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Best Dog Food For Golden Retrievers With Ear Infections

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Buyers Guide Finding The Best Dog Food For Ear Infections

Why does my dog have itchy ears?

Your dogs diet plays a pivotal role in their overall health, and the food you decide to feed them has a massive impact on their immune system, energy levels, and skin and dental health. That being said, food allergies and sensitivities are a major concern, and different foods affect dogs in different ways. When ear infections set in, the first aspect to explore is the foods that your dog is eating, as these are the most likely cause.

When it comes to ear infections in dogs, there are three distinct types: external infection , middle-ear infection , and internal . Inner and middle ear infections can commonly result from external infection, so it is vitally important to keep your dogs ears clean and dry, especially dogs with long, droopy ears, like Beagles and Spaniels.

Best Adult Dog Food For Yeast Infections

The top picks for adult dog food are often made with natural ingredients or contain human-grade natural foods.

Pet owners who have dogs suffering from Malassezia or other forms of yeast infections know how tiresome home remedies can be.

The best dry dog food comes into play as it can help curb some of these itching problems.

1. NUTRISCA Dry Dog Food

Our rating: 5Top ingredients: Lamb, Lamb Meal, PeasType: Dry

A formula thats suitable for adult dogs of all breeds. This grain and starch-free dog food emulate a dogs natural diet.

This best value for money dog food has all the necessary ingredients and more. You can expect your dog to be better protected with the added antioxidants and minerals.


  • A grain-free formula suitable for sensitive digestions
  • Filled with antioxidant-rich ingredients such as blueberries and carrots


4. Stella & Chewys Stellas Solutions Skin & Coat Boost Dinner Morsels Dog Food

Our rating: 5Top ingredients: Lamb, Salmon, Lamb Heart, Lamb LiverType: Freeze-dried

Use it as a topping or feed it on its own, this all-breed suitable formula is created specifically for your dogs coat health.

Fortified with omega fatty acids, biotin, vitamin E, and linoleic acid, it will help keep your poochs skin problems at bay. Say bye-bye to itchy skin and hair loss with Stella & Chewys limited ingredient recipe.



6. Brothers Complete Dry Dog Food

Our rating: 4.5Top ingredients: Lamb meal, Dried whole eggs, Turkey mealType: Dry


Homemade Dog Ear Solutions That Work

  • Pour white vinegar and rub alcohol into a small glass bowl and use the turkey baster to dip into the bowl and put it in your dogs ears
  • You can use a combination of olive oil, almond oil, and some natural oils and add a couple of drops to the outside of your dogs ear canal, wait for your pooch to shake their head and if they do not shake their head, you can massage their ears to help spread the oil and just like the other methods use the cotton ball to remove oil and the debris
  • Mix 1 tablespoon of glycerin with 2 tablespoons of boric acid, put it on the cotton ball, and wipe their ear, the glycerin soothes their skin and prevents it from getting too dry, and the boric acid breaks up waxy build-up.
  • Mix one part 3% hydrogen peroxidewith one part water, and pour it in your dogs ears and wipe away the debris
  • This one is great for floppy-eared dogs, mix cup of water and cup of apple cider vinegar.

You can get

I do not always recommend homemade ear cleansers because some of them can contain some harmful and irritating ingredients but also there are some homemade ear cleansers that do a really good job.

In the end, its up to you. I would recommend going slow and trying the easiest homemade solutions first before moving to the more advanced remedies with hydrogen peroxide and such.

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Wellness Large Breed Complete Health

People that want natural dog food for their furry friends can opt for this formulation created by Wellness. This dog food contains excellent ingredients that are free of meat by-products, GMOs, artificial preservatives or fillers. The only ingredients that it contains are to offer Golden Retrievers whole-body nutrition. The dog food is further enhanced by offering taurine, probiotics, antioxidants and omega fatty acids.

The ingredients are specially chosen to make the immune system stronger, preventing potential infections and diseases from developing. It has enough carbs, protein and fats to optimize an active Golden Retrievers energy levels. The other ingredients, like fatty acids, also help prevent skin problems by promoting a beautiful skin and coat.

What Is The Best Dog Food For Ear Infections

How to Clean Golden Retriever Ears at Home?

Since dogs with allergies are more prone to ear infections, feeding them a nourishing diet that avoids irritating additives and allergens is a great first step. In fact, some food allergies can even cause ear infections, so the best dog food for ear allergies will contain complete nutrition to maintain their health whilst avoiding ingredients you know will make your pup unwell. A great way of ensuring that your dog wont eat anything theyre allergic to is by buying personalised food.

Preventing allergies is im-paw-tent because rubbing and scratching at itchy skin can cause infections. This is why many vets suggest trying a grain-free dog food for ear infections, as wheat is a common allergen and could trigger both skin and ear infections.

There are other ingredients that could be causing your pets illness, and a vet may advise a hypoallergenic diet to combat re-occurring infections. But, plenty of pups see a fantastic improvement in their health and reduced irritation when eating Pure. Pure offers grain-free recipes and our plans are personalised to your pup so theyll never have to worry about eating a known allergen again.

