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Are Golden Retrievers Good Dogs

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Do Males Or Females Make Better Pets

Are Golden Retrievers Good First Dogs? ( Or A Bad Choice )

Besides the physical differences, personal preference is probably the only big one here. Neutered males and females will mostly differ in size and their individual personalities. If you are adopting from GRRNT, you will have the benefit of information from the foster provider, who has had “your” dog in his/her home, and can give you information on the dog’s personality traits.

Do Golden Retriever Dogs Shed

Golden Retrievers shed throughout the year and during their seasonal molt which usually comes twice a year. You can easily recognize this time by seeing more hair around your home that sticks to fabric and furniture! If you brush your pet regularly he wont shed as much, but try not to do it right after hes done molting because brushing could make his loose fur come off even faster.

Golden Retrievers And Other Pets

Well-socialised Golden Retrievers are very easy-going, which usually means they can be great around other dogs and pets, too. Any introductions should be done carefully and following the right advice for your other pet, too.

Always supervise your dog with other pets, even if they have known them for a long time.

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Are Golden Retrievers Good Hunting Dogs How To Choose Right

Golden Retrievers are the perfect family dogs, but they have not always bee family dogs. Goldens were not even meant to be family dogs in the first place. They were meant to be the perfect companions to the elite on their hunting trips.

So, have goldens turned into pets or can they still perform?

Are golden retrievers good hunting dogs? Yes, golden retrievers are great hunting dogs and they are still excellent in retrieving birds due to their amazing sense of smell, and while they can be trained to flush out prey, they are not as good at it. The keys are to get a field-bred golden from a reputable breeder and to train them well.

Getting a good hunting golden retriever today is, unfortunately, not as easy as it was a century ago, but it can still be done. To understand more about what makes golden retrievers such good hunting dogs and what are their drawbacks and shortcomings, keep reading.

  • Useful Resources
  • Exercise & High Energy

    are golden retrievers good hunting dogs

    Most of the time they are active and always in high energy, they love to be active. They are bird dogs at heart, they love to play games, fetch or swim. Daily 1 hour of exercise is necessary for them, as lack of energy can result in various health problems.

    Doing exercise daily helps your pup to stay active & healthy They need to do exercise, like these exercises help your dog to stay happy. Without jogs, training, hikes, exercise, or other canine activities, goldens will quickly resort to negative and hyperactive ways.

    Try these exercises, Walking Or Running, Fetch, Hiking, Hunting, Agility Training, Swimming, Using The Treadmill, Dock Diving, Following A Laser Pointer, Hiding Treats, Tug Of War, Playing Hide And Seek and Jumping

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    Are Golden Retrievers Good Guard Dogs Are They Protective

    A Golden Retrievers friendly personality and sweet disposition make them less effective guard dogs. But they can be great guard dogs if trained correctly. There are some instinctual traits that youll need to work out before they can be trusted with guard dog duties. Goldens can be guard dogs, just like Rottweilers and Doberman Pinschers.

    Are Golden Retrievers Hard To Take Care Of

    Looking after a golden retriever is a very pleasant thing to do. If youve ever read a golden retriever care guide, then youll know that golden retriever puppy care is relatively easy. How do you take care of a golden retriever? By giving them plenty of love, of course!

    If you have the question of how to take care of a new golden retriever puppy, you wont have to worry much. When taking care of a golden retriever puppy, make sure they get properly acclimated with their new home and that they get plenty of exercise. By knowing how to take care of golden retriever newborn puppies, itll be less stressful for both you and your dog.

    For golden retriever puppy care and feeding, give them food twice a day with around 1/2 cup of dry food for each meal. Groom them 2 to 3 times a week.

    When it comes to how to take care of a golden retriever, its very similar. Youll want to still groom them several times weekly. However, youll want to increase the amount of food to 2 cups per day for females and 3.5 cups per day for males.

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    Theyre Great Hunting Dogs

    One look and you can tell that a Golden Retriever is meant for hunting. It possesses an extremely eager personality to begin with its like it just wants you to give it the go-ahead to pounce onto something. In regards to its comprehensive appearance, the dog is extremely powerful with a balanced gait that gives it an edge while out in the wild. It isnt long in the leg, or clumsy. The hindquarters in particular are strongly muscled and broad, with well angled stifles to complement. Its simply a highly active dog, bred for hard working conditions such as hunting and its not that hard to see why.

    When The Puppy Must Be Unsupervised Or Home Alone

    Are Golden Retrievers Good Guard Dogs? (Or Too Friendly)

    No one can be with their puppy all the time, yet a puppys natural curiosity and energy tends to lead to misbehavior when unsupervised. The safest and most efficient way to teach a puppy good habits is to not allow him to engage in unacceptable behavior when he is unsupervised. In most households, this means crating or otherwise confining the puppy any time that an adult is not able to actively supervise, including at night, when away from home, or while preoccupied with another task .

