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Golden Retriever Puppies South Florida

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Goldendoodle Puppies For Sale

Golden Retriever rescued from China find forever homes in South Florida

As a top notch Golden Doodle breeder and Golden Retriever breeder, we work very hard with our new family members to insure all our Golden Doodle puppies for sale and Golden Retriever puppies for sale are well socialist and pre-spoiled when leaving to their new forever homes. You will be glad you chose your puppy

from us.

All of our dogs and puppies are eating Royal Canine Medium dry food and get Nu-Vet multi vitamins daily to boost their little immune systems. For more information on Nu-Vet, please click here.

Feel free to call or text us anytime to ask as many questions as youd like . Were here to help everyone and offer lifetime support on all our sold dogs and Golden Retriever & Doodle puppies.

Thanks for reading and please enjoy our site! Also feel free to like us on facebook for more updates on our Dachshund puppies for sales!!!

All our Goldendoodle puppies for sale and Golden Retriever puppies for sale are bred to the highest breed standard requirements.

Happy and very Healthy

All our Retriever and Doodle dogs and puppies are happy, healthy, vaccinated, dewormed, vet checked and AKC, ACA, UKC or APRI registered!

We are a top notch Golden Doodle and Golden Retriever breeder

We raise our Goldendoodle puppies and Golden Retriever puppies are our children. We love to show them love and affection.

Clean living area

All Goldendoodle puppies and Golden Retriever puppies for sale are raised in a very clean nursery inside our home!

Plenty of exercise

What To Expect From A Golden Retriever Puppy

Although you have your expectations, its best to take note of the following. It will help you prepare for your pet, especially in the first few days of living together.

As you allow your pet to adjust, do your best to create a stress-free environment for it. Always supervise it as it familiarizes itself with its new home.

At the same time, prepare yourself for your pets habits in the first weeks:

Noisy Sleeping

Snoring is common in Golden Retrievers, so prepare yourself for loud noises when your pet is asleep. It can even grow louder as they age.

Moderate Training

Golden Retrievers responds well, especially to positive reinforcement. Thus, they dont need too much effort in training.

Squeaky Toys

Out of all toys, your pet will love the squeaky ones. For this reason, prepare for a lot of loud squeaks every time your pet is active.

What’s So Unusual About This Picture

BABE DELIVERED FIVE NEW BABIES 4-26-2019 AND, the next morning “Josie”, her one yr. old daughter,

climbed into the whelping bed and started cleaning up the puppies & the bed !!!

Babe even left her with the babies when she went outdoors for her morning “bathroom” visit.

Now, I have been breeding dogs for over 75 years but I have NEVER seen a new mother let another

dog into her whelping bed, only one day after they were born, have you?

I’ve been telling you how sweet, loving and gentle my “Special Family Members” are.

The “Proof is in the Pudding” AND “The Fruit Doesn’t fall far from the Tree”



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Tealbrook Kennels Labrador Retriever Training And Puppies

Address 614 Turney Anderson Rd, Monticello, FL 32344, United States

Phone +1 850-997-5844

Address 6761 E Sunrise Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304, United States

Phone NA

Address 6322 River Rd, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32169, United States

Phone +1 407-716-1251

Address 34460 Bermont Rd, Punta Gorda, FL 33982, United States

Phone +1 941-979-1729

Address 6795 SW Gator Trail, Palm City, FL 34990, United States

Phone +1 772-288-1254

Top 13 Best Golden Retriever Breeders In Florida State

Golden Retriever Rescue Florida Puppy

If you are looking for the best quality Golden Retriever Puppy Breeders in Florida state, then youre in the perfect place!

The Golden Retriever is a medium-large shotgun dog bred for shooting. The word retriever refers to the potential of the breed to recover the shot game undamaged because of its soft mouth.

I have created a list of the top 13 reputable Golden Retriever breeders in Florida to help you find the best one among them all. Take a look!