For instance, Bey the Frenchie was having no luck on hypoallergenic food, but within a few weeks of starting Pure her skin and stomach had settled and improved massively. Beautiful beagle Millie had previously suffered from yeast infections for years, but was much improved and her skin was almost entirely normal within a month of eating Pure.

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Talk To Your Vet Before Choosing The Best Dog Food For Yeast Infections

While some dogs can never be completely yeast-free, a suitable diet will help immensely in helping your dog live a comfortable life.

When choosing a diet for your dog, dont forget to take into account their activity level, breed size, and life stage.

Let us know in the comments if you have anything to add or a question we can help answer!

What Makes The Best Dog Food For Golden Retrievers

The Golden Retriever is a large-breed dog with a long body, soft medium-length coat, and a characteristic golden or golden-red color. Goldens excel at retrieving, swimming, and hanging around the house. They typically live 11 years on average.

Goldens tend to be more moderate in energy level, depending on their personality. Some are go-go-go while others would prefer to be couch potatoes. Most prefer to spend their time playing fetch, Frisbee, swimming, and snuggling.

Goldens tend to be very bonded to their family but friendly with strangers. They make the perfect companion for the active, outdoorsy family, ready to go on a hike or to the beach at a moments notice.

Golden retrievers also tend to be chowhounds and may want to eat you out of house and home. They can easily become counter surfers jumping on countertops in the kitchen for an unsupervised snack or get caught chomping on a discarded apple core on the sidewalk.

Their healthy appetite can be a blessing and a curse. Most Goldens are not picky eaters, so they will typically enjoy any dog food you decide to give them. Golden retrievers are one of the easiest breeds to overfeed. Ive met many that are bottomless pits and will continuously beg or scavenge for whatever food you can provide.

That being saidit is important to prevent your Golden from becoming overweight or obese, and that starts with finding the best dog food for Golden Retrievers.

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How Can I Prevent Allergic Otitis

If your dog has allergic otitis as a result of a food allergy, your vet will discuss beginning a novel protein or hypoallergenic prescription diet. The diet needs to be fed for at least 2-3 months to assess the response and a few diets may need to be tried

If your dog has flea allergies that trigger allergic otitis, be sure all pets in the home are on consistent flea control, the home and yard are being treated for fleas, and the home is being vacuumed at least weekly to remove any fleas that may get inside. Oral flea products tend to be the most effective for flea allergic pets.

For dogs with environmental allergies , discuss allergy testing with your vet or referral to a veterinary dermatologist. Dogs can be given Antigen therapy to help reduce their immune system’s overreaction to their allergies. There are also steroids, antihistamines, and newer anti-itch allergy medications like Apoquel and Cytopoint that can help reduce ear and skin issues in allergic dogs.

Regular ear cleaning and even a cleaning product to reduce wax can help reduce ear infections in allergic dogs. Discuss options with your vet, along with a tailored ear cleaning regime for your dog.

Things Everyone Knows About Golden Retriever Ear Infections That You Dont

Golden Retrievers Are Best Dog Ever #1 | Golden Retriever Can Does Housework?!

Golden retrievers truly are wonderful dogs, besides their ability to hunt and their excellent work abilities, they are the best pet you can have in your lovely house, they are so friendly and they bring joy to your family, with their golden color, that gives them such a fancy appearance. Unfortunately, being a breed exposed them to many problems and infections, Luckily in this article, we are going to share with you all the information that you will need about golden retriever ear problems, golden retriever ear cleaning solution, and golden retriever ear treatment.

We are also going to answer some of the popular questions that many people are wondering about such as: how to clean golden retriever ears? How to treat dog ear infection naturally? How can I treat my dogs ear infection at home? And many more.

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What Is An Anti

Since yeast feeds on sugar, eliminating starch and glucose from your pet food can significantly starve the infection.

A diet high in antioxidants and vitamins can also strengthen your dogs immune system, which can help fight off future infections.

Many anti-yeast diets are low in starch and fortified with digestive enzymes. You can also look for omega oils and other supplements that will help strengthen your dogs skin and coat.

What Are The Adverse Effects Of Ticks

Ticks can cause disease and illness directly and they can also be responsible for:

  • anemia due to blood loss,

  • dermatosis due to salivary secretions, and

  • ascending tick paralysis due to neurotoxins in the salivary secretions.

If you have any questions regarding ticks and your pet, please feel free to give us a call at Hillside Veterinary Clinic!

Kathryn Jolly

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How To Clean Dog Ears

For a thorough guide on how to clean your dogs ears, check out this video from AnimalCareTV.

Here are a few top tips for when it comes to cleaning dogs ears:

  • Make sure your dog is in a comfortable position in which you can control him. You can try using calming supplements if they struggle with ear cleaning.
  • Be gentle when lifting the ear flap to expose the canal.
  • Never insert the nozzle of the liquid bottle or any other object too deeply into your dogs ear.
  • Once you have inserted the liquid, massage the base of the ear for about 30 seconds to let the liquid distribute itself and break up any debris.
  • Make sure you remove all solution and debris thoroughly as part of the cleaning process, leaving the ear area completely dry.
  • Let your dog shake its head after the treatment, and then check the ear again for anything else that he may have shaken loose in the process.
  • Reward your dog for their good behavior after the ear cleaning process is complete.

