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Best Size Crate For Golden Retriever

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Tips For Initial Crate Training A Golden Retriever Puppy

German Shepherd vs Golden Retriever Puppies Best Dog Breed for 1st time Owner Doggyz World Kennel
  • Before starting crate training, we suggest to take a dog for a short walk and potty to avoid unpleasant accidents inside his crate. Attract the dogs attention with a toy or a treat and command any term your dog can associate the crate. You may choose inside crate, home, crate, box, inside box, etc.
  • Introduce the crate by letting the dog investigate and wander around an open crate. Dedicate a couple of days to repeat the exercise and turn the crate training into a game wherein the dog can familiarize and enjoy the experience.
  • For the initial phase, try to close the crate doors gradually however, try not to leave the dog in the crate for an extended period and praise and reward him accordingly when he shows the trainings right attitude. If he barks or whines, ignore him until he calms down and then let him out to praise him.
  • Once youve closed the crate door, stay close to your puppy, and try to interact with it in any way possible. Then try to lessen the interaction once he settles down inside the crate, stay close, and ignore him until he stops whining and then open the crate door to praise and reward him. This exercise usually takes 5-10 minutes.
  • If your dog is making a lot of noise, you may try to cover your dogs crate with a blanket or crate cover. Remember, at this stage, whining, and barking isnt an indication that your dog doesnt like the crate it may also indicate many other cases such as anxiety and desire to be close to you.
  • What Are Labrador Dog Crates Made From

    When it comes to choosing a crate for your Labrador, theres a range of styles and materials to choose from. Dog crates are usually made from a wire frame with a removable plastic tray set in the base where you put your pups bed.

    Metal crates tend to be the most popular material. They fold flat for easy transportation and storage. Theyre strong and long-lasting, and theyre very easy to clean. Here are a few traditional dog crates we especially like.

    Midwest Icrate Double Door Fold And Carry

    • Safe and secure slide bolt latches.
    • Durable black electro-coat finish.

    The iCrate looks fantastic and its rounded corners allow your pooch to enter the crate and exit without any injuries. The durable electro-coat/satin-black finish adds to the iCrate aesthetic appeal. The Midwest iCrate Double Door Fold and Carry is very functional for Golden Retrievers. Without secure latches, your Golden Retriever can potentially escape and may cause damage while you are busy. Fortunately, this wire dog crate comes with a secure slide bolt latching, giving you extra security. No matter how much of an escape artist your Golden Retriever is, it wont be able to escape this crate.

    One of the best features of the iCrate Double Door is its removable divider panel. You can adjust your poochs living space using this panel. So, you can just buy this crate for an adult Golden Retriever and keep changing its size as your Golden Retriever grows. The iCrate has a removable plastic pan. This makes it easier for you to clean up after an accident. Just slide out the plastic pan and wipe it.

    You can take your pooch with you easily using the Midwest iCrate. It will fold up and collapse, allowing for easy transportation. It has a handle that can help you drag the crate around.

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    Tips On Crate Training Your Golden Retriever

    There are many benefits attributed to crate training your retriever.

    For instance, the crate serves as a safe haven where they can retreat to relax and nap, reducing anxiety in your pup.

    Also, you can comfortably leave your pup in the crate and go on with your days activities knowing that they are in a safe and cozy place.

    Crate training your retriever takes a little time, however with the following tips you will be a step closer to having your pup fully crate trained:

    • Golden retrievers are social animals and love to interact with people. Therefore, place the crate preferably in the living room during the day and in the bedroom at night.
    • Make the crate as inviting as possible by placing their favorite toys in there and also offering them meals inside the crate. This helps them associate the crate with positive and fun activities.
    • Consistently use particular voice commands such as crate time whenever you want them to enter the crate. This will help make them accustomed to going in without fuss whenever you speak those words.
    • Entice you dog with treats and shower them with praises once they get into the crate. Remember, Retrievers love positive affirmations.
    • Dont crate your Retriever for long periods. At the very most 4-5 hours during the day, and 8 hours at night. Retrievers love companionship and require lots of physical exercise as well. Its best to have multiple shorter sessions in the crate than one long session.

    What Size Crate Should You Get For A Puppy

    What Size Crate For Golden Retriever Puppies and Adults

    If your budget allows it and youd prefer to buy different-sized crates for your dog throughout their growing period, you can use the same method as above.

    But lets face it pups grow fast so that money wont last! So, if you choose to do this, I would advise you not to spend too much money on your first purchases. Once she reaches adult size, you can opt for more expensive, stylish crates that she can enjoy for longer.

    Below is another handy money-saving tip Id like to suggest.

