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Deshedding Tool For Golden Retriever

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How To Keep Shedding In Golden Retriever Under Control

Golden Retriever Furminator DeShedding Review | Oshies World

Regular bath times: the only way to keep your golden looking golden is to give him/her a bath on regular intervals with a nice oatmeal shampoo. There are a few that Ive tested with Bella and overall some are better than others.

The oatmeal shampoo has natural ingredients that are super important to keeping your dogs coat looking thick, dense and healthy. I would say that you bath your dog at least once every 2 weeks and never leave it any longer than 6 weeks before giving them a nice wash.

High-quality diet: Whilst this may appear to be nothing to do with how good your golden grows a coat. It has more to do with it than you could possibly imagine.

Vacuum your home daily: Last but not least it is to maintain cleanliness around the house. This may not be a direct way of controlling your dogs fur but its a great way to cope with it after.

Just by giving your home a once over every day, you can save yourself the stress of seeing all the hair build up and having to spend hours on end getting it all out. Do yourself a favor and invest in some good cleaning products and you should be more than ok to handle this.

What Brushes Are Best For Grooming

There are a lot of brushes on the market- sohow can you know which one is best? Well, there are four different types of brushes that should be in your groominginventory for your furry best friend. Lets take a look:

  • Slicker Brush

The mostimportant brush in your treasure trove should be the slicker brush. Thistype of brush will help to ensure Goldies hair stays neat and tangle-freewhile also helping to spread his natural oils throughout the coat, which keepsit healthy and shiny.

  • De-matting Brush

Remember,your Golden Retriever has two coats. His undercoat should be taken care of witha de-matting brush. This will help to get rid of any extra denser hairs in theundercoat while simultaneously eliminating tangles.

  • De-shedding Brush

It says it all in the name: the de-shedder brush works to remove excessive hairs that would otherwise end up on the floor. Regular brushes have a tendency to miss these extra hairs, so having a de-shedder on hand will ensure that they are taken care of.

  • Combination Brush

Combination brushes have two sides to take onany challenge. They are a great everyday brush to have to help your GoldenRetriever stay neat and clean. With the duo brushes, you can handle harderareas like the undercoat or underneath the arms and legs, which tends to getmatted easily.

Golden Retriever Shedding: How Much Do Golden Retrievers Shed

Let’s get this out of the way: Yes, Golden Retrievers shed. Read on to find out just how much, and find out what kind of tools you’ll need to manage the hair.

Do Golden Retrievers shed? The short answer is yes, they definitely shed. But just how much? Well, thats somewhat of a subjective question, depending on the type of breeds you have experience with. If you own a fluffy dog thats on the larger size side of the spectrum, the Golden Retriever may be a piece of cake compared to what you are used to.

Before we get into the details, you should know that the Golden Retriever sheds moderately throughout the year and heavily during shedding seasons. There is no escaping this fact or preventing it. But what you can do is manage your Golden Retrievers shedding effectively, and here we are going to show you exactly how to do it.

Reading this guide is a must for those struggling with the Golden Retriever shed because, as the cool kids say, the struggle is real. But with our tips and tricks, there is a golden light at the end of the tunnel. From his coat type, how often he sheds and when, to the best products for managing his shed, well cover everything you need to know. Without any further ado, lets learn everything there is to know about our favorite canine Goldilocks.


  • 8 Final Thoughts
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    Shedding And Golden Retrievers: What Should I Expect

    With Golden Retrievers, you will have to brush the coat daily and use an undercoat rake at least once a week. These cute, loyal, and loving family dogs do need a lot of maintenance and care.

    Shedding season is when you can expect even more.

    Your house will be covered in Golden retriever hair, youll have to use a lint roller every time you leave home, and black-colored clothes will be off limits. Youll also need to get your dog groomed on a daily basis.

    Dog Brushes For Golden Retrievers

    4 Essential Grooming Tools For Golden Retrievers

    Your Golden Retrievers double-coat is going to require a few types of brushes and combs depending on the time of year.