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Surrendering Your Precious Pet

There are times in our lives when making the best decision can be the most difficult. Please understand that here at Golden Retriever Rescue of Mid Florida we are dedicated to helping you through the process of surrendering your pet. We know this decision can be heartbreaking, but we will provide your golden with the best veterinary care, fosters to love them and a multiple step process for ensuring your golden gets the best home possible.

If you have decided to reach out to GRRMF, please .

Parents With Conformation And Performance Titles

Thirdly, weve successfully shown our dogs parents in three venues: conformation, obedience, and rally. We have earned titles at highly competitive levels in all three. Go to the Our Dogs page to see the titles achieved by our individual dogs. Also, see our page on Dog Titles to learn which titles mean something and which ones you can earn in a weekend of shows with any mediocre dog.

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Golden Retriever Breeders Florida Listings

The Graceful Golden Retrievers of North Florida FL 32456
White Sand English Golden Retriever Puppies Unknown
De La Vega Golden Retrievers FL 33592
Westcoast Doberman and Golden Retrievers Unknown
Superior Golden Retriever Breeder & Goldendoodle Breeder Unknown
Westcoast Doberman and Golden Retrievers Unknown
Tealbrook Kennels Labrador Retriever Training and Puppies FL 32344
Aisling Labradors of N.E. Florida FL 32033
Florida Gulf Coast Golden Retriever Club, Inc. FL 33774
Everglades Golden Retriever Rescue, Inc. FL 33435

De La Vega Golden Retrievers

Golden Retriever Climbs Inside Fridge #shorts

Address 12572 US-301, Thonotosassa, FL 33592, United States

Phone +1 704-880-8682

Address 13432 SW 108th St Cir, Miami, FL 33186, United States

Phone +1 305-815-9351

Address 16212 Commonwealth Ave N, Polk City, FL 33868, United States

Phone NA

Address 23733 FL-46, Sorrento, FL 32776, United States

Phone +1 352-735-3565

Address 20 Bleau Ct, Palm Coast, FL 32137, United States

Phone +1 386-569-9472

Address 420 Green Turtle Cove, Satellite Beach, FL 32937, United States

Phone +1 321-773-3476

Address 3255 N Rye Rd, Parrish, FL 34219, United States

Phone +1 941-776-0075

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Puppies For Sale Today

Puppies For Sale Today is also a website where you can search for all breeds puppies, which means you can also find a golden retriever in it. If youre looking for a Golden Retriever pup, you can find one in there.

Heres a link to their website:

Best Golden Retriever Rescues In Florida

October 28, 2020 by Garrett

Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States and across the world. Theyre incredibly loyal, playful, and get along with almost anyone. Because Golden Retrievers are so popular, there are tons of breeders that try to keep up with the demand.

Unfortunately, several Golden Retrievers end up in shelters across the country for various reasons. If youre looking to add another dog to your family, especially a Golden Retriever, consider visiting a local rescue to see if there are any seniors, adults, or puppies up for adoption.

For this article, here is the list of the best Golden Retriever rescues in Florida where you can find Golden Retriever or Golden Retriever mixed breed that is eagerly waiting for a new home. We will preface this article by saying that most of the time when you rescue or adopt a Golden Retriever they are going to be an adult dog of 2+ years old. Also, the current demand for rescuing Golden Retrievers is very high due to COVID and a plethora of people working from home.

Other articles you might like: Goldendoodle Rescues for Adoption and Best Dog Rescues in Florida.

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English Cream Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers make the perfect pet, from their friendly demeanor, to their loyal companionship. What you may not know is that there is a light haired variation, known as the English Cream Golden Retriever. Despite being distinct in appearance, these beautiful dogs are formally recognized as Golden Retrievers In fact, the coloring of

Best Golden Retriever Breeders In Florida

Golden Retriever Rescue Florida Puppy

August 1, 2021 by Garrett

Before you scroll down our list of recommendations for the best Golden Retriever breeders in Florida, lets go over its breed information to see if its the right fit for you. Golden Retrievers are some of the most intelligent and helpful breeds of dogs in the world. As indicated by their name, their most distinctive feature is long golden hair and easygoing temperament.