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    How To Choose A Dog Crate

    In line with the sites focus, most people reading this series will be looking to buy a crate for a Labrador Retriever, but I have received questions from owners of Labrador crosses and other breeds, so Ill address buying crates for all dogs, not just Labradors.

    There are a few things you need to consider before buying a crate and we will cover all those points in this crate buying guide. The most important point being the size you buy to ensure its fit for purpose.

    But theres also different types, the material theyre made from, and the place you wish to put it to consider as this may affect your final decision on the design.

    Dog crates arent the most aesthetically pleasing of things but there are some stylish options and covers for the wire versions to make them look less of an eyesore.

    A dog crate can be a metal, wire, plastic, or fabric with a door in which your dog will be secured and transported safely. 🙂

    QUICK RECOMMENDATION: Our favorite dog crate is the MidWest Life Stages Wire Crate. We purchased this crate for our puppy over 15 years ago and we still use it today.

    Get Them To Love The Crate

    This step is the fun step.

    To get your puppy to love the crate, theyll need to associate it with things like food, games, and toys.

    Here are some tips:

    • Feed meals in the crate
    • Play games with and in the crate
    • Give them toys in the crate

    As youre getting your puppy to go in and out of the crate, make sure to give them a consistent cue like, crate that lets them know to go in there.

    Check out the video below for a fun crate training game to help your puppy learn to love their crate.

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    How To Crate Train An Adult Golden Retriever

    You can also accustom a grown-up Golden Retriever to a cage by using the same techniques mentioned for puppies. Again, by taking the time to go through small incremental steps, from slowly introducing your dog to the crate, to spending small but increasing amounts of time in there and eventually they will learn to love it, and you can both enjoy the enormous benefits it offers. Key points are to avoid using force and let the dog be familiar, comfortable and associate the crate for his personal space where he can feel safe.

    Get A Crate For An Adult Dog And Get A Divider To Adjust The Size

    Things NOBODY tells you about owning a Golden Retriever

    If you buy a correctly sized crate for your Golden Retriever puppy, youll have to replace it after some time. You may have to make three to four replacements before they are full-grown adults. Thus, you will be wasting a lot of money if you did this.

    Many brands provide dividers to be used with their dog crate. You can use them to reduce the space of the crate to suit a Golden Retriever puppys needs. The divider is a simple removable panel that you can place inside the crate to reduce the available space. If it isnt available for the crate you bought, you can just use a wooden board as an alternative.

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    Basic Rules To Crate Train A Golden Retriever Puppy

    Crate training exists to answer a particular need of dogs to instinctively search for a small and safe place to burrow and to stay safe and warm in the wild thousands of years ago. This proves crate training to be an undoubtedly good thing and worth spending an effort and time teaching to your dog.

    There are many benefits to crate train a Golden Retriever. Its a process where we introduce and teach without force to stay in a crate and make him realize that a crate is a special happy place where he can spend time alone, be at ease and sleep calmly.


    Locking up your dog as a form of punishment will not remove unwanted behavior and only make things worse. So, after hours of being in the crate, its just fair to provide your dog with enough physical activities, training, and socialization especially developing puppies or with a newly adopted dog.

    Golden Retriever Crate Training Everything You Need To Get Started

    When you bring a new Golden retriever puppy into your home, you may wonder if golden retriever crate training is right for your puppy. There are many benefits of crate training that you may be unaware of and golden retrievers typically take to the crate without any problem.

    Some people might have a different view regarding Golden Retriever crate training and consider it a way of punishing a dog, yet the fact is a crate is one of the safest places for dogs, particularly Golden Retrievers. Crate training is required for your Golden Retriever to maximize the benefits of having an obedient dog.

    The first thing you need to realize when you are considering golden retriever crate training is that it is not cruel and should never be used as a punishment to send puppy to if they have just chewed your new leather shoes. Rather, the crate is a safe haven for the new puppy, it is his den and his or her place where they know it it is quite time.

    Golden retrievers are one of the most brightest breeds of dogs there is, but as puppies, if you leave them with free reign of your home, they will chew things up. Puppies are puppies, regardless of the breed. Therefore, it makes sense to make sure you understand the basics for golden retriever crate training. The idea behind crate training is that a dog will not soil the area where they sleep, therefore, it is an effective potty training tool.

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    Small Dog Crate Size:

    Small dog crates measure about 30 inches long and are recommended for dogs weighing 26 – 40 pounds. Dog breeds that fit best in small kennels include American Staffordshire Terrier, Basenji, Dachshund, French Bulldog, Miniature Pinscher, Miniature Schnauzer, Pekingese, Scottish Terrier, Shetland Sheepdog, Tibetan Terrier, Welsh Springer Spaniel and other similar sized breeds.