    This will also depend on whether there is any matting or if you are just trying to brush out the undercoat or de-shed your dog.

    Most Golden Retriever owners find that a slicker brush, a dog comb, and an undercoat rake are enough to keep their Golden Retrievers looking at their best.

    With that in mind, lets take a look at some of our favorite grooming brushes for Golden Retrievers.

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    Lets Find You The Best Brush For Golden Retrievers

    In this section of the blog post, we will go through a few of the best dog brushes for Golden Retrievers available on the market. While making this list, we went through hundreds of products available and choose to include ones that:

    • Worked on the undercoat and overcoat
    • Were durable
    • Were efficient in doing their job and took less time

    Take a look.

    Burt’s Bees For Dogs Shed Control Shampoo With Omega 3 And Vitamin E

    as of January 18, 2022 1:47 am


    • #1 PET GROOMING BRAND IN THE USA*Join the millions of pet parents who cant get enough of Burts Bees for Pets by using Americas #1 pet grooming brand
    • STRENGTHENS FUR AND REDUCES BREAKAGE Shed control shampoo strengthens the fur, reduces breakage, and keeps stray hairs leashed
    • MADE WITH THE HIGHEST QUALITY INGREDIENTS All natural ingredients include Omega-3s and Vitamin E
    • SUITABLE FOR ALL DOGS AND PUPPIES This mild shampoo is pH balanced especially for all dogs and puppies
    • 100% SAFE Veterinarian recommended formula, free of fragrances, sulfates, colorants, and harsh chemicals

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    Why Do Golden Retrievers Shed

    Golden retrievers are one of a few dog breeds that are equipped with a double coat, composed of a thick, downy undercoat and an oily, waterproof outer coat.

    This amazing duality is what makes the golden retriever so resilient to different weather types and able to spend lots of time outdoors and in the water.

    But, its a double-edged sword as the downy undercoat sheds hair often to allow new hair to grow in. The undercoat adapts to the weather and the temperature needs of your dog during the cold winter months, they will grow an extra thick undercoat, before shedding much of it during the spring.

    This is why shedding is so heavy during spring and fall: in spring, your golden is getting rid of their thick winter coat, and in fall getting rid of their lighter summer coat to make way for the cold winter coat growth.

    As a general rule, the hotter the place you live, the more your golden retriever will shed as they need less hair to stay warm.

    Why You Should Be Grooming Youre Golden Retriever

    Overdue Golden Retriever Mix | DeShedding

    Its not just about you and how much hair can shed. You should be grooming your dog like its a part of keeping them healthy.

    A healthy dog is a happy dog and if youre not doing your job then they wont do theirs. Meaning you may start to get very bad side effects in their behavior if you choose not to keep this all under control.

    Whilst the post is nothing to do with all of that, if you do find that your dog is misbehaving then I suggest you go check out a great dog training program that I reviewed months back on one of my posts.

    Heck, it could even be useful for those of you just looking to learn some new tricks. Now before we wrap this up I would like to take you through a few steps on how you groom a golden retriever. Keep reading to find this out.

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    Golden Retriever Hair Everywhere

    One of the most annoying things about owning a Golden Retriever is the sheer amount of hair that you find anywhere and everywhere at your placeespecially during shedding season.

    So, you may need to vacuum more frequently and may even get dog hairs stuck to your clothes all the time.

    So, what can you do about this.

    One of the easiest things that you can do to reduce the shedding is to brush your Golden Retriever once a day during shedding season and 3-4 times a week normally. This will significantly drop the stray hairs in your house.

    This means that you wont need to vacuum frequently and will give your dog a well-groomed look.

    Do You Need To Brush Your Golden Retrievers

    Like all double-coated dogs, Golden Retrievers will need routine brushing to keep their coats and skin healthy.