    Crating or confinement can and should be part of a daily routine but it cant be the entire daily routine! Puppies can easily nap during approximately 1-4 hours of confinement, providing that they are tired after exercise, have had some social interaction, and that bowel and bladder are empty. They cannot, however, be hurried through a quick walk in the morning, fed breakfast, and then left in a crate for 8 hours while everyone in the household is gone for the day.

    If the time that a very young puppy must be left alone stretches to more than a half day, arrangements such as doggie day care or hiring a dog-walker should be considered, at least for the first several months. In such a scenario, keep in mind too that the end of your work day will actually be the beginning of the puppys day, and no matter how tired you are, he still needs you to play and cuddle with him, and train and exercise him.

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    Joint Diseases In Golden Retrievers

    Golden Retrievers suffer from high rates of hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia.

    The Orthopedic Foundation of America evaluated the hip X-rays of 148,000 Golden Retrievers and found 20% dysplastic. Over 42,000 elbow X-rays were evaluated and 11% were dysplastic. For comparison, Flat-Coated Retrievers have a 4% hip dysplasia rate and less than 1% elbow dysplasia rate.

    Other common orthopedic health problems in Goldens include luxating patella and osteochondritis.

    Goldens are prone to tearing or rupturing the cruciate ligament in their leg. Repairing it is an expensive surgery with a long recovery time.

    Panosteitis can occur in young Golden Retrievers.

    Do Male Or Female Golden Retrievers Make Better Guard Dogs

    Generally speaking, male golden retrievers will make better guard dogs than females. However, the only reason for this is because males are larger. Personality and temperament wise, theyre going to be equal when it comes to which sex makes the better guard dog, and training is more important than whether theyre a boy or a girl.

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    Walter Zoo Animal Reversible Dog Blanket With Zipper Closure By Vincent Van Dough

    Pets At Home Medium Dryer Dries Dogs & Cats Fast For Warm Weather Swimming And Bath Time This is one of the most popular pet bedding options for Golden Retrievers because it is made from 100% cotton that can help keep them cool in warmer weather. Its also machine washable so you wont have to worry about trying to scrub it clean when your dog has an accident or spills water on it. The best part is, dogs love the soft material!

    Remain Young At Heart

    Do Golden Retrievers Make Good Guard Dogs? 7 Best ...

    Most dogs are considered puppies until about 18 months to 2 years old. However, the Golden Retriever is known to take their puppyhood well past two years and some well into adulthood. Its a hallmark of the breed, and that means you should expect a fully grown adult Golden Retriever that is still a puppy at heart.

    Some people might put this on the bad list, but I dont see this as a negative. How can it be?

    Ever meet one of those charismatic older people with a joy and zest for life that is more reminiscent of someone much younger. We describe these people as young at heart, and its a trait that we admire. They seem to have a childlike joy for life even in later years and live in the moment. That is the same with the Golden Retriever.

    Its hard not to love this trait. Golden Retrievers maintain a joy for life and desire to play throughout most of their lives. Goofy and joyous, this dog breed can bring a smile to your face even when they are older.

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    Varieties Of Golden Retrievers

    Most dog fancier distinguish Golden Retrievers by their coats, as they can be golden, light golden, or dark golden.

    However, you can also determine these hounds basing on their origins: English, American, and Canadian. Despite having different roots, all Golden Retrievers the same personalities, health, and quality of life.

    Reason #: Golden Retrievers Are Smart & Easy To Train

    This is kind of a two-in-one benefit of golden retrievers, but they go hand in hand.

    Although they can be goofy, golden retrievers are the fourth smartest dog breed, which makes them relatively easy to train.

    They also like pleasing their humans and love treats, which are two other factors that make them easy to train.

    And speaking of being easy to train

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    While golden retriever back problems, epilepsy and other issues are ultimately genetic, being aware of them can help you take some preventive measures and work with your vet to reduce your dogâs risk. Understanding golden retriever health problems also lets you be more alert for early signs of hip dysplasia and other problems so your dog does not remain in pain needlessly.

    Some health problems in golden retrievers are quite common. Genetic predispositions can mean retrievers are more likely than other breeds to get certain medical conditions. All dogs are predisposed to some health concerns, and this breed is no different.

    Knowing about the risks lets you be a better dog parent by helping you take action to keep your canine friend healthy.

    Golden Retrievers Are Intelligent Dogs

    Golden Retriever Meets Puppies for the First Time

    Intelligent dogs are easy to train. And, theres no doubt Golden Retrievers are smart. They will understand new commands with fewer than five repetitions. In addition, Goldens obey known commands the first time they are made 95% or better of the time.

    In this dog intelligence bracket, the Golden Retriever ranks 4th behind only the Border Collie, the Poodle, and the German Shepherd. Thats some great company to be with!