Best Dog Food For Golden Retriever Puppies

How to Clean Golden Retriever Ears &  How Often? Step

The primary difference between puppy food and adult food is the amount of protein in the food. It is imperative that golden retriever puppies are given enough protein to facilitate proper grown.

Feeding golden retriever puppies an adult dog food on a regular basis can cause permanent damage. Therefore, you should always ensure that the AAFCO statement on the dog food packaging clearly states that the food is formulated for growth or all life stages.

To summarize, the best dog food for golden retriever puppies must meet AAFCO standards for growth, contain predominantly quality meat-based protein, and fit into your budget.

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Whats In A Good Food For A Golden Retriever

To achieve a balanced diet, your pets food should include a well-balanced blend of protein, fat, complex carbohydrates and fiber. In the best food for golden retrievers, these four components will work together to provide your pup with a nutritious and balanced diet.

High Protein Just like humans, the centerpiece of your goldens meals should be protein. As we discussed, your golden will need a minimum of 18-22% protein in their diet. For a particularly large or active golden, that number should be even higher.

As a rule of thumb, when your shopping for dog food, take a look at the first three ingredients on the list. All three of those ingredients should be a protein, and if they arent, its best to move on to another food. Remember, not all proteins are created equally.

If possible, look for food that uses whole meats, such as beef, poultry or fish. Foods that contain meat digests or meat by-products are low quality and should be avoided. For whatever reasons, goldens seem to really love salmon. Try and incorporate salmon into your Goldens diet wherever possible.

Fats While your dogs food should have far less fat than protein, fat does make up a key component of your dogs diet. Not only does fat help to give food its taste and texture, but fat is a necessary macro-nutrient that helps your dog thrive.

The Honest Kitchen Human Grade Grain Free Dog Food

The last one on our list is this brand. This is an excellent dog food to lessen yeast, which can cause ear infections. Its one of the most protein-rich dog foods in the market today, with only little starch and no grain in it at all.

Its protein is mostly taken from cage-free turkey, wherein its meat is dehydrated. In this way, the nutrients are locked in. Plus, its much more digestible.

Also, it has added nutrients as its packed with lots of vegetables and fruits. This includes cranberries, spinach, and carrots, which are amazing sources of antioxidants and omega.


  • Grain-free.
  • Its made from cage-free turkey thats dehydrated to lock in nutrients and make digestion easier.
  • Its packed with nutrients from vegetables and fruits.


  • Its taste may not be for all dogs picky eaters will not like this.
  • It expires right away.

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Top 5 Picks For Best Dog Food For Yeast Infections In 2021

  • Supports a healthy digestive system and immune system
  • Suitable for all dogs, except large breed puppies
  • U.S-grown chickens as the first ingredient
  • Suitable for all breeds
  • Perfect for sedentary dogs that have to watch their weight
  • Excludes common allergens like corn, potatoes, chicken, wheat, or soy
  • Contains nutrients for immunity and a healthy development
  • Contains quality ingredients that will enhance your dogs skin and coat
  • Includes ingredients with anti-fungal properties
  • A grain-free recipe that is also suitable for dogs with food sensitivities
  • Supports a healthy digestive system and immune system
  • Suitable for all dogs, except large breed puppies

Ear Infection In Dogs

Best Ear Cleaning Solutions For Golden Retrievers

If you notice that your dog keeps on whining and scratching his ears, theres a high chance that he has an ear infection, especially when you notice that his ears start becoming red and swollen. While this may look alarming, this is a common infection among dogs and can be treated right away.

When it comes to ear infection in dogs, there are three types to this internal, media, and otitis externa. They are the same in a sense that all three are deemed as infections the only difference is the ear part where these infections take place.

Luckily, when taken care of immediately, the symptoms go away quickly.

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A Goldens Unique Needs

While Goldens are known as a relatively healthy dog breed, there are a few medical conditions theyre predisposed to. While some conditions, like hypothyroidism or hip and elbow dysplasia, are difficult to predict or protect against, there are other common conditions which can be prevented through proper diet and eating habits.

Cancer Nearly 60% of golden retrievers die from cancer. The causes for cancer are many, and in most cases, theres nothing that could have been done to prevent it, theres one thing you can control which may help your dog avoid cancer: proper diet.

Lower quality dog foods often contain ingredients which have been linked to cancer, and avoiding them is the best action you can take to help your dog avoid developing cancer. Avoiding foods with artificial ingredients, colors, fillers or preservatives is a great way to limit the likelihood of your golden developing cancer.

Cardiovascular Disease While goldens are prone to developing cardiovascular disease, you can mitigate this risk tremendously by keeping your dog at a healthy weight thats in line with your vets recommendations.

A healthy dog at the right weight is far less likely to develop a heart condition as they get older. If you notice your dog trending a bit towards the heavier side, dont wait, consult with your vet about putting them on a diet for weight management.

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