    How To Select A Crate For Your Dog

    Best Dog Crates For Golden Retrievers: (Sizes, Materials ...

    Introducing your dog to a new crate can be a chore. However, with consistent sessions and patience you will succeed in getting your dog into any crate you want.

    The first and most important rule you need to obey when selecting crates is size related.

    Do not purchase extremely large crates for your golden retrievers. When a crate is large enough for your pooch, then it can cause some serious problems.

    Pets may do their litter inside it, and you will find yourself in a mess. However, a narrow cage can make your canine uncomfortable, agitated, aggressive, and depressed.

    Similarly, different types of crates are available, including wire, metal, plastic, wood, etc. Hence, when selecting crates for your golden retrievers, you want to go for medium sized crates.

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    Use Metal Kennels For The Big Breeds

    While a plastic kennel or a soft-sided kennel is an option for smaller dogs, stick with a metal kennel for dogs that weigh 90 pounds or more. Non-metal kennels may suffer damage from a big dog getting excited or deciding to test its strength.

    At the largest end of the kennel size range are extra-large and jumbo-size kennels. Extra-large kennels are around 48 inches long and can fit dogs that weigh between 90 and 110 pounds, such as Alaskan malamutes, German shepherds, and bloodhounds. Jumbo kennels are about 54 inches long and suited for dogs weighing over 110 pounds, such as Great Danes, Saint Bernards, and mastiffs.

    Best Crate For A Golden Retriever: Top 3

    Dog crates are considered essential for successfully raising a Golden Retriever. Whether you plan on using them for traveling, house training or as a den for your pooch, a good crate fits the bill perfectly. A crate also allows you to keep your Golden Retriever safe if you arent able to supervise them all the time.

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    What Do I Need To Consider For An Adult Dog

    Now that you have a general idea about how big your puppy will get, you have a better idea of the size collar and crate hell need once hes an adult. See our handy guide on dog collar sizing and fitting, which also includes the average neck sizes for 100+ breeds.

    Also, be sure to check out our recommendations for the best and for dogs of all sizes. And learn more about when to switch a puppy to adult dog food.

    Are you worried that your dog will get a lot bigger than you expect?

    How To Crate Train A Golden Retriever Puppy

    6 Best Dog Crates For Golden Retrievers In 2022

    Crate training any dog is a challenging job one that requires patience and persistence above all else. Golden retrievers are a bit of a special challenge, given their high energy levels and need for human attention and interaction.

    If you work outside of the home or have a puppy that is progressing in potty training, you may need to introduce more consistent crate training into your day-to-day routine.

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    Last Updated on February 15, 2021 by Michael Wright

    Its in the nature of the dogs to have a personal space where they will feel comfortable and safe. Golden Retrievers are no exception to this rule, and they will also search for and eventually find a spot in the house they will feel most comfortable. We call this special place a den, and every dog has one. Today, when we talk about the den, we usually refer to a crate. When properly used, a crate will be an excellent addition to your household. You can use it to crate train your Golden Retriever, but it will also be a special place your dog will go to rest and spend some time on its own. However, choosing the right crate for your dog can be a tricky business. One of the most common questions I see on forums is: What size crate for Golden Retriever should I buy?

    Therefore, we will dive deeper into this subject and do our best to answer this question. By the end of this article, you will learn how to save your money buying the crate, measure your dog for a crate and how to determine a perfect crate size.

    What Size Dog Crate Do You Need

    If youre not sure what size dog crate to buy for your dog, youve come to the right place. This ultimate dog crate guide will not only help you to find the right size but also the right style to suit you and your dogs needs.

    Do you need a crate for puppy training? Or perhaps you want a heavy duty one that your dog cant destroy? There are many different dog crate designs on the market, so youre bound to find one that suits your needs.

    Ill tell all the factors you need to consider when youre choosing a crate, how to measure your pooch, plus well look at the main styles of crate available and the pros and cons for each.

    Stick with us!

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    Traveling By Air Best Travel Crate For Golden Retriever

    SportPet Designs Plastic Kennels Rolling Plastic Wire Door Travel Dog Crate

    Among the IATA approved crates, this is the one we have selected for its many qualities, the good ratings on the web but also for its very low price. It is the one with the best quality/price ratio.

    Users opinions

    There are many comments on the Internet and the majority are more than positive. They point out in particular the perfect design of this crate and its quality. A lady also describes this cage as very practical, robust, door that opens easily, spacious, perfect for her Golden Retriever!

    The locking system is very appreciated because it is very secure and solid. And the fact that it is accepted by the airlines is the main argument of those who recommend it.

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