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Dog Crate For Golden Retriever Puppy

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Traveling By Car How To Choose A Travel Crate For A Golden Retriever

11 week old Golden Retriever puppy crate training

There are several sizes of crates, each adapted to the morphology of your puppy or Golden Retriever adult .

To know which one to choose, measure the dimension between the animals head and the ground, the height of the box must be at least 3 cm higher. Then, it is necessary to measure the dimension between the nose and the base of the tail, the length of the body should be 12 cm longer to allow your Golden Retriever to stand and move inside.

Of course, it will also be necessary to check that the chosen cage contains in the trunk of your car.

How Do I Choose The Best Pet Crate For Tall Dogs

Theres really no excuse for buying a too-small crate for your tall dog when there are many large crates out there.

Tall dogs need space to stretch no one likes to be cooped up. Dog crate sizes designed for tall dogs will also be wide, as they need space to comfortably lie down too.

Big thin sheets of plastic tend to be more prone to splitting, curving and changing shape in warm sunny spots so for large kennels youre better off with metal wire crates for your big boy .

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How To Crate Train A Golden Retriever

How do you crate train a Golden Retriever? For effective crate training, follow the guidelines below:

  • Prepare the crate
  • Introduce your dog to the crate slowly
  • Use a verbal command
  • Gradually extend the time that they are in the crate
  • Keep them crated overnight
  • Correct unwanted behavior
  • Crate training requires a great amount of compassion from you as a dog-owner. You must recognize how uncomfortable of an experience this can be for your dog, and adapt the process as needed to achieve the best results.

    Although the guidelines below are general, in the sense that they can be applied to any dog, you must ensure that your dog is comfortable with the training sessions to ensure a safe and positive experience for you both.

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    What Size Dog Crate Should You Get For A Labrador Cross

    This isnt an easy one to answer. If a Labrador is crossed with another breed, their final size will vary greatly depending on the other breed in the mix.

    The best you can do is research how large they will grow by asking other owners in online forums, or make an educated guess going by the breed types that make up your dog.

    If at all possible try to get information on your puppys parents. The size of mom and dad will give you a good estimation of how small or large your puppy will become.

    Crate Training Makes Life Easier

    How To Crate Train Your Golden Retriever Puppy (Step By ...

    For dogs that arent crate trained, crates may be the scariest part of a harried situation. Crate training can help prevent compounding a dogs stress during emergencies. In worse case scenarios, dogs may be required to be on crate rest when recovering from surgery. Dogs are less likely to have complications following surgery when they can peacefully relax rather than accidentally aggravate injuries because they cant settle down in a crate.

    Crate training comes in handy during everyday life for dogs who might need a break from a bustling household or a familiar place to rest. Crates help dogs learn to self soothe, or deal with their anxiety, during situations where they become distressed, like during fireworks, a thunderstorm, or construction. Dogs can retreat to their crates when situations are too chaotic or scary. It also helps dogs confront new situations successfully, like the addition of a new baby having company over.

    If the dogs freaking out, they think: I can go hide in my crate and its safe here and nobodys gonna bother me. That helps them out for their lifetime, says Kroh.

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    Measure The Length Of Your Dog For His Crate

    • To measure the length, make your dog standing tall and proud on all fours, then take measurement A, from the tip of his nose to the base of his tail. I stress to the base of his tail, NOT the tip as this would make the crate too large!
    • Now add 2 to 4 inches to A and youll have the perfect length of crate for them to stretch out and move around without having too much space.

    Why Crates Are Important For Golden Retrievers

    When you adopt a Golden Retriever, chances are you have adopted a little pup who has yet a long way to learn things. Crates are not only important, they are necessary for these little energy bombs. You have adopted the dog to be with you but the fact is you guys cant be around each other 24/7. What will your dog do when you are not around? Where is he supposed to go?. Who guarantees his behavior? Well, to address these concerns, focus on buying a crate for your Golden Retriever puppy.

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    Top 5 Best Size Dog Crates: Reviews

    The classic wire dog crate is the most popular and most purchased of the many types of dog crate available.

    There is still some variety of styles available within this one type: Some have a single door, some have two or three. Most have a removable plastic tray at the basebut not all. Some are folding for easy storage, others arent.

    But with these choices aside, what are the pros and cons of a wire crate:

    The Advantages Of A Wire Dog Crate

    • Very strong, durable and long-lasting
    • Very easy to keep clean
    • Most have a slide out tray as a base that makes cleaning after accidents very easy
    • Folding ones are available for easy storage or moving the crate
    • They allow the maximum flow of air compared to other styles, making them most suitable to hotter climates.
    • They allow maximum visibility of surroundings to the dog inside. This can be important for some dogs. while for others that prefer a boxed in feeling you can simply cover it. This gives you the ability to test both scenarios out which you cant with other types.
    • Dividers are readily available for most models so you can buy a large one and re-size it for a puppy instead of replacing it as they grow.