    Golden Retrievers naturally shed heavily and regular brushing with high-quality tools will help to keep all that loose hair from your furniture and house.

    In addition to keeping your Goldie looking and feeling good, regular brushing can give you some insight into your dogs overall health.

    Brushing allows you to keep an eye out for bumps and abrasions on your dogs skin that you may not have noticed otherwise.

    But before you begin brushing your Golden Retriever all willy nilly like, lets talk fur.

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    Goldens Tend To Get Dirty

    Golden retrievers were bred as working dogs, so theyre energetic and need plenty of exercise, which can result in them getting tangled and muddy after walks, as well as occasionally seeming to bring back half the outside foliage embedded in their coats.

    Therefore, a regular grooming routine is essential to keep them clean and comfy.

    Weekly Golden Retriever Grooming Guide

    The Best Brush For Golden Retriever Shedding

    Follow these simple steps as a guide for grooming your Golden:

  • Dematting. The first step is to untangle any mats that have developed in your dogs undercoat. By using small strokes, the dematter will slide through the fur and only react with clumped and matted fur. The more often this is done, the easier it is since mats wont have a chance to form.
  • Use a Shedding Blade. This tool will help remove the loose undercoat fur before it can shed and infest your home. Using short strokes with the grain of the dogs fur, pull the shedding blade through the undercoat, occasionally stopping to remove hair from the tool. Once the blade stops collecting hair, this step is done.
  • Bath Time. While the first two steps should be a part of your routine, how often you bathe your dog is a matter of lifestyle and preference, although once a week is a good rule of thumb. Either in the sink or the tub, use a flexible shower attachment to thoroughly soak, apply shampoo and rinse, being careful not to get any shampoo in their eyes or water in their ears.
  • Dry and Brush. Towel dry your pup once theyre clean. Many people like to take a slicker brush to their freshly bathed dog to smooth out hairs and complete the grooming process.
  • Along with these weekly dematting sessions, daily brushing with a pin brush is a great way to keep your dogs coat clean and smooth.

    To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to aweb browser thatsupports HTML5 video

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    Best Overall Brush: Horicon Pet Premium Dog Brush Set

    If you are limited on budget, be sure to get a kit that can do it all. The Horicon Pet Premium Dog Brush Set is perfect for day-to-day brushing. The all-purpose kit can rake through any mat that stands in its way, while the comb can cut through tangles. Together, this set keeps your dogs coat looking fresh, clean, and healthy.

    You will love how easy this kit is to use. They have combined all of the most commonly used brushing and de-matting tools into one high quality, compact kit. Their detachable brush heads and tools are made with a patented locking design that works with the included comfortable and ergonomic handle.

    If you dont own any brushes and you need to take care of your dogs coat, then this is a kit to keep on hand. It is moderately priced, and a steal considering its a tool you can use every day and find plenty of relief from excessive shedding.

    Can I Reduce The Amount My Golden Retriever Sheds

    Although golden retrievers will always shed some hair thanks to their double coat, there are some tips and tricks you can use to ensure that the shedding is minimal and manageable.

    Firstly, you should commit to a daily brushing schedule. This will allow for you to remove the dead hair straight from your dog before it falls off and becomes entangled in your carpets and furniture. It will also reduce any matting and tangles. If you cant do every day, aim for at least three times a week.

    Secondly, you should make sure that your dogs coat is as healthy and strong as possible. That means feeding your dog a healthy, balanced diet and avoiding anything that they could be allergic to, or low-quality dog food that is stuffed with filler instead of nutrients.

    Food high in protein will help to keep your dogs hair healthy and supple, and will stop any allergy-related shedding and skin problems. Omega-3 oil supplements are also useful in restoring strength and shine to your dogs coat.

    You shouldnt bathe your golden retriever too often as chemical-filled shampoos will dry your dogs skin and hair out, leading to increased shedding and skin problems. Just give them a bath when theyre dirty and, when you do use shampoo, make sure that its a high-quality anti-allergenic one thats gentle on their skin and nourishing to their hair.