Their coats come in light to dark golden colors and have a double coat comprising an outer long coat and a dense inner coat to keep them warm when they are outdoors. Additionally, the Golden Retriever originated in Scotland in the mid-19th century and was originally bred as a gun dog. A gun dog is a dog that is bred and trained to assist hunters in finding and retrieving game, usually quail, dove, or duck.

The Golden was especially used for this purpose because of its soft mouth. The functions of the Golden Retriever have expanded over the years and they have become the ultimate family dog. Additionally, Golden Retrievers are now seen as the go-to choice for people with disabilities because they can serve as hearing aids for the deaf or as guide dogs for people who cannot see. Golden Retrievers are also great companions for children.

If youre looking for Golden Retriever puppies in Florida, we have a list of the 6 best breeders to help you in your search.

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Why Are Golden Retrievers Put Up For Adoption

Golden Retrievers are incredibly popular and actually rank third on American Kennel Clubs breed popularity. So why would Golden Retrievers ever be up for adoption? Below are some of the most common reasons why Golden Retrievers need to be adopted:

  • The owners have passed away. One of the most common reasons is that their previous owners have passed away, and they have no immediate family available or willing to adopt the canine member. Surviving family members, neighbors or friends usually call local rescue groups to surrender the animal and they are rehabilitated and taken care of until someone adopts them. In addition, if an owner becomes sick they may no longer be able to care for a dog.
  • The owners have to move away. While its easy to move with a dog, some families cannot bring their dogs with them, either because they have to move abroad, and it can be challenging to process the required papers, or they will be moving somewhere where pets are not allowed. Either way, families often have to unwillingly surrender their dogs to rescue groups to at least give them high chances of finding a forever home that will care for their needs. Moreover, rescue groups will continuously care for these dogs as long as they are under their care.
  • Accommodations are not pet-friendly or have limitations. Another reason why families tend to give up Golden Retrievers for adoption is that theyve had to move to a new place that is not pet-friendly or has limits.
  • English Golden Retriever Breeders And Trainers

    We are Golden Retriever breeders who breed puppies from lines that are heavily titled in either conformation or obedience , are health tested, and have great pedigrees and fantastic temperaments. We have developed a positive reinforcement training program that produces an incredible amount of focus in all of our Golden Retriever puppies. Whether we are the right Golden Retriever breeder for you or not, our website has helpful tips on finding and raising your Golden Retriever puppy.

    Summer Brook breeds and trains what is commonly referred to in the U.S. as English Cream Golden Retrievers. We are English Golden Retriever breeders who strive to produce only the very best representatives of the breed with regard to health, temperament, and appearance. Our adult dogs are all titled in conformation as well as in obedience. They are health tested with good to excellent results. After health, our primary focus is producing puppies with good temperaments. Then we put those genetically sound puppies through a puppy raising program that cant be beat.

    Families getting Summer Brook puppies can be assured of a quality well-socialized puppy for several reasons.

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    Golden Retriever Breeders In Florida: Wonderlands Golden Retrievers

    This Golden Retriever breeder in Florida is located in Hawthorne, Fl. According to their website, they breed wonderful Goldens for the show ring and their litters are thoroughly researched and planned to produce the healthiest and happiest puppies. All their dogs are OFA hip and elbow certified. This breeder is a member of the Mid Florida Golden Retriever Club. As a small breeder, they only breed a limited number of litters per year. All their puppies live in the house as family members, not in a kennel setting. If you are interested in this breeder, please visit their website.

    Golden Retriever Breeders in Florida: Snowbird Goldens

    This Golden Retriever Breeder in Florida is AKC Breeder of Merit and is located in Ocklawaha, FL. This breeder is heavily involved with the breed, being a member of , Golden Retriever Club of America and Mid Florida Golden Retriever Club. According to their website, they breed only to the highest standard of the breed with thorough health testing and wonderful temperaments produced as a result. Their wonderful dogs are involved in Obedience, Rally, Fieldwork and Conformation. You can see their beautiful dogs and their pedigrees on their website. If you are interested in one of the puppies from their limited and carefully planned litters, you will need to fill in a questionnaire on their website first.

    Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale Near Orlando Florida Usa Page 1

    20 Golden Retrievers rescued from meat market in China is your source for finding an ideal Golden Retriever Puppy for Sale near Orlando, Florida, USA area. Browse thru our ID Verified puppy for sale listings to find your perfect puppy in your area.

    Gorgeous AKC Golden Retriever Puppies

    Date listed: 12/18/2021

    • Distance:

      Aprox. 63.4 mi from Orlando

    Beautiful litter of AKC registered Golden Retriever puppies. *Vaccinated *Health certified*Microchipped To see pics of each of them, visit our website at…

    Date listed: 12/18/2021


    Tags: Golden Retriever Puppies for sale Golden puppies for sale puppies for sale

    Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale

    Date listed: 01/02/2022

    • Distance:

      Aprox. 136.6 mi from Orlando

    We have Golden Retriever Puppies for sale, 4 girls and 4 boys. All are a cream color. Mom is a Golden and the dad is an English Cream. The puppies are 5 weeks old as of today,…

    Date listed: 01/02/2022

    **As of 12-28-2021 we have 3 males left**The puppies in this litter are from AKC Registered parents and can also be registered with the AKC. Golden Retrievers make amazing…

    Date listed: 11/30/2021


    Tags: Golden retriever puppy AKC registered blonde golden retriever light golden retriever medium golden retriever

    10 Golden Puppies Light and Dark

    Date listed: 12/23/2021

    5 boys and 5 girls, mix of light and dark golden retrievers. Both parents have exceptional temperament and are AKC certified.

    Date listed: 12/23/2021

    Date listed: 10/29/2021

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    Golden Retriever Breeders In Florida: Knightdrmz Goldens

    This is a breeder that has been actively involved in breeding Goldens for over 15 years but have been in love with Goldens even longer than that. According to their website, they are involved in Obedience, Agility, Tracking and Conformation and their dogs excelled in a lot of these activities. They breed for top quality and take great care of their puppies and parents. All puppies and parents are health tested.

    Puppyspot Golden Retrievers Florida

    PuppySpot is one of the best places to get a Golden Retriever puppy in Florida because they dont have a long waitlist, and they screen all potential breeders for you. The reason they have Golden puppies for sale today is that they are a large network of ethical and reputable breeders around the United States. Instead of being a single breeder in Florida with a long waitlist, they can source puppies from around the United States.

    We bought one of our puppies from PuppySpot had a really great experience. They saved us tons of time calling, interviewing, and questioning breeders. Additionally, we got the pick the perfect puppy based on coat color, size, gender, price, and other features. If the Golden Retriever puppy that you want isnt located in Florida, then PuppySpot will fly it to you via their own private airline. This is one of the best ways to get the exact Golden Retriever that youre looking for.

    Lastly, all Golden Retriever puppies for sale come with a 10-year health guarantee, AKC papers, and a health inspection. You can really beat the PuppySpot experience based on convenience and how quickly you can get a Golden Retriever puppy in Florida. We highly recommend that you check them out since we had a really great experience.

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    What Makes The Golden Retriever Special

    Still not convinced that the Golden Retriever is the perfect dog for you? Let us take a look at some of the attributes that make these furry creatures stand out from the rest.

    Having looked at some of the reasons why Golden retrievers are widely considered as great companions, are you now interested in getting one for yourself?

    The only major downside of a Golden Retriever puppy is that they are prone to cancer. The disease causes 61.4% of American Golden Retriever deaths, according to a 1998 health study conducted by the Golden Retriever Club of America. Additionally, the dogs may also suffer from heart disease. The average height of a Golden Retriever is about 22 inches, while its average weight is 65 pounds. They also have an average lifespan of about 1012 years. Golden Retrievers also need constant grooming because they shed a lot of hair, especially during the change of seasons.

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