    Disadvantages Of A Wire Dog Crate

    You can find on the market today dog crates made of different kinds of wood, bamboo, rattan and more besides. But what are the pros and cons of such crates?

    The Advantages Of A Wooden / Stylish Dog Crate

    Which Dog Crate Is Best For My Puppy

    Golden Retriever puppy Bella uses her crate to fend off dog Boomer

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    It was a rainy day on January 7th, 2005. I asked the sales associate at the pet store: which dog crate is best for my puppy?

    Yep, Im talking about the day I rescued Linus from the Carson Animal Shelter.

    I already knew I wanted to crate train Linus, but I had yet to research the different types and styles of crates.

    Fast forward 13 yearsIve crate trained over a dozen service dog puppies using several different types of crates and today Im going to share with you my answer to the question: which dog crate is best for my puppy?

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    Considerations Regarding Your Dog

    Not every dog will do well in a busy salon. It can be too noisy, active, and stressful for your dog.

    Consider whether your dog has any special behavioral or physical needs.

    So when choosing a groomer, you may want to choose a quiet, low- key salon with fewer groomers and clients.

    Or you may choose a mobile groomer who has a specially-equipped van that comes to your house and grooms him in the van at your location.

    Or you may decide that he needs to just be groomed at home.

    Midwest Large Dog Crate Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crate

    The two doors to this crate mean that you have a choice of where to position it in your home, giving your Golden easy access. This crate has a wire construction, and they have included a patented rounded side clip to mitigate against sharp edges that might harm your Golden.

    The pan-stop clip keeps the leak-proof pan in place, so if you have a fidgety pup, they wont dislodge it.

    A free divider panel means this is suitable from puppyhood onwards and will be a convenient and helpful tool for housebreaking your Golden. The crate is easy to assemble and easy to fold down, making it simple to transport or store.


  • The additional divider panel allows you to set up the ideal configuration for your growing puppy.
  • Four roller feet to protect your floors when moving the crate into position.
  • Two entrances to the dog crate so that you have more flexibility when positioning it in your home.
  • Cons:

  • The crates wires can be sharp so beware if you leave a chewer alone as they might hurt themselves if they bite the wires.
  • The latch is easy to open, so your dog might not be safe if your Golden Retriever is an escape artist.
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    Integrated Aluminum Tie Downs & Stainless

    The key attribute of this crate is its reversible, locking door for versatile entries & exits. The Primos Hunting Kennel is made of a single-walled, one-piece roto-molded material, providing extra durability & strength.

    It includes a reversible, locking door that permits the crate to be opened during a sort of position.

    It also boasts aluminum tie-downs, rubber feet to stop sliding, hefty carrying handles, and built-in drainage for straightforward cleaning.

    The crate also has a number of interesting ventilation options, with a removable back vent and adjustable side vents for ventilation adjustment.

    The Primos Hunting Kennel has internal dimensions of interior dimensions of 24. 5H x 21. 5W x 34D and weighs 37 lbs.

    This sturdy crate is meant for hunting, with solid tie-downs and connection points for added security. Some pet parents were disappointed by poor craftsmanship.

    In A Hurry Here Are Our Top Choices

    Top 5 Best Dog Crates for Golden Retrievers in [2020 ...
    TopTop MidWest Homes for Pets Life Stages Fold & Carry Double-Door Dog Crate Size: X-Large – 48″ L x 30″ W x 33″ H
    TopTop AmazonBasics Single Door Folding Metal Cage Crate For Dog or Puppy – 42 x 28 x 30 Inches
    TopTop New World 48″ Folding Metal Dog Crate, Includes Leak-Proof Plastic Tray Dog Crate Measures 48L x 30W x 33H Inches, Fits XL Dog Breeds Check Today’s Price

    There are many crates available in the market. But, which one should you use for your Golden Retriever? We will help you select the best crate for your Golden Retriever.

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    Why To Use A Crate For A Golden Retriever

    Originally bred as hunting dogs in the highlands of Scotland in the 1800s and famous with their distinct color. Golden Retrievers are easily trained dogs and known for their loyalty, endless energy, and outstanding temperament perfect for any environment and job, even for guiding blind people.

    Crates can be used in a variety of situations , no matter its a puppy, adult, or a senior dog. They give your Golden Retriever a safe place where they can retreat during day and night, It can also be used for transporting or traveling purposes, as well as with places wherein dogs might be restricted or not welcome to run freely. This can also be used for training purposes to prevent potential pet accidents such as unwanted chewing, house destructions, or simply implementing house rules.

