden retriever colors recognized by the American Kennel Club are golden, light golden, and dark golden. Red retrievers can be considered among the dark golden variation.;

However, they stand out due to the red hues in their coat, which means they are called red or mahogany instead of dark golden. It is this variation that causes red goldens to be excluded from participating in shows, as it is defined as an abnormal variation of the golden retriever breed.

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Additional Costs To Consider

Not all dog owners will need these services, but they can be costly if you need them regularly. If you think youll need them, go ahead and budget for them and add the costs to the total figures.

Dog Walking

Golden Retrievers are active and sporting dogs, so they need to be exercised for at least an hour every day. Not all families can commit to this every day. Either through work commitments or because of an unexpected injury yourself. This means youll need to hire a dog walker to keep your Golden exercised and healthy.

Dog walkers will charge, on average, $20 for a group walk lasting 30 minutes. Longer or one-to-one walks cost more. Some owners find that they are better off going to doggy daycare instead. This will typically cost around $25, and it can be a great way to keep your dog healthy and socialized.


The best asset of a Golden Retrievers appearance is its golden coat, and it can take a fair bit of work to keep it looking pretty. For this reason, some owners prefer to send their pooch to a professional groomer every few months. This is more likely to be a must rather than a want if you have a show dog.

Grooming costs depend on the groomers experience, the dog breed, the level of service you need, and your pups behavior. If your dog doesnt enjoy grooming, it will cost more because it takes longer, and there is more risk for the groomer. Typically, the cost of grooming a Golden Retriever will cost around $70.


The Gundog Breed Group

Price Golden Retriever Puppy 648859

Dogs that were originally trained to find live game and/or to retrieve game that had been shot and wounded. This group is divided into four categories – Retrievers, Spaniels, Hunt/Point/Retrieve, Pointers and Setters – although many of the breeds are capable of doing the same work as the other sub-groups. They make good companions, their temperament making them ideal all-round family dogs.

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Benefits To Adopt Golden Retriever Puppy From Us:

1. We ensure the purity and originality of dog breed.2. We will not demand for any money transaction until you see the puppy, check the purity and quality, dog papers, vaccination card, dog health.3. We will provide our services even after you adopt the Golden Retriever puppy from us. Services such as advise need for training, food, accessories, any health issue, pet hostel etc.;

The Cost Of A Golden Retriever Owner License

Some US states will require you to get a dog owners license before getting a Golden Retriever. The license itself shouldnt cost more than $50. Some niche clubs will charge you $100 or more for a subscription if youd like to enroll your pet.

Healthcare Cost

Golden Retrievers are prone to developing all kinds of diseases, including skin problems, hypothyroidism, cancer or allergies, even if they dont show initially on their health records. These illnesses wont show up at a certain age and any of them might occur when you least expect it. Skin problems can be avoided with proper attention.

Among the most common illnesses your Golden Retriever might have to face are:

  • heart conditions
  • eye problems
  • hip or elbow dysplasia

For a more thorough article and common inherited health problems of a Golden Retriever, check our this article.

This is How Much Pigs The Size of a Teacup Cost

To avoid these diseases or spot them early enough to be able to cure them, periodic visits to a vet are recommended. An early visit just after you bought your puppy is a great idea, seeing that along with a general health consultation, your dog will also receive its annual immunization and health tests. An initial vet visit should cost around $300.

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What Is The Cost Of A Golden Retriever Puppy

If you plan on going through a breeder, keep in mind that Golden Retriever prices will vary depending on the breeder, your puppys parent breeds, and the quality of the puppy.

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Golden Retriever puppies can be found for as little as $500 for a companion puppy to as much as $3,000 for a show quality puppy.

And, as we mentioned above, finding a Golden Retriever puppy at a shelter will be even less expensive.

In fact, most shelters offer Golden Retriever dogs with adoption fees for around $50 to $300.

Dog Pregnancy Calculator And Timeline


A strong muscular dog, popular for the shiny golden coat, Golden Retriever is a medium-sized dog with a very big heart. A kind, pleasing dog known for its stellar sensing abilities, Golden retriever puppies carry a special sense of aura when they move.

With this in mind, experts call this trait merry action. Not to mention, Golden Retrievers are very easy to train, loyal, and outgoing dogs.