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    Furminator Deshedding Tool For Dogs Short Medium Or Long Hair

    • FRESHENING SHAMPOO Eliminates odors to give even the smelliest, dirtiest dogs a fresh, clean coat
    • DEEP CLEAN Gently penetrates double coat to loosen and remove trapped dirt and debris
    • REDUCES SHEDDING Gently exfoliates skin and loosens undercoat to reduce excess shedding while strengthening the hair follicle
    • MADE IN THE USA We proudly manufacture and ship our products with only the highest quality, naturally derived ingredients.
    • MADE WITH NATURALLY DERIVED INGREDIENTS TropiClean defines ingredients to be naturally derived if they are either naturally-occurring raw materials or are adapted from naturally-occurring plant or mineral based raw materials.

    Undercoat Rake: Gopets Dematting Comb

    Holly, the beautiful Golden Retriever: Deshedding Session

    Another tool that you need for your Goldie is an undercoat rake. This tool has rake-like teeth that help pull loose undercoat. Its also useful in breaking stubborn mats and fixing tangles on the lush coat of a Golden Retriever.

    For this, I recommend the GoPets Dematting Comb. This is an undercoat rake with two useful sides. Each side has different numbers of teeth to suit the density of your dogs coat. Also, it has sharpened inside blades that cut through mats.

    Nevertheless, the tips of the rake are rounded and will not injure your Golden Retriever. I also like the non-slip and soft silicone handle that makes it easy to hold.

    Lastly, each purchase of the GoPets dematting comb supports animal charities. For me, thats a great way to help less fortunate pets while keeping yours healthy and well-groomed.

    The only thing that my Goldie doesnt like is the sound the tool makes whenever it cuts matted fur. Other than that, its a handy tool that will save you from the hassle of grooming. It provides a huge difference as compared to using a brush alone.


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    Hair Brushes Vs Deshedding Tools

    Comparing grooming tools is always fun, especially for the DIY groomer. There are people that fall on both sides of the fence when you have similar products that are engineered towards the same task. You can see what we mean here when we compare the top nail grinders to nail clippers.

    The array of grooming tools that are displayed in your local pet supplies store can be confusing to many dog owners. For example, whats the difference between a regular dog hairbrush and a deshedding brush or tool?

    Dog Hair Brushes

    A regular dog hairbrush is designed to be used as a finishing tool. After youve finished grooming your pet with a deshedding brush, you may find that there are still a few loose hairs remaining on the top of the dogs coat.

    Thats when you need to use a dog hairbrush. To complete the grooming process, pass the dog hairbrush across the dogs body where it will pick up those pesky loose hairs, leaving your pets coat smooth and glossy.

    Also, dog hair brushes can help to keep your pets coat and skin in good condition. The hairbrush spreads natural oils through the dogs coat, helping to keep the hair healthy and shiny.

    Bristle Brushes

    Bristle brushes are a staple must-have of any owners dog grooming kit. You can use a bristle dog hair brush on any type of coat, and theyre perfect for removing loose hairs from the coat surface after youve groomed your dog with a tool.

    Pin Brushes

    Rubber Brushes

    Slicker Brushes

    Deshedding Tools

    What Dog Brushes Are Suitable For My Golden Retriever

    For the Golden Retriever with typical fur, you should choose dog brushes that will help to penetrate the topcoat and the undercoat. So dog combs, dog brushes with metal bristles, dog slicker brush, or any dog brush that is suited for grooming longer coats will help you keep your dogs coat healthy and sleek.

    To select the dog brush that works best for your dog, you must first understand their skin and coat needs. Golden Retrievers have a water-resistant double-coat with a thick under layer of short hairs, and a top layer of longer, stiffer hairs called guard hairs. Dog hair is basically like a magnet for dirt, dust, pollen, dead skin cells, and mud.

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