    How To Select A Crate For Your Dog

    Introducing your dog to a new crate can be a chore. However, with consistent sessions and patience you will succeed in getting your dog into any crate you want.

    The first and most important rule you need to obey when selecting crates is size related.

    Do not purchase extremely large crates for your golden retrievers. When a crate is large enough for your pooch, then it can cause some serious problems.

    Pets may do their litter inside it, and you will find yourself in a mess. However, a narrow cage can make your canine uncomfortable, agitated, aggressive, and depressed.

    Similarly, different types of crates are available, including wire, metal, plastic, wood, etc. Hence, when selecting crates for your golden retrievers, you want to go for medium sized crates.

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    What Size Of Crate For A Golden Retriever

    Golden Retrievers will grow to be just over 20 inches in height and weigh between 60 and 75 pounds as adults. When selecting a crate for your Golden Retriever, make sure it is large enough to accommodate the dogs size.

    For the average size Golden Retriever we recommend a 42 crate. However, use the tips below to adjust for your dog.

    Crate Training Benefits All Types Of Dogs

    Canine Tutors, San Jose Dog Training, Humanely Crate Training A Golden Retriever Puppy

    For rescue dogs, a crate provides a safe space to adjust to their new surroundings as well as the luxury of not having to fight for their own space. Crates provide comfort to rescue dogs, since some are fearful around certain people or environments. This is particularly true for dogs with a traumatic past of neglect or abuse. Crates allow rescue dogs to know they have their own territory and no one will hurt them in it.

    With rescue dogs, the biggest behavioral issues we see are barking and being destructive, says Kroh.

    Many rescue dogs dont have socialization skills, which can result in problems with destruction or barking. Crate training will improve their confidence and curtail problematic behavior.

    Crate training benefits hunting dogs, keeping them comfortable during hunts and on the road. Of course, this also benefits hunters, since theyll appreciate containing wet and muddy dogs. Many hunting dogs have spent most of their lives outside and have had little interaction with humans. Kroh advises crate training them the same way you would a puppy.

    Since dogs feel responsible for their own territory, insecure dogs need less space to protect. A crate means less territory to patrol, making it easier for them to relax.

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    Golden Retriever Obedience Training

    A well behaved dog is a joy to be around and is welcomed by all in far more places than a dog who is out of control. But a dog can never learn how to behave properly without guidance from their owner.

    This means teaching your Golden Retriever just a few basic commands that if they reliably follow, allows you to provide this guidance, to steer them through life safely, keeping them from ever being a nuisance or a danger to themselves or others.

    The following articles discuss the basics of obedience training a golden retriever before taking you step by step through effective techniques to achieve a happy and obedient dog. Here are some training tips.

    Introduce Your Puppy To The Crate

    The name of the game with crate training your golden retriever puppy is baby steps.

    Heres what you dont want to do: immediately throw your puppy in the crate and let them cry it out.

    If youve already done that, youll be fighting an uphill battle, but by following the steps in this section and the next, its a battle that you can definitely win.

    Its best if they can learn that the crate is awesome and safe before they spend time in it, especially time alone.

    So how do you do that?

    First, they need to decide to go into the crate themselves.

    You can do that by putting a favorite toy in the crate, or scattering food in there.

    Expect them to walk in and right back out the first time.

    If theyve eaten all the food in there, or brought the toy back, eventually put more toys, or more treats in there.

    You want to make it so that they know fun things are in the crate.

    Now that theyve been introduced to the crate, the next step is to get them to love it.

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    Best Hard Travel Crate: Petmate Ruffmaxx Outdoor Crate

    Best Hard Travel

    When you need to travel, the Petmate Ruffmaxx Outdoor Crate is a great option. It is large, durable, and has plenty of ventilation for your dog. This is also a great option for a second crate to keep around the house as it is so easy to move around. Keeping one in another room in the house allows your dog to have a place of seclusion.

    Key Features:

    The Hard Part Is Now Over

    The Best Wire Dog Crates for Your Golden Retriever

    If youve gotten this far, your dog will now be happy left alone crated and all you have to do is maintain their level of comfort with it.

    Do this by using the crate at least daily for varying lengths of time, sometimes while youre in the room, other times when you walk around your home, sometimes when you leave the house.

    You can now use the crate to keep your dog and your belongings safe when you cannot supervise them, and use the crate as a sleeping place for your dog at night.

    Always leave a few toys in there with your dog, and continue to repeat the exercise where you crate them with a stuffed Kong or chew toy if natural opportunities do not arise, just to keep them happy with the situation.

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