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Caring For Your Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are usually real big softies and can make a great addition to a home. They are a popular pet for families, but be aware that they are prone to certain health conditions and you will need to make sure your pets been screened where possible to avoid them. Its also really important to keep your Retriever in shape, as they can easily become overweight.

Are There Other Costs With A Golden Retriever Puppy

Like any pet, dogs will result in recurring fees throughout their lifetime.

Aside from the initial Golden Retriever price paid to a breeder or shelter, you will also be responsible for monthly costs to keep him healthy and happy.

Recurring fees for raising a Golden Retriever include the cost of:

  • Dog food
  • Toys, bedding, bowls, leashes, crates, and other supplies
  • Training, boarding, or dog sitting
  • Grooming
  • Miscellaneous

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Other Costs Of Owning A Golden Retriever

No matter what pet you pick, golden retriever dogs will also have some recurring costs that you should consider throughout their lifetime. You will need to spend money monthly to keep the dog happy and healthy.

  • Miscellaneous items

The American Kennel Club has found that a dogs age, breed, and size will influence the total lifetime costs for the dog. Some studies show that small dogs have lower monthly costs because they may eat less and need less grooming; however, they have longer life spans, meaning that they cost the most money. Overall, larger dogs can be less costly for their owners over the course of their lives, even though they may cost more monthly.

There are also some medical costs that you will have to consider. The University of Veterinary Medicine discovered that the most expensive time of owning the puppy is the first year. For small breeds, you may spend around $2,674. For larger dog breeds, the cost that you can incur can be closer to $3,536.

This can be due to the fact that you have to purchase a few things at the beginning of the relationship with your pup. These include toys, food, bedding, leashes, and more. However, most of these purchases are a onetime cost that will last you a long time.

On average, raising and owning a dog can cost anywhere from $14,480 to $15,782 throughout their lifetime. But as any dog lover knows, the price is small for the companionship and love that dogs provide.

  • Preventive care measures

Expensive Golden Retrievers Vs Low Price Dogs: Whats The Difference

Price Golden Retriever Puppy 648859

Purebred puppies are actually a major and vital part of the billion-dollar pet industry. Dog lovers do understand the importance of responsible breeding practices, but not everyone is aware of this. If you are a beginner who is jumping on the puppy bandwagon a little late, then you need to understand the difference between expensive and low price puppies.

If you get a low-cost puppy, you and the puppy will end up paying the price in the long run. Irresponsible breeders breed puppies that are more likely to have temperamental and medical issues down the road. This means that even if you save some money in the initial purchase, you will end up losing that money and much more down the road.

It is also important to not support irresponsible breeders because they can also be cruel to animals. Irresponsible breeding is rife with puppy mills and unsafe environments. Such breeders may not be aware of the exact needs of the puppies and end up harming the mother and litter at the end of the day. As a dog lover, it can be horrible to even think of.

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Factors That Influence The Golden Price In India

People choose Golden Retrievers as pets for several reasons. In India, a Golden Retriever plays multiple roles. It can be a family dog, companion dog, kid-friendly dog, and an assistance dog. Most people in India choose the Golden Retriever as a family dog that can also double up as a companion dog. This dog is one of the;most popular guard dogs;in India.

Remember, Golden Retrievers have a double coat, making it hard for them during hot summer months. Despite being a large dog, they are not as aggressive as a;German Shepherd,;Rottweiler, or a;Pitbull;but will require experienced handlers.;

If you are looking to buy a Golden Retriever puppy, it is vital to understand all the costs involved. An exotic dog such as the Golden Retriever is expensive to maintain. You must consider the below factors when you plan your finances.

Golden Retriever Price Everything You Need To Know

Affable and affectionate, the Golden Retriever is one of the most popular dogs in the world. For many, the Golden Retriever price is well worth it considering what great pets they make.

But exactly how much does a Golden Retriever cost?

That answer can vary, of course, but if we examine the initial Golden Retriever price plus the cost of vet care, food, supplies and more. Lets dig in!

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Expense #: The Surprises

Sure, youve set aside funds for Fidos new dog bed. But have you thought about your canine rainy day fund?