    Because of their high adaptive intelligence, Golden Retrievers are capable of learning for themselves through past experiences. In other words, theyre excellent at differentiating between a well-intended visitor and an ill-intended intruder.

    You will not need to worry about your Golden becoming aggressive towards an innocent visitor. As long as theyve had sufficient socialization early on, they will have no problems figuring out the bad people.

    With these outstanding qualities, Goldens might seem like no-brainers for a guard dog position. However, you need to bear in mind a few other qualities of the Golden that might make you reconsider.

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    Train Him To Resist Impulses

    Since Goldens are naturally friendly and food-motivated, youll need to train him to be wary of strangers even the ones who speak calmly and quietly no matter their body language, and also the same resistance and distrust of treats and food. Not only can it be a distraction, but intruders can also give food to dogs that is laced with sedatives, or worse.

    Theyre Always In The Action

    One thing youll notice about golden retrievers is that they dont like to be left out of the action one little bit.

    If youre at home doing something, the chances are that your dog wants to be doing it, too. Even if the thing that youre doing is trying to take a bathroom break, unfortunately.

    Out and about, they want to get involved with everything thats going on, whether that means making a new dog pal or splashing their way through the muddiest puddles they can find.

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    More traits and characteristics of Golden Retrievers

    If I was considering a Golden Retriever, I would be most concerned about…

  • High energy when young. Young Golden Retrievers romp and jump with vigor. They don’t mean any harm but things can go flying including people who are not steady on their feet. If you have toddlers, or if you or anyone who lives with you is infirm, consider adopting an adult Golden Retriever from a rescue group. Adults have a wonderfully settled temperament and you can specifically look for a calm one.
  • Shedding and doggy odor. Golden Retrievers are heavy shedders you need to be okay with this reality. You’ll find a lot of hair on your clothing and furniture. Golden Retrievers also have a noticeable doggy odor and produce a lot of dander. Not the breed for anyone with any type of allergies!
  • To help you train and care for your dog

    Theyre Great As Friends

    Good Morning! TGIF!

    They say a mans best friend is their dog, and this is undoubtedly true with a golden retriever.

    No other friend is available to you whenever you want to hang out, always wants to do whatever youre doing, never mocks you or tells you that thing youre excited about is a bad idea. Who needs human friends when youve got a dog on your side?!

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    What Traits Make A Golden Retriever A Good Fit For First

    Golden Retrievers are medium to large dogs and are very well suited to first-time dog owners because of their friendly personalities, exceptional smarts, average maintenance needs, and adaptability. Dog owners who are active and looking for an outdoor companion are particularly well suited to this breed.

    Does My Golden Retriever Need To Be Professionally Trained To Be A Service Dog

    The answer to that is no. You do not need to have a Golden Retriever professionally trained to be a service dog. However, if you do choose to have them trained, it may cost you up to $25,000.

    Ultimately, it is up to the person with disabilities to choose what kind of service animal that they want. According to the Americans With Disabilities Act , you dont even need to have your Golden Retriever professionally trained. As long as the Golden Retriever is well-trained and well-behaved, they do not need professional training or certification.

    In short, you can personally train your Golden Retriever to be the kind of service animal that you require.

    The ADA does not even require your Golden Retriever to wear any form of identification to signify that it is a service animal. However, you should first check in with your state laws if they require identification or not. Usually, its better for your Golden Retriever to wear a vest or have an identification card that signifies that they are a service animal. This will allow your Golden Retriever to enter establishments that allow service animals.

    Keep in mind that service dogs are not pets for everyone. Service dogs should be matched to the needs of their individual clients, and it is inappropriate to assume that all service dogs are equally good at everything. Golden Retrievers do fantastic work with people with physical disabilities. However, this does not mean that all Golden Retrievers should train as service dogs.

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    Golden Retrievers Price And Where To Find Them

    Due to their popularity, Golden Retrievers are one of the most expensive dog breeds with the price for puppies varying from $1,000 to $3,500.

    As with any popular dog breed, the Golden Retriever price is usually higher than average. This is mainly due to their high demand which means more people are willing to pay relatively large sums of money for these beautiful dogs.

    But before you go ahead and buy one, make sure you do some research on breeders in your area first. Its not always better to buy a puppy from a breeder that works out of a storefront or pet store where dogs are bred just for profit instead of love for animals.

    Reputable breeders will only sell puppies theyve raised themselves, carefully choosing which male and female they mate together to produce healthy pups with good temperaments and characteristics.

    Adopting stray dogs should also be considered and its not as difficult as you might think. Dogs that were once strays can make just as loving and wonderful pet dogs for your family, provided they receive proper training of course! Animal shelters are full of unclaimed Golden Retriever mixes so theres plenty of potential pets waiting to be adopted by families willing to give them a loving home.

    Adopting dogs has many benefits over purchasing dogs from breeders or pet stores including the price which is usually lower than buying from either one of those sources.

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