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Golden Retriever Adoption Bay Area

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Gglrr Labs By The Numbers

Golden retriever missing for 2 weeks found swimming in bay by NJSP, reunited with owners

Historically, GGLRR has placed ~250 Labs a year! We often had 10-20 dogs ready to adopt on any given day, and typically 3-5 newly-available Labs each week. However, during this COVID-19 pandemic, we have experienced a significant decrease in Labs coming into our program along with an increased demand to adopt rescued Labs. This has resulted in a lower number of Labs up for adoption at any given time.

Most of the Labrador Retrievers who need our assistance in finding a new home are black males far out-number the females. We occasionally get puppies but they are placed very quickly and are often Lab mixes. Many Labs come to us when they just reach adolescence, and the current owners have been unwilling or unable to provide the requisite socialization, obedience training, and exercise that young Labs need.

Many of our Rescued Labs are between 2 and 8 years of age. We also often have some Senior Citizen Labs in need of a loving new home. Yellow and Chocolate Female Labs are the most frequently requested by potential new families. We see few of these types of Labs. If this is the type of dog you are interested in adopting, you will need to be more patient and willing to wait longer. As you can appreciate, GGLRR has no control over the next phone call and Lab that will need a new home.

Homeward Bound Goldens Rescue

Founded in 2000, Homeward Bound has rescued, healed, and provided sanctuary to over 9,500 Golden Retrievers. They have carved out a haven in Elverta, California, where the Golden Retrievers can run, train, and play on 8 acres of countryside land.

Their Golden Retrievers come from all over California and the United States. This is made possible through their volunteer networks who go above and beyond to rescue this dog breed. The vast majority of the dogs that enter their rescue are between 1 to 13 years old. Its rare to find a Golden Retriever puppy but they do appear occasionally.

They give every Golden Retriever that comes into their rescue program a basic veterinarian exam to check for any health conditions. They then bring the Golden up-to-date on their vaccinations, spay/neuter them, and ensure they have a clean bill of health before adoption.

To adopt, you will need to complete an online adoption form. Once your form is received, a placement volunteer in your local area will contact you within a week. The volunteer will arrange a home visit with you, either physically or virtually. Once youre approved, they will begin searching for a match.

The rescue usually updates photos of available Golden Retrievers for adoption. You can either check their website to see if any Golden Retrievers interest you or wait for your placement officer to get back to you.

Norcal Golden Retriever Rescue

NorCal Golden Retriever Rescue is a volunteer organization whose primary purpose is to rescue and place Golden Retrievers in Northern California in loving and safe homes. The rescue operates from the Fresno area all the way to Oregon and into the Lake Tahoe area.

This rescue has over 150 volunteers across NorCal who donate their love and time to rescue over 400+ Golden Retrievers every single year. These volunteers take on a variety of tasks from fostering, testing temperaments, rescuing Golden Retrievers out of shelters, and keeping track of dogs. In addition, these volunteers will help you match with a Golden Retriever of your choice.

To adopt a Golden Retriever, you will need to fill in an online application on the NorCal Golden Retriever Rescue website. A volunteer will review your application and contact you. If all is well, the volunteer will arrange an at-home visit to make sure that you are able to care for one of these dogs.

If everything checks out, the volunteer will run through their extensive database to find you the best Golden Retriever match. If they find a match, they will arrange a visit with you to meet the dog at a foster home. If its a match, you will sign the adoption papers and leave with the Golden Retriever.

Whether you want to adopt, become a volunteer, or surrender your Golden Retriever, you can speak to NorCal Golden Retriever Rescue on the contact details below.

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Why Do People Put Golden Retrievers Up For Adoption

Golden Retriever For Sale In Bay Area

Golden Retrievers are put up for adoption and need rescuing for a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons include:

  • Golden Retrievers are very active. Many people underestimate the amount of exercise a Golden needs. If you dont exercise this dog breed, they may become destructive around your house.
  • Golden Retrievers usually bark. When theyre not properly trained, some Golden Retrievers will bark. This is due to several factors into stress, anxiety, territorial needs, fear, or wanting to play. Some apartments or households cannot accommodate barking.
  • Pet Allergies. Golden Retrievers arent hypoallergenic. They shed hair and pick up dandruff which causes pet allergies. Many dog owners dont know they are allergenic to Golden Retrievers before they adopt one.
  • Financial Costs. Dogs cost a lot of money to maintain. Especially if they have underlying health conditions. Many times people can not afford to keep their dog so they are forced to surrender them.
  • Owners Health. Unfortunate events in life happen and sometimes a person gets sick or passes away. If youre no longer able to care for a Golden Retriever, then we highly suggest you put them in one of these reputable rescues in California.
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    Option : General Adoptions Via Web List