Picture this: youre in the running for a big promotion at workand final interviews are at a branch out of state. Suddenly, youre scrambling to find an affordable boarding kennel.

Or maybe Spots a little more headstrong than you thought. Now youre forking over $100+ for puppy kindergarten.

Every owners surprise expenses will vary. Some of the most common include:

  • Travel expenses: sitters, overnight boarding, airline or hotel pet fees, travel to and from your pups breeder or veterinarian
  • Unplanned medical care, due to accidents or neglect
  • Training and socialization: playdates, obedience classes, private training
  • Apartment fees: pet deposits or fees, monthly pet rent

Miscellaneous expenses like these can eat away at your bank account, so its best to be prepared for them well in advance.

The Cost Of Feeding A Golden Retriever

How Much does a Golden Retriever cost? Complete Buyers Guide

Golden Retrievers are active, larger dogs that love their food. You can say theyre part of the clean plate club because they most likely wont leave a crumb to spare.

Given the Goldens affinity for food, you should definitely take note of how much this will cost you before bringing a dog home.

As with any dog, it is recommended that you serve them high-quality food. Heres how to tell if youre buying the good stuff.

How much a Golden Retriever eats depends on their gender, size and activity level. It generally ranges anywhere from 2 1/2 cups to 4 1/2 cups per day for an adult. Check with your vet to determine your dogs specific need.

On average, quality dog food is about $2-$3 per pound. Say you get a 30-pound bag for $55. Thats approximately 120 cups of dog food. If an adult Golden eats say 3 cups per day, that means the 30-pound bag would provide 40 days of food. So thats about a 30-pound bag for a little over a month at $55 each.

And you cant forget about treats. Giving a Golden a treat is great for training and for rewarding good behavior. Expect to budget an extra $10 a month for this.

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Golden Retriever Puppy Price In India

If you are looking to buy a;Golden Retriever;and to understand the Golden Retriever price in India, you are in the right place. We at;;have extensive experience in breeding and selling dogs. We have a deep understanding of the various costs involved in maintaining Golden Retrievers in India.

In this post, we address the following.

  • The total cost of ownership for Golden Retrievers in India
  • Golden Retriever puppy price
  • All associated costs in maintaining Goldens
  • Golden Retriever price in all major Indian cities

Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dogs in India. This dogs intelligence, loving nature, loyalty, and ability to form close bonds with our family make them highly desirable. We urge you to read our post on;Golden Retrievers in India;to get a complete picture of Goldens in India.

Remember, the cost of a Golden Retriever puppy in India varies from one city to another. In India, Goldens are expensive dogs. The average annual cost of a Golden Retriever will be over one lakh rupees without including the puppy price. Depending on its quality, a Golden puppy will set you back by 12,000 to 40,000.

Health Issues And Vet Expenses

If we talk about golden retrievers health issues and their bills for treatment, we can proudly say that it is a healthy dog breed, and vet expenses are also not high. Yet, some issues can occur depending on the weather conditions or sudden injuries.

First of all, if your dog is not spayed or neutered, you have to do it as soon as possible if you have to buy it for pets only and not as a breeder. Its price is somewhere between $250- $500, and the amount for vaccination also goes in between or even less.

The most common disease in golden retriever is cancer, whose treatment expenses can be nearly $8000- $15000. Other than this, comes hip dysplasia for $1500-$6000, eye diseases like entropion, cataracts for $300-$5000, and treatment for skin disease Ichthyosis can go between $200-$1000.

Apart from these common diseases, the golden retriever is a healthy breed. You can keep it healthy by maintaining its health to reduce the vet expenses and consequently dog golden retriever price.

For regular checkups and minor issues, you can expect to pay a few hundred dollars only to save yourself from spending bugs.

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Onetime Costs In The First Year

The first year when you raise Golden will cost you about $600 to buy the necessary supplies. The most important things are stables, pantries, bowls, daily toiletries. Vaccination and health check are the responsibility of the seller, you do not need to worry about these costs.

If you have enough money, you should buy pet insurance, especially in the first year, when your puppy is young and new to the environment, it is easy for his or her to get sick. Insurance usually costs several hundred dollars a year depending on the type, but you will not have to worry about the cost of medical treatment for the puppy when something bad happens.

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