    • Call the Rep for the available Lab listed on our website
    • If your home sounds like a good match, the Rep will schedule a time for you to meet the Lab.
    • Please bring completed application and adoption fee to the meeting in case the adoption is a match .
    • This option is better for those who are actively looking at many different rescues/shelters and who don’t want to donate $400 if they adopt elsewhere, or those looking for seniors or puppies .
    • The majority of our rescued Labs are listed on the website within a few days after the pre-approved adopter email notification. Popular Labs are the the ones most often adopted during early notification emails.

    With either of these options for contacting and adopting through GGLRR, here is what you can expect:

    Happy Endings Success Stories From Adopters

    In our newsletters, we regularly post “happy ending” success stories from our adoptive families who were so thrilled with Golden Gate Labrador Retriever Rescue that they took the time to write a letter for our website. Feel free to express your appreciation to the many volunteers at GGLRR helping with your Lab adoption. If you want to share your story with other prospective adopters, just send it to

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    The Fetchin’ Retrievers Rescue Is Run Entirely By Volunteers

    Your contribution will help us whether you foster, adopt, donate, or volunteer! Fetchin’ Retrievers Rescue will take the very young to the very old, the very sick to the unwanted. Every dog is an individual and will be placed in a home that meets their needs and where their individuality can thrive.

    Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue

    Golden retriever missing for 2 weeks found swimming in Jersey Shore bay

    Southern California Golden Retriever Rescues mission is to find caring, lifetime homes for all SoCal Golden Retrievers in need regardless of their circumstances or conditions. They strive to heal all sick and injured Golden Retrievers. In addition, they nurture any Golden Retriever that is unwanted, aged, abused, or neglected until they find the perfect family match.

    Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue is the 3rd largest Golden Retriever rescue in the country and 2nd largest in the western United States. This dog shelter is one of your best chances to adopt a Golden Retriever.

    The best aspect about SCGRR is that they place their Golden Retrievers in foster homes and they are never kenneled. Every Golden Retriever is temperament-tested, vetted, and socialized before adoption. The caveat is that this Golden Retriever rescue only adopts to homes in the Southern California area. If youve never had a Golden Retriever before, this could also be a place for you to foster a dog and make sure that are you prepared to officially adopt.

    To adopt from this Golden Retriever rescue, you will need to complete an online application on their website. Their placement team will review the application and get in touch with you to schedule an in-home interview. During the interview, they will request a $25 minimum donation for the time to interview you and read over your application.

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    Labs Available For Adoption

    GGLRR places ~250 Labrador Retrievers each year in the greater SF Bay Area! See Recently Adopted for examples of Labs we have placed. Some Labs are adopted by our pre-screened adopters before they are posted on this website. If you are willing to pay the adoption fee in advance, you may be a good candidate to join our pre-screened adopter program to receive early email notification about GGLRR Labs before they are posted on the website. Explanations of our adoption process and the PSA program are contained on the How to Adopt page. We also provide a listing of Other Labs available for adoption from individuals or shelters.

    Many of our dogs are surrendered by owners who very much love their dogs but, for a variety of reasons, cannot keep them and have made the difficult decision to find them a new forever home. We applaud these owners for allowing us the opportunity to find these dogs new homes, and we do our very best not to be judgmental or critical of the choices that these owners make.

    This page also lists status of Labs in the process of being adopted in the “No More Calls” and “Adoption Pending” sections.

    Sometimes All A Dog Needs Is A Second Chance

    For Love, Devotion, and Life.

    NEW ITEMS IN OUR STORE: Place your order now for immediate shipment. All pricing includes shipping and sales tax.


    2022 NGRR CALENDAR – The perfect gift. $15.


    As you may know, after the shelter-in-place orders were putin place last year, we closed adoption applications in May 2020 for volunteersafety and because we had very few Goldens and many more applicants.

    Since January, NGRR has had a few more Goldens come into ourcare, which makes us cautiously optimistic that there will be more Goldens toplace with adopting families than there were last year. NGRR has re-opened our Adoption Applications on April 1. As restrictions ease, please bepatient as we continue to adhere to socially distanced, mask-wearing encounters,preferably outdoors. Please also be aware that the wait time for an availableGolden may be several months or more, so your patience is greatly appreciated.

    We are hopeful to be announcing some in-person, outdoormeetups for our Golden friends in the coming months stay tuned and send Daisya note if you have suggestions of locations or times for ameetup!


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    Did we miss anything?

    Goldnote Golden Retrievers Ontario

    Golden Retriever Puppies California Bay Area

    Goldnote Golden Retrievers, Ontario breeder of British style golden retrievers, raises health-tested, socialized golden retriever puppies within a warm home environment receiving hours of care, play exercise and human contact. Our golden retriever puppies are known for their for sound temperament, robust health and longevity. Their beautiful coats range from lightest cream to the richest gold.

    Goldnote Golden Retrievers takes a holistic approach to the health of our dogs wherever possible. All of our puppies and dogs are fed a correct species appropriate raw diet, and we offer nutritional guidance to our puppy and dog families through our Certified Dog Nutrition Specialist. Goldnote families are encouraged to make proactive and informed choices regarding vaccines, flea, tick, and heartworm prevention.

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    Tree Removal Mobile Al

    Searching for reliabletree removal service Mobile AL? Trees provide us with shelter, shade, conserve energy and increase the value of our homes. Unfortunately, there are occasions where a tree may have to be removed. If your tree is sick, infested, dead or encroaching on your property or your neighbors property, it may be wise to remove it for your own safety. Sick or dead trees risk falling and injuring occupants inside your property. Even if no family member is hurt, a falling tree can cause immense destruction to your property. A falling tree could destroy the roof of your house or a car parked in your driveway.

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    Golden Retriever Club Of Greater Los Angeles Rescue

    Since 2001, the Golden Retriever Club of Greater Los Angeles Rescue has rescued over 4,500 Golden Retrievers. They have over 180 volunteers, and the rescue serves six Southern California counties including Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange, San Bernardino, San Diego, and Ventura.

    The rescue opens its doors to all Golden Retrievers and mixes from the sick and injured to senior Goldens.

    To adopt from this rescue, you will need to complete an online application and submit it with a $25 donation. It will take roughly 7 to 10 business days for one of their staff to reach out to you. After a successful home visit, they will load a match request on their database.

    At the moment, most of their dogs are adopted and demand has sky-rocketed. Because of this, it may take longer to match your interests with an available Golden Retriever. However, they hold on to the match request for approximately 24 months.

    Its worthwhile to note that this Golden Retriever rescue doesnt adopt to homes with kids under the age of 7. If your kids are within this range, you can either wait longer to adopt or buy from a reputable Golden Retriever breeder in California.

    The rescue vaccinates, microchips, and veterinarian checks all of their Golden Retrievers before adoption. Their dogs are also spayed and neutered before going to their adopted home.

    Golden Retrievers for adoption under 1 year old are $500, 1 to 4 years old are $500, 5 to 8 years are $350, and Goldens above 9 years are $250.

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    Dog Boarding And Playcare

    All breed dog boarding is available in our beautifully renovated and expanded dog boarding facilities, where each dog is treated as a member of our family. We happily accommodate dogs of all ages and breed types, provided they meet our criteria for compatibility. Our popular PlayCare is a daytime boarding experience for dogs who would benefit from extra exercise, supervised play groups, and mental stimulation while their families are away for the day.

    Goldnote offers additional services for our own puppies as part of our Board and Train. This program is an intensive one month training and obedience program for puppies 8 13 weeks of age.

    We are located near Barrie, Ontario. Contact us.

    Be A Part Of The Solution Foster Donate Adopt

    South Florida rescue group finds homes for 20 golden retrievers from China

    There are many ways you can help! Foster a golden to provide a chance for them to have a new life. If you cant foster, you can still care for a golden by making a donation for their foster care expenses. Think about giving a gift to our Woody Fund for Special Needs Dogs. Or shop on and we receive a donation with each purchase at no cost to you. Open your heart by adopting a dog especially a special needs or senior dog. Why wait? Take action today to make a difference!

    2022 GRRMF Calendar

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